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The looming credit crunch is affecting markets world wide. The crunch is fueled largely by the alarming number of home foreclosures. The crisis initially began in the sub-prime lending sector, but is starting to show signs of moving into prime mortgages.

If you find yourself one of the unfortunate homeowners that has or is about to miss a mortgage payment, use these steps to hopefully avoid the pain of foreclosure and losing your home.

1. Keep in constant communication with your mortgage servicer. If you are about to miss a payment, call them immediately. Never ignore any phone calls or letters they send you.

2. Remember to pay your mortgage payment before any unsecured credit payments. Credit card companies will let you know the moment you miss a payment, and will convince you your life will be over if you don’t pay them. The reason they get so upset is that they can’t take anything from you if you don’t pay. The banks know they can take your house if you don’t pay. Late and missed credit card payments will damage your credit, but nothing like a foreclosure.

3. Never give up hope. There are several steps that can be taken to get you back on the right track with your mortgage lender.

Some of the programs that help you resolve your issues with your lender include:

1. Reinstatement – paying a lump sum to bring the loan current and continuing with payments as normal afterwards.

2. Forbearance – you are allowed to delay payments for a short period of time with the understanding that you will bring the account current at an agreed upon date.

3. Repayment Plan – the lender may allow you to add some of your missed payments to an agreed upon number of future payments, thus bringing your account current.

4. Mortgage Modification – if you can’t pay a lump sum to bring your loan current, but can now make monthly payments, your lender may work with you, possibly adding the past due amount to the principal balance.

5. Selling your home – if you have adequate equity in your home, and are able to sell it for an amount to satisfy your mortgage balance.

6. Short Sale – the bank may accept a lesser payoff for your mortgage if you get an offer on your home. Make sure the bank accepts the amount received from the short sale as paid in full with no recourse, otherwise they can come after you for the difference. Banks are warming up to the short sale because they stand to lose even more money if they have to foreclose on your home.

7. Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure – the lender takes ownership of the property and forgives your debt. Much less damaging to your credit than a foreclosure.

8. FHA/VA – FHA loans and VA loans are government backed loan programs that have special programs to help you avoid foreclosure. Contact the VA or HUD if you have one of these loans for more information.

Your mortgage lender won’t automatically put you on one of these programs, you must work with them, and keep your promises to them. If you simply stop paying, you will lose your house, and any equity you may have in it. Banks are not in the real estate business, and do not want to own your home, they will work with you.

You may not have to buy automobile insurance at all. If you live in the state of New Hampshire and you have a clean driving record the state of New Hampshire does not require that you purchase automobile insurance.

Of course, if you finance your vehicle then the company that loans you the money for your purchase will certainly require that you buy full automobile insurance coverage. And if you have less than a stellar driving record you will also be required to purchase automobile insurance by the state.

What are some of the reasons that the state of New Hampshire will require that you purchase automobile insurance?

If you are convicted of DUI (Driving Under the Influence) or if you are convicted of DWI (driving While Intoxicated) you will automatically be forced to purchase automobile insurance for a minimum of 3 years before you’re allowed back on the roads of New Hampshire. If you are convicted of either offense a second time you’re looking at a mandatory 5 years of purchasing automobile insurance.

If you collect too many “points” you can also be forced to buy automobile insurance. Points are “earned” by such things as running stop signs, speeding, failing to follow the orders of a police officer, even such things as driving on a sidewalk. You get the picture.

The number of points you need to earn before the state forces you to buy automobile insurance depends on your age.

So even though the state of New Hampshire may not require their good drivers to carry automobile insurance, the fact remains that a large portion of New Hampshire driver do need to buy car insurance and many of them want to get cheap automobile insurance online.

Before you jump online and start filling out forms there are a few simple things you may be able to do that will help keep your rates their absolute lowest.

Obviously having a clean driving record is important. DWIs and DUIs and speeding tickets will force your automobile insurance rates through the roof.

Believe it or not, your credit rating can even affect how much you pay for car insurance, so do everything you can to keep your credit rating excellent.

Purchasing different types of insurance, such as medical and homeowner’s insurance from the same insurance company can also result in lower monthly automobile insurance premiums through what are commonly called Multi-Policy Discounts.

If you’re in school stay there and work hard to get at least a “B” grade point average. Most automobile insurance companies offer a Good Student Discount on car insurance.

Older drivers should ask their insurance company if they can take a Driver’s Refresher Course. Not all companies offer such a course, but those that do provide a nice premium discount for drivers who take the test and pass.

If you drive an older car consider dropping any collision or comprehensive coverage you might have. If your car has little or no Kelly Blue Book value then your insurance company won’t pay to repair it even if you are paying for the insurance.

Finally consider raising your deductible. Work out how much you could afford to pay from your own pocket if you were involved in an accident. The more you can pay – the higher your deductible – then the less your insurance company will charge you in monthly premiums.

