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Tuesday, April 5, 2005, 6:00 pm, Hotel Havana Libre

Thanks to a severe case of the Revenge of Montezuma (or Ricky Ricardo?..,) I am sitting here in the Hotel Havana Libre and I finally get around to create updates from my first 4.

5 days here in Cuba. The Internet connection is definitely the slowest I have ever seen in my entire life, (15 minutes to access my messages at Yahoo..), but I am giving it a shot anyways.

Friday morning I arrived at the airport in Toronto at 5:30 am since my husband gave me a ride before work. The plane was scheduled to leave at 10:30 and several transfers with public transport would have taken me 2.5 hours anyway, so I decided to head there early and read a book.

Air Canada was delayed after all (due to a problem with the water supply on the plane) and we had to wait for a substitute plane from Winnipeg and finally got off the ground at about noon. 3.5 hours later we arrived at the airport Jose Marti in Havana – a reasonably modern airport. However, it took me and the other travellers almost 2 hours to collect our luggage and finally hop into a taxi.

On the way in from the airport I noticed that there was a mixture of industrial developments and agricultural areas, right up until the centre of the city, which is strange compared to Toronto, where there is no significant agriculture until way outside the city. The older gentleman driving the taxi was very friendly and explained a few basic things to me, e.g. that most of the area is industrial and agricultural. He also showed the National Sports Centre to me. Of course you see old cars from the 50s and earlier as well as beat-up Russian Ladas everywhere. Old sidecar motorcycles are also a popular way to get around.

I finally arrived at my hotel at about 6 pm where my brand-new friend Pedro (a connection through a friend in Canada) was waiting for me. I had told my friend that I wanted to really spend some time with locals to learn about Cuba, its customs, its way of life etc.

Pedro is a brown-skinned black man in his late thirties with a common-law wife and a young daughter. An extremely nice person and he
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For a truly unforgettable experience, the Turtle Bay Resort allows you to discover a piece of True Hawaii. Set on the North shore of Oahu, you will find miles of unspoiled and truly luxurious beaches. It is a place to forget all of your worries and experience the feeling of total relaxation.

The North Coast, known for its beautiful beaches and legendary surf, is relatively untouched leaving the Turtle Bay Resort the only one in the area putting you right in the middle of everything.

With the Pacific Ocean at your front door, lushly landscaped pools, a full-service spa and world class golf and tennis, is there anything more that you could ask from this premier Hawaii vacation resort?

Here are just a few of the resort features and activities:

Novelty Pool – Find elegantly landscaped swimming pools with a view of the beautiful surf, 2 hot tubs and if you’re travelling with the kids, they’ll love the swimming pool that features a waterfall and an 80ft waterslide!

Snorkelling – You can snorkel right at the resort in a sheltered bay or if diving is your thing, or something that you’ve wanted to learn, there are courses available right on the resort. You are guaranteed to experience an underwater paradise.

Horseback Riding – See the natural beauty of Oahu’s North Shore from the saddle of a horse. Go through beachside trails with a guide who shares the local folklore and teaches you about the indigenous plant life.

Beach Walks and Hiking – Explore the tide pools or walk through a tropical forest and experience true nature. You can find 12 miles of ocean front trails and seaside paths from the resort where you are sure to find peace and tranquility.

Golfing – Golf the renowned Arnold Palmer and George Fazio Courses. Both have been given legendary status and have been selected by both the PGA and LPGA for prestigious tournaments. In fact, the ’08 PGA Champion’s Tour, Turtle Bay Championship, will take place on the Arnold Palmer Course.

Helicopter Tours – Paradise Helicopters is located right on-site at the resort. This is sure to be an unforgettable tour of Oahu. There are 3 different tours available ranging from 20-60 minutes.

Fine Dining – Enjoy gourmet cuisine prepared by chefs who have a style and skill unique to the islands, you will experience a variety of meals of contemporary island cuisine. From fresh seafood entrees to elaborate buffets, there is something here for everyone to enjoy!

The Turtle Bay Resort is located in a perfect spot on the North Coast putting you close to the beautiful Waimea Falls Park, the Hawaiian Polynesian Cultural Center, beautiful beaches such as, Haleiwa Beach – featuring year round swimming, a quaint town and the 2 mile Sunset Beach. There are fantastic places to surf, the summer months are perfect for everyone, even beginners and in the winter, you can find sheltered areas or you can sit back and watch the pro surfing competitions that take place every year where you can see the surf break at 30 ft! You can even get surfing lessons from the surf school located right on the resort! From December through April, you can watch Humpback Whales from your own veranda! They appear at this time during their annual migration from Alaska. The opportunities found here make for a truly incredible experience.

The one thing to keep in mind when choosing the Turtle Bay Resort is that the location is isolated. You can expect to spend most of your time at the resort unless you are renting a car or want to sign up for outings. At the same time, this aspect is what makes staying here such a unique and wonderful experience. You are away from the hustle and bustle of the typical touristy destinations.

