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You may want the first person you tell about an upcoming vacation to be your insurance agent. The U.S.

Department of State recommends travelers check to see if their health insurance is valid in different destinations, before heading off on a trip. Doing so could help save you more than a few headaches while you’re on the road. Try these additional tips for staying healthy while traveling:

Know Before You Go

Talk to your doctor about the places you plan to visit and find out if you need any vaccinations before going. Remember that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says some vaccines take up to six weeks to become fully effective. That means if you need a shot, you should try to get it well before your actual trip.

Healthy Travels

Pack prescription medication and basic over-the-counter medicine in your carry-on luggage-not in your checked bags. That way, if your checked bags get lost, it will just be an inconvenience and not an emergency. Also, make an effort to sample the local fare, but be certain to tell your waiter about any food allergies you may have before ordering.

Even if you’re not going to Tahiti, odds are you’ll be walking around in the sun. Be sure to protect yourself by using a sunblock with an SPF of at least 15 and a wide-brimmed hat. Just know that not all hats block the sun’s rays equally well. Some are specifically designed and certified to offer maximum sun protection and some are not. For instance, hats made by Tilley Endurables are certified with an Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 50+ (the highest rating given). Tilley Mesh Hats are also equipped with new “3D” mesh fabric as well as Hydrofil™ Anti-Sweat Bands. Like all the company’s hats, they block 98 percent of the sun’s rays and are designed to keep travelers’ heads cool.

Anyone who wants to enjoy a stress-free trip has to start with the basic concern of any traveler – how to effectively handle travel reservations. Below are a number of advice that may help:

– Decide on a travel plan – specific destination, how many days, what activities, routes, and other details. The attention given to this first step will ensure smooth sailing in making the necessary travel arrangements.

– If the destination is a foreign country, make sure all information that would be needed in making reservations are on hand.

How about booking your airline tickets? Below are some airline reservation tips you can use:

– If notification of your reservation is done by e-mail, make sure that the ticket price quoted is the same. Sometimes, some airlines claim the airfare booked earlier is no long available.

– If booking on online, use a reservation site where ticket prices for all airlines are shown so a comparison can be readily seen.

– If booking for more than one person, check also the ticket price for both a single passenger and multiple passengers. Some airlines quote different prices.

When it comes to reserving your hotel rooms, below are some helpful tips:

– Ask if the rate is a flat rate or per person.

– Ask how many beds are in the room and what the size is.

– Make sure to finalize a rate before getting off the phone.

– Ask about tax rates that would be added.

– Will breakfast be included with the price of the room? What time is it served and what is included.

– Are there guarantee and cancellation policies? Most hotels require guarantee for reservation with a credit card. Will they ask a check deposit?

– If this is a standard reservation, make sure there is a confirmation number.

Follow these top tips for a stress-free and enjoyable travel experience!

Your choice of a travel insurance policy is probably the most important decision you will make in planning your holiday. You will enjoy peace of mind on your vacation knowing that any unforeseen circumstances, such as a hospital stay due to sickness or accident will be taken care of.

In addition, while many travelers have health insurance, it sometimes does not cover them outside of their network or outside of the United States. Most medical plans will not cover medical expenses abroad, which is why travel insurance coverage is vital to avoid financial disaster. Always check the details of your insurance coverage before you travel. Additionally, with out the proper medical insurance, you will not have a say on where you will be treated if you were in an accident.

Generally, comprehensive travel insurance policy costs 5 to 7 percent of the price of your trip. Your policy may also provide reimbursement for lost luggage, some degree of medical evacuation insurance, accidental death coverage, medical expenses, personal liability, cancellation, loss of baggage and theft. Your policy should also include all the details of how to make a claim.

Not all travel insurance plans are created equal. The cost varies from company and policy to policy. Policies may be purchased for individual trips or as an annual policy for all trips taken in the year of insurance. If you purchase an annual travel insurance policy, it will cover you for one year from the start date you choose. In some cases, it might be your best option to purchase a trip cancellation waiver and a third party travel insurance policy.

Credit card companies usually provide what is called travel accident insurance, which covers accidents but not incidents of serious illness. When you travel abroad, you should always consider buying insurance that includes medical care.

If you are willing to assume a financial risk (the cost of your trip), you can probably forego insurance for your domestic travel. Since 9/11, many are looking to travel insurance to safeguard their trip against any unforeseen terrorist attacks at their destination. Traveling abroad without insurance can be risky and impose long-term financial hardships if an accident or illness occurred.

Today, when airlines offer more economy seating and more cut-rate fares, some customers and industry watchers predict the end of first class travel.

After all, many of the most luxurious methods of travel in the past – including the once-famous MGM jet and the Concorde – are no longer offering service. It’s too early to mourn the end of first class travel, though. At a time when it seems that low-cost air travel and trips are de rigeur, some companies are working harder than ever to provide high-quality first class travel experiences. Many more business, executive, and even pleasure-seeking travelers are choosing to travel first class.

There are many reasons why customers choose first class travel arrangements. Many note that the exceptional service and small extras – such as blankets and better food – ensure a pleasant trip experience. On a longer trip, these small extras allow passengers to arrive in good spirits and in a relaxed mood, ready to begin their day’s business or their vacation without undue hassle or fatigue.

