See The Usa The American Way Top 3 Destinations In The Philippines Stress Busters For Travel Operators And Travelers What To Expect When Visiting A Winery Tasting Room

So you are nearing retirement and are considering the nomad life for a while. Getting into that RV and taking off to see the sites of the good ole USA. This has been a dream of yours for many years and you are finally going to have the time and the finances to do so.

You had better get it done while you still have your health. It’s going to be just you and your spouse foot loose and fancy free. What a great way to spend the first years of your retirement.

But you know nothing about RV’s or at least an RV big enough to get this job done. You may have done a little camping when the kids were at home in that old pop up camper. But what do you need to purchase that will fill your wants and desires for this venture? You went to that RV show at the convention center, but came away so confused that you are thinking about scrapping the whole idea.

Let me suggest that you rent some different RV’s and try them out on some short trips before purchasing anything. There are RV rentals in North Carolina, RV rentals in New Jersey, RV rentals in Northern California, there are RV rentals for motor homes anywhere you live in the United States. The great part about this is that you can decide on the right size vehicle for you and what features that you need while you are enjoying a mini trip.

Many RV dealers sell their rentals after a year or so. You may find a real good deal on a rental unit when it becomes available if you get to know your dealer quite well. There is also the possibility that you may not want the responsibility of an RV. You had better find out now before you lay down that huge investment. This is why renting before buying makes sense to me.

A lot of couples find out that they are not comfortable driving a large unit in the kind of traffic that we face today. After all, you are doing this to relax. There is also the task of emptying the sewage and making sure that you have plenty of water aboard. And what about the expenses beyond the purchase price? Campground fees have skyrocketed in the last few years, not to mention the price of fuel.

Perhaps it would be a little more relaxing to invest in a luxury automobile and pay the price for a nice motel room. The best way to find out is to give them both a try.

The Philippines is an archipelago, having 7, 107 islands, and is abundant in nature, warm people, natural wonders, and filled with pleasant discoveries. Philippines is now considered as one of the top destination in the world, having 1.5 million foreign tourist arrivals for the first semester this year.

With hundreds of destinations in the country, the top 3 on my list are the following:

1. Boracay

Boracay is located in the northwest corner of Panay Island that belongs to the Visayas island group of central Philippines in the Pacific. It is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations, and now, became an international destination too. The White Beach and Bulabog Beach are just the two primary tourism beaches, which are located on opposite sides of the island.

Aside from taking dip of the crystal blue water, you can also take a boat around the island, hire a motorbike or scooter to explore the place, or go horse back riding, and experience the native villages and sceneries that usual visitors don’t do.

And, did I tell you that Boracay has one of the most beautiful sunsets? Well, you don’t surely want to miss it. And, the fun doesn’t end there yet, since Boracay nightlife is pulsating with so many bars and restaurants around that will give you fun until dawn.

2. Bohol

Located in the Central Visayas region, Bohol is the home of hospitable and warm people. Boholanos, as what the natives are called, are very proud of the natural wonders that are bestowed in the island. To name a few, it is the home of the famous Chocolate Hills! Imagine seeing no less than 1268 hills, that are uniform in shape and will turn chocolate brown during summer, and from which the name was derived. You can also see the Tarsiers, one of the smallest known primates and be amazed when they turned their heads by 180 degrees.

Bohol is also blessed with a numerous white sand beaches, and Panglao Island is one of the famous destinations, having powdery sand. It has a large number of top class diving sites, which both foreign and local divers would consider it as diver’s haven.

3. Palawan

Palawan is located in the Western Visayas Region and the islands stretches from Mindoro to Borneo in the southwest. The place is for adventure seekers and nature lovers and its famous for its marine sanctuaries, white sand beaches, and exotic wildlife.

One of the “a-must-see” in Palawan is the Tabon Cave. It is a 138-hectares, of rugged cliffs and deep slopes. Because of its importance to Philippine History and heritage, the site was declared a Museum Reservation Site by virtue by the Philippine Government.

Another is the El Nido marine reserve. The scenic landscapes, crystal clear waters and the isolation from the big crowd of the city usually attracts and fascinates the travelers of the place. Kayaking, snorkeling, diving, hiking to the peak of the island, bird watching, sunbathing in a white beach are just some of the activities you can enjoy.

There are still a lot of things that Philippines offers, and it’s just there, waiting to be discovered. So, travel in the Philippines now!

Busy schedules for work, family and even fun can really cause a lot of stress. And not only can you suffer from this added stress, your family, friends and clients can, too, as it almost addicting in nature.

Well, time to take 5! Sit back, relax and read through these Stress Busters and see which ones you can put to use.

