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Hola! Is there anything else that you would like to try in order to learn the Spanish language? There are, in fact, so many ways which have already been tried by many language practitioners. Not all of these things though work for everyone and since each person prefers one method over another, it just proves that compatibilities have to form between the material and the learner.

Most people who have studied the Spanish language would usually be too conscious of learning, understanding and then translating a Spanish sentence or phrase to English word by word.

This is one of the most common errors a learner commits because the subtle side to it shows that if each word is translated to English, there will be less misunderstanding. It’s really ironic because the often this is practiced, the worse it gets. Word of advice, refrain from this type of learning approach.

What you need to concentrate more on is how a cluster of words appeal to you. By reading Spanish texts or materials and taking note of the words that doesn’t make sense to you, improving your vocabulary and general understanding of it becomes easy. It may take you days, weeks and even months to accomplish it but it’s worth all the effort. The words or phrases you have taken note of will also help immensely since a quick read of it will trigger cues in to your memory and the correct use or meaning of it will always stick to your mind. The reason? It gives your mind a reason not to make the same mistakes again. Thus, making you learn as you go.

Take advantage of the Spanish advertisement you can easily watch or hear over the radio, cable TV, Internet radio and the Internet in general. Though the words may seem strange at first, the approach of commercials is to mainly dig in deep to your mind the captivating words of the different products that are being endorsed. The same thing happens to you, never mind the product of the ad, but cling on to the Spanish words and the more you hear and try to understand what it simply means, the easier you will be able to use it on your own.

As the years weigh on, more and more parents are losing confidence on the educational systems be it in a private or public school. There is the sad reality of unqualified teachers, classrooms that are overcrowded, the use of outdated resources such as textbooks and references plus the concern of safety with school violence and drugs being rampant. These negative factors have given rise to the emerging popularity of having children homeschooled.

At the start, parents transferred their children from the public schools to the private schools in order to combat the negative peer influences and practices in the public school system but then came to realize that the same problems still existed even in the private school. Currently home schooling has been embraced by many parents that the rate of children being homeschooled is growing.

Home schooling obviously has many advantages. First and foremost is giving parents peace of mind knowing that their children are in a safe learning environment not having to worry about what pressing negative and unwanted influences may have affected the child’s day at school. The parent is now in total control of the child’s academic progress instead of relying on the school system that he or she may not have confidence in.

The home environment may be an ideal set-up for learning with the overcrowded classrooms and the disruptive students in class that may affect the learning process. Children learn in a less threatening environment where they do not fear terror teachers and other students. Also, school’s lax policies may let some students with terrible behavior for instance the bullies get away with their improper actions with the school not actually protecting the students’ rights.

The child is now under the supervision of the parents who can dictate their academic course. In a home schooling setup, the child and parent teacher proceeds at their speed and more focus can be directed on subjects that the child has difficulty as compared to other subjects that the child easily grasps.

With home schooling, the parents have the choice. One of them could teach the child himself or herself with the many available home schooling resources and materials or the parents could opt to hire educational services via the web or through closed circuit television. It is their choice and their call.

For those having children with any learning disability or cognitive disability, the parent is given the opportunity to work closely with the child’s academic study coming off as easy on the part of the child and focusing on those certain subjects where the difficulty lies.

Parents desiring to give their children a religious education without the necessity of sending them off to a private school can work around the home schooling program to tailor it as encompassing their theological beliefs.

Home schooling indeed has its advantages but before any parent for that matter should rush into it, it is essential to assess the parent’s teaching ability plus planning and strong commitment is very important to ensure the child’s home schooling education.

Teachers and Their Place and High school rankings

The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) specifically determines the quality of teachers in a school as one of the basis for high school rankings. According to the provisions of NCLB, teachers are required to be highly qualified to teach core academic curriculum, and are required to prove their competency through tests. Teachers need to have a bachelor’s degree and must demonstrate their proficiency through completion of an academic major. Finding such teachers is proving to be easier said than done. Qualified teachers are hard to find and this shortage has inevitable repercussions on high school rankings for those institutions that fail to attract and retain top quality teachers.

High School Rankings and Under Qualified Teachers

According to a study conducted last year, schools that are in minority neighborhoods or high poverty areas are likely to be staffed by teachers who are under qualified and lack a minor or major in the subject that they teach. It’s not surprising therefore that many of these schools fare so low when high school rankings time of the year rolls around.

