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Baggallini bags make it easier than ever to travel with all the right compartments.

Baggallini Inc. was founded in 1995 by Dixie Powers and Ann Simmons, two women who sought out to make a difference in the bag industry.

They knew their purpose was to find not only bags that were stylish and colorful, but functional. Functional in every way. Designed by flight industry, these totes had to be everything the modern traveler needed to get their destination the easiest way.

What they didn’t expect to find that the fashion industry has begun to take notice. The bright color combinations such as tomato and mango, seafoam and black, and olive and spice, deserve all the attention they get. They functionality of the bags itself, is truly a wonder. With shoulder straps, cell phone holders, smaller wallets, and backpacks, all you ever need in a bag is there are waiting. Extra grip zippers, easily stacked totes, and available roll on bags make it easier than ever to prepare for any trip that awaits you.

Everyone knows that the handbag industry is hot, so Baggallini bags fits right in with fashion industry. Nowadays people look for more than just what they can wear with their wardrobe. A bag that goes well with an outfit and can also pack your goods for the weekend is what this company has thought of. Ever need a bag just for overnight? Or one that is small but great for club hopping?

Traveling is a big part of Baggallini, as you can tell by their design. It’s not easy to find the right bag for the right use, but with intelligent compartments and clever little extras that come with every bag, they do make it easy. Experience is shown and developed into the product, they each have a story to tell on their own, making them unique. The company promises to deliver with customer service, up to date designs, and fun, one of a kind color combos to keep their growing followers happy.

Istanbul the best known city in Turkey is without doubt Europe’s most exotic city, and is the ideal place to escape to for a weekend city break, or a romantic weekend getaway.

Istanbul may be in Europe, but it has the greatest Mosque you may ever see. It is split by huge expanses of the Bosphorus where Asia and Europe meet, and it isn’t expensive so is ideal for a cheap getaway.

It is important to see all the sights in Istanbul, and so your weekend Istanbul vacation needs careful planning, and you should plan to arrive in Istanbul as early as you can on a Friday, leaving as late as possible on a Monday, because you really need four days to see the sights whether it is for a weekend getaway or a romantic city break.

On day one of your weekend getaway to Istanbul should take in the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and the Hippodrome after checking into your Istanbul accommodation, and your Istanbul hotel need not be expensive. There is a great deal of sense in booking a hotel in the heart of historic old Istanbul, called the Sultanahmet, so when you are planning your weekend getaway then this is where you should look for your accommodation. The Four Seasons would be a top class Istanbul Hotel especially for a weekend break.

Your first afternoon after lunching in one of the many restaurants in this part of Istanbul, should be on foot, with a walking tour of Sultanahmet, but restricting yourself to the above mentioned Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, and the Hippodrome, and possibly the Sunken Palace Cistern, which are all within close walking distance, or at worst a two or three stop tram ride.

Your second day of your weekend city break should include Topkapi Palace which is right on your doorstep, and the Grand Bazaar.

You need to be at the Topkapi Palace before it opens and go to the Harem to book your place on the escorted tour, before exploring the rest of the Palace. Lunch in the Konyali Restaurant overlooking the Bosphorous and the Sea of Marmara is the ideal mid day break, after which you can take the short tram trip to the Grand Bazaar for an unforgettable shopping experience. A firm no thank you does work, but be fair to the traders by not pretending interest when no interest is there.

You could take a taxi to the Church of the Holy Saviour in Chora, the Kariye Muzesi, where there are outstanding Byzantine mosaics.

Walk drink and dine in the evening along the Istiklal Caddesi otherwise known as La Grande Rue de Pera, provoding it is a Friday or Saturday and you will find plenty of small family run Tavernas, Cafes, and Bars.

Your third day could be a Cruise on the Bosphorous assuming it is a Saturday or a Sunday, and on your last day visit the Archaelogical Museums, the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts, the Egyptian market or take the ferry over the Bosphorous and back again allowing you to say you have been on two different continents on the same day!!

Istanbul is like that, being two quite different continents in one, and just a perfect choice for a romantic weekend city break getaway.

No one wants to think about getting sick or having an accident while they’re on vacation. Unfortunately, this can happen. When it does, travel health insurance can prove to be a very beneficial buy.

Travel health insurance is a temporary policy that provides coverage to people while they’re on vacation or in transit. It can work in conjunction with or independent of regular major medical coverage. This type of insurance is very commonly offered to those using a travel agent, booking a cruise or going on a package trip.

The perks of travel insurance even when major medical coverage is in place include:

* Pricing. Travel insurance is typically a very small purchase on top of trip pricing. Although the few dollars would likely be more enjoyed spent on wining and dining, if something does happen, it will be worth every penny in most cases. Typically, this coverage costs no more than a dinner out on a trip.

* Out of network coverage. While most major medical coverage plans will offer some protection anywhere in the world, under any circumstance, they won’t always function at their full amounts.

