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Many countries across the world are putting in a lot of their resources for research on weather with the expectation of reaping more benefits by making accurate predictions compared to the costs involved. Developed countries from Europe, America, Australasia and Asia have set up superior weather services.

The weather across the globe is a result of interaction between massive interconnected systems.

Hence, accurate predictions about the weather require proper cooperation between countries all over the world. Since the weather systems move across the globe, predicting the weather of one place depends on the knowledge of present conditions in the adjoining areas.

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) was formed to cater to the necessity of the different countries willing to work hand-in-hand. WMO happens to be a very helpful and successful global organization. The countries belonging to this organization are in touch with each other and sharing information about weather since early years of 1950s. As a result, the people of the meteorological offices across several countries can access the database for the world’s weather on a day-to-day basis.

Even though the atmosphere provides the earth with a layer of protection, it is very thin. There are distinct layers that together constitute the atmosphere. Since the discovery of the first layer of the atmosphere in 1899, researchers have been able to identify a total of five different layers present between the outer space and the earth’s ground. Even though all these layers have their impacts on the climate and weather of the world, about 99% of the weather conditions are because of the troposphere, that forms the first layer.

Extending for about 5 to 10 miles in height from the ground, the troposphere is the highest near the equator and lowest near the poles. The temperature of the air drops by around 4 degrees Fahrenheit for each 1,000 feet rise in altitude through troposphere.

Stratosphere, which is the second layer of the atmosphere, extends for 30 miles over the ground. The air temperatures in this region rise to about 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Stratosphere also contains the ozone layer that lies at 15 miles over the ground level.

The next level of atmosphere is known as the mesosphere that goes till 50 miles over the ground. Air temperature in this mesosphere dips down again and may even go down to 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

The thermosphere (also known as ionosphere) lies above the mesosphere. The temperatures here shoot up to a maximum of even 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit. This layer protects us from the debris in the outer space. The satellite, meteors and other substances coming down from the space cannot usually survive the extreme temperatures in this layer.

Exosphere lies at the top of all the other atmospheric layers. This layer is made up of different types of gases. But most of the molecules here escape to the outer space as the force of gravity here is too less, resulting in the presence of gases in very small quantities.

In a nutshell, even though troposphere is primarily responsible for the occurrence of the weather, all the layers like exosphere, thermosphere, mesosphere, stratosphere and the troposphere causes life to survive on the planet.

San Jose, Costa Rica – May 3, 2006 –, one of the Internet’s largest betting sites known for its offering of odds for the hottest issues surrounding the news media (especially sports), posted odds today on the likelihood that tropical storms and hurricanes will blow into the country with the same, less or greater force than last year. Predictions by experts call for storms hitting landfall in the U.S. to be almost 50 percent greater than previous years. High winds and torrential rainfall took a heavy toll in 2005.

“Last year’s hurricanes and storms hit the country with a one two punch that crippled the Eastern half of the country,” says Dave Johnson, CEO of “This year could be worse, so we figured that posting odds would get people out of their chairs into the home stores buying water, lumber and flashlights.”

The odds ask bettors to predict wind speed and numbers of storms as follows (-110 means $11 bet wins $10):

Total Number of Atlantic Tropical Storms/Hurricanes

Over 21.5 …..-110

Under 21.5 …..-110

Total Number of Hurricanes (Wind Speed at least 74 mph)

Over 10.5 …..-110

Under 10.5 …..-110

Will there be a Category 5 Hurricane (155+ mph winds)?

Yes …..-110

Note: National Weather Service statistics/classification for 2006 will be used for grading purposes. Post-season re-analysis will not be counted towards wagers made on this release.

A computer programming degree is one of the most sought after degrees in the field of information technology. While it is often mistaken as one of the easier areas of IT, the truth of the matter is: those who do not have an aptitude for detail or the ability to think in an abstract manner may not find it as easy as they assume it is. A computer programmer is one who, like other hands on vocations, must work with extreme precision and craftsmanship.

At the same time, many people choose computer programming because it is not a deep or multi faceted subject as that of chemistry, physics or other material sciences. While computer science has its own theories, it is not the center of the world for computer programming. Many enjoy computer programming for its physical, hands on approach.

One of the things that can make earning a computer programming degree much easier is a natural tendency for paying attention to detail. Unknown to many, computers are simple machines that will only do as they are instructed. A programmer whose job is to set forth directives knows that leaving out even the smallest part of information can cause major problems.

Another helpful skill to have is that of a good memory. The number of variables that go into a computer program concerning syntax, functions, bugs, solutions and much more can be quite staggering. However, the more information and data one can remember on their own, the more successful their career will be.

Some would say the most crucial skill for this line of work is being able to keep a number of complex working systems in mind all at once. While this will take some time and skill to master, it is one of the great traits of a computer programmer. This ability to think abstractly can help with programs exhibiting up to 1,000,000 or more lines of code.

Typically, a Bachelor’s degree is required for many entry-level positions in this field. Those who graduate with a Bachelor’s degree will have training in analytics and the implementation of computer systems as well as maintenance and even design. With this type of computer programming degree one may find themselves with career opportunities in software programming, network programming or website programming.

A master’s degree in computer programming allows graduates to implement high-level software programs. Because of the ever-changing world of technology, they often design software for business environments that greatly rely on technology as well. While being trained in a number of different programs, those with Master’s degrees also put their leadership skills into use as the head or director of IT departments.