Recruiting Teachers Who can Maintain High School Rankings

Educational authorities say that the country’s schools will need between 1.7 million to 2.7 million teachers next year. These will be required to replace aging teachers who retire, and those who abandon teaching or relocate. With the quality of teachers being such a prime condition of NCLB and high school rankings, school authorities are raising the stakes as they compete fiercely to attract the highest quality talent for their schools. As usual math and science teachers, who are the hardest to find, are being chased the hardest in an effort to boost high school rankings.

Innovative New Schemes to Attract Teachers

At some school districts, authorities have taken to promoting teaching as a career among college football players in an effort to attract more talent. These players are encouraged to join as substitute teachers and then make the transition to full time teachers. It’s hoped that this will help counter the shortfall of teachers and mark an improvement in high school rankings. In Miami educational authorities are turning to the military to tap potential teachers. The district hosts career fairs that showcase teaching as a career to former service men, and is involved in the Troops to Teachers Program. Some schools have turned to the local minority community to fill vacancies.

While the role of teachers in determining high school rankings is unquestionable, many schools have begun to realize that finding quality teachers can be a challenge. While better compensation packages can go a long way in attracting talent, they also need to be combined with providing a support system for teachers, giving them respect, and involving them in the decision making process.

There are, in fact, a few schools that offer an online nursing degree. You can obtain your registered nurse (RN) degree online as well in many cases, at least with partial work experience offline as a requisite portion to the course. You can earn your associate’s degree in nursing, for example, and apply for your initial RN license online which will lead you to a completion section of actual experience testing offline at a school or nursing location that will give you the chance to practice practical skills. The online nursing degree program can be very challenging but it is also very rewarding.

As mentioned, when you are enrolled in an online nursing degree program you complete the majority of your course work in online classes or in an online sense with the work being completed at your leisure during your time. This constitutes the non-clinical portion of your online course work, of course. For the clinical portions, you would be transferred to an arranged medical facility near your home at which you could complete the clinical trial portions and your grade would be assembled through this work and the combination of your work online during the non-clinical portions of the program.

How The Classes Work

The online nursing degree program likely varies from school to school in terms of the basic details, but most of them operate under the same fundamental principles. The classes are generally hosted on the web site of the school itself. The teacher or instructor would post lecture materials and assignments on the site, usually using a bulletin board format on which the students may post comments or questions. There may be a designated chat time at which you may log in and post real time comments and questions to your teacher but for the most part you are on your own time and can use the bulletin board to complete your work and discuss the topic at all hours of the day.

Assignments in the online nursing degree programs are then generally emailed to the instructor on the proposed due dates. For the majority of online classes, written coursework takes the place of the exams because exams become problematic. Some schools may require some students to spend some time in classroom discussion at the campus, but this is generally not the case. Many online nursing degree programs require the students to complete a certain hour of the day designation to demonstrate that they are completing the right amount of course hours.

Despite being a viable alternative to traditional classroom setting, there are still some people who feel that Homeschooling is not for everyone. Like many things, this new system of education has its disadvantages.

Here are some of them.

1. When you decide to put your kids to homeschooling, you have to be prepared to spend all day with your children for several days. With homeschooling, you have to be their teacher. You have to be there to supervise their lessons and even check on their progress. You also have to think of activities and make worksheets. This is why most parents would leave work to go fulltime in teaching their kids.

2. Deciding on homeschooling will mean that you have to go against the norm. Be prepared to be grilled by other parents. You should also be prepared to find some difficulties when you do decide to put your kid back to mainstream. Adjustment will be hard as they will not be used to the environment that traditional education has.

3. Spending 24 hours of the day with your child and being their teacher is no joke. At the beginning, you really have to be patient with your child as he or she will not always understand the lesson as fast or as easily as you want. Do not lose your temper because this will only make matters worst. Remember that it is just normal for your kid to be behind in some subjects or to take a longer time understanding lessons.

4. Most would think that a homeschooling education is cheaper. This is not the case. Although you are not paying for any tuition fee, you have to shell out money for the materials that you will be using. Also, a parent may need to quit his or her job to become a full-time teacher. This can pose a problem in the finances especially if both incomes are needed to make both ends meet.

5. Being a teacher is not an easy task. Not only will you have to patient with your child but you also have to put an enthusiastic appearance even when you are not really in the mood to teach them their lessons. It is important that you make the lesson appear fun and interesting for them so that they will be interested to learn. When they see you bored stiff, they will also follow suit, making your task of teaching them all the more difficult.

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