The Turtle Bay Resort offers you unspoiled beaches and a tropical setting to discover the true luxury that Oahu has to offer. For your mind, body and spirit, look no further than this incredible Hawaii vacation resort.

An Aitutaki Honeymoon, is the best of Cook Island Honeymoon destinations. The Pacific Resort Aitutaki is one of the few luxury small hotels on Aitutaki, and is absolutely ideal spot for a Cook Island Aitutaki honeymoon. Aitutaki is the most beautiful part of the Cook Islands, and is a remote paradise, almost untouched by the 21st century.

The Pacific Resort Aitutaki is a fairly typical Polynesian hideaway with beach front bungalows, suites, villas, and a restaurant where you will eat top class Polynesian cuisine. This means fresh seafood caught daily and fruit from the garden at the hotel.

There are a number of things to do, and sunbathing and snorkelling in crystal clear warm water over the reef right by the hotel comes top of the list. The reef is inhabited by thousands of brightly coloured fish. This is a great place to relax in luxury and isolation after the pressures of a wedding.

The Pacific Resort Aitutaki is over 250 kms north of Rarotonga, and you can get there in 40 minutes by plane, and is the only full-service luxury resort in the Cook Islands. It is on an island atoll, and lies in one of the world’s largest lagoons. This is paradise, a secret hideaway, which is why an Aitutaki honeymoon can’t be beaten.

When you arrive at Aitutaki on your Cook Island honeymoon you’ll be met and given a flower necklace, driven the short distance to the hotel, and greeted in person by the manager.

Choose a beachfront suite, which is in a self contained thatched unit.

They are a very good size, airconditioned, furnished in dark wood, with one wall a sliding window opening onto a veranda, then you are a few steps to the powder white sand beach next to a sea that is an unbelievable blue/turquoise/green colour.

There is a large comfortable bed, TV, DVD player, and stereo system.

A huge bathroom contains a large shower, and his and hers basins, and a door leading to an outside shower as well.

The Pacific resort is very clean, well maintained, the staff are very friendly and helpful.

Meals are taken in the restaurant which overlooks the small pool, mind you who needs a pool when you have a beach to end all beaches outside!! The views of the lagoon, and the reef are almost beyond description, sufficient to say they more than justify choosing an Aitutaki honeymoon!!

The sheer isolation of the Pacific resort means that food is very dependent on local produce, which really means chicken, goat, and fish. The chef does introduce as much variety as possible, but you don’t come to such a beautifully isolated and unspoilt part of the world for the food. It’s worth eating out and the reception staff are always willing and able to help.

Aitutataki is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The Pacific Resort is a fantastic Aitutaki Honeymoon choice. This is by South Pacific standards probably the top small luxury hotel.

A simple out of town vacation with your family could be very relaxing. Driving across an open highway and tasting the refreshing scenery is always a relief from the hassle of urban life. But, if you do this every weekend, you surely would want to take your family to a different location where you all share and enjoy a new experience.

So what’s stopping you?

Ahh, the ticket prices, most likely.

Okay, here’s your real score: You cannot take your family on an exotic island trip or an adventure weekend simply because you cannot afford to buy round trip tickets for everyone in the first place. Thus all you have to do for now is spend the whole day driving to another place where in the end, the family members are tired and would just want to sleep the whole weekend to get ready for another day of driving on the way back.

Your case is not very different from many others who are simply trying to find ways to have cheap air flights to a getaway island. Some students who are on a tight budget would want to stretch their allowances for as long as they could only to realize that they have spent a great portion of it on airfare. Others who don’t necessarily want it knowing that they could cross their limits in buying an airline ticket are trapped because they don’t have a choice but to buy one.

There are many other cases of people who don’t have a choice but to either settle on their usual nearby vacation getaway or stay at their home whole day reading the Sunday papers or watching movies.

Well, you cannot be blamed for this. While it is true that airline tickets can be so expensive, think again. Would you rather spend your weekends on the same place over and over again, and hold you back on your dream travel? Sometime it pays to think twice and read on ways to acquire a discounted airline tickets.

Discount airline tickets are all you need to keep those travel bags ready and head for your total family vacation extravaganza. Discount airline tickets can be acquired in several ways. You can get it during special seasons where airline carriers bring down their ticket prices. You can also get it through smaller airline carriers where ticket prices are much cheaper than internationally known carriers. There are also airline tickets given by sites that sell discount airline tickets and discount airline tickets alone. Discounted airline tickets can also be acquired if you are on the military service, senior citizen or a student.

Discount airline tickets are the answer for your dreams and need to fly away from your home and spend some relaxing time with your family and enjoy each others company while taking the divine pleasure of a new environment. Discount airline tickets will give you the best and most relaxed vacation, taking away those thoughts of what you should spend the moment you return to your home. Discount airline tickets will keep your budget intact while keeping you free from spending your money on other things.

All, these benefits you can only get with discount airline tickets; cheap airfare for you, your family and your pockets.

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