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The quickest and easiest way to travel from Arusha to Dar es Salaam is by air, though it is expensive and your time in Tanzania should not be ruled by time. Traveling by bus you are experiencing Tanzania, both its people and its landscape. The local transport is a cheaper alternative to flying but the cheapest of all is to travel by bus.

This is never advised nor recommended by tour operators. It is said that local transport is too dangerous. This is true if you hop onto any old bus. However, your traveling need not be dangerous nor frightening, as there are some good and safe bus companies operating in Tanzania.

The most well known bus company is the Scandinavia Express. They operate probably the best, safest and most comfortable transport between the two cities. It is, of course, the most expensive private bus option – at about US$25 per person – and to book in advance is essential – your safari tour operator can do this for you. In Arusha, the ticket office and starting point for Scandinavia is at Kilembero Market, which is close to the Shoprite supermarket. Scandinavia has recently been in huge debt and has had some of their buses seized by the police which made the headlines in the East African newspapers. It has also made booking in advance essential, as the fleet has been depleted.

The ‘Dar Express’ bus service comes a close second to Scandinavia or maybe an equal first place. They have different classes of bus either budget or luxury; only the luxury is recommended. The booking Office – is situated close to the Kimahama Bookshop [about 500m up hill from the Arusha Stadium]. It is essential to state that you want the first class bus, which should cost about US$20 per person. Dar Express is, without any doubt, my favorite company and I recommend this company above all others. However, some of the coaches do not have a toilet, although this may prove a blessing, as traveling in the African heat, especially if you are sitting toward the rear of the bus, isn’t so much of a luxury after most passengers have taken advantage of such a service. Remember that the journey is a long one – about ten hours.

If you opt for the cheaper end of the market, most buses leave Arusha from the Bus Station close to the ‘Stadium’. Buffalo seem to be a favorite for tourists looking for a cheaper way to get to Dar es Salaam, as the traveling time is less on this service. Speed is not a good thing as most of the road you will travel is single carriageway. It is a winding, hilly road, and therefore slowly, slowly is the safe way to ensure a safe arrival in Dar es Salaam from Arusha.

If I were to recommend the cheaper coaches, I would say either Fresh Coach or Amazon Coach. I have used both and they travel at a less manic speed between the two cities. The ticket price must be negotiated and do not pay more than US$15 per person. The last of each of these coaches leaves Arusha Bus Station at 8 am sharp.

Tickets are usually sold by freelance workers in and around the bus terminal and as the commission is good – the more they charge the more pay they take home – competition is fierce. If you are a tourist, you will be targeted and you will be surrounded by enthusiastic ticket touts. This experience is not for the faint hearted. Hang onto your luggage, keep money, mobile phones and cameras safely tucked away [as you would as a tourist anywhere in the world] for pickpockets are rife.

Why the rush? Usually this is because as a safari finishes in the North of Tanzania the relaxation on the islands of Zanzibar is the next stage of the safari. The cheapest way to get there is by bus to Dar es Salaam and then the high speed ferry to the Spice Islands. A bus leaving Arusha may arrive in Dar between 2 pm and 4 pm. The dilemma is to get from the bus station to the ferry port for the last ferry to Zanzibar; which leaves the port at about 4.30pm.

If you want to leave Arusha and travel by bus to make the ferry crossing to Zanzibar in a single day, I would suggest you’re leaving Arusha about 6am to ensure you are in Dar es Salaam by 2pm. This gives you a good couple of hours to get from the Bus Station into town and to the ferry to buy your ticket.

The alternative is a stop over in Dar es Salaam. Dar is a great African city so why not spend the night and enjoy an experience that most people miss? There are some great beach hotels on the north coast. The south coast is more remote, wild and much less developed, this area has some fantastic hotels that cater for the budget market.

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Sunny Central Florida may not go with your traditional image of a white Christmas, but the theme parks of Orlando put on holiday shows that are filled with festive fun. If you are in the Orlando area this Christmas (or any Christmas) here are the kinds of events that you can experience:

SeaWorld Orlando has announced that they will feature a ride based on Robert Zemeckis’ “The Polar Express.”

Warner Bros. Pictures and Iwerks Entertainment are reprogramming the theme park’s Wild Arctic simulator ride, and transforming it into a simulated train ride to “Santa Town” for the holiday season. When the ride ends, people will step out onto a recreation of the North Pole. SeaWorld’s exhibit of polar bears, beluga whales, walruses and other Arctic animals will also be made up to fit the winter wonderland theme. The new Polar Express ride will debut on Friday and will be in place through January 1st 2008.

