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If you’ve been receiving TennCare or any other affordable health insurance benefits in Tennessee, but have found yourself no longer eligible, you must search elsewhere for affordable health insurance in Tennessee. There are critical deadlines that must be met before obtaining affordable health insurance goes from being somewhat annoying to nearly impossible.

Planning to enroll in a group health insurance plan? You must do so within 30 days of losing your previous health insurance in Tennessee.

You may be enrolling in the group health insurance plan offered by your employer, or one offered by your spouse’s employer. Either way, make sure you enroll before the 30 days is up or you might find it difficult to get affordable health insurance.

Planning to purchase an individual health insurance plan? If you’ve been insured for the past 18 months but have lost coverage and now wish to purchase an individual health insurance plan, you have a bit more time to get the ball rolling than you would have with a group health insurance plan. You must purchase an individual health insurance plan within 63 days after losing your previous health insurance coverage.

Prepare yourself for a waiting period. If you have a pre-existing health condition, you could be subject to a “waiting period” before your new health insurance plan actually takes effect. However, if you’ve had 18 months of constant health insurance and haven’t not exceeded the allotted amount of time in between coverage, a waiting period might not apply to you.

Losing health insurance can be depressing. One day you’re ready to conquer the world because, after all, if you fall down you know you can pay for a doctor to fix you! The next day, you’re afraid to leave your home. Do not let the loss of affordable health insurance in Tennessee intimidate you. Get out there and find yourself another affordable health insurance plan before your deadlines are up!

Secret One: Decide you want to be prosperous and decide that you will do whatever it takes to achieve this goal. In deciding this you are deciding to take action that will change your life. Understand that prosperity does dot just mean being rich or wealthy. It encompasses all things like happiness, health, wealth, life goals and more.

Secret Two: There is no easy way to prosperity and if you are looking for an easy way, then stop reading now because there is no easy way. A recent survey of one thousand millionaires, asking them for one secret to success; ninety five percent said, that a key to success was to work long hours for five, ten or more years.

Secret Three: Believe you can achieve any goal you set. Dream it, tell your wife, tell your friends and when you go to bed at night and dream about what you will do when you become prosperous. Not a single millionaire has succeeded without dreaming of it first.

Secret Four: Plan; plan to succeed beyond your wildest dreams and then some. If you wanted to have one million dollars plan on ten or a hundred million, because if you dream of one hundred million and only manage to make only ten percent or even one percent of your plan…

Secret Five: Be unfailingly honest especially to yourself, but also be honest and fair in all your dealings with others. This does not mean you should not take advantages of situations or of others weaknesses; it means you should maintain a moral high ground and not cheat or lie your way through life. Continually take stock of yourself and your dealing with others in business and in your personal life.

Secret Six: Understand that failure is the key to success. Prosperity is relatively rare because, most, people fear failure. We, often, do not understand that failure is common and rarely do we succeed on the first try. If you fail, try again … and again until you succeed. Do not, ever, give up.

Secret Seven: When deciding what direction you wish to take, do not try to be the first or the best. While first and, or, best happens and can lead to success, the vast majority of success comes from imitating others success. You may think it’s not sensible to be the sixth pizza shop in a street, but consider this. Why are there five pizza shops in this street? It is possible that this is the perfect location for a pizza shop. Can this street handle one more? Consider this; in time, given your shop matches your successful competitors, you will have a seventeen percent piece of this pie or even more, if you follow all of my secrets of millionaires.

These days everybody wants to be completely self-reliant. Nobody wants to have to depend on others. There is a great sense of achievement in being able to deal with one’s own needs and requirements without taking the help of others. The personal finance markets have realized this need that the people of the world of today have. As a result we are witnesses to the great proliferation in the numbers of loans to help people help themselves.

Are you looking for a car loan? How eager are you to actually invest in real estate? Are you going to need a lot of cash to fund your child’s education? Well, whatever it is, there will be a great loan that will be absolutely perfect to take care of your needs. From large amounts, to low interest rates, to adjustable payments, you name it and you will discover a great loan that suits your specific needs.

And loans are not the only things that help us to be self-sufficient. What about the good old credit cards that we always take with us no matter where we go. There is no longer a need to carry bundles of cash when going out shopping for more expensive things. A credit card swipe works just as well and is certainly much more effortless. If your wallet gets robbed, you really cannot do very much about the money in it. However, you can do your part by informing the credit card company that your card has been robbed.

