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Nowadays, graduates settle for underpaid jobs for the sake of experience and the money they could get from it. However, this should not always be the case. As college graduates, you deserve way better than working with a very low pay.

In choosing a career, you need to consider a lot of things.

First, if you know that you are to stay permanently in your recent house, it is better to work in a company or a firm situated near you. This way, you can cut off your bus or train fare. Then, you should know the terms and conditions of their employment. When signing their contract, you ought to read it for safety and future purposes of your career. It is also beneficial if you know the manager or an employee in the same firm for references and inquiry about some things that you may question in the future. It is not necessary to base your decision from the field you graduated from. The most important thing to think about is the passion you have in your heart. You should select a career that fits your personality, skills, and interests. With this, you can forget the stress and be more diligent, resulting to promotions and salary increases.

If you…

Love music – You can choose a wide array of choices. For starters, you can be a choir member, band member, back-up singer in concerts and shows, half of a duet, or a soloist. For music lovers who know how to listen to voices and different pitches, you can be a judge in music contests and stardom shows. You can also be a teacher of voice lessons or an orchestra and choir conductor. Moreover, if you have the proper managing skills and you think you have the potential to lead a group, you can be a band manager, a recording company executive, or a talent manager for soloists, bands, groups, and other ensembles.

Love to be on the beat – Choreography in productions and plays are highly paid today. You can start your own line teaching ballet, jazz, hip hop and other dances. You may also be a private dance instructor, or a general teacher in ballroom centers.

Are into fashion – Being a fashion magazine journalist is a wonderful choice. You won’t just be updated with the trends, but you can also give tips and guidelines for dressing up. You can also start your own fashion firm or modeling agency if this is your cup of tea or you may sell your designs nationwide and even worldwide.

Are a true born leader You can be whatever you want! From managers to businessmen, businesswomen, and executive officers.

Are a computer addict and a computer genius You have a lot of choices in this world. You can be a sales representative in call centers, computer technicians, programmers, engineers, teachers, or you can be an inventor.

You can be whatever you want, whenever you want. Stated above are just some helpful choices that may guide you with your career. Just remember that no work is more exciting and enjoyable than the career you have always wanted and the career that you love. It should not be what others want you to have.

There are more and more parents every year who have reached the conclusion that educating their children at home has become a much better option than what the public schools today have to offer. The advantage is to homeschooling are many among the top that homeschooling has to offer is the flexibility of the scheduling and knowing that your child is be presented with and learning the values and morals that are important to your family.

When it comes to homeschooling there are many different types of homeschooling approaches that you will no doubt come across in your research. Probably the most common type of approach taken today would be best described as an eclectic approach. This is where the parents over time have come to use various components of several different approaches and combined them into an overall educational process that works best for their child and their family.

Many parents when they just start out seem overwhelmed by all of the information available. And believe me, there is a vast amount of information available. Don’t panic, you’ll sort through it in time and find what works best for you and your family. Don’t grind to a halt and suffer from paralysis by analysis just because you try to gather more information than anyone could possibly process.

For this reason, many families choose to go with a packaged curriculum. Although initially you might feel as though a packaged curriculum is not within your budget, if you are just starting out this may be the best and most organized way for you to begin. You can always take what you learn from a packaged curriculum and develop your own model.

As you look through all the possibilities for homeschooling your child and all of the programs out there, keep in mind that any homeschooling program under its packaged for your own needs to follow the natural growth pattern of your child. In other words, you’ll want to find or develop a package that contains not only a natural progression in the subject matter, but you’ll also want to be mindful of any documentation that is required by your state and local regulations.

I would think that it would be safe to say that for the majority of homeschooling parents their curriculum has developed over time. Don’t worry if you feel like you don’t have everything perfectly aligned in the beginning. This is one of the great advantages to homeschooling… you don’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to follow a perfect schedule.

Many people are afraid to get their health care provided by someone who obtained their health care degree online. That’s because they have unfounded assumptions that the online health care degree is somehow inferior to the same degree obtained through an in-person class. However, there’s a reason that they allow people to earn this degree online. It’s because the system has been set up to provide the skills and education necessary to ensure that the students learn everything that they need to learn to help you with your medical problems. Furthermore, the process of getting a health care degree online actually requires certain skills from students that lend themselves well to providing quality care when it really counts. This means that you might actually get better care from someone who received his or her degree through an online program than you would receive from someone who went through traditional schooling.

The first thing that you should remember is that you probably don’t even know if you’re receiving medical care from someone who got their health care degree online. This isn’t something that’s advertised in clinics or medical offices because it’s not relevant to the person’s ability to do their job. If someone is hired by a medical facility, it is because they have met the necessary requirements to do their jobs correctly. This puts people who receive a health care degree online on the same playing field as those people who went to the traditional route to get their certification. In fact, you’ve probably already received medical treatment from someone who completed online studies and you didn’t even think twice about it. Think about that the next time that you hear about a program like this and start to make a disparaging comment.

Another thing to think about is the fact that getting a health care degree online requires certain skills that may actually make these health care workers better at their jobs than the traditional health care student. For example, getting a degree through an online program requires individuals to be self-starting and to take initiative. When visiting your doctor’s office, you want a caregiver who is capable. Many students have been working in the field while going to school. Place a traditional student, used to taking direction from a teacher inside of a classroom, next to someone who received an online education through his or her own self-motivation and choose the caregiver that you want in this situation.