1) Get your body feeling good, and then your mind will follow. So cool off with some ice cream – homemade or some from the local Dairy Queen or other store.

2) Relax your body with a wonderful message. Get books on message techniques and learn to give yourself messages with oils. Learn techniques with your significant other and message each other. Or hire a message therapist to step in and help out. With coupons from local vendors, messages can be surprisingly affordable today.

3) Another way to relax your body is with a nice warm (or hot) bubble bath. Substitute scented oils if that works better for you. Light candles, put on soothing music and unwind.

4) Relax with your favorite television show or movie / DVD / video rental. You can even rent old television shows to watch like series you may have missed and shows from other countries in any number of languages.

5) Grab a great book and relax with it in a comfy chair or couch. Or pick up a stack of magazine and check them out from the local library, relax outdoors in the shade with something cold to drink.

6) Book a trip just for yourself so that you can relax. This can be a mini-trip, maybe a half day to Amish country, for example, with a buggy lunch tour around the countryside that ends up at an Amish flea market for relaxed browsing and snacking.

7) Journaling is a great stress buster. Just by writing out your feelings and thoughts – even with incorrect spelling and bad grammar – you can release pent up frustrations and stress. Use colored pencils on the pages, magic markers, stickers, add photos, doodles or whatever. Put on some favorite music while you write and enjoy, unwind and de-stress.

8) Exercise can also help relieve stress. Take a nice bike trip or hike through a local park area. And carry along a sack lunch or snack.

So take time from your busy schedule. And not only can you benefit from these stress busters, your family, friends and clients can, too, as they’re almost addicting in nature, too!

Most tasting rooms are similar in the way they operate. When entering the tasting room, a tasting room staff member will greet you. Walk up to the tasting bar and say you would like to taste some of the wines. Some wineries charge for tastings and others do not. Occasionally a souvenir glass is included when you pay a tasting fee. You may have a choice to taste all the wines you would like on their list, or to choose a certain number of wines to taste, such as five wines.

Let the winery consultant guide your tasting. We have experienced consultants who pour the wine and tell us what we are about to smell and taste. Others will ask us what we observe about the wines. However, the latter is less frequent. There is a certain risk that winery staff takes if they ask your opinion. I recall a look of disappointment when one tasting consultant asked me what I thought a wine tasted like and I replied, “Leather.” The consultant thought it tasted like coffee. I do not drink coffee and now I have a sneaky feeling that it must taste like leather.

If you go to a tasting room on a less busy day (usually in the middle of the week), you will enjoy the opportunity to talk about the wine, winery and vineyards. Most tasting room staff members are knowledgeable about the wines they are pouring. A mere one percent of the wineries we have visited had a staff member who admitted that he just helps on the weekend and pours the wine. He told us he did not know anything about the wines he was pouring.

Most of the time, you will stand at the tasting bar. Some tasting rooms have bar stools next to the tasting bar. This is a very welcome addition if you are tasting at your third winery of the day. Some wineries use tables for wine tastings. At McGregor Vineyard and Winery along Keuka Lake in New York, you will sit at a table. The wine consultant will bring a plate of bite-sized food and will discuss the wine list with you. We also had a “sit down and be served” experience at Gloria Ferrer in California.

The “sit down at a table” theme continued at Schramsberg in California. After a tour of the caves at Schramsberg, the tour group gathered in a small dining room that had three tables set for a group of people. Our tour filled two of the tables. The wine consultant talked about the sparkling wines and then served us at the table. This afforded a great opportunity to talk about the wine with the other people at your table. This intimate approach occurred after group tours at Pine Ridge Winery and Quintessa in California.

Occasionally the winemaker will be on hand and may give a tour and conduct your tasting. Our most memorable tour was at The Lenz Winery on Long Island in New York. The winemaker had us taste his wines from the stainless steel tanks. He asked us what we thought and more often than not agreed with us. His tour proceeded to the barrel room and with thief in hand had us taste the wine from some of the barrels. Tasting wine from the barrels or tanks can give you an idea if the wine is ready or what more aging will do to it. The winemaker at Prince Michel Vineyards and Winery in Virginia has special barrel tastings. He discusses his wines and the stage they are at when you taste them.

One of our favorite tastings was during the tour at Del Dotto Winery in California. The tour led our group through the over one hundred year old candle-lit tunnels. Our guide stopped along the way and had us taste wines from the barrels. If we liked the wine, we took a ticket attached to the barrel. After the tour, we could order any of the wines we tasted. The wine would be bottled and shipped to many destinations.

Visiting winery tasting rooms is a great activity. Try to limit the number of tasting rooms you visit in one day. We try to visit two or three in a day. Tasting rooms are less crowded on the weekdays. Call ahead or check their times on the Internet before you start your adventure.

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