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The official Caribbean hurricane season stretches from June 1 – November 30. It’s rare to see a large storm in either June or November and most major hurricanes occur between August and October, with the peak season usually being September.

The upside is that prices are lower for the Caribbean during this time and resorts are less crowded.

So what do you do if you want to get away during hurricane season?

Buy Travel Insurance

You must buy the trip cancellation insurance before the storm is announced, otherwise it will be deemed a pre-existing condition, so always purchase insurance the same day you book your trip to be safe. Most travel insurance policies will cover a trip disrupted because of a hurricane when you are forced to arrive late or leave early for your trip, but you’ll be reimbursed only for the affected days until the airport or resort reopens. You will usually be reimbursed for the days you are forced to stay at a resort during a hurricane, but be sure to always read the fine print on your policy to make sure you know what they will actually cover.

Try to Avoid the Storms

Track hurricanes online with weather websites during the season. Some good sites include:

The National Weather Service – National Hurricane Center & Storm Tracking for the Atlantic & Pacific Oceans News and Information Tropical Storm Center Your Location Well

When planning a trip to the Caribbean during hurricane season, it is good to know that hurricanes are less likely the further south you go. The islands of Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and St. Vincent, including the islands below them, are the least hit by hurricanes. However, as Grenada discovered in 2004 with Hurricane Ivan, never say never and keep in mind that hurricanes are unpredictable.

Go on a Cruise

The good thing about cruises is that they can usually sail around the worst of a storm. And today’s ships are extraordinarily safe and with the advanced weather tracking available today, bad weather is something they can avoid. The downside is that the cruise line always reserves the right to reschedule port calls and change itineraries for weather-related reasons and therefore you may not get to visit the places you had hoped to.

Pick a Resort That Offers a “Hurricane Guarantee”

Recently, many of the largest resorts and resort chains, have started instituting a “hurricane guarantee,” offering guests their money back for days lost to bad weather. For example, in the unlikely event that hurricane force winds (as defined by the U.S. National Weather Service) directly hit the Sandals or Beaches resorts while you are a guest, interrupting the use of all the included activities, Sandals or Beaches Resorts will offer a free replacement vacation to be taken at any Sandals or Beaches Resort of your choice. Go to for more resorts that offer hurricane guarantees.

Make the Best of It.

If you do get caught on vacation during a hurricane, try to make the best of it. As long as there is no danger present, relax indoors and focus on other activities.

My husband and I got caught in the Mayan Riviera, Mexico during hurricane Keith in 2000. He was still my boyfriend at that time and unbeknownst to me, he planned to propose on our second evening there. We got dressed for dinner and arrived at the hotel restaurant to find it boarded up. We saw the line up in the hotel lobby, everyone was being evacuated from the hotel to one farther up the coast. We ran back to our room, packed and got on the next bus out – not the evening my husband had planned!

When we checked into our room at the new hotel a few hours later, he still had the engagement ring burning a hole in his pocket. The winds were blowing and it was raining so the romantic walk on the beach he had been hoping for was out. He couldn’t put it off any longer so he dropped to one knee and proposed then and there. It was definitely a memorable evening, hurricane and all!

Planning to spend your next holidays in Sardinia, Italy? Congratulations for the choice! Everyone knows that Sardinia island a is a natural paradise, one of the most wonderful places to spend your beach holidays in Mediterranean area, but not so much knows how many activities is possible to experience during your vacation there…

Find below a short list of activities to have fun in Sardinia:


The unique net work of winding routes of empty country roads is enjoyable for a keen biker. The climate of Sardinia is ideal for bike tours especially in spring and autumn. The coastal flatland is good for beginners and for easy going but the hilly areas of the island need endurance and high levels of fitness from the part of the bikers.

Hiking or walking

To discover the beauty of the island hiking is best suited with a wide range of hiking possibilities. Marked routes are there and there are many guided excursions. The Supramonte massif is one of the most beautiful hiking areas and this area remains as one of the desolate and rocky areas in Europe. There are narrow gorges, imposing chalk rocks, wide plateaus and hidden canyons in a continuous stretch of natural beauty. The green peaked Gennargentu Mountain is a lot more apprehensive when compared to the Supramonte’s supremacy. Hilly Barbegia’s mixed foliage forests are just like the sub alpine mountain range of Germany except for the hordes of tourists. The view of the surrounding coastline from the pinnacle of the Punta La Marmora which is the highest peak of the Gennargentu and of the Sardinia is breathtaking. One of the deepest canyons, Gola di Gorrpou is in the Gennargentu. Marmilla table-top Mountain also offers some good walking which is suitable for children. There are numerous animals in flat-as-a-pancake plateau is ideal for family walks with its natural beauty. There are picnic spots and well marked tracks in Monte Sette Fratelli Nature Park in the middle of the region and is one of the last homes of the Sardinian deer. It is well worth to explore the coastal areas.


