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Are you one of the millions of Americans who enjoys playing the game of golf? If so, there is a good chance that you enjoy golfing on the weekends or even after work. Have you ever thought about taking a golf vacation? If you have yet to do so, you may want to think about taking one, particularly in Hawaii. If you are interested in saving money at the same time, you can easily do so with Hawaii vacation golf packages.

Before examining the benefits of Hawaii vacation golf packages, you may want to take the time to learn more about them, namely what they are. After a close examination, you will likely see that Hawaii vacation golf packages are just like traditional vacation packages. Essentially, the only difference between a traditional Hawaii vacation package and a Hawaii vacation golf package is the fact that golf is involved. For instance, instead of booking a stay at a traditional resort, a vacation golf package will likely include overnight accommodations at a resort with an onsite golf course. These Hawaii vacation resorts are sometimes referred to as Hawaii vacation golf resorts. It is also common for free or discounted golf cart rentals and games to be included.

Now that you know exactly what Hawaii vacation golf packages are, you may be thinking about whether or not you should buy one. Honestly, whether or not you can benefit from the purchase of a Hawaii vacation golf package will all depend on your hobbies. For instance, if you enjoy playing the game of golf, you could definitely benefit from the purchase of a Hawaii vacation golf package. The whole point of a Hawaii vacation golf package is to make sure that you enjoy your vacation. If you enjoy playing the game of golf, there is an excellent chance that you could benefit from the purchase of a Hawaii vacation golf package.

In addition to you benefiting, there is a good chance that the rest of your traveling party could also benefit from the purchase of Hawaii vacation golf packages, especially if those that you are traveling with also love the sport of golf. The good news is that it is possible, often with a small amount of research, to find vacation golf packages that even accommodate to those who don’t enjoy golfing. For instance, if you are traveling with your family, there is a chance that some of your family may go for a game of golf, but others may prefer to do something else. In Hawaii it is possible to find Hawaii vacation golf resorts that offer discounts for guest who will not be enjoying the extra golf benefits. This may help to save you, your family, or the rest of your traveling party money.

As previously mentioned, it is possible to save money on your next Hawaii vacation with the purchase of a Hawaii vacation golf package. All vacation packages, including golf packages, are known to save travelers money. However, with a Hawaii vacation golf package, you are given even more chances to save money on your next Hawaii vacation. As it was stated above, there are a number of Hawaii vacation golf packages that include free or discounted golf games and golf cart rentals. If you are planning to spend the majority of your vacation golfing, a vacation golf package can save you a fairly large amount of money. In many cases, you will find that the more you golf, the more money you will end up saving.

If you would like to not only save time, but also save money on your next Hawaii golf vacation, you are urged to, at least, look into Hawaii vacation golf packages. You can easily do this yourself, online, or with the assistance of a travel agent.

Timeshare resorts represent some of the nations best vacationing. For those of you who have not visited timeshare resorts or are not familiar with them, here is a basic guide. Timeshare is a resort owned by a group of people who want to use the property for their holidays, while splitting the costs of the property as well as share the maintenance costs. Usually professional staffs are given the charge to maintain the property. All co-sharers get to spend a number of days every year at a minimum or at times no cost at all.

For example, a time share in Branson, Missouri with an extensive ground for camping charges the members only one dollar per day. This includes facilities like electricity and sewer hookups, recreation facilities and use of community bath houses as well. The resort has shuffleboard, a game room, disc golf, tennis courts, walking and nature trails, bicycle rentals, bike paths, an indoor swimming pool, and an outdoor swimming pool, apart from two fishing ponds for kids. Owner members are provided discount tickets to musicals, specific restaurants, and even the IMAX theatre in the locality. Most of the time members can stay for 21 days at a stretch after which they must leave for seven days before coming back again. These rules help in an effective rotation among all members and misuse by a handful.

Some timeshares maintains joint usage agreements with different timeshares resorts all over the world, where one can exchange facilities. There are timeshares which are sold on the condition that the owner may choose to spend one week in every year depending on availability. There are others with such flexible arrangements too. At times owners can give their week of use to friends or family members, provided that the maintenance and fee structures intact.

What could be the reason for someone to buy a timeshare or use it? The owner of timeshare is a real owner of the property, and it is preferable to own rather than rent a property. Timeshare also offers a definite vacationing opportunity every year. In addition the number of different locales makes it a worthwhile deal.

The timeshare concept was introduced in the 1960s by a ski resort owner in France. Rather than renting a resort he proposed owning a set amount of time per year on a property. This concept became popular world wide, including the U.S where it is growing more popular by the day.

Timeshare resorts available all over the country. Most timeshares offer free tours and a free or reduced rate, weekend trip to get a feel of the timeshare property you are investing in. This helps in decision making. Whether you invest or not timeshares are great family Vacation options which might be worth your money.

