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If you are looking for an exclusive resort in the Indian Ocean with a stunning 18 hole championship golf course, flanked by Le Morne Mountain one side and the azure waters of the Indian Ocean on the other, then a stay at the Paradis Hotel and Golf Resort will be the perfect golf holiday for you.

Part of the Beachcomber Hotel Group, the Paradis was one of the first hotels on the island of Mauritius and therefore had one of the best locations bagged before many others were even considered. The recently refurbished resort offers a chic sporting atmosphere with exquisite restaurants and superb accommodation.

The first tee at Paradis Golf Club is just 20 meters from the hotel reception. The course itself was designed by David Dutton, and is 5899m par 72. It runs along the coast below the base of the stunning Le Morne Mountain, with 5 holes diving over the Indian Ocean! They offer twice weekly group lessons, with a weekly competition which is a perfect chance to meet fellow golfers!

For guests at the Paradis the hotel is able to offer a number of excellent 5 day golf packages, with all the golf at the hotel. If you are a keen golfer they are great value. For just over
Families decide to cut out their summer vacation, because summer is the optimal time to take school-age children on a holiday, and a great chance for parents to soothe their frazzled nerves. Nixing a vacation may save money, but it can also result in higher tensions and stress since they did not take a much-needed break from daily life.

If you want to cut costs while still taking a vacation, you should consider renting a cottage. Many cottages are available that can house up to fourteen people, so sharing it with family or friends can be a very effective way to take that vacation on a tight budget, while enjoying your vacation with the people you love.

The primary concern with this arrangement is the decision as to who is responsible for what, such as grocery shopping, laundry duties, cooking expectations, cleaning duties and other chores that are included in a cottage vacation. Even with family and friends, problems can arise if every person’s expectations are not the same. If you work out these differences before the vacation, you can avoid turmoil during and after the trip.

Renting a cottage for a vacation is an option that is widely available across the globe. Some of the cottages are part of larger resorts in popular destinations, but even those usually retain their cosy feel. In addition, many private owners rent out their cottages for the summer. Some privately-owned cottages are managed by a private rental company.

If you choose to rent from a private owner or company, there are some things you should consider before officially renting the cottage. If something in the cottage needs to be repaired, would it be your responsibility to fix it or theirs? If they perform the repairs, how can you contact them and how quickly could they be expected to make the repairs? What are the terms of the lease? Is the cottage furnished, including small appliances and linens, or are you expected to bring your own? In addition, find out if there is a security deposit required upfront. If there is, ask what condition you must leave the cottage in to get your full deposit returned.

Some cottages and pet and children friendly; others are not. If you plan on bringing your pets or children, make sure that the cottage allows them. If you are booking without seeing the cottage in person, make sure to ask for the most current photos of the property and a thorough description of the cottage. Ask for a floorplan if one is available.

Renting a cottage can be done on almost any budget, from the most elaborate to the smallest. How much a rental will cost varies greatly depending on location, size of the cottage, and time of year. If you can arrange a vacation before or after summer, you may be able to save hundreds of dollars by renting in the off season. This option may not be the best choice for families with school-age children, but it is worth considering.

If you plan on vacationing at a popular destination, a vacation in the off season would have the additional advantage of smaller crowds. If you’d like to take a break without breaking your budget, consider a cottage vacation.

A holiday on Zante (Zakinthos) is a great introduction to the Greek Islands. Friendly people, delicious food and above average accommodation, and a chance to take some interesting island excursions add up to an unforgettable Greek holiday. Zakinthos Town, near the centre of the east coast of the island, is an ideal place to book tours, although most hotels and tour desks can take bookings. To help you plan your Greek island experience, here are five outstanding Zante holiday excursions.

Island Jeep Safaris

Several operators offer Jeep safaris and they are a fantastic way to see the island’s rugged, breathtaking scenery and many of the attractions such as the Blue Caves along the coast. The driver guides are generally knowledgeable and the tour traverses dirt tracks through old olive groves, charming vineyards, and picturesque mountain villages. Tours stop at one of the many beaches where you can cool off with a swim and many towns connect with a boat tour of the Blue Caves. Luncheon stops at local tavernas are a chance to meet the locals. Since you travel with just three to seven other passengers, tour guides are happy to make impromptu stops.

Water Village Entertainment Park

This water park near Argassi, with eight slides and several pools, is just perfect on a hot day. There is even a play area with small slides and water jets to amuse the kids. Pack a picnic and take your drinks, since the food and beverages are pricey. A family of four could expect to pay 55 euros for a whole day pass and this is pretty good value. If you go intend to go twice in a week you’re eligible for a 20 per cent discount. In peak season, consider the afternoon pass, which is less than half price and with the coach visitors gone, it’s much less crowded.

Glass-Bottomed Boat Trip

One of the best ways to see the marine life, especially the Loggerhead turtles that nest and lay their eggs on the beaches along the southern shores, is to take a tour in a glass-bottomed boat. There are several tour operators, but Carretta Tours will refund your money if you don’t see turtles. Their smaller boat can get into Keri Caves and they stop on Turtle Island for swimming. The trip costs 15 euros for adults and 5 euros for kids.

