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Motorhome touring holidays are becoming more and more popular in England and Europe and many people consider hiring an American type vehicle such as a Winnebago instead of the home grown British or European models produced by companies such as Swift or Elddis.

Before deciding to hire a winnebago for use in England however, it is worthwhile considering the arguments for and against. It should be noted that Winnebago is actually a manufacturer’s name even though it is now used as a generic term for American Motorhome and there are many other makers, such as Airstream.

While considering the hire of such a vehicle it is wise to consider switching to an English equivalent if the circumstances warrant it. Let us consider the pros and cons of the American motorhome against the British equivalent.

Winnebago motorhomes are left hand drive whilst English vehicles are right hand drive , this is a definite disadvantage if you are intending to stay in the uk , however if you are going to mainland Europe the winnebago is more suitable. Winnebago vehicles are also long vehicles, designed for the u.s. roads which are wider and much straighter than English roads, you would not want to make a three point turn on an English road in a winnebago although many have rearward facing cameras to aid you in this task. Winnebago engines are designed for u.s. gas prices, whether diesel or petrol the fuel consumption will be high and must be factored into your decision.The side door on an american vehicle will open onto the road instead of the pavement or verge when used in England, this could be a major safety issue, especially if you are taking children with you. Although reliable Winnebagos can break down just like any other motor vehicle and spares availabilty can be limited in the U.K. with many parts having to be shipped in from America expertise in repairing these vehicles can also be scarce.

On the other hand winnebago motorhomes are more spacious with many having slide out sides ( for use whilst parked) which create huge living areas, they are normally fully equipped with air conditioning, central heating, showers, hook up for waste, tv, electricity, separate bedrooms, built in generators, aouto-levelling air jacks, lcd televisions, automatic transmission, air suspension, separate dining areas and roof deck seating. In general they are much more luxurious than their British counterparts, they also tend to have more powerful engines.It should however be noted that if the morohome weighs more than 7.5 tonnes you will not be able to drive it ona a normal car drivers licence , you will need a class “C” truck licence.

You therefore have to choose whether the static advantages of a winnebago are more important than the drawbacks of fuel consumption, maneuverability, safety etc in coming to the decision of whether to hire a winnebago or whether to go for an English motorhome. Whichever you choose you are bound to enjoy the freedom of the road, that outdoor camping feelgood factor and the ever changing scenery as you tour the countryside.

If you are looking to buy a quality used car then you have plenty of choices of where to look. Your local car dealer will often offer a range of quality used cars which will have all the necessary paperwork up to date and would have been tested. This is perhaps the safest way to buy a used car but often one of the most expensive.

A more popular choice especially for those who know a little about cars, is to purchase from a specialist magazine or free ads paper offering used cars. Another way you can take advantage of buying this way is to use the internet.

Besides the wide variety of free ad papers being available online there are also specialist sites who offer huge ranges of quality used cars. The beauty of these sites is that they all include photos of the cars which can give you a good idea as to whether the car is a really good deal or whether it is in need of a good paint job!

Of course, buying this way can be a little risky as there is always the possibility of the car having been stolen, having been tampered with (such as the mileage having been adjusted) or if you don’t know anything about cars, then you could end up with a “banger”.

The solution would be to get a Vehicle Data Check, which is a low costs service that instantly checks out the history of the car. This will show whether it is stolen, whether there is any outstanding finance on it, whether it has even been involved in an accident etc. This will save you making a costly mistake.

Whichever way you choose to purchase a used car, never rush into anything. Always make sure the car comes with the appropriate documentation and make sure it is 100% genuine before committing yourself.

The BMW has long been revered as one of the most luxury vehicles of its time. First introduced in 1913 Munich, Germany, the BMW has stood the test of time in offering customers quality they can depend on and luxury that is unsurpassed in the marketplace. BMW may be a European car but the American culture has embraced it as a high-end vehicle synonymous with success. And nowhere does that hold truer than in some of America’s most prestigious cities. It’s no wonder, therefore, that BMW Las Vegas continues to thrive in delivering customers luxury they expect.

In this city of glitz and glamour, residents and visitors alike have come to expect an elevated level of luxury – in everything from their homes, hotels, and restaurants, to the cars that they drive. BMW Las Vegas dealers keep pace with this demand for luxury by providing customers with a variety of vehicles that fit their lifestyle without compromising the unequaled quality of the BMW brand.

From sedans and compacts, to SUVs and motorcycles, BMW Las Vegas dealers know the vehicles that will excite their customers and offer high performance in this hot dessert climate.

When purchasing a BMW from a BMW Las Vegas dealer you can go online to shop and compare prices. Look to pre-owned vehicles or shop at the end of a calendar year in order to find deep discounts. You will find BMW Las Vegas dealer personnel to be friendly, helpful, and reflective of the BMW reputation for sophisticated and knowledgeable service.

But most importantly, your budget doesn’t have to hinder you from owning a BMW. Any BMW Las Vegas dealer will walk you through the different series of the BMW car and the ways in which you can parlay your budget into luxury vehicle ownership.

