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The Chevrolet Venture was launched by General Motors under “Chevrolet” brand. It was a minivan which was manufactured from 1997 to 2005. It was a utility vehicle, which had good appeal in the market.

However there were questions raised on its safety aspects. Chevrolet Venture had a very original look and was compact amongst all in the segment.

Accessories of the Chevrolet Venture met the expectation of brand. They were also trendy and sober in looks. To name few there were seat covers, steering cover, vehicle cover, MP3 / CD, perfumes, foot mats etc One of the accessories is keychain which was in good demand amongst people who loved key chains. Chevrolet Venture key chains had mark of its own. Though the vehicle is no more in production but its key chain are still in market. It is also kept as treasure by those who possess it.

Chevrolet Venture Key Chain has unique name associated with it “Chevy”. They came in various shapes and sizes. It provided enough variety for customers to choose. Some prominent varieties in key chain were:

1) Chevy Venture Chrome Circle key chain: It has chrome plating with “venture” name mentioned in centre.

2) Chevy Venture Leather silver key chain: This key chain has high quality leather with pendant hanging to leather. Its ring is silver and overall is very good combination of contrast i.e. silver and black leather. The pendant has brand name “venture” mentioned in centre.

3) Chevy Venture metal Oval key chain: It has very classy oval shape which provides a different look to key chain.

4) Chevy Venture leather gold key chain: It is same as leather silver key chain with only difference of gold instead of silver.

The beauty of all Chevrolet Venture key chain is smooth and finesses with which they were manufactured. Such quality made it valuable possession for residents of US and Europe (though it had some different brand name).

One could also personalize the key chain by having names engraved in it. This service was offered directly from manufacturer. We still have such key chains in market. It is important that one should buy original key chain supplied by authorized dealer or company shop. There are various spurious products prevailing in market. We should take care that such products are not promoted and we should avoid buying the same. The original product comes with lifetime warranty against material damage and workmanship. It has proved to be a good promotional item for Chevrolet Venture brand.

Restaurants have long cherished these and you can see such memoirs in some trendy restaurants like TGIF across the world. TGIF is a restaurant that loves its relics and you can see some interesting pieces from stuffed toys, sign boards and these keychains lovingly restored and mounted on their walls.

Such key chains are valuable possession and can be part of key chain automotive collection. Despite the stopping of production of any vehicle, these key chains can be kept as a gentle reminder of vehicle’s existence and its colorful past.

Tonneau covers have become the big craze these days, and for good reason. Truck bed covers give you the option of having the extra storage space your truck provides, while maintaining the look of a sharp truck. In addition, tonneau covers have actually been proven to increase gas mileage while protecting your possession from the elements. These features have made them among the most popular automotive products available today.

However, with increase in demand has come increase in production. There are now hundreds of available tonneau covers for all kinds of trucks. With so many options, it can be hard to find the right tonneau cover for your truck. When this situation arises, I normally recommend that a customer look at the different categories of tonneau covers available, and make a decision based on which category of tonneau cover will best fit their needs.

There are basically six categories of tonneau covers, ranging in price, ease of use and installation, protection capability and durability. These categories are hard top tonneaus, soft roll up tonneaus, hinged tonneaus, retractable or roll top tonneaus, tool box tonneaus, and cross bow tonneaus. Read the sections below to find out which is best for you and your truck.

Hard Top Tonneau Covers

Hard top tonneaus are secure and durable. They include a strong yet lightweight and flexible automotive grade vinyl top mounted into a rigid aluminum frame. This set up creates extra security while resisting scratching, chipping and fading. In addition, hard top tonneaus offer great accessibility, as they do not interfere with the tailgate so you can load small packages or equipment without opening the tonneau. Customer favorites include the HardTop 4-way Tonneau Cover, with a patented design that allows you to open it four ways, the Roll-N-Lock Tonneau Cover, which easily retracts into a canister at the front of the truck bed, and the Pace Edwards BedLocker Tonneau Cover, which has an electric motor and cargo light that can be operated by remote control. Hard top tonneaus start at $598.99.

Soft Roll Up Tonneau Covers

Soft roll up tonneaus offer the protection of a hard top tonneau with the versatility of the old-school soft variety of tonneau. Soft tonneau covers are made of a durable yet flexible tarp fabric designed for ease of installation and low weight requirements. Customer favorites include the Lund Genesis Tri-Fold Cover, with its unique folding design and simple 2 minute installation, the Extang Tuff Tonno III, which offers the world’s strongest tarp attachment and special “peel and seal” edging, and the Access Roll-Up Tonneau Cover, which includes a reliable side-sealing system designed to create cover tension from front to back for a tight, secure fit. Soft tonneaus are much more economical, and start as low as $169.99.

Hinged Tonneau Covers

Hinged tonneau covers offer an unchallenged ease of access to your truck bed space with minimal effort. They lift easily upward at an angle to allow you to quickly and easily access your truck bed. Hinged tonneaus include heavy-duty vinyl covers and tubular supports for one hand lifting. Customer favorites include the Undercover Tonneau Cover, with its easily installed VersaCover and strong patented GELOYTM plastic compound cover, the Lund Genesis Hinged Tonneau Cover, which includes heavy-duty gas struts for easy one-hand opening, and the Seductive Hard Top Tonneau, which displays an innovative 3-way rotary latch system for consistent latching every time. Hinged tonneau covers are also among the more affordable, starting as low as $279.99.

