How To Cash In On The Upcoming Gold Boom And Make 400 Roi Using This Unknown Tactic Life Insurance Or Mortgage Life Insurance Gas Rebate Credit Card On The Loose How To Find Affordable Automobile Insurance In Oregon

Gold has been a star performer in the portfolios of some of the wealthiest dynasties in the history of the world. Just a few of the prolific people who have used gold to build their incredible wealth include the DuPonts (who now own a massive chemical business), the Rothschilds (once upon a time the richest people in the world), the (JP) Morgans and Egypt’s royal Farouk family. We could go on and on forever about more family empires who owe their core wealth to gold but there’s no need – the bottom line is that investment in gold has always given a sensational return over the centuries – and statistically it has put stocks, real estate and bonds well and truly in their place.

Want some proof that gold has created staggering wealth in recent times? Consider these startling facts:

– During the 1960’s investment in this “secret gold” brought about average annual returns of 100%.

– Between 1972 and 1974 the secret gold saw increases of 350% (while the stock market was heading desperately south).

– Then between 1976 to 1980 this secret gold brought investors an average of 300% per year.

– Gold saw annual increases of 340% between 1987 & 1989.

The average investor keeps piling into stocks, real estate & bonds – completely unaware that certain types of gold have been outperforming their risky holdings every year since 2000 (and the last couple of years have seen double returns over stocks). And as you’re about to discover, we’re right at the start of something very big…

It’s interesting to note that the earliest record of gold being used as a form of money/investment occurred as early as 700BC. Since this time, all cultures and races throughout the world have craved to own gold – and many centuries on the strength of gold has gone from strength to strength.

In the present time, gold is an attractive commodity to hold because it’s price is seeing a general upward trend (and many experts agree that this is set to continue for many years to come). It’s possible to own gold for a relatively modest outlay and so most people have the means to invest in it. Gold also brings with it a certain beauty and status symbol that most other investments simply cannot compare to.

Why Investing In Gold Now Could Make For Spectacular Returns – The Facts Don’t Lie And This Is Why The Resurgence In Gold Prices Could Mean Big Things For Those Who Invest Early

Right now the U.S. government is desperately trying to fight deflation (lower prices) and it has categorically stated that it will look to prevent this at any cost. The long and short of this is that more “paper money” becomes available while the amount of gold stays constant. Can you think what this means?

The same amount of gold costs more paper dollars (or “money”) to buy.

So as the amount of money being printed goes up – so gold prices strengthen. It’s expected that a significant amount of money will be printed over the next years, and you don’t need me to tell you what that means for where gold prices are heading.

Sadly, there are even more reasons why the current gold run could well be the start of a huge bull run. Traditionally, gold has always performed strongly during times of uncertainty. I say “sadly” because as the long running war on terrorism sees no end in sight the amount of paper money needed to pay for conflicts etc rises. This huge increase in paper money will only continue to peg up the gold prices.

The Gold Shortage – One Of The Biggest Investment Banks In The World Is Predicting A Gold BOOM Caused By A Fundamental Shortage, A Glut Of Government Printed Paper-Money & Other Factors.

Credit Agricole, a leading French investment bank recently released a SHOCKING report (Cheuvreux report, named after the equity research department of Credit Agricole) that has highlighted the very real possibility of a coming gold boom.

“We are raising our mid-cycle gold price estimate to USD900/oz from USD750/oz and see the possibility of a spike to USD2,000, or higher. Covert selling (via central bank lending) has artificially depressed the price for a decade.”

At the time of writing, gold prices were at the mid $500 levels per ounce, and many experts are predicting that the price could soar past $2000 per ounce. Why? The report highlights the basic shortage of gold stock – world governments are desperately short of gold bullion (possibly by levels higher than 50%). Demand for global gold remains high, yet world supply is highly limited (only 2,500 tonnes produced worldwide). In addition the over-supply of paper money and artificial suppression of gold prices over the last decade means that gold could well explode to as much as $2,000/oz – potential upside gains of almost 400%!

Buying your house is a huge investment, and purchasers are finding that life insurance is a more flexible and less pricey alternative to the mortgage life insurance they buy from a bank. This makes life insurance another brick in the foundation of a good financial plan.

What’s Wrong With Mortgage Life Insurance ?

When people are in discussions with banks to finance their home they are asked if they want to have their home paid off if they die? Well who would say no to that? Unfortunately, people don’t look at other options that are open to them or shop around for different rates.

When mortgage insurance is purchased through a bank, the coverage decreases as the mortgage is reduced; however the premiums stay the same. What this means is the cost of the coverage goes up as you are paying down your mortgage. Additionally, while mortgage life insurance pays off the loan’s outstanding balance, only the bank gets paid. You get the house, but no cash.