The cost and contact information for Seaworld are as follows: Cost: $67.95; $57.95 children; Sea World Drive, Orlando; Telephone: 800-327-2424

Walt Disney World in Orlando offers Christmas and winter holiday themed events at each of its major attraction centers. Disney’s Magic Kingdom Very Merry Christmas Party begins will be held through December 21 from 7 pm to midnight. Also, when regular park hours are over, the lights come alive. The tree lighting ceremony and the almost crystallized castle are well worth the price of admission; and, for those who dream of a white Christmas, enjoy the snowfall on Main Street.

Here are the costs and contact information for Disney World: Cost: $51.07; $43.62 ages 3-9; Walt Disney World, Lake Buena Vista; 407-934-7639

Not to be outdone by Disney or Seaworld, Universal Studios in Orlando offering its own version of Macy’s Holiday Parade, including the “actual, authentic” Santa from New York’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Universal also offers entertainment ranging from Barney’s Christmas Show to the Blues Brothers Christmas Show.

In addition, Universal is also unveiling a new stage show at Islands of Adventure, called “Grinchmas,” to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Dr. Seuss’ Christmas story. “Back by popular demand,” Grinchmas will feature seven songs on a new stage.

The celebration continues with decorations and special events at Universal CityWalk as well as all three world-class, on-site hotels – Loews Portofino Bay Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel and Loews Royal Pacific Resort.

Here are the latest costs and information for Universal: one day/one park ticket: $71; $60 children; Universal Blvd. Orlando; 407-224-4243 or visit their holiday website:

The nearby city of Silver Springs offers a Festival of Lights, from dusk to 8:30 p.m. from December 14-30. This is an event that you should not miss. It features more than one million twinkling lights and is complete with carolers, stage shows , a boat parade and holiday concerts as well. Here is the contact information and costs for this event:

$33.99; $30.99 seniors; $24.99 ages 3-10; 5656 E. Silver Springs Blvd.; Silver Springs; 352-236-2121

Busch Gardens in Tampa also offers annual Christmas events. This year it feature a breathtaking spectacle of music, dance and holiday cheer as well as other holiday experiences scattered throughout the park daily. The costs and contact information for Busch Gardens are as follows: $64.95; $54.95 children; 3000 E. Busch Blvd., Tampa; 888-800-5447

There it is! Orlando and vicinity is a great place for you and your family to enjoy your winter vacation.

These days, travelers are opting to book everything from flights to hotel reservations online. What did we do before the Internet? It has made finding cheap holidays more accessible than ever before by putting the research right at our fingertips. Here are some tips to make booking online even more hassle-free.

To get the best bargain available, you will want to do your research before committing to any vacation reservation. By comparing prices on different websites, you can find the cheapest prices on transportation and lodging. As you create accounts with the these sites, be sure to choose a username and password that you can easily remember. It is also important to choose passwords that will be secure, and not easily guessed by anybody but you. This will keep your credit card information safe. After creating an account, you may find it useful to keep it for future use. This can make planning a vacation even more simple in the years to come.

Before committing to a website’s quoted price, be sure to examine the fine print. Often, costly taxes are not figured into this number. Make sure you know the full price of a ticket or reservation before making your final decision.

It is usually not possible to book airfare or hotel online at the very last second so be sure to reserve well in advance. The cut-off date for booking on the Internet is at least two days before the date of the reservation itself. Buying early has other advantages as well. Many hotels and air carriers offer discounts to those who reserve in advance, and the price steadily increases the later you wait. So be sure to do your research in time to take advantage of the savings.

When booking online, do not wander too far off the beaten trail to find a deal. Do business with sites you have probably heard of, such as or If you are not absolutely sure that a site is reputable, you might want to check somebody who has made online reservations for their vacation. It is fun to know you are getting a cheap holiday, but no fun getting scammed.

After you have made your reservation final, you will want to print out proof that you have booked. When the site offers you a receipt or confirmation email, print a hard copy and keep it for your records. You will want to have these on hand should you have any trouble getting your ticket or checking in to your hotel. If for some reason you do not get confirmation from the website, contact the company immediately.

Sometimes, booking online can make people feel a bit nervous. If you have finalized your plans and want to be sure that everything is a go, don’t hesitate to call customer service at the hotel or air carrier. Have your confirmation number handy, and the representative should be happy to confirm the reservation.

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