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The town of Huddersfield lies among hills, moorland and 300 million year old river valleys carved out by ancient tropical river deltas and glaciers. The steep green uplands skirting it to the South continue further on to become the Peak District while the coal rich land to the East tilts gently away towards the sea. Much of the land around Huddersfield rises to between 200 and 400m above mean sea level and the hills around the Holme Valley to the South and West of Huddersfield are among the prettiest to be seen in England.

Huddersfield is situated equidistantly between the cities of Manchester to the West, Leeds to the North and Sheffield to the South and is easily accessible from the M62 or the M1 motorways making it a great strategic stopover. However, the town and surrounding area has much to recommend it and is well worth a few days exploration.


Huddersfield gets a mention in the Doomsday book (Oderesfelt). Before the Norman invasion it was a small Saxon market town and the area is thought to have been continuously settled for at least 4,000 years. One place to view the full story of Huddersfield’s evolution from the Neolithic to the modern past is at the Tolson Museum just outside the town centre.

At Almondbury, a mile to the South East of the town are situated the remains of one of England’s most important Iron Age settlements, sharing a hill with the town’s most recognisable landmark, the Victoria Tower at Castle Hill – built to mark the late queen’s 60th year of ascendancy. The hill is an important historical focus for Huddersfield. The Saxons had a royal court in Almondbury and in the reign of King Stephen a castle was built there (hence Castle Hill) but this was demolished in the 14th century. The hill has the status of Scheduled Ancient Monument and from its summit can be gained fine views of the surrounding countryside.


Huddersfield is famous for both the number and quality of its listed buildings and has some truly outstanding examples of Georgian and Victorian architecture. Its railway fa
Ideally, travel is something everyone would like to do more of. Who wouldn’t enjoy the adventure of learning more about different cultures and places? But isn’t it true, you really don’t realize what you’ve got at home, until you see first hand how other people live.

Unfortunately, travel does not fit into everyone’s budget. Over time, airfare has become more affordable, however extensive air travel is still pricey enough that most people don’t fly nearly as much as they drive. The sad truth is, it’s likely to remain this way. Instead of relying on winning the lotto to pay for your desire to travel more frequently, why not consider a more budget friendly alternative like Charter Flights.

Charter Flights are unique to typical airline travel because their operating system is different. Airlines, like the ones you would normally fly out of large cities, will have a specific route between two cities. The airline flies this route from point A to point B a set number of times per week regardless of how many passengers they carry. This is why airfare is so pricey. Airlines will fly their planes at less than half full and charge you the difference on your next ticket. It’s costly to operate those machines, and you, the consumer pays the price whether you’re on the plane or not.

Here’s the beauty of Charter Companies; by chartering an airplane from reliable airline for specific time slots and dates, they will get the benefit of a large discount on the overall cost, that you could not get on your own. This discount, for a much reduced rate at the per seat price, is passed on to you by the charter company. You can expect most charter companies to offer similar destinations and routes dependant upon the season you’re interested in traveling in. Commonly, winter flights will bring you to a warmer vacation spot.

Reliability is much better with charter flights, as opposed to other discount airfare methods. Airfare prices will decrease as the departure date approaches as well. When considering charter flights, it’s important to note that charter companies can cancel any scheduled flight if they haven’t sold enough tickets, and contrary to airlines, may be unable to seat you on another flight going to your planned destination, in a timely manner. If this is the case, you should expect a refund or a wait of several days for another charter. This could definitely put a damper on anyone’s vacation.

With that in mind, there are a variety of dependable charter companies and flights that are a reliable alternative to typical airfare, though the discounts may not be as substantial. The bottom line is; if you’re able to purchase a ticket without much notice and your flexible on dates and times, flying with a charter company may be much better suited to your budget.

One of the most stressful and chaotic times of anyone’s life is the planning of their wedding. Making the guest list, getting registered at stores, delegating tasks to family and friends, planning the ceremony and reception and a hundred other little details to attend to, it’s no wonder planning a wedding can push most people to the breaking point. After all the planning and the successfully pulling off the wedding it’s no wonder that newlyweds need a honeymoon to unwind and spend their first moments together as a couple together alone. A honeymoon cruise can be the perfect way to leave all that behind and give the happy couple the privacy and solitude they desire.

Probably the greatest thing about a honeymoon cruise is the sense of utter isolation the newlyweds can experience. There is little chance of an intrusion from the outside world when the cruise ship is hundreds of miles offshore giving the newlyweds the opportunity for time alone. All of the stresses of life can be left behind with little chance of interruption by even the most well intentioned friends and family. Cruising the clear blue waters of the tropics is the perfect way for a newlywed couple to isolate themselves from the rest of the world. With little chance of even cell phones working the chances of the outside world intruding on their time is limited. Getting away from it all is definitely a plus on a honeymoon cruise.

