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Exams, quizzes, and many projects dominate a student’s world. Rare is the day containing significant free time. In fact it can be difficult to schedule time for sufficient sleep.

If that weren’t enough, consideration must be made for social interaction, recreation, and perhaps even a job. Without effective time management getting everything done can be nigh impossible.

Time management becomes critical for a student as they approach the upper reaches of their academic career. With it they learn the proper steps and ideas on how to put time to constructive use, especially when in limited quantities. Time management skills are also useful in estimating the amount of time a certain activity will demand. This proves valuable later on life when schedules can become more hectic.

A student should strive to always have an accurate evaluation of their time. This permits the student to constantly track of their activities and maintain the ability to adapt to changes. With all the subjects and extra-curricular activities required of the average student, this is an important skill to learn.

Most students lacking in time management skills feel as if there simply aren’t enough hours in the day, or are always running behind. Thankfully this is easily remedied. Here are some tips for organizing time and converting panic into control:

The Calvert Educational Program was a primary middle school in the early 1900’s that was overseen by a Harvard taught educational facilities adviser named Virgil Hillyer. Even though there were multitudes of schools being run in those days, the Calvert Educational Program is one of the only schools that are seen and discussed when the topic of Homeschooling arises. What did Calvert do differently and how did a weekday school settle into part of thousands of homeschooling dads’ discussions to this day?

Primarily, is was this Harvard academician who had the strategy to sell the classroom’s educational program to parents who were unable to send their youngsters to Calvert. This was much acclaimed by the parents because they were then able to give their youngsters the same educative favor at home sweet home as those parents who had the capability to send their little kids directly to the Calvert day school.

As you can picture, this practice did not just stay in the area that the Calvert school serviced. Hillyer decided to examine his market by placing ads in National Geographic for his general education curriculum for only 5 dollars. Since the response was overwhelming, Calvert eventually started to market their full line of study accessible to moms opting for one explanation or another to homeschool their kids. Within 5 years of starting to market this distance-learning curriculum, more than 300 young people were entered in the Calvert method of education in their own homes.

When the 1930’s came around, you not only could track down Calvert core curriculum in the United States, but it was also in more than 50 countries! The US Government even began using the Calvert general studies to instruct soldiers’ dependents who were stationed throughout the pulsating universe. Calvert educational materials in the home are still going strong and celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2006.

It all began with Atari. Established in 1972, Atari started the revolution of not only video arcade games, but home video game consoles and home computer games as well. Game systems and video games have come a long way since the first Atari came out. Every year, new games and game systems are being established. Each system has bigger and better graphics than the next and each try to incorporate new and innovate features to out do competitors. Video game design is constantly changing, and allows designers to have the freedom and creativity to come up with systems and games most people could never even dream up.

The video game industry is full of competition all across the board. There are technology companies competing to have the best game system on the market that game enthusiasts are going to crave to have. Then there are game companies who are competing to have the best game out there by incorporating life-like graphics and new features. Video game design has come a long way from the days of Atari and it does not look like the industry is going to slow down any day soon.

The competitive market of video game systems is saturated with top name electronic companies. Companies such as Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and Sega make up the most popular video game system companies in the United States. All four have distinct video game consoles with innovative graphics and features. These companies come out with game systems every year trying to out do the current systems that are already on the market. Each company has a full range of employees specializing in video game design to make their product better than any other.

The popularity of these game systems is evident around Black Friday and Christmas time, or even when a new system is about to be released. Most recently when Nintendo was coming out with it’s Wii game system, avid gamers camped out for days in front of the nearest Target or Wal-Mart, hoping to get their hands on one of only a few systems to be released. The same can be said for the new Sony Playstation system that was recently released. With the popularity of these game systems, it makes a degree in video game design that much more appealing.

Colleges all across the nation are jumping on the video game design bandwagon. Programs in animation, digital design, game design and computer technology are mainstreaming their way into the classroom. These programs are designed to give students an insight into the gaming world and give them the tools and skills necessary to be successful in designing games. There are a lot of factors that go into designing a game, which makes this career field challenging, but exciting at the same time. These skills include game coding, computer technology, animation, graphic design and many other factors that are essential to creating game systems and video games.

A career in video game design allows students to tap into their creativity to craft new worlds and characters. Upon completion of a degree program, students will have the skills and knowledge necessary to create these games. Students will gain knowledge in story development, project management, digital content creation and artistic design. Advanced classes in 3D modeling, animation and game content development round out the skills necessary to be successful in designing video games. Students will gain enough knowledge and experience to produce a portfolio that will showcase their video game design talent. With students completing animation programs every year, the video game industry will never be the same.

