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The word mortgage has been derived from a French word ‘mort’ meaning death that means ‘agreement until death’. Mortgage loan refers to a loan secured by residential property and often used for a purpose to lock a real estate. Mortgage refers to a pledge to repay the loan borrowed from a financial institution.

These types of loans are available at a lower price as compared to other types of loans because the value of property risk for the lender.

In the present market there are a variety of mortgage loans available, to choose the best amongst so many is difficult, but a comparative study of a few most common and popular types loan are as follows:

∑ Fixed Mortgage Loan – this is the most widespread and popular loan where the interest rate remains fixed throughout the tenure of the loan.

∑ Variable Rate Mortgage – these types of loan will have a fluctuation throughout the life of loan.

∑ Adjustable Rate Mortgage – this loan has a unstable rate of interest where interest payments depends upon the high or low rates of interest prevailing in the market, i.e. when rates are low borrowers pay less whereas when rates are high they pay more.

∑ Convertible Loans – these types of loans are easily convertible that means when the interest rate is too high one can easily convert the loan into a fixed mortgage loan.

∑ Balloon Loan – Balloon loan is a fixed rate convertible loan where the borrower has to pay some amount monthly for a short term usually 5-7 years and after that the repayment will be a one time payment i.e. a lump some amount.

The cumbersome process of mortgage loan leaves most of us worn out. It is due to the lack of adequate information and knowledge to move about in the mortgage loan process. Firstly, it is important to always look for a mortgage loan refinancing corporation. We can save a lot of time and energy because they are professionals and offer the best rates and term periods in town. Secondly, always look for experienced and qualified loan brokers so that there is no fraud. Thirdly, always plan before moving ahead; make sure to calculate the repayment structure, never overspend on the brokers fees or commission.

Thus, keeping a few points in mind can help you avail the right type of mortgage loan.

People who apply for mortgage loan also get benefited in several ways; the first benefit is that there are ample of mortgage loans available in market. Mortgage loan are available easily and worldwide. The interest rate also keeps fluctuating; it can either be fixed throughout or can even change as per the loan selection. Even the repayment amount can be changed; it can be either increased or decreased as per the requirement. Besides, the repayment structure is also not fixed, borrower can repay back in variety of ways as per his/her convenience, and it can be paid on a monthly basis or yearly basis whichever suits the best. Another advantage is that during the interest period, the entire monthly payment is tax deductible. Interest rates on these loans are low and help you save a lot of fund.

Do you dream to attain riches beyond your wildest imagination? Greed when taken in the right context acts as an impetus to go into the unknown and challenge the existing state of things. While many people over the years have written many books on the pursuit of wealth and many people have spent their lives in the pursuit of wealth, this article attempts to explain a simple three step process that you can use to empower yourself and be on your way to wealth.

Mindset of wealth

Priming your mind for success is one of the keys explained in the law of attraction. This concept states that for you to attract wealth into your life, you need to believe in the abundance of wealth. This works at a subconscious level and once you believe that you can be wealthy, you are actually priming your mind to spot greater business opportunity and focus on actions on a daily basis that can bring your closer to your goal. People with closed minds would not dare take the next step for fear of the unknown. This mindset will give you the belief that would help tide you through your next period of doubt.

Plan and Strategize

Any step towards financial success involves a great thought out plan. Where do you see yourself in three years and how are you going to get there? What concrete steps do you intend to take and how will you know if you have success in your plans? Also strategize what type of industry contacts you would need to break into the circle of the industry that you want to enter into. Do you need to join some business association to gain some valuable business contacts or do you need to attend some conference to learn about the latest deals in the market and network with other industry level people.

Take action

Lastly, the way to wealth does not lie in quiet bouts of inaction. Once you have tested your idea or product with a sizeable test market, spend some time talking to venture capitalist and relatives and see if your product can be taken nationwide. A single thought when coupled with some action can result in powerful results. Having all the ideas and thoughts if not acted upon will end in nought. The journey of a thousands steps begins with a single step.

Thus, the way to wealth can be said to be fraught with many dangers and perils but in action will be your biggest obstacle. After testing the potential profitability of your product, there will come a time when all indicators from all around that your idea or product is feasible. It will be at this moment where it would fall on you to ensure that I hope that you have what it takes to take massive action to achieve your financial future. Carpe Diem! 2007 All Rights Reserved

Disability makes one feel equally miserable about oneself irrespective of his social stature, earnings and age. But as the time passes by one gets accustomed to things, adjusts to the surrounding and starts living. Enjoying more and more, and complaining less and less one goes about the curious business of living. That’s, loosely speaking, the ‘philosophical’ part of the story though I don’t claim to be philosopher of any sort whatsoever.

Now the harder part. The philosophical distinction between childhood disability and adult disability is also reflected in the disability benefits one is entitled to, albeit in a slightly different fashion. To put it straight, the law makes a distinction between the disabled below and above 18 years of age.

