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If you are good with your hands and is used to building and constructing things but feels like having no time for going to school and have a construction management degree that could help you and your business, there are great convenient ways in which you could attain that without being hassled with your schedule. And since there is a great advancement of technology, many institutions are now offering distance learning and that is through online schooling which anyone could take up whenever and wherever they want to, to fit into their hectic schedule.

And if you would like to broaden your knowledge in education, one of the best ways in which you could do that is through enrolling in an online school that offers construction management degree online.

Here is one of the best online schools that is accredited nationwide and is known to be one of the most reputable online schools that offer construction management degree online for those who are aspiring to have or manage a construction business.

When it comes to the best school that you could find online that is offering a construction management degree online, you could trust the World Wide Learn to teach you all the loops in the business for you to be knowledgeable. Aside from that, what is great about the World Wide Learn is that they also understand the sentiments of some people when it comes to construction management degree online and that is why they have only listed schools which they know would teach you about structural design, mechanical and electrical systems, materials and methods, planning, cost estimating, procuring contracts, labor relations, and other related issues.

And aside from that, the construction management degree online that the schools that were listed in World Wide Learn is great in teaching its students how to read architectural and engineering drawings, but a degree in construction management is completely different from a degree in architecture or civil engineering. And not only that, when you get to have your construction management degree online, you will be focused more on the supervisory and business aspects of the whole construction industry which the online school would teach you and give you the right tools to know the whole business. Schools that you may see that is listed which were offering construction management degree online is Ashworth University, ITT Technological Institute, and different kinds of colleges and universities across the country that were known to be reputable and the best in this field.

Online bartending schools are a convenient solution for someone who’d like to learn the art of bartending but cannot afford the time or the fees required to learn this exciting skill. Worried that bartending needs a more hand’s-on approach for teaching? That’s a thing of the past. Online bartending schools are getting increasingly innovative and their courses include audio as well as video instructions complete with color photos, recipes and loads of tips and tricks. Move over Tom Cruise.

All course material that is sent to you includes embedded video, audio and color photos. For every drink that is included in the course you get a color photo complete with the kind of glassware to be used as well as the garnish. This is important as it helps you get familiar with the appearance of the drink. This is accompanied by a step-by step photo sequence of how to prepare the drink, as well as an audio of the instructor giving you helpful tips, tricks and summaries. Most bartending courses also include a video demonstration of how to prepare the drink.

At the end of every lesson there is a self-grading quiz that gives you your score after you answer it and also provides the correct answers. You have the option of re-taking all quizzes as many times as you need to till you are satisfied that you’ve finally got it! However the crucial test is the final quiz. It is akin to a final exam. It’s only after you pass the final exam that you get to unlock your certificate and can then call yourself a professional bartender.

For those who want to do a bartending course just to look like Tom Cruise in Cocktail, there’s good news! Many online courses include bonus video lessons that explain the fundamentals of flair bartending. You get to learn how to flip bottles in the air, slide them across the bar-top and plenty of other cool bartending maneuvers that are sure to make you look more showman than mere bartender.

Raleigh Schools, in the Wake County district of North Carolina, have been praised for doing a lot of things right. This is especially true in the area of diversity. In 2000 the Raleigh Schools’ goal has been to limit the number of students receiving reduced lunches to 40% per school. Many studies have shown that large amounts of poverty negatively affect all students, and Raleigh Schools were praised for this racially blind method of ensuring diversity. Organizations as diverse as the Civil Rights Project at Harvard University, the Bush administration and many educational organizations commended the move.

That’s not to stay that Raleigh Schools have not had some struggles. 30 of the 143 Raleigh Schools currently exceed the 40% goal. Still, most board members and educators have been pleased with the results. Another initiative, which has garnered both praise and criticism, may put the diversity gains of Raleigh Schools at risk.

Back in 1989 Raleigh Schools first implemented voluntary year round schools. Year round schools make better use of facilities, and help students retain more knowledge by giving many shorter 3-week breaks as opposed to the traditional summer vacation. Mainly affluent families signed up for those voluntary schools, as childcare is hard to come by during those 3-week breaks for financially strapped working families. The Raleigh Schools’ Board responded by assigning specific neighborhoods to each year round school, and involuntarily assigning children to schools. Here’s the problem.

Some parents don’t want their children bussed to schools on the year round calendar, in neighborhoods where they were not comfortable socially, or that were too far from their homes. Recently, those parents of Raleigh Schools won a court ruling that requires parental consent to send children to year round and modified calendar schools. While parents may see this as a win, civil rights advocates and Raleigh Schools’ educators in favor of diversity are very concerned.

