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Did you know that Americans are more carrying about their pets than any other country in the world? They would actually prefer to travel with their pets. You will find that there are thousands of people who would rather travel with their pets then live them at home. They will want to take their pets to hotels, parks, and even travel with their companion animals.

You will want to do some research before you decide to take your pet with you during your trip. You will want to make sure that your pet is allowed to travel with you.

There are many instances where dogs will be able to go for car rides and most cats are not. You will find that you can take dogs to places where you can’t normally take a cat. That is why dogs are considered to be the number one travel companion. You will want to make sure that your pets are allowed to be with you so that you don’t get the bill for the kennel. You will want to make sure that the dog or cat is able to travel with you publicly; you don’t want to take a pet that is afraid of the outside world or has panic attacks. Here are some tips on how you can make traveling with your pet safe and possible.

First, you will want to take the cat to a veterinarian. You will want to get a certificate of health. You can prove that the pet is current on all of the shots and you may want to get a micro-chip installed below their skin so that you can track them if they get lose. The chip is very important if you are traveling out of the state. In addition, you can bring your pets medication with you when you take it to the vet. They will give you enough meds for you to get through the entire trip. In addition, you might want to have more just incase they are lost of stolen.

You will also want to make sure that your pet is socialized. If your pet does not like others, you may want to travel in a kennel or cage so that they feel safe while on the trip. Again, you will only want to take your pet somewhere if they are well behaved. You do not want to take your dog if they love to bark or have bitten anyone in the past. You will want to make sure that you also bring the kennel so that the dog or cat does not ruin the hotel by going on the carpet or chewing things up. Remember, you will have to pay for the damage.

You will also want to make sure that you make the reservations at the hotel in advance and you will want to ask them if pets are allowed. There are many people, who just assume that the hotel is pet friendly, but you will want to find out before hand or you may need to rush out and find a place for the hand. Your pet should also put a collar with tags on the animal at all times. You will also want to place your rabies tag and other tags like the dogs name and your information. In addition, you will want to travel with your pet by car. You will find that an airline travel is very stressful.

Realizing that The Grammar Translation Method of second language instruction did not work to impart spoken proficiency in the target language, in the late 1800’s, The Direct Method surfaced in language instruction. The need for a system that worked to teach spoken competence is what drove those to create The Direct Method. What it entailed was methods of language acquisition that were more closely related to how first (native) languages were acquired. The main goal was to teach how to think in the second language and move as far away as possible from the harmful grammar-first approach. It did not seek to make constant references to one’s first or native language, as does The Grammar Translation Method.

The Direct Method brought a new wave of thought into second language teaching. The shift in philosophy of second language education led its proponents to believe that all instruction should be taught in the target language with no translation into the learner’s native tongue. The emphasis was in forming connections between meaning and the second language being learned. One of the major and famous advocates of The Direct Method was Charles Berlitz. His schools still employ this method and are famous worldwide.

The basic idea was to learn to think in the language one wanted to learn. This was to be done without relating the learner’s first language to the second language at all. Through the use of picture and pantomime, meaning was to be conveyed. The objective was to make links between meaning and the target language. If you were shown a picture of a cat, the word c-a-t in English would not be used to help you learn that in Spanish, the word is gato. The picture would convey the meaning of the word spoken by the teacher.

A problem with The Direct Method is that it met with opposition in public schools that are governed by strong political forces. Second language learning, for communicative purposes, was never popular in education and especially in mainstream America. Budgets, time, classroom size, and teacher incompetence were all cited reasons for sending The Direct Method into decline in the public eye. It is still employed in private schools.

It is the basis for The Audiolingual Method of Second Language Instruction.

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Keeping your vacation rental or bed and breakfast full during the year doesn’t have to be difficult. Below are some helpful tips on creating a vacation property listing that will attract more vacationers to your property.

Property Contact Information

Property contact information is the most important part of your property listing. By including as many pieces of contact information as possible on your rental listing you are ensuring that the you can reply to the person in a timely fashion and have a better chance at getting their business. Don’t add contact information that you occasionally use, such as email. By including contact information, the visitor assumes you will be checking it regularly.

Property Description

This is the place for your rental property to shine. Write descriptions that accurately depict how your home looks, what featured amenities it offers and the great attractions nearby. Remember that your visitors may not have been there before and are trying to determine if this is the place that they will want to create their treasured vacation memories.

Rate Information

Many vacationers have a specific budget they are working with for their trip. It is important to have accurate and detailed rate information for them to choose from.


Pictures are the second most important part of your rental property listing. Many vacationers select their vacation rental by how it looks. If listings do not include pictures it is very likely that it will be passed up. Pictures that are helpful for vacationers are: exterior photos of the cabin/bed and breakfast; photos of the surroundings, such as lakes, rivers, woods; interior photographs of the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom; and attractive amenities, such as, Jacuzzis, hot tubs and swimming pools.


Additional driving instructions or helpful landmarks are a nice addition to your rental listing.

After creating your property listing, come back a day later and read it as if you have never been there before and ask yourself a few questions. Does it give you a way to book your property? Does it tell the visitor how great it really is? Do I have the right pictures added? Can I easily get to the home? Following these steps will ensure your property stays booked all year round.

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