Finally, the caregivers who get their health care degree online probably really want to be doing their jobs. Most people who get a degree online do so because they have other things going on in their lives (such as family) that they can’t put aside to attend school. They find the strength to complete their health care degree online because they’re passionate about being able to do that job. Additionally, they have to work hard to maintain the momentum of the coursework. With a traditional classroom setting, you can show up and do the minimum coursework and probably get through. Completing a health care degree online requires a more intense commitment to keeping yourself on track and getting the job done. So the caregivers that come out of these programs have shown a commitment to their work. So, now that you’ve thought it through, it doesn’t seem so bad to have a caregiver who got their health care degree online, does it?

In terms of numbers, Los Angeles Schools make up the second largest public school district in the country. Only New York City Schools top them. The issues of running any urban system are complex, but in massive districts the numbers make efforts even more difficult.

Los Angeles Schools Struggle with Graduation Rates

Simply getting students to graduate is a challenge for the Los Angeles Schools. A 2006 USA Today study reported that Los Angeles Schools were among several large urban districts with less than 50% of its students gradating from high school on time. That report put the number of graduates in Los Angeles Schools at 44.2%. This is well under the California state graduation rate of 71%.

Another report released from Princeton University in 2005 estimated the lost income of these dropouts at over $36 billion. These numbers are not surprising to educators in the Los Angeles Schools. Numerous studies over the years have confirmed what Los Angeles Schools teachers know. High School drop-outs are far more likely to become teen parents, commit crimes, and use government funded social and medical services. Graduates have higher incomes, raise better-educated children, and experience other social benefits.

Los Angeles Schools Receive Funds

As the result of a 2005 lawsuit filed by State Schools Chief Jack O’Connell and the California Teachers Association, some of the poorest rated Los Angeles Schools were awarded extra funding in May of 2007. The lawsuit was filed in 2006 against California Governor Schwarzenegger and the California Department of Finance. It alleged that they had failed to appropriately fund Proposition 98 during the 2004 to 2006 school years.

O’Connell is using the lawsuit’s awards to provide $2.7 billion to some of California and Los Angeles Schools’ highest risk schools. The funds are part of a program called the Quality Education Investment Act. The funds will provide chosen Los Angeles Schools with additional per pupil funds of $500 for k-3rd grade, $900 for 4th through 8th, and $1,000 for 9th through 12th . Los Angeles Schools intend to use the money for hiring more teachers, addressing class size concerns, professional development, and hiring in-school counselors.

Los Angeles Schools are in need in many areas. The national achievement gap is huge here because of a large population of English Language Learners, and a low socio-economic population. One concern of the Princeton study mentioned above is that it pointed out huge discrepancies in graduation rates between white and non-white students. African-American students and Hispanic students have the lowest graduation rates; and Los Angeles Schools are largely made up of these student minorities. Over 100 Los Angeles Schools will receive the additional funds over the next seven years.

What does it take to catch a teacher? Nashville Schools and surrounding districts are trying to answer that question. Incentives including pay increases, job fairs, full time recruiters and on-site child care have been implemented as recruiters and administrators try to lure good teachers to Nashville Schools. The Metro district increased starting salaries by $2,000 for the ’06-’07 school year. Did it help? Only 8 positions were left unfilled at year’s end, but the reason for that is still unclear.

Even so, the year end scramble to fill the slots for next year has already started for most Nashville Schools. Why? 500-600 teachers retire from Nashville Schools on a yearly basis. Others leave for better paying jobs, are let go, or don’t meet the license requirements of the federally mandated No Child Left Behind Act. This can mean that students in Nashville Schools face overcrowded classrooms, or are bounced from teacher to teacher as class sizes are balanced.

How big is this problem? 50% of teachers hired in Tennessee in 2002 had left teaching by 2006. Not their jobs, the teaching profession. How does this directly impact Nashville Schools? The scramble for teachers is largely impacted by the attractiveness of the incentives and the atmosphere. So adjacent districts to Nashville Schools are all competing for the same small pool of qualified teachers

Wilson County has offered on-site child-care to its teachers for years. Yet that option has failed in other districts. Higher teacher pay in Nashville Schools may not look as good as a job in Cheatham County. This Nashville neighbor only employs 500 teachers, but rarely has a position unfilled in the fall. Now that is a position that Nashville Schools would love. Other local systems start with 40-50 openings. So what do teachers have to say?

The Tennessean Newspaper’s Website is filled with blogs by teachers, former teachers, and many hoping to become former teachers in Nashville Schools. One unidentified Nashville Schools’ resident recently said, “Higher starting salaries are a lure but the salary scale has been so compressed that there is no future in teaching. A senior teacher with 25 years experience would make no more money than when she started when adjusted for cost-of living. Many, many alternatives offer higher pay, greater potential and a less demeaning work environment. Teaching is no longer a profession, it’s just a job, and not a good one at that.”

So Nashville Schools must figure out how to lure good teachers, and keep them. In a political climate dictated by testing, reforms, and rising standards, it might be time some attention was focused on exactly what teacher’s want and how to give it to them.

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