African American community leaders, including Raleigh School Board vice chairman Rosa Gill, are urging parents to consent to keep their children in the year round school to strengthen both diversity and academic strength. Many of the children opting out of the year round school option do so because their parents say that they don’t fit into that more affluent environment. On the reverse side, some better-off families want to opt out in order to attend traditional or more desirable schools as well. Either scenario threatens the balance of diversity for which Raleigh Schools have received great acclaim.

Do parents know what’s best, or are they unintentionally contributing to academic struggles at Raleigh Schools? The court has ruled, and the nation will watch Raleigh Schools closely for the outcome.

As anyone who has learned another language, other than their native tongue will tell you, attaining a level of fluency can be difficult indeed. Of course, the older you get the harder it becomes. Children who are brought up in bilingual homes think nothing of speaking several languages. And when language is taught in school, smaller children literally absorb the lessons; language comes easier for children than it does for adults who often need a multitude of supplemental tools in order to help them with the transition. Because Spanish is one of the most popular languages to be learned in the modern world, many adults look to find easier ways to seek fluency; and if not fluency, then just the fundamentals.. Luckily, in today’s technologically advanced world, there are a variety of tools that consumers can use to learn basic Spanish.

First and foremost, there still exists the bevy of printed material designed to help you learn basic Spanish. These include dictionaries that translate a word from English into Spanish and vice versa. Most are pocket-sized and can be carried with you to a Spanish speaking country where you use it when necessary. There are also a variety of word books that help you learn fundamentals very easily with the help of pictures and quiz cards.

But the modern day equivalent of these learning tools is of course the CD and DVD. CDs are quite convenient as they can be popped into your CD player while you are in the car, walking the dog, shopping, or doing any variety of activities. Most people find the audio to be quite helpful in their quest to learn basic Spanish, as it is helpful to hear how the word is pronounced.

DVDs offer classroom-like instruction in the comfort of your own home. Lessons are taught to learn basic Spanish through an instructor and a number of tools that would ordinarily be used in the classroom. DVDs are helpful because you can simply watch them over and over again to absorb lessons at your own pace.

But perhaps the greatest technological advancement to learn basic Spanish is the electronic devices that you can now carry that help you translate on the spot. These devices include an audio dictionary. So if you type a word in English it will say it back to you in Spanish. This can be enormously helpful in those situations where you are stuck. Consumers who are not quiet confident in their Spanish speaking abilities find these devices to be their most important tool when visiting Spanish speaking countries.

Even before Hurricane Katrina New Orleans Schools suffered from a lack of teachers, run down facilities and failure to meet state and national guidelines. Since the devastating storm those problems are compounded. As students and families trickle back into New Orleans Schools, those in leadership roles must provide all the necessities to educate the current 27,000 children, along with 100 more who are enrolled each week.

New Orleans Schools have a new leadership team in place to guide the way. Paul Pastorek was recently named Louisiana Schools Chief, and Paul Vallas will head the Recovery School District (RSD), which includes most schools previously run by the state board. Vallas, who has served as superintendent for both Philadelphia and Chicago Schools, appears very realistic about the troubles plaguing the New Orleans Schools. But he also claims that, “This will be the greatest experiment in choice, in charter, and in creating not only a school system, but also a system of schools.”

Vallas has said that the lack of usual limitations will create opportunities, but that the limited finances will remain challenging. New Orleans Schools currently have a mix of 58 public schools, charter schools and RSD schools open. 20 more New Orleans Schools are expected to open in fall of 2007. What will they look like?

Many hope that charter schools will continue to have a strong presence in the district. New Orleans Schools have 17 RSD authorized charter schools. There are also charter schools run under the local school board and 5 magnet schools. The world is watching to see how these choices are monitored and to determine their effectiveness. Many school reformers hail charters as the future of New Orleans Schools due to their combination of independence and accountability. Failing schools are simply closed.

Vallas and Pastorek recently attended an education summit hosted by the New Schools Venture Fund and the New Leaders for New Schools. The “two Pauls” outlined their plan for addressing issues like educator shortages and poor classroom space. Some of the proposals include initiating a “welcome school” to screen incoming children of New Orleans Schools for both academic and emotional needs. Post-Katrina teachers have seen a major increase in anxious and fearful children unable to concentrate on academic tasks.

The continued disruption and lack of routine in the lives of these children adds an emotional burden to the already understaffed and overburdened New Orleans Schools’ teachers. This leads to the problem of attracting teachers to this devastated and struggling area. Vallas plans to draw on the student-teacher populations to help prepare for the need. New Orleans Schools will need to hire 800 more teachers for the ’07-’08 school year.

New Leaders for New Schools, a principal training organization, has signed up to train 40 principals for New Orleans Schools by 2010. In spite of this outside help, the task is daunting and enormous. Vallas puts a positive spin on the challenge, “If we can create a dynamic school system here, that means it can be done any where, and there will no longer be any excuses for why it can’t be done.”

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