Many business passengers find that first class travel arrangements help them make the most of their trips and help to project a professional image. For many passengers traveling for pleasure, first class travel is a pleasant luxury that adds to the quality of a trip.

If you have always avoided first class travel because of the cost, it is time to look at your high-end travel options again. Airlines, boats, and trains are all offering better-class travel experiences at almost all price levels. There are upgraded travel packages that offer some of the perks of first class travel at a fraction of the price, for example. Look around and talk to your travel agent – you might be surprised at how much sense first class travel arrangements make.

Rome is a Mecca of aural and visual treats. Remnants of the great empire remain proud and dignified. Classical, Renaissance and Gothic architecture blend with modern high rise buildings. The people are feisty, swarthy and stylish.

The city is pure romanticism coming to life. The melting pot of cultures that the city boasts of is best savored slowly. Rome is a favorite of artists because the mere act of standing before the Colosseum is enough to flood their senses with infinite inspiration

Rome is as elegant as any European city imagined by ordinary folks through rose-tinted glasses. Many of the top designers are Italian so one of the things you will notice is how common high-end fashion houses are in Rome. The good news is that these finely crafted pieces can be had at prices significantly lower than say the US. The down side is that shopping in Rome is a bit different than what many of us are used to. For ordinary mortals like us who pursue the less sublime, Rome is a shopper’s paradise.

When in Rome, dress to impress. Take the hint from the numerous designer stores you see. You can enjoy great bargains if you look the part. Italians are generally warm people but the sales personnel can get snooty.

Italians are creatures of pleasure and leisure. In Rome, all shops and businesses close for the afternoon siesta. If you have a lot of ground to cover, start your day early. Or do as the Romans do and use siesta to enjoy the sights over a nice meal and a bottle of wine.

Make sound shopping choices and decisions. Most shops in Rome have a no return, no exchange policy. Even if the product sold is defective or you changed your mind a few hours later, chances are the retailer will neither honor a refund nor an exchange.

If high end fashion is not your style, there are numerous specialty shops and street markets as well. The difficulty with specialty shops is most of their merchandise are kept behind counters. You need to know exactly what you want or be armed with a good number of Italian words. Street markets are fun and the variety of goods can be staggering. Be alert not just for good bargains but for pick-pockets and smooth sales talk. When in Rome indulge your shopping cravings but be alert, firm and smart.

Spain boasts long stretches of sandy beaches and once you leave the spurious glitz of the tourist resorts, you’ll find the real Spain which shimmers to the strum of flamenco guitars.

Accommodation: Luxury to budget stays

The internet can offer some of the best information on the cost, range and location of Spain hotels.

Madrid: the city that loves art

Madrid is not a sightseeing haven like Paris or Rome but there are a host of attractions like the Prado museum, Plaza Mayor and the Royal Palace. Sit at one of the many cafes and observe the passing procession and the street artists.

Transport: how to get there and around

Madrid’s large airport, Barajas, is accessible by metro from the city. Once downtown you can walk around as the area is quite compact. Transport options include the bus, metro and taxi.


As a whole, Spanish weather is glorious from April to November. Madrid’s summer reaches 30 C where as the winter can drop to 0 C.

Accommodation: Luxury to budget stays

The internet can offer some of the best information on the cost, range and location of hotels in Madrid.

Attractions & Events

Spanish people love to celebrate, Festivals are part of their culture. You can enjoy the best of the festival fun during Semana Santa and also from Sept to Oct.

*The popular Carnevale is held from February to March.

*During May there are two main events to mark in your diary – 2 May, The Fiesta de la Comunidad de Madrid and 15 May, Fiestas de San Isidro.

*The bullfighting season starts in February, Madrid hosts the world’s largest bullfighting ring.

Barcelona: vibrant metropolis

An increasingly popular destination, Barcelona’s modern face is fashionable and vibrant but still holds the Spanish traditional spirit. Parts of the city are haunted by the spirit of the eccentric genius Gaudi who fantastic architecture dazzles the imagination.

Transport: how to get there and around

Barcelona’s international airport is located only 7.5 miles out of town. It is also possible to travel internationally to Barcelona by train. If coming from Italy or the Balearic Island another options is the ferry.

The town is pedestrian friendly which helps when exploring the sights on foot. If you want a faster way to get around, the metro is an easy option.


Summer temperatures can reach a simmering 34 C. The most pleasant weather is between May and July. When October comes around it starts to cool off with a little rain.

Accommodation: Luxury to budget stays

The internet can offer some of the best information on the cost, range and location of hotels in Barcelona.

Attractions & Events

With 15 official holiday days annually, Barcelona likes to celebrate.

*There are 10 days of fancy dress and dancing parades during Carnaval in Feburary-March.

*Catalunya’s patron saint, Sant Jordi is celebrated on the 23rd April.

*For dancing, music and theatre don’t miss Festival del Grec, from June to August.

*For something a little different, Festes de la Merce, has a swimming race and a fire race on the 24 September.

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