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Whether you are going on business or pleasure,traveling can be very stressful. Tension can start from the planning stage up to the time you are leaving. However, stress does not have to ruin your business or vacation.

These simple tips are guaranteed to help you get rid of that travel stress bug.

Plan ahead

There is no replacing good planning. To ensure that your travel will be stress-free, make sure that your flights and hotel accommodations are booked and confirmed. This will put you at ease knowing that delays are unlikely and there will be no surprises at the hotel desk.

If you arrange for transportation for the duration of your travel, all the better. In case, you will have to get around the city by taxi, it is good to ask the concierge to help you find a reputable taxi company.

Be prepared to get lost

Remember that you are on a foreign land and unless you have already traveled there a couple of time, you’ll have no way of knowing how to get around. Becoming lost is probably the biggest nightmare for travelers.

Before embarking on your trip, buy a travel book with maps and some useful phrases that you can use with the locals. Carry with you a credit card, identification papers and enough money to get around the city in case you get lost. It is also a good idea to ask your hotel for a business card which you can show to locals when you ask for directions.

By acknowledging that you can get lost, you can better prepare and be ready for anything.

Keep the communication open

Nothing can be a better stress-buster than staying connected with your family when traveling. With today’s technology, communication is increasingly more available. People who travel can now keep in touch through cellular phones, emails and text messages. Rates in international phone calls are also cheaper now than before.

Reward yourself

Do not procrastinate. If on a business travel, make sure that you have done all your work before you go sightseeing. Set aside a day where all you can do is travel to different sights in the city. If your schedule is spread out, make sure that you have ample time to go somewhere. It will also help to make out an itinerary of places to see. You can always ask the hotel to help you with that.

Eat local cuisine

Eating can minimize travel stress! So, treat yourself to local foods and stay away from your usual staple of burger, spaghetti and cola. Be adventurous and have fun in local restaurants. Before leaving, you can ask people who already traveled in the country if they can recommend any restaurants. Hotel personnel can also help you immensely. When you’re there, don’t hesitate to ask for the house specialty and enjoy!

Keep a travel journal

Writing down your experiences during your travel will not only preserves the memories, it will also help you relieve stress. Describe the sights that you have seen, the places that you have been to, even the people you have met. Get small keepsakes from each experience, a napkin from the restaurant where you have eaten, a receipt from a souvenir shop, a bus ticket going to a special place. This will keep the magic of your travel with you.

In Dubai, the lodging industry is revealing itself as the golden fruit of the country real estate developments and extensive marketing.

Although the number of players entering the market is growing there are still numerous opportunities available for successful entries and thanks to the lodging industry’s recent performance and outlook, financing for service apartments construction or investment is becoming more readily available.

The Serviced Apartments category has been doing consistently well meeting the needs of corporate executives and travelers alike with a good combination of short and medium term rentals.

Speculative hoteliers are taking advantage of the market, pushing rates to new heights and there seem to be no underperforming properties on the Dubai market to a point where it is reasonable to consider converting a residential property into a commercial one.

While pursuing service apartments construction or lease seems like a good investment, there is a fair chance that you would not be the only one to have this idea. While your overview for the project might look good today, given current market conditions, five more similar projects planned for the same market may turn your forecast into an alternative reality.

Remember, existing accommodation providers are likely to put up a battle, including lowering their rates substantially, to keep their clients away from your new property.

In any case the lodging industry will undoubtedly continue to be an exciting market over the next few years, with plenty of opportunities for hotel and hotel apartment investments.

A small size building between 2 to 5 floors or a compound of villas close to the beach could be the right step to begin with and if supported by a solid management and marketing plan, a tiny development could result in a large triumph.

Remember that not all successful projects have to be gigantic in fact a small property will most likely be perceived by the guests as cozy and private, something rather unique in Dubai in fact a valuable market gap can be identified with regards to small size projects in the 3 or 4 stars category and the potential for successful new entries is tangible.

For those new investors looking into exploring the Serviced Apartments business it is advisable to place a solid emphasis on careful market research and analysis for the property so that strategic plans can be developed tracking both expenditure and results.

These strategies incorporate: Industry networking, Database utilization, Telemarketing, Internet visibility & interaction, Media design & promotions etc

It is also essential to identify and appoint a management and marketing company for the property which will professionally look after all aspects related to the set up and running of the business from the recruiting and training of the staff to the daily management and marketing requirements in addition to a brand building and awareness program.

A tiny project will not be of any interest for those huge and well established international franchise however it can be very attractive for those management & marketing companies who are looking to enter the Dubai market in gradual steps bringing along their solid overseas experience and business relationships.

Today’s traveller has many needs. Among the many needs are travel clocks. These clocks are necessary for obvious reasons even in the day and age of hotel wake up calls, a travel alarm clock is a kinder gentler way to be awakened than the excessively loud hotel room telephones.

