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The Connecticut arts Culinary School drives people to a world of excitement and fun. In the year 1987, the Connecticut school of culinary arts was established. It is situated in a suburb of the Hartford which is the capital of the States.

It is the first institution having two branches. Connecticut arts culinary institute provides students with the famous schedules of their classes that are most flexible. Everyone gets the opportunity to learn the culinary arts, as these classes are held at the day time as well as in the evenings.


The branch of Connecticut arts culinary arts school is established in Suffield. It spreads wide on 64-acres of land. It takes hardly few minutes to reach the culinary arts institute from Bradley International Airport. This branch has housing facilities for a student. It also includes seven kitchens specially meant for teaching, along with a computer laboratory. The main campus of culinary school is located at downtown Hartford. There is a hotel which occupies a space of 3, 67,000 square-foot of the total area. There is much great stuff available for the students in Connecticut arts culinary school. The students who have enrolled in this school have already been benefited.

Near the campus of this school, several hotels, restaurants and entertainment means are established. More new six kitchens for teaching are added to the current production. Connecticut culinary arts school has other amenities such as a computer laboratory, a Learning Resource Centre and two amphitheatres.

The Connecticut cuisine arts institute possesses trained professors and small classes. They have significant class size. This provides the faculty ample of time, so as to focus on the needs of each candidate. This culinary school of art focuses more on providing hands-on training. They also try to provide many opportunities to the students to gain practical knowledge from what they learn at the time of the lectures.

Services Provided:

The services provided by the Connecticut cuisine school are not limited. The educating students are offered services for the training and skills that are necessary. They also provide many outstanding opportunities of visit to places outside the school. When people are exposed to the culinary industry, their skills are not only sharpened but also, it enhances their knowledge. At the same time, it also increases their chance in getting hold of an immense career in culinary art.

Benefits of Connecticut Culinary School:

Connecticut Culinary Institute (CCI) is an exceptional school for many reasons. First and foremost is there team of people. The instructors and staff at CCI are among the most dedicated, professional, and caring individuals anywhere. They are committed to the successful education of each student. CCI is a small, high-quality school. You will be taught in small classes, always by a highly qualified instructor, and you will spend the vast majority of your time actually cooking.

In today’s world of new restaurants, and dining hot spots, CCI finds itself in the middle of an ever-expanding market to prepare students for a career in culinary arts. So if you have a passion for food, and you love to cook, CCI can be the place to turn your dream into a career.

Let’s Read, Seminole! is a summer reading program that Orlando Public Schools got behind this summer. The Orlando Schools took a bus, painted it red, ripped the seats out and installed book shelves. The bus was then crammed with books for kids ages 5 to 18. Orlando Schools students can keep the books they take off the bus, or they can bring them back and get more. What an awesome program!

When I look back at summer vacations, I find that I was mostly bored. My best friend’s parents always took her to New York for the summer, and all I had to look forward to was a 3-week trip to my grandparents’ houses in Ohio. While I did have fun visiting them, most of the summer was quite boring, and lonely, to tell you the truth.

Orlando Schools Brings the Books to the Students

The big red bus intended to serve Orlando Schools students in the summer would’ve done me a world of good as a child. While I’ve always been an avid reader, meeting the bus would have given me something to look forward to. A lot of “latch-key kids” are pretty starved at times for contact with other kids. When parents of children in the Orlando Schools work or can’t be available a lot of children are left to fend for themselves.

As a child my family went to bookstores fairly often, but I often found myself with nothing to read unless I reread what I already had. I did plenty of that, but more and more times I sat down to watch Andy Griffith and Beverly Hillbillies’ reruns, instead. If my school had had the Orlando Schools program in place for the summer holidays, I’m sure that the vacation would have passed quickly for me.

I’m not bitter, however. Education has come a long way in schools throughout the country, and Orlando Schools are no exception. I truly believe that the schools I attended did the best they knew how at the time and have simply progressed over time to continually improve, as they should. Today, however, they are concentrating more on keeping students engaged over the summer months, and I applaud them for that. Orlando Schools have recognized the need to keep kids reading when they are off, and this will pr help retention of what the students have learned in the previous school year as well. Since the newness of free books will most likely wear off, the leaders of this program developed by Orlando Schools have also developed a website to encourage the kids to keep visiting the bus, and to keep reading. Orlando Schools students who have gotten books from the bus can log on, record what they’ve read, and in the process get a chance to win prizes. Not much else thrills a kid more than that!

Some would agree that the success and failure rate when applying for college scholarship are dependent whether the applicant has sought for college scholarship services. However, there is an evident fact that the success and failure of the college scholarship application are solely relying on the application alone. But the problem lies here. Since, most applicants have difficulties searching for the type of scholarships that are right for them, what would you expect from them if the time comes when they would have to complete the application form, write a scholarship essay, and ask someone for write then a letter of recommendation?

Yes, reality bites. Many applicants for college scholarships cannot construct an acceptable paragraph (this is not to say that everyone cannot write a good scholarship essay). So, they seek for college scholarship services. Now we go on circles.

If the applicant is the one responsible with his fate whether he or she passes the scholarship application, then why do they still have to seek for college scholarship services?