Now it’s time to get online and find the very best rates you can possibly find. Be sure to take the extra time to fill out forms on at least 3 different sites so that you can be assured of comparing as many different companies in New Hampshire as you possibly can.

Once you have taken the time to check three different sites then you can sleep easy at night knowing that you have gotten the cheapest automobile insurance that you possibly can anywhere in the state of New Hampshire.

When preparing for a trip out of the country, you will have to worry about a lot of things. Not only are there items such as your passport to be concerned with, but you also have to think about your money, which means you’re going to have research exchange rates in order to make sure you bring enough money along with you on your trip.

You will find that no matter what country you travel to, their currency is remarkably different from American currency in regards to details such as style, color and texture, but even more importantly – value.

You have a few options to choose from when you are traveling, in which to exchange your money. The exchange rate changes daily because it is based off the markets of every county, so what you might have received for $20 yesterday, may not be the same today (and as a side note, don’t be shocked when you find that your American money is worth far less in other countries, the strength of the American dollar is greatly diminished in today’s market).

For this reason, you are going to want to research ahead before flying to make sure you bring enough money. You can also keep things simple by using travel checks, but this is not always feasible for everyone. Also, don’t forget to account for the fee you will have to pay when exchanging currency, especially if you do it at a bank. This fee alone can be a little exorbitant which is why more and more people are opting to use travelers checks or credit cards when traveling; if you opt to use credit cards make sure you carry the big three: Visa, MasterCard and American Express. By doing this you won’t have to worry about any restaurants or stores not accepting your cards.

Aside from knowing the exchange rate, it is also important you understand the currency of the country in which you are visiting. You may become very confused when shopping in a foreign country. Make it a point to know the country’s money system and be able to read price tags.

International travel is a big undertaking, as well as a big responsibility. This type of travel can be great fun and a wonderful life experience, but it is important that you go into it prepared, both with common sense and plenty of money. If it is your first time traveling out of the country, you are going to find this task a bit awkward and frustrating at first, but it gets easier and easier, and eventually becomes a task you never forget how to do properly. Stay informed for the sake of your money and the unique experience your trip will provide you.

Are you pondering on whether you should apply for a credit card? Well, the answer quite simply is – ‘Yes’ – you should apply for a credit card (this is true for most people). The credit cards seem to have transformed our lives. In fact, one can term credit cards as a revolution. Today, you find ads in TV/newspapers/website/shops and almost anywhere and everywhere; all asking you to apply for a credit card. When you look around, you see that most people have credit cards. In fact, most people have multiple credit cards. Everyone seems to apply for a credit card. So, why should you apply for a credit card?

There are a lot of benefits associated with credit cards; however, the most important benefit is the convenience that they offer. For most people, this is the prime and the sole reason that instigates them to apply for a credit card. This wouldn’t have been the case a few years ago, when not many merchants accepted credit cards. However, today, most merchants do accept credit cards. So, instead of carrying a lot of cash on you (which is both inconvenient and unsafe), you can just carry a small piece of plastic with you.

Moreover, you get interest free credit i.e. you don’t have to pay the bills till the next monthly billing cycle. So, you can buy now and pay later (when your salary arrives) – a great reason to apply for a credit card. To add to that, there are certain merchants that offer interest-free installment payment plan i.e. you can make a big purchase today and pay for it in installments on your credit card. So credit cards works as instant long term loan too (not just a monthly loan). Yet another reason to apply for a credit card is the discounts on shopping. This is made possible by the tie-ups between credit card companies and the merchants. So credit cards offer many benefits.

There are various ways in which you can apply for a credit card – you can apply for a credit card in person, you can apply for a credit card on the internet and you can apply for a credit card on phone too (by asking the representative to meet you). You will as such be approached by a lot of sales representatives, all asking you to apply for a credit card with their company.

To apply for a credit card, you will need to fill-in a credit card application form (which is easy to fill and the representatives of the credit card company will assist you in that). When you apply for a credit card, you basically enter into an agreement with the credit card supplier (the form that you fill when you apply for a credit card is actually an agreement). After you have submitted your application, the credit card company conducts certain checks to determine your credibility; and if everything is fine, you receive the credit card.

So, applying for a credit card is easy and to apply for a credit card or not to apply for a credit card is a matter of personal choice. However, for most people who don’t have any credit card, the recommendation is “Apply for a credit card”.

Just browse through the daily newspaper and you will be overwhelmed by the number of credit card offers advertised. Move around the town and you will find credit card offers being advertised everywhere. Same is the case is with television which seems to host a number of credit card offers too. So, the credit card offers are there everywhere. Why are there so many credit card offers? Well, quite simply because credit card business is a highly profitable business for the credit card suppliers.

In this situation, when there is no dearth of credit card offers, which is the best credit card offer?

There is nothing like a best credit card offer, really. A better question to ask would be – ‘Which credit card offer is the best for me?’ The spending habits of one person are different from that of another person. Their living styles vary and hence their needs vary too. So for deciding on which credit card offer is best for you, you need to evaluate your needs vis-

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