Almost everyone has seen someone speed read, they appear to skim the text and still have read and absorbed the content. It is normal for everyone to read at different speeds, even before some people have mastered the skills of speed reading. The people who have studied speed reading techniques will still read at different speeds; however they will undoubtedly beat those without speed reading experience. The point of speed reading is to understand and absorb the material using specifically learned strategies. Skimming a page and then rapidly turning onto the next page is not really of use if the brain is not absorbing the information at an equivalent speed. The best and most efficient way to learn to speed read is to enrol in speed reading classes, where speed reading skills will be explained clearly.

The advantage of speed reading courses is that students will be shown several different strategies for speed reading allowing them to choose the ones they find easiest to understand the material they are reading. Students should try to learn all the strategies presented during speed reading courses as, once these are mastered, they will see a dramatic improvement in their reading rate, after which they can hone and choose their preferred style. Students will see the benefits of speed reading as soon as the techniques are applied to their main field of study. The time taken for reading assignments and research for written assignments will be greatly reduced. (Allowing more time for sports and other lessons of life also learnt through college living). Equally, once in the world of business and industry, speed reading will reduce the length of time needed for reports, research papers and newspapers.

Speed Reading Strategies Encourage Comprehension

Speed reading does not take the lessons applied when learning to read at primary school and speed them up – this would not work and would not increase the speed of absorption of the information. Speed reading is about learning whole new strategies of reading, ensuring that material content is not missed or misunderstood. Primary school teaches reading in a linear form, building each word through the letters which form the syllables, the syllables forming the words and the words forming the sentences. Speed reading courses teach students to read looking for different patterns and not to read each word individually.

A traditional education builds habits in reading which a good speed reading course will push aside, replacing with new techniques. A comprehensive course will also advise students how to become more efficient readers; hopefully this will also encourage the desire for self improvement as well as the desire to read. Students often work with distractions (usually noise) around them; lecturers in speed reading will normally discourage this as research shows that by reducing the distractions the level of comprehension are increased. Lecturers in speed reading will usually take the time to teach students the importance of preparing the environment they work in before they read a single work – remember speed reading is all about increasing the speed of comprehension not just the speed of reading!

The satisfaction of reading faster and with better comprehension skills cannot be underestimated; the techniques of speed reading increase the enjoyment of reading. Speed reading is a skill to be encouraged in each and every generation of new readers.

Could a student get interested in reading and writing about sports? Stories, articles and video clips might be able to interest students long enough to read and write their own articles. AdventureZONEsports is a free website sports portal that allows the student to read, write and submit their own stories.

Most of us have heard over and over in the media that our students are lagging in reading and writing skills. It’s been said that poor writing skills is a problem for employers looking to hire graduates. Without these critical skills, it can be an unsuccessful future for our students. As a parent of three children, I have experienced it first hand. Trying to find the hook, to keep the child interested seems to be the biggest challenge.

Using the web as a resource is something many schools are adding to their mix. Integrating the internet into home school and the classroom may be worth a try. The internet has a huge amount of information resources and could help, if used wisely. A parent or teacher could post the internet address and bookmark it for the student. Provide a clear assignment choice of reading independently or in small groups as well as perhaps assign a writing task.

Students can become excited and proud to see their work featured and published! Many websites now offer the opportunity to publish stories, articles and even photos or video clips. We took the time to buy numerous sport domain names and created a portal web address to bring all of them into one place for free and easy access. AdventureZONEsports has language translation in place for English, French, Dutch/German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish and has stories, articles and video clips to watch about different sports. The website opens up to an article publishing page and links to stories and video clips on different sports. Once a story or article is properly written the article submit feature allows the student to become a published author. As the students skills get better and better, they can be proud and excited to show family and friends their online writing.

The sports collection consists of archery, ATV, basketball, cycling, dirtbike, dodgeball, fencing, iceboating, kayak, landsailing, motorcross, mudracing, rafting, rodeo, rowing, sandboarding, skateboarding, skating, skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoe, softball, squash, and waterski. Some of these sports are considered different or extreme and people of all ages can be interested and learn about sports that they have never tried. For example, how much do you know about landsailing, iceboating or sandboarding? In addition, there are sports such as basketball, cycling and winter sports that will allow the student a weekend assignment to participate by choosing one of the activities and create a written report the following week. The report can be edited, and submitted with author name for publication on the website.

There are currently stories, articles and video clips to keep the students attention. The best method of writing and submitting an article is to work on several drafts of the story before entering it into the submit page. To prevent spam all articles must be reviewed by a human editor first before appearing on the website. The student is notified as the story is published and appears on the website for all to view.

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