Day trip to Olympia

Tours to this famous destination take you to Zakinthos Port where you embark for the one-hour ferry ride, before boarding a coach for the 1 hour 30 minute trip to Olympia Town and historical site. A guided tour of the site is followed by a tour of the Museum with its fascinating displays. Lunch is in an Olympia Town restaurant and then it’s back on the coach and the ferry for the trip back to Zakinthos Town. Be sure to wear a hat and take plenty of drinking water.

Levante Speedboat Trip

This half-day, high-speed cruise visits the most popular tourist attractions on Zante. The boat, which carries around 20 passengers, departs daily at 8:30 am from Tsilivi harbour. The boat travels at speeds of over 30 knots, taking you get to see the Blue Caves, Smuggler’s Cove, the fishing harbour of St Nickolas, plus leisurely swim stops, before returning to Tsilivi around 1pm.

Each year, a large number of individuals, couples, and families make the decision to travel to Mexico. Most have visited Mexico before. If you are planning a Mexico vacation, and you have never been there before, you may have some concerns. You may be wondering what places are safe for you to visit.

Mexico is like all other countries. There are areas that are known as tourists attractions and then there are other areas that tourists are advised to stay away from. You can easily learn about these areas online. Researching every city and town in Mexico is a long and daunting process. To save time and a costly vacation mistake, you are encouraged to examine the benefits of taking a guided Mexico tour.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of booking a guided tour in Mexico is that you will be with a local who is familiar with the area. Guided tours are held in areas that are considered safe. In addition to showing you around certain areas of Mexico, your tour guide may be able to offer you additional travel tips and suggestions. These suggestions may help you with your vacation after your guide has ended.

If you are interested in taking a guided Mexican tour, you will have to find the tour company which you wish to do business with. There are a large nubmer of guided tour companies in the area. If you do not have a preference as to which company you’d like to tour with, you may want to first search for a destination. The destination you select will be important in determining what you will learn and see while on a guided tour.

Many guided tours take place in Cooper Canyon, the Oaxaca Mountains, the Yucatan Peninsula and Baja. In Mexico, Baja is most known for its water activities. Many popular guided tours include whale watching and kayaking. Whether you set out to watch the whales or you select a kayaking tour, you are sure to see Gray whales. Many times, they will come right up to your boat, making for great pictures or video footage.

Cooper Canyon and the Oaxaca Mountains are guided tours that are ideal for those that love to hike. To participate in these tours, it is advised that you receive the proper health clearance. You tour will likely follow trails, but much of the terrain can be rough. The Yucatan Peninsula is ideal for travelers who wish to learn more about the ancient history of Mexico.

The above mentioned destinations in Mexico are just a few of the many. Guided tours are found all across Mexico. If there is particular topic or activity that interests you, you are sure to find a guided tour that will offer you excitement. Hikers often select a hiking tour, boats often opt for boat tours, and history lovers often select tours that focus on the history of Mexico.

In addition to selecting where you’d like to go on a guided tour, you will also need to determine how long you’d like that tour to be. In Mexico, guided tours can last as long as one day or over one week. You should easily be able to determine how long a guided tour is by looking at the price. Weeklong guided tours can cost thousands of dollars, but most of your accommodations are taken care of. Some guided tours can be considered all-inclusive vacations.

Journey Mexico, Siesta Tours, and Ufly Mexico are three of the most well-known guided tour companies in Mexico. You can examine the tours found by these three companies by visiting their online websites or by requesting free travel brochures. If you are interested in finding additional tours, your local travel agent may be able to offer you assistance.

By selecting a guided tour of Mexico, you do not always have to be looking over your shoulder. Vacationing in a safe area with an experienced tour guide is about as carefree as your Mexico vacation can get.

Looking for a getaway close to Metro Detroit? Look no further. Lexington, Michigan is located in the beloved thumb of the Lower Peninsula. Only an hour and a half drive from Southeast Michigan it brings outdoor activities for hunters, fishermen and sunbathers alike.

Lexington is location on the shores of Lake Huron providing boaters a wonderful place to water ski, snorkel, swim and relax. Boaters are able to rent slips in the Lexington Harbor and enjoy the amenities that the downtown area has to offer. Quaint little shops ranging from fudge shops, clothing stores to the historic General Store, there’s something for everyone’s taste.

Downtown Lexington is home to great restaurants and entertainment. Looking for a gourmet sandwich or pizza? Make sure to visit Smackwater Jacks. Smackwater Jacks offers visitors, such treats as, freshly baked Focaccia bread, homemade soups, cappuccino’s and of course their famous sandwiches and pizzas. Visit the Cadillac House if you want to catch a game on their big screen or share a cocktail with many of the locals in the area. Lexington’s newest addition is their theatre, The Lexington Music and Theatre Company. Catch plays put on by local area actors. If you are looking to play some golf, visit Lakeview Hills. Lakeview Hills offers challenging courses through water, sand and trees. Golf isn’t the only game they offer. After having some dinner, challenge your partner to a game of bowling.

You don’t need a boat to enjoy any of Lexington’s amenities. Along the lakeshore you’ll find many cottages, cabins and bed and breakfasts to hang your hat. So whether you are trying to get away from the city or just want to enjoy Lake Huron, Lexington, Michigan offers plenty to do.

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