Whether opting for a Bachelor’s or Master’s, many in this field find they have the benefit of one of the highest earning powers of any industry available. With such a heavy dependence on computers and technology, the demand for such professionals is in just about every area on the map. There is no doubt that this is a strong profession with a solid future.

This type of degree means always getting to be at the forefront of the latest changes. Programmers must also earn certifications in certain programs and update them regularly to keep up with the newest technologies. Many in this field enjoy the opportunity to continue learning and the ongoing training needed in this fast paced world.

A computer programming degree encompasses so much that many in this field find their career constantly evolving right along with technology. There are so many different areas in which to branch out and grow, there is no worry of ever becoming bored or getting stuck in a rut. Programmers have the fulfillment that comes with seeing their work have a positive effect.

Learning has come a long way since the first schools began to the introduction of text- books and classrooms, to now learning and taking courses on the computer. This is also known as E learning.

What a wonderful tool to have E learning provides ample opportunities for people all over the world. And believe it or not, it is possible for a 2nd grade class to take a field trip from Maryland to California! All through virtual connection by using the computer or E – learning.

But how did all this E learning come to pass? Well as time went on and more and more people were able to connect to the world wide web, more research and development went into E -learning.

Researchers began looking at different ways of using technology to help people learn as well as send emails and do other things by using the Internet access. And with the introduction of more software and E learning solutions such as HTML and other vital file information things began to move even faster for the world wide web and the idea of E -learning stayed on the minds of those who were in the field of learning and technology.

Soon, media players were designed and mp3 players and streaming video or audio, the list just kept getting longer and longer. The use of flash player and Java came along, and all the while those creating these designs had E-learning going on all the while. A revolutionary means of doing things on the Internet like never before, from looking up someone’s address to sending a picture or email, right back to looking up research for assignments. E learning was inevitable for the world wide web and our society.

Then web casts and animation was created as well as better graphics to eventually the web cams allowing virtual tours and field trips or other world wide things no one thought would be possible, but with E Learning it was true and possible to achieve.

Finally with even higher technology and performance like DSL , broad band, and IP networking as well as other applications connecting the world wide web E learning was increased again. With every piece of technology adapted into the world wide web and the Internet that so many people in the world use today, E learning is obviously here to stay.

In fact out of every ten homes in the United States today eight out of those ten have computers and access to the Internet so E learning is definitely here to stay.

Now we have real time capabilities and other sources beyond even our own comprehension unless we are the researchers and developers of a lot of the concepts of the computer and the Internet. E learning is a good tool, and one that simply keeps getting better and improved all the time.

E learning is basically technology in action and that is exactly what the Internet is, and today, there are mp3 players all over the place, desktop computers, iPods, laptop computers, PDA’s and so much more and new products come out all the time. E learning is technology in motion.

For those looking to advance their careers, an online business administration degree can be the best option available. Online learning has paved the way to success for many working adults. The time and money saved in conjunction with practicality has made online learning a legitimate method for improving one’s station in life.

In today’s world, management positions often require training and a degree in business administration on some level. Many know that increasing earning power, prestige and work satisfaction means getting the necessary skills and education. Even with a balancing act of work and family, online learning can become an easy addition to the flow of life.

With an online business administration degree, one can learn all they need to know about the various aspects of business. Business organization, management, communications, accounting and finance are only some of the specialties of this business degree. These skills can be used for either private or public companies and for profit or nonprofit businesses.

Those who choose to earn an Associates degree in business administration will learn the general aspects of business. A Bachelors degree helps ready an individual to assist in running the general functions of a business or company. An MBA program prepares individuals to control various business functions from production to logistics to accounting.

Although this method of learning is a great way to break into a career, many choose to use it as a way to further their current occupation. The career based curriculum focuses on giving the necessary skills that are considered most valuable in the business world. This makes for a most efficient learning process.

Getting the necessary training in an efficient matter is not only an attractive option; it is often the best option for the already busy lifestyle. Because of this, any intimidation about the curriculum of an online business administration degree immediately falls by the wayside. Many students actually begin to look forward to the learning process.

Another attractive feature about online learning is that students can take their classes at any time of the day or night. Many programs run courses off of a syllabus that allows a student to progress at a level that is comfortable to them. This is one of many bonuses that allow getting a degree in this manner to be so easy.

Because online courses are accredited, financial aid is often available to those who qualify. This can make the choice to continue an education in business much easier. By working with a financial aid specialist, it may be possible to finance tuitions and certain fees with student loans or grants.

Many prefer getting their degree in this manner as opposed to an on site campus simply for the fact there are no hidden costs. With an online business degree, the cost of a course includes all books and any other required items. The lack of traditional college extras such as room and board, parking or meals keeps online tuition and fees at a wonderfully manageable price.

Upon completing a degree, a number of programs are commonly offered with career placement programs. This can be a blessing for those just starting out their career. Learning to create a perfect business resume is a great skill that never goes out of style.

Even a multimillion-dollar corporation can fall apart without the right leadership. For this reason, an online business administration degree makes perfect sense for those looking to be an asset to their company. Prospective employers not only prefer but also require individuals with the right skills that can help keep a company in the forefront of competitive markets.

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