Supplemental Security Income or SSI is a social benefit program instituted by the Social Security Administration (SSA). The SSA pays a monthly sum to those whose income is lower on account of old age, blindness or disability. Most of those under 18 years of age are considered children and the ones above as adults by the SSA. To be eligible for the SSI the rules are much the same for children and adults, but ‘disability’ in case of children is by definition more accommodating than the one employed for the adults.

The amount one gets as SSI is meant to meet one’s very basic needs because it is assumed that a disabled person may not be able to earn enough. The need of one person living in a certain condition may be different from another in another set of circumstances. Therefore, the amount payable also differs. For instance, it is estimated that the disabled children living with their parents in the State of California need a sum of $722 per month. For those who are blind the amount is higher at $ 901, as their expenses are higher.

If, in the opinion of the authorities, you have money to spend on your basic needs in view of your sources of income, the amount is deducted from the payable sum and what remains is what you get for the SSI.

If you haven’t heard, student loan interest is now a tax deductible item on your personal tax return. On August 1, 2005 the cap on the old maximum student loan rate was lifted, and the new one was pushed into effect. So exactly what is going to be the affect on your existing student loan going to be you may be wondering. How will this now change the end result of the parent or students tax return?

A lot of the associations that offer student loans told students that their best bet was to consolidate the existing loans and lock in the new lower interest rate, while it was still available, so that the new rate would affect their upcoming tax returns.

The interest rate of a federal subsidized loan does not have the same huge affect as it does with a private or unsubsidized loan. When obtaining a deferred payment loan, which will also defer the interest payments on the loan, can drum up huge amounts of additional debt for the borrower since the interest actually accrues interest leading to a huge amount of debt very quickly. So this should tell you the huge effect the new law will have on those with student loans.

The government, over a span of the last couple of years or so, has tried to promote the advancement of continued education, therefore allowing a deduction to be made on the interest payment of student loans.

This deferred payment arrangement will allow the student to borrow the money, attend to their studies without the worries of payments over their head, and then after completing their education and obtaining their degree beginning their monthly payments. These types of deferred payment plans come in to types from the government; unsubsidized and subsidized.

For students with need of financial assistance, the subsidized is prevalent. On this type, the government will pay the interest that is accrued until the time that the student is finished with school. The unsubsidized is the exact opposite, and the student will be responsible for the interest payments as it is accrued.

Lenders have become wise to the benefits for them when it comes to deferred payments plans, in which the interest builds on top of the interest each and every month, as it builds onto their balance every single month. This generates huge income for the lender.

The private loan sector has made a frequent business with the deferred payment loan, due to the fact that they are free of federal lending requirements that are normally attached to this loan type.

It’s usually fairly easy for these lenders to grant these loans because students don’t usually realize the effects that these loans are going to have on their balance in the beginning, and blindly except and sign a contract on these terms. Usually at this point in a students life, debt management isn’t a prevalent concern and the lenders are aware of this. Advice to these students should be to find a good credit counselor to assist them in looking over their choices before hastily signing on for any loan.

Anyone who is buying jewelry will have two priorities in mind — cost and quality. Very often we don’t want to lose out on quality just to save a few dollars. Unless you have been saving money for a long time, you could resort to loans before you make that big jewelry purchase. Today, many jewelry stores offer financing and unsecured loans on site, and many banks also are currently offering lines of credit specifically geared towards diamond purchases. Here you will find out what kinds of unsecured loans will benefit you in the jewelry business.

The first kind of unsecured loan is a revolving account and and operates much like a credit card. You will probably get a card that has the store logo and information on it with your account number. You will be able to make minimum monthly payments against the balance of the cost of the purchase over a specified time period. Generally this is around 36 months or 3 years. You might have to make a minimum down payment on the jewelry and you can expect this to be around 10$ of the total cost of the purchase. Put as much down as you can upfront, this will decrease your overall balance from the get go. Here your monthly payments will be determined by the loan amount that is pending, and how much you put down. Good qualifiers for this kind of loan would be good credit history and limited cash flow. If you think your history may prevent you, you could get a hold of a co-signer.

Another kind of unsecured credit from a jewelry store is known as a 90 day account. In this option, you pay your balance in full through three equally monthly payments without any interest. You might be required to make a larger initial payment, around 20-30% for your first purchase in store. If you establish a good credit history with the store, you may be able to reduce the down payment for future purchases.

Another kind of unsecured loan occurs when a jewelry store partners with a bank to finance your jewelry. This is certainly one of the best options that are open to you, if your credit history can support it. With this type of unsecured loan, you are going to be getting bank rates and bank policies, instead of retail interest rates which are always much higher. This type of loan will be a better deal, probably no money down or annual fee, and no-prepayment penalties. Further, you can reuse this credit line as you pay it down and you will be able to choose a longer term (up to 5 years) of repayment.

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