Life has become extremely convenient in the world of today. I find it very liberating to be able to walk out of my house with only my little credit card for company. And yet, I am able to return home with bags and bags of groceries, some DVDs of my favorite movies, and maybe even something that cost me a little too much.

Of course, the downside is that credit cards usually tend to make us overspend. They say that women are the shopaholics, but put men in the right store and they too end up spending much more than they had originally calculated on. The culprit has to be the credit cards.

In a similar way, when it comes to loans, we are developing the tendency to take on loan after loan. Eventually we have no choice but to keep repaying a multiplicity of loans that charge different interest rates and drain away various amounts of money from our bank accounts.

Yet, despite the many problems, loans and credit cards have made us more self-reliant and far more willing to look at life from an independent standpoint.

If you are feeling bogged down in debt by having many small loans and such as credit cards, the consolidation loan can take a huge weight off your mind and help you to get back on top of things and heading towards paying off your debt. However if you don’t know what you are getting yourself into then consolidating your debts can just help you to dig the hole deeper and leave you struggling even more.

If you consolidate your debts the right way then you could end up paying a much lower monthly repayment although this might be over a longer period of time, so you should take this into account when it comes to knowing how much you will be paying back in total.

One big problem with the consolidation loan and which approximately 80% of people who take out a loan to consolidate their debts fall into the trap off, is using the loan for other than debt consolidation and running up further debt. The other problem with them is that once the majority of money has been used to pay off your creditors then it is very tempting to quickly get back into debt by taking out another loan or running up your credit card bill again.

When choosing a consolidation loan the first thing you should look out for is the amount of interest that you will pay on the loan. This of course will vary from lender to lender and shopping online is the best way to get quotes from various lenders before deciding which deal is the best for you.

As with the majority of loans there are different types available, two of the most popular are the secured and unsecured consolidation loan. The secured loan means that you have to secure something, which is usually your home on the loan, while the unsecured allows you to borrow money without putting your home on the line.

The best loans will allow you to repay varying payments without penalty, for example if you take the loan for 10 years and find after say 4 years that you can afford to repay more off the loan and pay it up early then some lenders will add a cost onto the loan for doing so. Where possible look for a loan that allows you the freedom of paying more while not giving you a penalty should you pay it up early.

There is an old adage that states: “You do not know the value of water until your well runs dry.”

Most people have a job and this is the beginning-and-end of a Primary Source of Income (PSI). However, economic, commercial, technological, political events have the ability to disrupt our status quo overnight. In late July for example, the mortgage industry job losses surpassed 40,000 employees literally overnight, people were losing their homes at alarming rates, stock values were on a rollercoaster worldwide, the inflation rate in Zimbabwe reached 7,634% the highest in the world and… just a whole lot of activity.

How does one maintain, achieve and enhance financial security with so much happening? How can one overcome the propensity to allow life’s circumstances to catch us off-guard and place us in a position where our finances are at risk and undue stress is imposed on our relationships, health and the pursuit of financial freedom?

A sure fire way is to maintain your PSI and supplement it with Multiple Streams of Income (MSI). The financial well that supplies our daily sustenance has unknown depths, and potential leakages that can put limits on our possibilities, and sustenance, in case of dry spell. By adding MSI’s, which you can control in your spare time, you have a safety net that will not only keep your financial well replenished but can cause it to overflow in unexpected ways giving you options that may have seemed unattainable before.

PSI + MSI = Ultimate Freedom

Where do you find these MSI’s? They are all around you. Most of them however take time to research and most will require some investment. After all, the saying… “it takes money to make money” is very true. Your savings account will not grow without the money you invest in it, neither will your 401k retirement plan.

The Internet simplifies a home based business tremendously. However, how do you identify the businesses that offer real value and have the ability to continue earning income years from now with the effort – and investment – you put in today? Do you know it is easy to succeed online even when you do not have a product that is your very own? You can in essence be a reseller and be paid handsomely.

The Plug-In Profit system has been refined over many years and continues today to be one of the most accessed websites on the Internet as gauged by the ratings when you search on For less than $100 you can get started with a home business that can add not one, but six streams of income to help keep your financial well in an optimum state. Not only do you in essence get a franchise of sorts, you get daily training that will take you no more than 30 minutes a day and in 30 days you will become more savvy than most Internet marketers.

You owe it to yourself. Prepare yourself for unexpected circumstances and dry spells. If those dry spells never happen, then you will have supplemental income to buy that new car, send your kids to college or take that dream vacation.

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