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If you have ever wanted to take a cheap holiday destination vacation, you may have wondered where a good place to travel is. You may not have considered a cruise of the Greek Isles. This would be a spectacular cruise with stops in Venice, Bari, Dubrovnik, Corfu, Athens, Katakolon and Santorini.

Plan an eight-day cruise around a holiday and see what an amazing cheap holiday it will be for you and someone special. The Greek Isles are so beautiful any time of year, but if you go around Easter or Memorial Day, you can have a cheap holiday.

When you dock in Venice, Italy, you are going to need to see St Marks Square where the entire city is build around. It is a fascinating and spectacular place to spend the day. After you see St Marks Square, you can take a Venetian boat ride in the Grand Canal. It will be a fantastic day spent in Venice.

When you stop at Athens, Greece, you will want to enjoy a day looking at the Acropolis and then the Constitution Square also known as Syntagma Square. It is the largest open area in Athens where they have many different holiday events. You will have a great time in Athens before returning to the cruise ship.

Your cheap holiday destination vacation will be a memorable time that will leave you wanting to do it again. Because of the affordable price for the Greek Isles cruise, you can go back every year and visit a new area every time. The best thing is you never have to look for a hotel, you are all set on the ship. All you have left to do is enjoy yourself.

You can have some great times on the cruise as well. They have entertainment and some activities for everyone to do. You might even enjoy a day on deck with a warm sea breeze softly blowing across your face. Do not wait for the next cheap holiday vacation package, you will enjoy the Greek Isles so much and never regret your time spent touring the area.

Consecutive or flexi travel? One country or a whole bunch? Saver passes? Rail ‘n Drive? Overwhelmed with trying to pick the right European rail pass? Possibilities can be daunting… but choosing the perfect pass can save you time and money. A rail pass lets you bypass long ticket lines at the train station. You won’t have to wrestle with an unfamiliar language just to buy a ticket. Best of all, you’ll save cash — providing you choose the right pass.

European rail pass types vary to suit a range of routes and whims. Best known is the original Eurail Global Pass which lets you meander back and forth among 18 countries. Eurail Select Pass — formerly Europass — lets pass holders crisscross three, four or five bordering countries. Multi-country passes are for exploring selected regions and some adjoining countries. There are also a wide range of single-country passes available.

European rail passes are available in two formats. Consecutive passes, valid from two weeks to three months, permit non-stop travel for the duration of the pass (ie: a 15-day pass is valid for 15 consecutive days of travel). Flexi passes are designed for itineraries entailing a limited number of travel days over an extended period: generally, from three to 10 travel days within a two-month period. Rail ‘n Drive flexi passes include several days of car rental.

Classes of travel vary. Eurail Global Pass and Eurail Select Pass are for first class train travel only. Multi-country passes and single-country passes are available for first class travel and, sometimes, second class travel. Youth passes, as well as Scanrail and Norway rail passes, accommodate only second class.

Most passes are available at discounts. Saver passes cut expenses for group travel by train. Youth passes can be a great deal for students and gap year breaks and older travelers are sometimes eligible for discounted senior passes. Kids under 12 get up to half off when accompanied by an adult (tots, under age four, generally travel free). Some passes will get you free or discounted travel on ferries, buses and private trains (even Eurostar) — plus sleeper upgrades and deals on hotels and local attractions.

If you plan to “pass” through Europe, read the fine print. A few guidelines prevail. Buy your rail passes before you leave home because they’re very hard to find in Europe. Although passes don’t guarantee you a seat it’s generally unnecessary to reserve a place in advance. Exceptions are for travel during peak times and aboard selected trains, like TGVs, which require reservations at all times. Always have your passport handy and be sure to get your rail pass validated before boarding a train for the first time.

Think about this very seriously for a moment. If you have children, just think what degree of spoken fluency your child had when you first packed him off to first grade. Think of all he could understand and say before he ever started his formal education. When your child was 6 years old, he or she had already achieved a high degree of spoken fluency and you didn’t have to enroll him in a “Total Immersion” course in order for him to achieve fluency. He could understand and use prepositions and other parts of speech long before he ever learned what a “part of speech” even was.

Long before learning what the names of the parts of speech were, he learned to ride the horse. He achieved spoken fluency. Then, once a high degree of spoken fluency was achieved, he hooked that horse up to the cart. He learned formal grammar.

This is why traditionally-taught foreign language courses do not work to give you a high degree of spoken fluency. It is because they put the cart (traditionally-taught grammar) before the horse (high degree of spoken fluency in the target language). The horse pulls the cart. The cart is inert and lifeless alone. It cannot move without the horse.

Does this not make sense? Is this an epiphany? I remember when this light bulb came on in my head. I recall how mad I got at how much time and effort I wasted in my days at the university trying to learn Spanish. I passed the courses. I could translate written text but could not speak Spanish.

Where I live in Mexico, there are scores of so-called Total Immersion Spanish schools. These are built on the same traditional methods. The real kicker is that are all taught in Spanish. If you cannot speak one word of Spanish and come here expecting the miracle of something called Total Immersion instruction to magically work, you will be sadly mistaken.

Can you imagine the horror?