Sailing in Sardinia provides an extraordinary sailing experience with hundreds of secluded coves, beaches and rock formations. No stretch in Sardinia is same as the next from dunes of the Costa Verde to the deep emerald coves and dramatic cliffs of Cala Gonone.


The island is paradise of windsurfers and the north of Sardinia is best known for windsurfing but south of Sardinia can also offer good wind and wave conditions. One of the best windsurfing areas in Europe is Porto Pollo in Sardinia.


Divers are attracted by caves, shipwrecks, rich waters and some of opportunities in the north of the island. Divers can discover underwater web of caves and tunnels with stalactites and corals in the North West near Capo Caccia. The diving expeditions to La Maddalena National Park are for beginners and snorkellers because the water in this area is only 10 meters deep and is clear with seaweed covered sandy sea bed and reefs.


One of the most important golf courses in Sardinia is the Pevero near Olbia and is famous with both locals and the tourists. The Golf courses are of good quality along with fantastic scenery.

Paragliding and free climbing

These are the two extreme sports popular in the island and the best spots are Barbagie and Ogliastra. There are other places which also offer decent challenges such as Gallura, Marghine-Planargia, Montiferru, Nuorese, Sarrabus and Sulcis-lglesiente.

Horse riding

There are rides for children as well as adults. The horse rides go through beautiful mountain scenery and beaches.

This wonderful place is perfect to immerse yourself in a new dimension, putting aside all your troubles, your stress, and your everyday headache…

Restaurants and Bars – You do not get water for free, you have to pay for it. If you order water you will get carbonated water. In most restaurants you can request tap water and they may or may not charge you but it is most likely straight from the sink. In some American fast food restaurants, (i.e. McDonalds) you must pay for ketchup as well. Be aware that the menus at most fast food restaurants in Germany are not exactly the same. You may also notice that a sandwich that you recognize from back home may taste a little different or it could be smaller. When you enter a restaurant you will not be seated, just walk right in and pick the table of your choice!- the tip should be much smaller than you would give in the States (this is because the waiters/waitresses get paid more than in the states) A tip of two or three EUR would be considered a good tip for very good service.

Supermarkets – If you shop for groceries in Germany you will notice the supermarkets have all of their large rolling carts outside in a designated area and they are locked to one another. In order to utilize a cart you must place one EUR in the cart itself, you will see the slot on the handle. Upon leaving the supermarket you latch the cart back to the other carts and pull the device out where you placed the coin, now you can retrieve your coin. When you have all of the groceries you want, proceed to the check-out counter. You will have to purchase plastic bags to put the groceries in or you can take one in yourself. If you decide to purchase one they are usually visible at the counter and normally only cost a few cents. If there is a long line do not put all of your groceries in the bag, put them back into the cart and bag them away from the line.

Closing hours – On Sunday everything is closed except for some restaurants, bars, gas stations and shops at the main train station and bigger airports. Some bigger stores are realizing that they can make much more money if they open on Sunday so they are doing just that, but I would not rely on it. During the week shops in bigger cities close at 8 PM at the latest. You may see shops in smaller cities closing even earlier.

Public Phones – Public phones are very rare in Germany. If you find one you will notice that they only take telephone cards. You can buy a telephone card in different shops like “T-Punkt”, “Telekom”, “Post”, and “Vodafone” or you can go to an Internet cafe.

Miscellaneous – “Bad” in front of a towns name does not mean that the people or the city is bad for example, “Bad Homburg”. Bad in front of a towns name normally means that the town is designated as a healthy location normally with very clean air and water.

While the vivacious events like the Pushkar Camel Fair and Desert Festival of Jaisalmer offer you a traditional Rajasthan experience, the royal monuments like the Jal Mahal and the Hawa Mahal take you back in a bygone era. So, visit the desert land of Rajasthan for experiencing a vacation of lifetime on your own. Visit with Rajasthan Tour Package to explore its charming cities like the Pink city – Jaipur, City of lakes – Udaipur, Sun City – Jaisalmer, Golden city Jaisalmer, Bikaner and many other enchanting cities. Commonly referred to as the ‘land of kings’, Rajasthan boasts of plethora of attractions such as imposing forts and monuments, rich and varied wildlife, colourful fairs and festivals and much more. If you are actually looking for a awesome vacation, then Rajasthan Tour Package ends your search. Enjoy an exciting ride on Camel’s back or go for camping in Sam Sand Dunes or spot wildlife in their natural habitat by Elephant or Jeep Safaris. Rajasthan, a land of vibrant colours is known for its rich and varied culture. Even today, Rajasthan keep its rich cultural heritage in music, arts, crafts, clothes and various other forms.

Rajasthan Tour Package covers the places of interest of Rajasthan in a short circuit is not a simple work. For your ease and final holidaying skill, Rajasthan tour package telling you some best tours for Rajasthan.

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