Retractable Roll-Top Tonneau Covers

Retractable roll-top tonneaus are great for those who want the hard cover type of tonneau, without the hassle of having to lift the top. Roll-top tonneaus feature a durable canister that mounts at the front of the truck bed allowing the tonneau cover to easily retract into it. Customer favorites include the Roll-N-Lock Tonneau, with its unique one piece clamp-on track system and integral bed rail gasket, the Bak RollBak Tonneau Cover, which lines the rails with ultra high density polyurethane for smooth gliding, and the Pace Edwards Roll-Top Tonneau Cover, which includes a convenient easy-to-install top. Retractable Roll-Top Tonneau Covers start as low as $589.99.

Tool Box Tonneau Covers

Tool box tonneau covers are specially designed to fit your truck with your toolbox installed. These tonneaus are a favorite among customers whose trucks are used as both street and work vehicles. Tool box tonneaus feature roll out bars, bows and cover to allow easy access to your tools. Customer favorites include the Extang Toolbox Tonno Cover, with its easy pull to disengage your tail rail for bulk hauling, and the Access Tool Box Edition Tonneau Cover, with protection capabilities perfect for contractors, construction, farms and other commercial uses. Tool Box Tonneau Covers start as low as $389.99.

Cross-Bow Tonneau Covers

Cross-Bow style tonneau covers create the older look of original tonneau covers with the support and durability of the new class. These tonneaus have bows that run down the bed to support the cover and retain that classic tonneau look. In addition, classic tonneau covers are perfect for the price-conscious customer. Customer favorites include the Lund Genesis Seal & Peel, with its specially-engineered cover and rails and unique adhesive seal, and the Lebra Glow Tonneau, which emits a high impact “Glacier Glow” color for maximum lighting. Cross-Bow tonneau covers are also the most affordable style, starting as low as $169.99.

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when purchasing the correct tonneau cover for your truck. However, this is necessary when taking into account the large number of quality tonneau covers on the market today. I always recommend taking time to compare and decide, as a tonneau cover is a purchase that can last a lifetime.

It’s happened to all of us, driving along the highway minding our own business, when a chip of stone kicked up by the car in front pings against the window and chips it. It’s one of the most frustrating things that can happen to your car, and considering the size of the damage, it is disproportionately expensive to put right. Many people take their car to the repair shop with a stone chip in the windshield, and then get charged for a replacement at a cost of hundreds of dollars.

However, this need not be the case. Under many circumstances, instead of replacing the whole windshield, you can use a windshield repair kit to fix small cracks and chips in the glass at a fraction of the cost.

A typical car windshield is made up of a laminate of at least two layers of glass with a polymer resin sandwiched between them This gives the glass huge strength, and in the event of an accident, the resin is designed to hold the pieces of glass together and stop them showering into the car and causing injury.

Because of the layered structure of a windshield, crack repair is possible. Usually in the event of a stone chip, only one layer of glass is damaged, with the underlying layers remaining undamaged. This means that it is possible to make the windshield more stable, and prevent the damage getting any worse, without having to replace the whole windshield.

If the stone chip has gone through more than one layer of the glass, or is positioned right in the centre of the driver’s field of vision, then you should consider replacing the wind shield completely, because under such circumstances, the damage could cause impairment to the ability of the driver.

If you are able to repair the windshield, you should carry out the work as soon as possible after the damage occurs. If it is left too long, the cracks can spread out across the screen thanks to the pressure of the air pushing against the glass when you are driving. As the cracks spread, the glass becomes weaker and weaker, and can eventually simply shatter under the pressure, which is obviously highly dangerous for the driver and any passengers in the car.

The actual method of repairing a stone chip or small crack in the glass is simple with the appropriate windshield repair kits. Although different manufacturers package the kit differently, the actual method used is roughly the same.

Windshield crack repair is carried out by injecting a clear resin into the crack or chip under pressure in order to completely fill any spaces, then the resin is cured rapidly using a special light that leaves it as hard as rock. If it is carried out properly there should be no distortion of vision when you repair windshield crack damage, and in many cases, the resin bonds so well with the edges of the cracks that the actual damage is much less visible and distracting for the driver.

As well as small windshield repair kits designed for a single use, larger professional kits are also available that contain enough resin and equipment to perform up to 100 repairs. Because it is a fairly straightforward task to repair cracked windshields using the proper tools, there are many companies available who will carry out the service on your behalf, although at a much higher cost than doing the work yourself – albeit a lot less than you would have to pay for an entirely new windshield.

The windshield on your car is there to protect you at all times, but it must be clear to see out of to help you avoid any trouble in the first place. It is vitally important to repair any damage to it, no matter how small it is, to ensure your safety, and also to prevent it getting worse and potentially costing you a lot of money.

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