Disney World Events In November Honoring The Artist Antonio Gaudi In Barcelona Orlando Is A World Class Tourism Hub Budgeting Your Cruise Tour

The year-ending holiday season is the best time to pay a visit to the Walt Disney World Resort. There are more season-specific events during this time than any other. This is great news for you if you happen to be traveling to Orlando in the upcoming month, but the number of events can be a bit overwhelming and daunting to keep up with so we have outlined the latest happenings at the Walt Disney World Resort for your convenience.

First up in November is the Festival of the Masters at the Downtown Disney Marketplace. Here you will find one of the most eclectic and critically acclaimed open air art festivals in the United States. Young children may not be too excited to pay a visit here but don’t worry, just a few steps away is the World of Disney store. The largest Disney store in the country will keep the young ones entertained while teenagers and adults enjoy the art festival. The festival runs from November 11-13, 2005.

During the weekend of November 12, the biggest soap opera stars gather at the Disney-MGM Studios for ABC Super Soap Weekend. Fans of various ABC daytime dramas will be able to meet and greet dozens of popular stars in person, including Susan Lucci.

Also showing at the Disney-MGM Studios, beginning on Monday November 14, is The Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights. This brilliant display of Christmas lights and decorations is not to be missed. Come out and marvel at the sight of over 5 million lights adorning the New York Street district of the Disney-MGM Studios. Insider fact: This event requires the use of 32 miles of extension cables and 66 snow machines!

For more holiday fun, head back to the Downtown Disney Marketplace for the Festival of the Seasons. The festive atmosphere during this event is very infectious and beams of holiday cheer. Stroll through and visit the various shops and enjoy the Disney-themed nighttime entertainment. This month-long festival runs from November 19 to December 24.

The EPCOT Center also joins in the holiday cheer with Holidays Around The World. Circle the vast World Showcase lagoon and celebrate the holiday season as you indulge in music, characters, and food from around the world. This is certainly something the entire family can enjoy. Holidays Around The World can be experienced from November 25 to December 30.

At last, towards the end of November, you will find Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. This is Disney World’s cornerstone holiday celebration, so if you are visiting the resort during November 27 to December 20, you will surely not want to miss this event. The celebration is complete with a special parade, a new fireworks spectacular, and cheerful stage shows.

At Walt Disney World, the holiday season is truly “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”.

Barcelona Spain has a great history, and people who live in the area have much room to brag about the beautiful place of which they live.

Much of its history still stands throughout and can be admired by travelers and citizens alike. Still more culture and history is added in the Barcelona area even now. As well as its added culture, tourism has taken on a huge role as well throughout Barcelona. The best way to take advantage of all that this area has to offer on your vacation is to thoroughly plan ahead of time and arrive with your map in hand, and be ready to go. Find a suitable map that will give you not only directions, but also tell you details about hotels, festivals and celebrations, entertainment, and prominent exhibitions.

If your looking for a more updated modern version of Barcelona, you would be doing yourself a benefit by going directly to Guell Park first thing. Nearly this whole area of natural space is filled with the great artist architecture of Antonio Gaudi, probably one of Spain’s most famous and celebrated artists. Gaudi made everyday things into artwork, including but not limited to balconies, walls as murals, entire buildings, as well as even benches into paintings. Be prepared to have couple roles of film on hand, because as soon as you fill your camera up on the aforementioned area, then comes the famous Gaudi work Sagrada Familia Church. This is one piece of artwork that has never stopped progression, being started in 1883 and not stopping until even the present day.

Another great marvel of Barcelona s the Barcelona Zoo. This zoo is located in the Ciutadella Park, and is home to over 7500 different species of animals. While everyone has their favorite animal, is always the peculiar ones that get the most attention, especially from the children. Animals such as long nosed anteater or the miniature little hippo pygmy fit this bill exactly.

However the feature that the zoo takes a ton of pride in is the primate section. You wont have to go very far to find even kangaroos, pelicans, and the good ole American Buffalo because the Barcelona Zoo has them all for your photographing pleasure.

Since the weather is so agreeable, your trip to the zoo can be made any time throughout the year. If you’re lucky enough to go in the warmer of the warm seasons then you’ll enjoy the Aquarama Barcelona, which is the aquarium located inside the zoo.

This will be your chance to see up-close the playful bottlenose dolphins and their shows which take place daily, as well as other marvels of the sea. Your money will also be going to a good cause as you spend around the park since this pays for the programs for preserving endangered species and captive breeding.

Don’t forget too if your traveling with young curious children, or even if you yourself are curious that Barcelona is home to many fabulous museums such as museums that feature the work of Gaudi as well as Picasso. This will give your children some things to go back and tell there teachers about at school, as well as teach them to appreciate art and history at a young age.