During a honeymoon cruise the happy couple has the option of mingling with other people and making new friends or they can spend time to themselves enjoying the amenities and activities cruise ships are famous for. There’s an activity for just about everyone on board, from games on deck and pool side, to dancing, movies and nightly entertainment. In addition to all the onboard fun there are tropical ports of call where the couple can lose themselves in sightseeing and other tourist fare.

When talking about taking a honeymoon cruise we cannot let the subject of food to be left out. After all, food is what cruises are most famous for. And all that food, whether it’s fine dining, a burger pool side, a quick snack, or even room service is included in the price of the cruise. The newlywed couple can eat whatever they want whenever they feel like it. And for the newlyweds who spend a lot of time in their stateroom getting food at odd hours is a big plus.

Taking a honeymoon cruise can be the perfect getaway after the craziness of a wedding. Finding a cruise package that fits your budget is as easy as using the power of the internet to check the offerings of the many cruise lines in the world today.

The Costa del Sol region of Spain is fortunate to such favorable Mediterranean weather, but it is important to obtain an accurate Malaga weather forecast when planning a vacation though Malaga has some of the best weather in Spain. There is, basically, no rainfall during the summer season and very little the remainder of the year. This city has approximately 300 sunny days annually and is one of the hottest areas in the region. The surrounding mountains keep the winds away during the summer and winter, particularly the colder winds during the winter. The mild weather and little rainfall add to this area’s popularity as a prime vacation destination all year round. You can get the forecast from television, the internet or the local newspaper. If you are traveling, it may be a good idea to monitor the weather on the internet as your trip approaches.

The favorable weather makes it a perfect vacation destination for outdoor activities. Some of the outdoor activities enjoyed by tourists to Malaga include such as fishing golf, boating, hiking and horseback riding, to name a few. In addition to outdoor activities, the weather in the region is favorable for the local vegetation, flora and fauna including palm trees and cypress. Fortunately, the beautiful surroundings and nature in the area can be enjoyed even more so with the region’s moderate climate.

Summer is the most popular times for travel on the Costa del Sol and, understandably so since most of the days are sunny and warm. The temperatures range from 18 to a high of 29 degrees Celsius, with very little rainfall if any.

If you enjoy warmer weathers but do not want to travel during the busiest seasons, then you may prefer to travel during the fall. The weather in the fall is nearly as warm as it is in the summer with temperatures ranging between 19 to 27 degrees Celsius. Rainfall during the fall season is between 20 and 30 mm.

Temperatures in the spring range from 18 to 22 degrees Celsius, though the temperatures at night are usually between 11 and 15 degrees Celsius. During the spring, the rainfall for the region is an average of 20 to 30 mm during May and 40 mm during the month of April, though it the amount varies.

The temperatures drop during the winter but the climate is still mild, with temperatures ranging from 8 to 17 degrees Celsius. Fortunately, Malaga is protected from the Northern winds by the nearby mountains, keeping it warmer during this otherwise cold season.

There are several transportation choices available for you to reach Torrevieja, Spain upon your arrival to the area. However, you will also need transportation during your stay. If you intend to explore nearby cities throughout the Costa Blanca, a Torrevieja car hire is the best transportation to choose providing you with the freedom to travel on your schedule and not that of public transportation. Here are some tips for finding the best car hire service for your trip.

There are several major car hire companies in and around Torrevieja. You, of course, have the option of renting a car at the Alicante International Airport, the best airport to fly into when visiting Torrevieja, or you can wait until you arrive in Torrevieja. Be sure to reserve a car early, though. With the increased tourism during the summer season, the rental cars sell out rather quickly. It is a good idea to reserve a car when you book your flight and make the hotel reservation, which also gives you the advantage of getting a good price on the car.

Online comparison is the easiest way to find the car you want at a price you can afford. Some websites allow you to compare prices of multiple companies side by side to allow for a more convenient comparison. Pay attention to the prices and deals offered, though, and be sure to compare the entire car package offered. For instance, the rental price of one car may be more than another car but only because it includes extra costs such as unlimited mileage, an extra driver or the taxes. With this in mind, the car appearing to be more expensive upon first glance may actually be the better deal. Of course, you should read the fine print and ask plenty of questions to be sure to get the most accurate estimate before committing to a car. It may also be beneficial to your pocket book to call the local car hire company in Torrevieja. You may find that the local Torrevieja agency is offering a special not advertised online.

The economy size is the least expensive with the best rental rate and fuel efficiency. If you do not know what size you need at the time of reservation, you should reserve an economy as they sell out the fastest. You always have the option of upgrading at a later time. If the car hire company does not have an economy size available, they will upgrade you to a larger size and many will only charge you the cost of the economy size vehicle.

Finally, you should consider the length of time you will need the car when comparing the advertised costs among companies. Most car hire agencies offer either a daily or weekly rate, and the daily rate is often more expensive than the weekly rate. Even if you will not need the car an entire week, you may ultimately save money by paying for the weekly rate rather than the daily rate.

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