My day at the McGee’s Inn started early with a breakfast at 7:30 am. I plunked myself down at one of the two-seater tables in the large bay window which gave me a nice view out onto Daly Street. A women from Montreal, Claudine, here in Ottawa on a business trip sat down to the left of me and a nice couple from Syracuse, New York, chose the table to my right.

What’s always nice about bed and breakfasts is that people actually talk to one another and soon the four of us were wrapped up in a nice conversation. We discussed Montreal, Syracuse and Toronto, and the various festivals that are held in our respective home cities. I am planning to go to Montreal at the end of June, so Claudine gave me some insider information about her home town and we decided that we would connect during my stay in Montreal.

After a delicious breakfast that featured a fruit cocktail, Eggs Florentine and homebaked croissants and muffins, I sat down for my interview with the Armstrong family who run the McGee’s Inn. They filled me in on what it is like for two couples – mother, father, son and daughter-in-law – to jointly run a bed and breakfast and they shared with me what motivated this decision in the first place.

At about 10 am I was ready for my next adventure: the Canadian Museum of Nature and its current Fatal Attraction exhibit. Ottawa is a city full of museums, and I had already seen two exhibits at the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography as well as a special exhibit and an IMAX movie at the Canadian Museum of Civilization yesterday. After an exploration of contemporary photography and antiquity I was going to explore the topics of nature and, more specifically, dating in the animal world.

But before I even began my tour of the Fatal Attraction exhibit, I was awestruck by the building when I drove up to it. On one of Ottawa’s leafy residential side streets there is this enormous castle-like building that rises up in front of you and I was fascinated by the physical structure of this historic building.

Highlights of the museums collections are housed in the distinctive Victoria Memorial Museum Building which dates back to 1912. It is an example of fine early 20th century architecture, built in a style that has been described as “Scottish baronial”. It was intended to mirror the Centre Block of Canada’s Parliament Buildings and indeed both buildings share similar stonework. In the past both buildings also had similar towers, but the Museum’s tower was removed years ago since its weight was too heavy for the foundation.

Throughout its history the building has been altered significantly, but some of the original design is still visible in the Atrium. This magnificent space extends over four storeys above the ground floor and features skylights that provide natural lighting. A beautiful staircase rises and splits to reach the second level. The relatively austere Atrium highlights the two-storey tall stained-glass window in the Atrium as well as three intricate stained glass windows over nearby doors. Two big pre-historic flying reptiles, Pteranodons, are suspended from the ceiling and provide an imposing view.

The building has an interesting history: in 1916 it became the emergency headquarters for the Canadian government after a fire had destroyed the Parliament Buildings. Both the House of Commons and the Senate were located here for a time and Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier lay in state here after he had passed away. Finally in 1988 the Castle became the exclusive home of the Canadian Museum of Nature and at present a major renewal project is underway.

In my case I was here to see a special internationally travelling exhibition entitled Fatal Attraction. Presented in English, French and Dutch, this exhibition was developed by the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences in Brussels together with the Musee Nationale d’Histoire naturelle in Paris and Naturalis, the National Museum of Natural History in Leiden in the Netherlands.

Fatal Attraction explores the language of love in the animal world. It is an interactive, light-hearted exhibition that focuses on courtship rituals in different species, including mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and insects. The science of propagation is explored in a humorous way. 100 specimens from various European natural history collections provide an up-close look at the world of animal seduction.

All sorts of mating signals are explored since the animal world features a wide range of tactics to attract a mate: from songs, calls, positions, mimics, vibrations, light codes, bright or flashy colours, scents and even sounds that we humans are unable to detect. Many interactive displays allow you to push buttons to explore different mating calls, light or sound signals for animal species living on land and in the water.

The exhibition also reveals that sometimes mating is risky business – predators might also be attracted to animals who are trying to seduce their mates. Some of them even imitate courtship signals in order to catch their prey! Human courtship is explored in the fourth and final portion of the exhibition which makes you realize that we are not all that different from our animal cousins. Fatal Attraction will stay at the Canadian Museum of Nature until September 4, 2006 when it moves to the Biodome in Montreal.

On October 20, 2006, new permanent galleries will open on the west side of the Museum: the Mammal Gallery, Bird Gallery, Talisman Energy Fossil Gallery, and Discovery Zone with programming and high-definition nature movies. There will also be a travelling exhibition on Einstein. The east side of the Museum will then close to the public until 2009 for the installation of new galleries. Check out to learn more about the Canadian Museum of Nature, its collections, special Web sites, and its Renewal project.

I had fun at the Canadian Museum of Nature exploring the world of animal seduction, and my next item on the agenda was an expoloration of Canadian nature: Gatineau Park, Ottawa’s nature playground…

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