For example, those who get sick on a cruise ship might find their basic co-pay plan will only cover 50 percent of a doctor’s visit on board the ship or perhaps even none. The travel health insurance policy, however, will cover this and a whole lot more. Out of country travelers, too, find this coverage very beneficial for covering them when nothing else will.

* Availability. In most cases, some form of travel insurance is available to people without medical examination require. It won’t cover pre-existing conditions for the most part, but it can make dealing with a crisis away from home a whole lot easier.

* Peace of mind. Just having this low-cost coverage while away from home can give vacationers a certain peace of mind. Since vacation is about relaxation, ensuring this can really help make a trip.

While travel insurance can be a huge perk for those who need it, not everyone does. People traveling in their own general regions, for example, might not require this coverage or even really benefit from it. If major medical coverage will remain in full force during the trip, there’s probably no reason to go to this extra expense. Check with regular health insurance to find out, however.

If major medical coverage isn’t available, a travel health insurance policy can be doubly important. The relatively low expense involved in this kind of coverage can really prove beneficial is something does go wrong.

Although this type of coverage is generally offered through a booking agent, it can be purchased by travelers on their own. A basic Internet for phone book search will typically net some great results on places to go for this type of policy.

Vacationing is about having fun, relaxing and doing new things. Unfortunately, sometimes bad things happen to travelers. When they do, travel health insurance can provide an extra level of comfort and peace of mind.

Some people say “80% of your vacation is the anticipation!” Let’s get started with these tips on booking a trip to the ‘House of the Mouse?’. If you have a particular interest in Disneyland Vacations, then this informative article will help, even before you strap on your mouse ears.

Disneyland park at Anaheim, CA in the USA is in fact one of the best theme parks in the world and booking a trip to Disneyland can itself get you into a good mood. However, like any vacation, you need to make sure that you’ve got your Trip to Disneyland planned out. Good planning will not only add to your enjoyment but will also help you in saving some money.

Here are some tips that will help you plan your Disneyland trip:

Before you book: You must make sure that Disneyland is open on all the days that you plan to visit Disneyland on. Though Disneyland is usually open on all days throughout the year, there might be times when it is closed e.g. Did you know that Disneyland was closed for one day in 2005 in preparation for their 50th anniversary celebrations?

Timing is everything: If you plan a trip to Disneyland during off-peak days, you not only get great deals on travel and accommodations, but also on the entry tickets for parks. Moreover, the rush in Disneyland is alot less on off-peak days so you might be able to reduce the wait time for the attractions. However, some attractions and events might not be open during off-peak times. Also, the opening hours might be limited during off peak period of the year. So, check the calendar at Disneyland website and decide on the dates you want to visit Disneyland on.

Book in advance: The general rule of booking travel / vacation applies to Disneyland too. Booking your hotel and flight in advance is especially important if you are planning to travel to Disneyland from a far off location. It can really save you a lot of money.

Booking a complete package all at once: The website of Disneyland offers many ways of booking vacation packages in one shot. You can book ‘hotel + Air + tickets’ or just ‘hotel + tickets’ or just the hotel through their website This can save a lot amount of time and hassle. However, if you want, you can book your trip through a variety of travel agents too.

There’s a lot to understand about Disneyland in California. In knowing the facts above, your trip to Disneyland will be a much more enjoyable experience, but there is still plenty more you’ll learn about in subsequent articles.

The proposal starts with your arrival to the charming city of Buenos Aires which you’ll be able to sightsee and explore in depth during your whole stay. To begin with the activities, there’s the classical Buenos Aires city tour that goes around the main interest spots in Buenos Aires following its historical evolution and discovering the most traditional and picturesque neighborhoods.

The tour intends to go along distinguishing the footprints left by immigration, tango, folklore, livestock farm culture, soccer football and the popular culture as the main component of the Buenos Aires idiosyncrasy. The path begins in Plaza de Mayo (May Square) and covers Casa Rosada (Pink House), the Cathedral, Cabildo, San Telmo, the antique’s shops, La Boca, the mythical Caminito Street, Retiro, Recoleta, Palermo with its parks and lakes, Monserrat and Puerto Madero.

You’ll also get to experience you own tango scene along with the performing artists of the tango house Sabor a Tango that will delight you with an impressive show. This is a performance accompanied by first class gastronomy in an intimate space that remembers the origins of tango. A memorable Buenos Aires tango show night.

A truly autochthonous and very entertaining activity is a visit to one of the best Argentina Estancias where participants may watch the farm chores, horse-man skills and regional dances shows, do some horse-back riding and sporting activities. The tour includes tasting of Argentine culinary delicatessen: empanadas (savory pastries stuffed with meat), wine, a typical asado (barbecue) and pastries for the afternoon tea.

The outings to Tigre represent a possibility to experience nature very close to Buenos Aires. This wonderful Argentina travel offer begins with a trip in the picturesque Tren de la Costa (Riverside Train) with an itinerary along the northern zone of Buenos Aires outskirts. Once in Tigre, the passengers enjoy a boat ride along small rivers and canals surrounded by the Delta’s exuberant vegetation.

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