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As a student who has taken admission in college for the first time or as parents who are planning to send their child to college, you can’t help but cringe, when you have to purchase textbooks worth thousand dollars or when you receive a bill for tuition fees. The rise in expenses associated with college education in United States has led to increase in demand for student loans. This has, in turn, increased the requirement for student loan consolidation services.

Students, whether pursuing their studies in a graduate school or studying abroad have accrued huge debts, much beyond, what was considered reasonable, a few years back. Student loans have lower than normal interest rates and very flexible payment terms. This is because these loans are specifically meant for the people who are not employed.

But even with such low interest rates and convenient pay-back terms, many students may find it difficult to pay these loans as per the payment schedule. Student Debt Consolidation programs are customized to assist the students in managing their loans and thereby helping them to avoid defaulting on their debts.

There are debt consolidation agencies which are specially meant to manage debt problems of the students.

Basic Types of Loans

Student loans can be classified into federal and private. If you are one of those students who have taken both types of loans it is strongly recommended that you do not consolidate these two loans into one. Out of these two loans, only loans classified as federal can be refinanced as they are backed by the government. You should package all the federal loans into one and solve them before heading for the private loans. Private loans are mostly unsecured in nature therefore they charge interest rate which is higher than federal loans.

Criteria for Consolidation

If you would like to go for consolidation of your student loan, you will need to meet certain criteria. Firstly, it is required that either you should be out of the school or college and be in what is defined as the “grace period” of your loan or you must have already started repaying the loan in order to take advantage of student debt consolidation service. When you get in touch with a consolidation agency providing service to students, you must begin by asking them to get in touch with your creditors.

The agency will negotiate with these creditors and convince them to reduce rate of interest as well as your monthly payment. The repayment of your student loan has a direct impact on your prospects of taking loans in future, as is the case in any other type of loan. In case your student loan becomes more than 85% of total monthly income earned by you, it will be assessed as a negative score for any future loans. This emphasizes the importance of timely repayment of your student loan and its effect on your future decisions of borrowing money. Based on their evaluation of your financial position and repayment schedules, some debt consolidation agencies can qualify you for further debt reduction programs. These addition reduction programs assist you in many ways, most important of which is reduction in your interest rates. They also include savings made during grace period, automated direct debit payment and on time payments.

It is very important to state here that not all consolidation companies are genuine in nature. Therefore, you must apply to the consolidation company which is a famous company with credentials to support. Ignoring this advice may lead to substantial increase in your problems as such illegal companies will lead to higher debts.

How do you apply for free government grants? You can do it two ways. You could get the application forms from the federal government agencies, fill it up and submit it or you could go online and access the government sites and fill in the form online. It isn’t that hard applying for a grant. The problem is getting it. There are a whole lot of grant applications that find their way to the dustbin every day. This happens especially if you are looking for a grant for a huge community-based project.

Major projects need to be handled with care. They need specific project proposals. It does not end here. Once you’ve applied for a grant, put in a lot of work and got the grant, your real work begins. You need to justify why that public money was given to you and not to anyone else. You need to deliver – to set time schedules and cost factors. If you do not, it will be treated as non-compliance and penalties could go up to a jail term if suspected and proved guilty of fraud or theft. After all, this comes under the pureview of misusing public funds.

All projects have to have stringent accounting and auditing checks in place. It will have to be audited by the government yearly as well. Whatever is not spent must be handed back to the government, down to the last cent. Just remember, with the money that comes in, there also comes in great responsibility and obligations. Free grants don’t mean you get a whole lot of money to spend on a pipe dream without any kind of payback. Once you get the money, you have to be on your toes. This is no free ride.

There is an art and a science to applying for grants and it is called ‘grantsmanship’. Applying for grants is no joke. In fact, you’ll find many organizations having specially trained staff on their payroll to make sure the application process gets going on oiled wheels. It involves time, effort and of course money to even apply for a grant. If you do get it, you need trained people to manage the outflow of the grant money. Every cent has to be accounted for and every step carefully planned and executed. Grants can add up to a lot of stress and strain.

Ready to take it on? Then you need to see how best to up your chances to get a loan. Look for places where funding is needed. For information about free grants, visit the CFDA (Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance) web site at https://www.coolwebtips.com It lists out the government’s assistance programs and tells you where you can apply.

For students, the best web site to visit is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA where you can apply for federal grants, campus-aid programs and loans. Besides which it gives you an easy guide, step-by-step on how to apply.