Your trip to Barcelona can and certainly will be a very beneficial vacation for both adults and children, letting each witness and learn some culture that will leave a lasting impression through their lives. Always travel safely, and squeeze every ounce of fun as you can out of your short time to visit.

No matter who you are and where you come from, you will love Florida. Because of its subtropical climate and its exotic tinge of local color, it is an ideal place to spend spring breaks for the youth. There is also something of interest which may appeal to every member of the family. The city of Orlando alone boasts of more theme parks and attractions than can be found anywhere else. If you want a vacation, take a trip to Orlando.

The best time to visit the city is during the months between November and March. You will be greeted by pleasant weather with little chance of cloudy skies. Probably the most famous attraction it has to offer is the Walt Disney World Resort. You cannot afford to give this a miss even if you do not have kids to drag you there.

The resort also has an extensive variety of rides which has enough offerings to excite all age groups, from the quaint revolving teacups specially made for the tykes, to intense inertia rides with speeds surpassing that of gravity. However, you will really be missing something if you do not stay on till evening.

Once the sun goes down, the atmosphere here becomes wistful, with characters parading against a backdrop of fantasy landscapes, and fireworks to glitter the sky. You will be thanking yourself for it if you do drag yourself to this wonderful place.

The Sea World Orlando is yet another must-see tourist destination that should not be missed. If you want to catch a glimpse of movie madness, you can visit Universal Orlando, a sprawling compound which includes Universal Studios, City Walk, and the Islands of Adventure theme parks.

For those who follow the NBA, your favorite sports stars may not be far away. The Orlando Magic is one of the happening teams of the NBA, and you can catch season playoffs action at downtown Orlando’s Amway Arena. If the gridiron appeals much more to your fancy, then experience arena action as the Orlando Predators of the AFL, and the Jacksonville Jaguars of the NFL brawl it out with other American football teams. No matter what kind of sport gets you going, Orlando is the place to be.

If you are more of a speed freak, and your idea of a perfect day involves skid marks and the smell of burning rubber, then Daytona Beach is perfect for you. Nothing comes close to sating your need for speed than 400 laps of tire-screeching, engine-squealing action, as NASCAR rallies have been held here since 1947.

Be one among the crowd of nearly eight million tourists in an edge-of-your-seat fusion of sand, surf, man and machine.

Add some information to your fun vacation by stopping over at the ever-popular Space Coast. This 72 mile coast complex from east Orlando to Melbourne accommodates the Kennedy Space Center and the launch pads and rockets of Cape Canaveral, amid the nature preserves, the waterways, and the beautiful beach front.

Irrespective of the way in which you perceive it, Orlando is great as a holiday destination. The mentioned attractions are merely a few of the vast array of productive or leisurely activity which you may experience in the downtown and greater metropolitan areas. Anyone who has vacationed here will bear testimony to the fact.

Years ago when someone talked about going on a cruise they were in one of two categories – the very rich or the poor. The limited number of rich passengers would be staying in lavish, resort accommodations on the top levels of the ship, while the rest of those who wanted to secure cruise travel would be stuffed like rats in steerage. In recent decades cruising has become more and more affordable, and luckily those on almost any budget can take this style of tour today.

If a budget is very important to you when you are securing your cruise accommodation, you will need to think ahead, know exactly how much you have to spend on your trip, as well as souvenirs you may want to buy, and plan ahead to make sure you get the best return on your money.

When you are initially looking at cruise prices, don’t go right to the top of your budget when picking which travel package. In general spending your vacation with a cruise tour is a good way to conserve your money. Keep in mind you are getting accommodations, meals, entertainment and the ship’s facilities for one set price. But, often there are a number of ‘extra’ charges that are going to be added on to that low price you are seeing, so you need a little wiggle room in your budget.

Remember while your cost includes resort living, and meals, it does not include things like snacks you may want in between meals. Also, alcoholic drinks and sodas are usually not included. And, you will have to pay extra for any special tours that you want to take while at your various destinations.

Other fees that you will need to budget for are those that are added by the government from the country you left and those you will visit along the way. There may be port charges and taxes that will be added to your total. Sometimes these fees sneak up in your total as you are finalizing the payment for your trip.

While you may say you always have a couple of extra bucks on hand, these fees are a bit more than that and it’s possible that in some cases your port charges, taxes and government fees could be $100 or more a person.

In addition, not everyone lives right beside a port where cruise ships are based. If you will have to get to a port city, you must take into account your travel expenses to that city. If you are flying, make sure to do the math to know what the cost of the flight is as well as any transportation costs to get you from the airport to your cruise ship terminal. If the base port is close enough that you can drive there from your home, remember you are going to likely have to pay to leave your car in a parking lot at the cruise terminal, so take those costs into account as you prepare your trip budget.

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