Life Insurance To The Rescue !

Life insurance can help relieve that debt while also adding cash value to your estate for your beneficiaries. Owning your own life insurance gives you these options:

Life insurance is portable, meaning you don’t have to re qualify for coverage during the term if you buy a new home or switch mortgage providers.

Renewable and convertible. A renewable and convertible life insurance policy can be converted to a permanent product at any time without a medical exam. In contrast, if your mortgage life contract runs out at a bank, you will be older and potentially facing higher term life insurance rates.

Life Insurance Decisions

When you are comparing group mortgage life insurance from a bank and life insurance that’s personally owned, you’ll see that it is cheaper to have your own life insurance.

Everyday, many people use their vehicles to go to work, to grocery stores, malls, or any particular place they would like to go. Vehicles need gasoline, and to some people, buying gasoline frequently is a bit heavy on the pocket.

But did you know that you could actually save a lot of money in going to a gas station almost every day? Yes, and that can happen if you have a gas rebate credit card.

Don’t expect for the price of gas to come down. Almost every commodity in the market has their prices soaring higher and higher. In purchasing fuel for your vehicle, you can get a discount if you only have a gas rebate card.

Gas rebate credit cards works like that of cash back cards, but instead of receiving it once every year; you will be able to receive a certain amount in credit form each month.

Gas rebate cards are widely available, and all you have to do is to select the best one. The card member earns interest; and this interest greatly varies depending on the offer. Introductory offers for gas rebate cards have a maximum rate of 6% in order to attract customers, but after some time, it is also reduced.

There are gas rebate cards offered by many gas companies which are called ‘brand specific’ cards and is used only in a specific location. This is an advantage for people who purchase their gasoline or fuel in one particular station. But if shopping around is your habit, or if you frequently have out-of-town travels, this would be a disadvantage to you.

Because of certain advantages and disadvantages, most of today’s companies which cater to general purpose cards are offering gas rewards. The amount is accumulated every time you make a purchase from any gas company.

The rebates given every month also varies, so before making any application, you should make sure that it is fitting to your needs. There are different rebate types given to customers, therefore you should ask for the type before proceeding with the application. Usually, rebates are given every month in credit form to a specified account of a card member or holder.

You should also consider these things: (1) gas rebate credit cards have certain restrictions, and (2) other companies set limits on the amount of annual rebates.

Annual fees should not be a cause of worry because most of gas rebate cards don’t charge any. However, you must be aware that the interest varies month after month. And if you can’t pay all your dues at the end of the month, and have a remaining balance, this is of utmost concern for you.

Everything has limitations, and gas rebate cards are no exemption. Before selecting one particular card, you must compare all their advantages and disadvantages while considering your current needs.

With gas/fuel prices pumping high in the market, many customers will look for the best gas rebate card available. And if you’re one of those people, you can start by looking around your local area or you can visit several sites on the internet which features gas rebate credit cards.

You have to know a great deal about gas rebate cards; and how it actually works. A little knowledge would do, at least you will not be ignorant about it. These cards will truly help you in your gas/fuel dilemma; especially those who owns a car or two and regularly uses them.

Automobile insurance is expensive and as the price of new cars continues to skyrocket, the price of auto insurance is not likely to come down anytime in the near future. If anything, look for auto insurance rates to continue their upward spiral.

So what can you, as a good Oregon driver do to keep your automobile insurance rates affordable? Actually there are quite a few things.

If you are under 25 your rates will be among the highest in the state – however, if you are in school and maintaining good grades, many insurance companies will give you a Good Student Discount.

If you own a home and have homeowner’s insurance or you have a life insurance policy check with your insurance company to see if you qualify for a multi-policy discount.

If your car has an anti-theft device, or if you add one to your car you may be entitled to a discount on your insurance. Likewise, if you pass an advanced driving safety course you may qualify for still further discounts.

If you car is being financed, your financial institution will probably require you to carry full insurance coverage, but if you own your vehicle outright there is nothing to stop you from buying only the minimum insurance required by the state of Oregon – which can save you a considerable amount of money.

In fact, depending on the age of your vehicle, you could forego buying Comprehensive insurance on your vehicle at all – comprehensive pays for your vehicle if it is damaged by hitting an animal, or if it is damaged by an “Act of God,” such as fire, flood, wind or hail.

Another way many people help control the cost of their automobile insurance in Oregon is by raising their deductible. Your deductible is the money you must pay out of your own pocket for an accident before your insurance pays for the rest. The higher your deductible the lower your monthly insurance payments.

So while automobile insurance is expensive here in Oregon, there are many steps you can take to keep your costs as low as possible. By putting as many into practice as you can, you should be able to find affordable automobile insurance in Oregon.

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