The answer is simple: Applicants are either scared to do it on their own or are smart enough to realize that they need help.

While these two reasons may be acceptable, applicants should remember that it is their future that is in line here. And with a simple mistake could mean no college education.

To end this, there are things the college scholarship applicants should do:

If the applicant knows how to do it on his or her own, then it is useless to seek for college scholarship service.

Applicants should do their own way of searching and applying for college scholarships. If it happens that the applicants do not know what to do, reading relevant information on the internet would be a great help.

The applicant should do research and not to solely rely on the things college scholarship services promise to do.

Be wary on the promises of college scholarship services. Surely, they would charge applicants with fees. And if you are hoping that once you pay them, you can get an instant scholarship, you can be mistaken. Remember that guaranteed scholarships do not exist. College scholarship services can increase your chances in winning a scholarship but it is never an assurance that once you pay them, you can get one right at your very eyes.

To make things clear try to contemplate on this: If you want things to come up with the way you expected it to become, then you have to do it your way.

What is Mental Math? Lot of you out there are trying to find an answer to this question. Well, answer is quite simple, mental math is nothing but simple calculations done in your head, that is, mentally. So now you are wondering – well, what is such a big deal, I can easily calculate 10 + 5 and 95 + 100, my 10 year old child can easily calculate 80 + 20. These are some simple calculations. But often in our day to day life, neither we come across such easy calculations nor will your children in future. Rather we come across a bit tougher calculations.

Let me draw your attention to your visit to a restaurant. Have you ever wondered, jeez, how much is 15% of that or 18% of that. Have you been to a grocery store and wondered – how much tax was charged to you? These are the kind of simple calculations I am talking about and not just 95 + 100. So now you got the gist as to what to expect in this article? So before I show you some techniques, let me explain you why mental math is catching so much steam these days.

First, let me tell you some of the long term benefits of learning mental math at early child age. Learning mental math at early age can help boost your child’s confidence when it comes to mathematics, develop mental calculation abilities, provide a sense of achievement as the child’s proficiency improves, lead to greater mental capacity, promote intuitive thinking, enhance problem-solving capability, enhance creativity and last but not least, improve concentration and mental endurance.

Read what past president of National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) has to say about mental math: “the time has come to invest in helping students build the mental math skills in their tool kits as part of their comprehensive mathematical understanding. The payoff for this investment can be tremendous both in improving students’ mathematical abilities and in giving a visible sign that we are committed to preparing students with the kind of mathematical proficiency that the public can readily appreciate.”

We all have had our share of difficulties understanding and learning math in the past. And the same difficulties face to our children. Let me tell you that yes math is difficult and boring if the numbers and the relation between these numbers are not understood well. Today, most of our public schools teach us mental math in some form or the other and I can guarantee you, more then ninty five percent of the time it will be the most adverse and boring technique of rote memorization.

So what is the alternative? Alternative is what asian students have been learning for decades now. There are two different systems in Asia that can help you conquer and master math. You and/or your child can calculate 1478 + 3456 + 98 – 29 in less then 5 seconds and that too without any help external modern day electronic gadgets such as calculator. One system is the Abacus mental math method which has it’s origins in east Asia and another system is the Vedic mental math method which has it’s origins in south Asia.

Higher learning doesn’t come cheap, and many families struggle to pay for the annual tuition costs necessary for their children’s education. In other cases, college students work while attending school or even take out student loans to help cover the costs. One way to avoid the stress is to start saving early, and this can be done in a number of ways.

U.S. Savings Bonds are a popular way for many individuals and families to save money. With both the Series I Bonds, which are sold at face value, and the Series EE Bonds, which are sold at half their face value, you can earn interest for up to 30 years. According to the most recent brochure, investing $100.00 per month into U.S. Savings Bonds could possibly equal $24,609.00 in 15 years. This is, however, only an example and the actual figure will be based upon current rates and the investor’s ability to save. Best of all, the interest earned on savings bonds is exempt from all state and local income taxes. Federal income taxes are deferred until the bonds reach final maturity, or until they are redeemed, whichever comes first. In some cases, the interest earned may be excluded from federal income taxes if the funds are used to pay for qualified higher education expenses.

Another popular method of saving is through Certificates of Deposit, also known as CDs, which are available at most financial institutions. Although these require a larger investment, typically a minimum of $1,000.00, they allow for the interest earned to roll over into the CD’s value. In other words, you can literally earn interest on your interest depending on the plan that you purchase. Unlike U.S. Savings Bonds, however, income taxes are due and payable each year for the interest earned on a Certificate of Deposit.

If you find yourself in a situation where there are no savings available for college tuition, students are often permitted to take fewer classes and simply pay for each course individually. This prevents families from having to produce a full-time tuition when the money simply isn’t available. Financial aid, student loans and payment plans are typically offered to students who qualify, which may make the a college degree within reach for many who may otherwise not be able to afford the tuition expenses.

The information contained in this article is designed to be used for reference purposes only. It should not be used as, in place of or in conjunction with professional financial advice or recommendations relating to incomes taxes, investments and/or the ability to pay for college using any of the aforementioned methods. For additional information, consult a financial planner in your area.

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