This is another common “myth” about learning a second language. For those who finally figure out that the traditionally-taught language courses are not working, they are told they must engage in something called Total Immersion in the country where the target language is spoken.

Ok, back to critical thinking. If traditionally-taught second language instruction is, by design, unable to teach you a high degree of spoken fluency through its boring process, just imagine going through the process when the instruction is given entirely in Spanish.

I haven’t the slightest notion how this idea came into being. Haven’t you heard this pitch?

“You can’t learn Spanish here in the States. You’ve got to go to Mexico to get into Total Immersion.”

This notion, I am convinced, was born as the result of someone figuring out that teaching foreign languages in America using the traditional method wasn’t working. Someone saw that the process designed to teach you how to be a good interpreter of written text in the target language wasn’t working to give you spoken fluency. So, they concluded you would have to travel to the country of the target language and spend a fortune to do so. Then the magic of a so-called Total Immersion program, based in another country, would transform you into a native speaker.

If the process wasn’t working in the States, then what made someone think that it would magically work in the target language’s county? Especially when the course is taught all in Spanish. It is a small wonder why less than 9% of Americans are fluent in any foreign language.

Let me make the point that coming to a Spanish-speaking country can be a very smart thing to do once you’ve developed a high degree of spoken fluency.

To start with the cart (formal grammatical instruction
If you’ve never described one of your family vacations as “paradise,” it might be time to take your family to a tropical paradise.

Martinique is not only breathtakingly beautiful but the island offers many activities to delight every member of the family. Besides the endless beautiful beaches, boating, swimming and fishing opportunities, there are all sorts of fun in the sun for the whole family-water and adventure parks, horseback riding and paintball.

Those who love water games can splash down at Aqualand, the latest water park in the French chain. Settled in 10 acres of tropical garden, the park features a choice of eight attractions, including three specially designed for children.

There are super slaloms, water slides, water beds and a swimming pool with artificial waves. All the adult water attractions exist on a smaller scale for children.

Mangofil and Domaine de Sigy adventure parks are set up for different kinds of games, workshops and exciting activities that allow visitors to experience a different way of discovering the country-jumping from rope to rope, from tree to tree!

Domaine de Sigy has a choice of three itineraries that take you above rivers, from footbridges to lianas on a superb canopy tour. Visitors may try the famous “Tarzan jump” which will enable them to land 53 feet below in a safety net.

Scaled down versions are offered for children.

Most children enjoy making a mess and paintball offers a fun, but harmless way to experience the colors of Martinique.

It’s an outdoor team sport in which members of each team try to “eliminate” members of the opposing side by pursuing them through the forest with paintball guns and then zapping them with biode-gradable paint.

Last but not least, Martinique offers many opportunities for horseback riding along scenic beach routes and through the countryside. There are several equestrian clubs and stables, which offer excursions led by trained guides.

Memphis the jewel of the mid-south, sits on the might Mississippi river, and is home of the worlds greatest attractions. If you’re looking for a vacation full of excitement, history, and southern charm, then Memphis Tennessee is the place for you.

Memphis a City that dates back over 200 years, also that survived the civil war, and the great earthquake is a warm inviting city for vacationers every year. Famous for its music and barbeque, there are also other things that one can visit while staying in Memphis.

Everyone should visit Beale Street where you still get the feel of that down home blues of B.B. King and Memphis Minnie. On Beale Street you can also get world famous soul food and party the night away with the sound of constant music from an eclectic assortment of musical clubs. It would also be comforting to talk a stroll down on Front Street to the Mississippi River. A ride on the Memphis Queen is always a nice closure to your evening. When the night has died down you can stroll back to you hotel room at the world famous Peabody Hotel and in the morning watch the ducks waddle in to lobby before breakfast. After breakfast, you should visit Elvis Presley Mansion and maybe stay or eat lunch at the Heartbreak Hotel in front of Elvis’s House. Mud Island, a replica of the Mississippi River is a museum full of enlightening information of Memphis’ past. You can also take a ride on the Monorail and maybe have brunch there. The Pyramid is also a tourist attraction found downtown, Memphis’ very own replica of Ancient Egyptian’s Pyramids.

There are other social important places to see as well. For instance a trip to Memphis wouldn’t be quite complete with a visit to the Civil Right Museum. There you can get the history of Civil Rights Movement, get a historical perspective, and even see where Martin Luther King was slain. The controversial replica of the Statue of Liberty is housed in Memphis at World Overcomers Church. It has received national attention, so don’t forget to stop by and get a snapshot.

Memphis’ very own NBA team, The Grizzlies play at the FedEx forum downtown. Go watch them in action while you’re in town. The Peabody Place, located in downtown Memphis is another great way to spend a day in Memphis. Shop in the malls, hang out at Jillian’s, or enjoy the IMAX theatre.

You can’t leave Memphis without stopping by the Memphis Zoo. Memphis’s Zoo is a large fantastic zoo that also features the Panda Exhibit. After the zoo, the Pink Palace Museum and the Brooks Art Museum are a must.

Remember when visiting Memphis, partake in all of it’s many inviting and alluring aspects. You won’t be sorry, because the southern hospitality, fascinating entertainment, and incredible cuisine will never disappoint you

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