Free grants are great if you remember your obligations and responsibilities and treat the money you get with care and caution. Remember it is public money that you are handling not a giveaway that you don’t have to answer to anyone for. If handled responsibly, free grants can spell much power and good to the community as a whole.

When looking for Audi car finance it is worthwhile going online and getting several quotes with the help of a specialist website. A specialist car finance website will have access to those lenders who specialise in financing Audi cars and so are more likely to get the cheapest rates of interest and best deal on your behalf.

A traditional loan or hire purchase as it is also called can be used for finance for your new or used Audi, this is the simplest of all finance methods and requires you to put down a deposit against the car and then pay monthly repayments over the period of time stated. Once you have made the repayments then the car is yours, hire purchase is also called a secured loan and the car is the security for the money you are borrowing, if you should default on the repayments then the car can be repossessed. An alternative method is to take out a personal loan, however this option would perhaps only be to your advantage if you are buying a second hand car and do not need to borrow a large amount.

If buying a new car or have a very bad credit rating then you could take out a secured loan, however the majority of secured loans will require that you put your home up as security if you are borrowing a large amount and wish to repay it over a longer term. It is essential that you make sure you can afford to repay a loan which is secured on your home as falling behind on the repayments means the roof over your head is at risk.

Another option when it comes to Audi car finance is to go for personal contract purchase. This option asks that you pay a lump sum on the car and then spread the monthly low repayments over a period of time. Once the agreement comes to an end you then have to pay the balance left outstanding on the car. You do have other options, you can choose to trade the car in or give it back and you will owe nothing. A very similar option is credit purchase, however with this option you have no choice but to find the money to pay what is left on the outstanding balance.

An Audi car finance specialist will offer the cheapest rates for all types of loans and a specialist website will be able to gather quotes together so that all you have to do is compare them. However when it comes to comparing for the best deals you have to make sure that you have first read the small print and know about any additional hidden costs which might come with the loan. Along with hidden costs the key facts will highlight the rate of interest, how much interest you will pay and how much in total the loan will cost, in the case of personal contract purchase it will also show how much will be left outstanding.

Credit cards have become a common means of paying bills. It is very convenient because you need not make any cash payments from your pocket. Though credit cards are easy to use, they come with a fee that is charged by the credit card company. It is advisable to pay credit card fees on time because being late will cost you a lot of money.

Many credit card companies charge a penalty for late fees, so it is advisable to pay up in time, to avoid the penalty. The average late fee for credit card used to be 12 dollars in 1994; by 2004, it rose to 32.65 dollars. It has now gone up to a whopping 39-40 dollars. Hence, it is prudent not to delay your payment.

You can stay away from late fees by various methods.

1. The best way to avoid late fees is to be fully aware of all the conditions and restrictions related to your credit card company. You can get the information of the guidelines on the back of the credit card bill that your company sends you. Try to make use of the specified instructions of payment in order to ensure that your money reaches them on time, without any problem.

2. Having a good record can always help. As a responsible credit card user, you must try to maintain a good record of your payments because many companies that issue credit cards make considerations on the late fees if you have a good payment record. They do this as a special courtesy for their responsible customers.

3. If you forget to pay your credit card fees, and the due date is already upon you, you can avoid the late fees by paying via the telephone, instead of using the mail. To enable this, there is a toll free number on the back of every credit card. In order to make payment you need a check number and a bank routing number. You can find these numbers at the bottom of every check. Once you make the payment you should tear off that check, as you cannot use it again. Some credit card companies keep this facility free of cost for their customers while others charge about 5 to 20 dollars. Make it a point to ask your credit card company about this facility.

4. In case your company does not offer you the facility to pay your bills by phone, then you can always use express mail for payments. Although using the express method may cost you extra money, it will be less than the late fee that your issuer may impose on you. Besides, it will help you send your money to the company as soon as possible.

5. Try paying online. Many companies accept payment through the Internet. This method can prove to be very useful if you are traveling.

6. If you do not have the required cash to pay your bills and the due date is approaching, then you can talk to your credit card company and set your own due date for payment. Set the due date at a time when your salary arrives. Hence, enabling you to pay your bills without late fees.

Therefore, in order to keep your credit card use hassle-free, remember to make your payments on time and in the right manner specified by your credit card issuer. Try and stay out of the late-payment cycle to avoid the extra cost in the form of late fees.

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