For visitors to the area, a BMW Las Vegas dealer can rent you the vehicle of your dreams in which to enjoy the city during your stay. For a very affordable price, you can live the lifestyle of BMW if only for a few days, basking in the luxury and comfort that comes with vehicles of this class. What better way to enjoy your vacation?

For any sanding or polishing jobs that require an excellent finish, on almost any surface, an orbital air sander is the tool that you need. Orbital sanders have quickly become the tool of choice for anyone wanting to either prepare a surface for painting, or alternatively, to get a superb finish afterwards.

An orbital air sander is a flexible and easy to use air tool, which is considered essential for professional auto body repair jobs, and is also the kind of equipment that every hobbyist will want to have in their toolkit in order to ensure that they can do a great job.

An orbital air sander features a sanding pad that moves in a random manner around a specific center point. It is this random movement that is the key to the success of the air tool. Rather than with traditional sanding devices such as a belt sander, where the tool leaves a mark on the surface and can lead to an uneven finish, with a random orbital air sander, the finish is even over a much wider area, meaning that the finish that you can expect is much better and smoother.

The combination of a circular and random action of the sanding disc on an orbital air sander means that it is able to sand in any direction, cover a larger area relatively quickly, and avoid concentrating too much sanding action on one area. This means that the finish will be more even than with a belt sander or even old style orbital devices that did not have a random aspect to their movement.

You can add different sanding discs to an orbital air sander to ensure that it is properly set up for a huge variety of different jobs. From heavy duty sanding paper for tough jobs through to buffing cloths in order to get a final polished finish at the end of the job. With most orbital air sanders, changing the disc takes just a few seconds, allowing you to get a variety of jobs done a lot quicker.

Perhaps the most immediately obvious application that an orbital air sander can be used for is in preparing an area of auto body for painting. You would start off with a fairly rough grade of abrasive paper in order to strip back the paint and leave bare metal. Within a couple of seconds, it is possible to change to a finer abrasive in order to smooth the metal out and get it ready for paint. After each coat of paint, an even finer abrasive can be used in order to get a great finish, before the disc on the orbital air sander is changed for the final time and replaced with a buffing cloth to get the perfect finish.

Pretty much every power tool manufacturer produces their own version of the orbital air sander, and they range in price from basic inexpensive models that are useful for anyone wanting to do small jobs around the house right up to high quality professional air tools that are designed for the professional auto body shop, and will provide reliable service for years.

The introduction of the 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray heralded major changes in the march onward in the Chevrolet Stingray. The Sting Ray was available as both a “Roadster “version with a removable hardtop and a “Coupe” sometimes referred to as a fastback.

Onwards from 1963 to 1967 the Sting Ray got even better with a greater number of options for both luxury and power performance. This was the heyday of the days of sports car customizers. And the Corvette Sting Ray was the perfect 100 % raw material for the sports car customizers. Headlights were molded and in and the bumpers were removed. So many Corvettes received an extra pair of taillights that people that they were actually a General Motors Chevrolet Corvette factory option. Later when the low profile wide tires came along, so did large fender flares. The speed equipment industry had boomed, so the majority of Corvette engine parts were being replaced by the latest: Hot Setup”. Rochester fuel injectors were being removed because of service problems, and everyone heard that the single four barrel in a high riser manifold was better. In 1965 the first Chevy big-block was introduced in the Corvette, and the performance was more than awesome.

Another new body style – both larger and heavier was introduced in 1968. Many thought that this was the beginning of the decline of the Corvette, But in the vital performance department, the 427 cubic inches Rat Motor with its three two-barrel carbs and the 435 horse power ratings more than powered the Corvette legend of lore. No letting down of the powerful image of the ‘Vette.

Things got even better right on up to the 1969 L-88with aluminum cylinder heads the 1970 LS-6 rated at a mighty 465 horse power rating. The word Corvette invokes the image of high performance sports car performance. An older age group replaced the street racer cult as the primary consumers and purchasers of the Vette. More and more of the Corvettes were equipped with such luxury and comfort options as air conditioning, power steering and telescoping steering columns. It was not long before the Corvette with emission devices and soon the real ‘Vette type of performance was history.

What was more than interesting was the response original hot rodder modification group. The amazing part of all of this is how the circle came round. Karma sneaks in.

The same dedicated group of sport car enthusiasts and hot rodders, who modified the older, pre mainstream luxury comfort model Corvettes, is now the very ones who restore this same converted Corvette back to exact stock specifications.

How could these people justify the work and effort of taking these cars back in time to factory specs when a great amount of time, effort and cost had been invested in these very cars? A used Corvette at the time was essentially a very attractive sports car buy.

Why were restore cars in vogue and even preferred over the earlier modified ones. Partially it was a case of limited supply and very high prices being offered by the stock type Corvettes and classic car auctions and the prices being asked in the special car groups and publications. All in all it can be said it can be a combination of the custom cars getting old and needing refurbishing and the 55 mile speed limit in the time. Perhaps as well it was a question of maturity on the kids who were the Corvette hot rodders at the time. See the influence of time, life and having a family with its change of priorities can have on the wildest kids.

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