Travel clocks now come in all kinds of shapes and sizes so that you can bring them with you and have a little display of personality or a small taste of home. Travel clocks can also offer a method of you keeping your time when traveling rather than relying on the hotel services which are on local time for the area in which you are traveling.

You can also involve your children in your travel by allowing them to choose a travel clock for you that will remind you of them every morning, not that you won’t be thinking of them anyway, it’s just a good way to make them feel that they are important to you even when you are away.

We often forget the importance of feeling at home when we are traveling. Little things such as travel clocks, candles, photographs of friends and family can go a long way toward making you feel at home no matter how far away you are. Traveling, especially when traveling on business, can be quite a lonely endeavor. Anything that makes you feel less alone and isolated is a good thing to bring with you when you travel.

Whether you travel often during the course of your business or you only travel for family vacations, good travel clocks will have a huge impact on the way you wake in the mornings and your overall enjoyment of your trip. Make a point of choosing a clock that has an alarm that will wake you in the morning without being overpowering and obnoxious and if you can, choose one that will help you feel much less homesick.

Another Chinese city similarly named is NanJing, meaning south capital.

At times in history, the capital was declared to be NanJing rather than BeiJing, according to whether the then current powerbase lay to the north or south of China.

Emperor Wu was the first to declare the site of Beijing as the capital in 1057 BC. Subsequently, the city has gone by the names of Ji, ZhongDu, Dadu, then finally Beijing when the name was chosen by the Ming Dynasty Emperor ChengZu in 1421. Before 1949, Beijing was known as Peking by the Western world. Beijing was once again the capital only when Mao ZeDong declared the Peoples Republic of China on October 1st 1949.

Beijing first served as the capital of a (more or less) united China in 1264 when Kublai Khans victorious Mongol forces set up the city of Dadu (Great Capital) to rule their new empire, from a northern location closer to the Mongol homelands. After the fall of the Mongol Yuan dynasty in 1368, the capital was moved back to Nanjing, but in 1403, the 3rd Ming emperor Zhu Di moved it to Beijing again and also gave the city its present name.

This was Beijings golden era: the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven and many other Beijing landmarks were built at this time. Beijing remained the capital into the Qing era and into the revolutionary ferment of the early 1900s, but in the chaos following the abdication of the last Emperor, Beijing was beset by fighting warlords. The Kuomintang thus moved the capital to Nanjing again in 1928, renaming Beijing as Beijing (“Northern Peace”) to emphasize that it was no longer a capital. However, the Kuomintang was eventually defeated by the Communists, who in 1949 proclaimed the Peoples Republic of China with its capital at Beijing.

Beijing is divided in 18 districts. Some central Beijing districts are Haidian District (home of Chinas Silicon Valley -Zhongguancun- and 39 universities including Beijing, Tsinghua and Renmin Universities); Chongwen District; Xuanwu District ( for traditional medicine); Chaoyang District (Art District and flea market district); Xicheng District and Dongcheng District. The last two ones are very nice areas where you can find some public parks and green areas and boutique hotels nestled in hold traditional hutongs ( like the Spring Garden Courtyard Hotel) in the former or a lot of youth hostels for international backpackers in the latter.

The 9 dragons youth hostel, the Saga youth Hostel, the Courtyard Hotel, Beijing Harbour Inn Hostel, the Beijing New Dragon Hostel, Beijing City Central youth Hostel are just some of them.

Although it is recognized that hard-and-fast rules cannot be applied in incidents of kidnapping, the following points are worthy of special consideration:

Under all circumstances attempt to stay calm and be alert to situations that you can exploit to your advantage. Remember that the primary objective of your family and law enforcement officials will be to secure your safe return as quickly as possible.

Do not attempt to fight back or to struggle physically. No matter how reasonable your captors may appear on the surface, they cannot be trusted to behave normally and their actions may be unpredictable.

Comply with the instructions of your abductors as well as you can.

Do not discuss what action may be taken by your family, friends, or company.

Make a mental note of all movements, including time in transit, direction, distances, speeds, landmarks along the way, special odors, and distinctive sounds like bells, construction, voices, etc.

Whenever possible, take mental note of the characteristics of your abductors, their habits, surroundings, speech, mannerisms, and what contacts they make.

Generally, you cannot expect to have a good opportunity to escape. No attempt to escape should be made unless it has been carefully calculated to ensure the best possible odds for success.

Avoid making provocative remarks to your abductors. As noted, they may be unstable individuals who react irrationally.

If you have a disease or physical condition that requires treatment request special medicines or medical attention immediately.

Try to establish some kind of rapport with your captors.

Maintain your cool, use your head and you will get out of this terrible situation. The odds are very long that this will ever happen to you, but you want to be prepared in the event that it does.

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