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Key Largo is an island in the Florida Keys archipelago and one of the largest of its islands. Key Largo is a popular tourist destination and calls itself the “Diving Capital of the World”. Tourists enjoy Key Largo’s scuba diving and sports-fishing.

Key Largo’s proximity to the Everglades also makes it a premier destination for kayakers and ecotourists

Key Largo Florida. Even the name invokes a feeling of a tropical paradise. Key Largo was the first of the Florida Keys resort towns. Now Key Largo is called the dive capital of the world. But there is much more to Key Largo than only scuba and skin diving.

Key Largo has the world’s largest artificial reef, the 510-foot USS Spiegel Grove and is home to the John Pennekamp Coral Reef. The waters surrounding Key Largo are a National Marine Sanctuary, guaranteeing the best, most pristine waters available for your pleasure at the Stephen Frink Underwater State Park.

Here you can see the world Christ of the Abyss underwater statue famous while taking a glass bottom boat from Key Largo.

There are many opportunities to fish around Key Largo, both salt and fresh water. For the more adventurous, Key Largo offers kayaking, swimming with the dolphins, air boat rides and everglades tours.

On the other hand, my favorite Key Largo activity; kicking back with a tropical beverage and doing nothing at all but watching the beautiful sunsets.

The Key Largo Chamber of Commerce likes to say this: “Come stay in Legendary Key Largo, where reality ends and tranquility begins”. I cannot blame them for expressing those sentiments.

Key Largo is the gateway and first stopping off point for a trip to the Florida Keys. Key Largo is only a short drive from Miami but is a world away. Nevertheless, that does not mean that you have to give up any of the amenities of a world-class resort area. Key Largo has a huge range of accommodations.

If five star luxuries is your desire, Key Largo has it. If you are more interested in a self-contained vacation, there are even private home and bungalow rentals in Key Largo. Bed and breakfast suit your fancy?

Key Largo goes out of its way to accommodate your needs. All budgets and all choices are available in Key Largo. Key Largo also has a wide array of RV and camping sites if that is your pleasure.

Great choices also apply to the activities you may want to pursue. In Key Largo, you can take a charter or rent your own boat and snorkel on nearby exotic reefs. On the other hand, you can dive some of the sunken wrecks that dot the undersea landscape at Key Largo.

If land based activities are more to you liking, Key Largo is nest to the Florida Everglades, where you can, take an airboat tour, see the bird sanctuary, or visit an alligator farm.

Indians refer to a fair or festival as a ‘mela’. However, the words more prone to be at the forefront of a westerner’s mind are mayhem and madness.

A unspoiled example of this is the planet’s largest camel fair, held each year in Pushkar during the Hindu lunate month of Kartika (which usually falls ex in November).

The population of Pushkar is more often than not a moderately tiny 15,000 people. However this explodes to over 200,000 people and 50,000 camels during the festival.

At this time, the and owners decide on from all directions and take up residence in do-it-yourself tents in the waste. They’re accompanied by the many visiting Indian families who camp out indiscriminately in the open at the edge of the town.

Pushkar is an perfect town in the middle of India’s Rajasthan wilderness. It’s full of buildings, and is encircled by hills on sides and sand dunes on the another.

The main mark of Pushkar is its lake. According to Hindu star, it was made from a cream dropped by Lord Brahma, the Creator, when for a place to execute a holy ritual on a full moon night.

Pilgrims who dunk in the lake’s trust they will be absolved of their sins. The four days between Kartika Shukla Ekadashi (the day of Kartika) and Kartika Purnima (the Kartika full moon) are as being the most providential.

Those who wash on the day of the full moon are said to receive distinctive . Most of the charge takes place over the 5 days leading up to the official commencement of the camel fair on Kartika Shukla Ekadashi, after which time the focus shifts to thorough celebrations.

Arrival in Pushkar is each by taxi or full to overflowing, dilapidated local bus from Ajmer 11 kilometres away through the . Eager luggage-wallahs directly belabor tourists and hurriedly load bags on to hand pinched carts, which they go on to pull through the mazes of dusty windy to a heterogeneous hotchpotch of . Meanwhile, gear go by behind in a daze, absorbed by the sight around them.

The streets are wrinkled with mobile chai (tea) , and hawkers trade everything from fashion and to decorative items and . Everywhere is a amazing display of brightly coloured turbans, scarves and sarees worn by the Indian people for the gala position. One can’t help but be mesmerised.

The view of the fair is just as striking. The sand appeared infested with camels as far as the eyes can see. These are garbed up, paraded, entered into attractiveness , raced, and of progression . Some even have their hair shaved into to help them rack out from the rest.

Along with these abnormal and humorous activities, the crowds are entertained well into each even by an assortment of musicians, magicians, dancers, acrobats, snake charmers and cassette . Anyone game sufficient to get close to the centre of these activities runs the risk of being rapidly pulled into the fanfare, refreshed by the frenzied support, vocal and melodic melodies of the extra participants.

The Pushkar camel fair provides a enthralling intuition into Indian principles and way of life, and will dispensation a deep imprint in your memory. It’s in the offing that you’ll proceeds to you tavern room presentiment quite swamped but captivated by what you’ve seen and skilled.

As you lay on your bed, in the void you may be able to faintly hear chanting and the pure of bells that accompany the obsolete religious ceremonies, and you’ll know that you’re in the core of something very separate.

One of the most popular reasons for rental cars is to provide dependable transportation for vacations, frequent travelers or for anyone who has their own automobile in the repair shop and is in need of a temporary vehicle. Among the most popular rental car agencies are Hertz, Avis and Enterprise. In exchange for a fee, these companies allow drivers to rent the automobile of their choice on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

One of the most important considerations, aside from the type of vehicle being rented, is the optional insurance coverage. This service, which is relatively inexpensive, will cover any damages sustained while the automobile is in the customer’s care. Generally, if insurance is not purchased, the customer may be held financially responsible for any damages that occur while the automobile is in their possession. While on the road, anything can happen. From the slightest fender bender to a scratched door or even worse, when life’s unexpected events occur, insurance coverage is often the only link between minimal out-of-pocket expenses or financial ruin.

When considering rental cars, it is important to know the age limits, if any, for each state. Upon selecting an automobile, the car rental agency will provide a written agreement, which must be signed and dated by the customer. In order to rent an automobile, the customer must be able to provide a valid credit card in order to confirm the reservation. In most cases, the credit card is used only to hold the reservation and is not actually charged until the rental period expires or as specified in the rental agreement. At the time that the car is returned, the customer will have the option of either having his/her credit card charged or paying in cash. Regardless of the final payment method, however, customers are required to provide a credit card before taking possession of the automobile as a confirmation that the rental agency will receive payment.

Depending on the agency offering rental cars, there may be mileage limits. In some cases, there is a fee if a certain amount of mileage is used. For others, unlimited miles may be available. Upon taking possession of rental cars, most agencies will make sure that they are washed and filled with fuel. When they are returned to the rental agency, most expect that the fuel tank will be refilled and the car will again be washed. In addition, all rental cars are due back at the agency at a specified time of day or the customer may incur a late fee. It is important that all cars be returned promptly or the rental agency be notified if there is an unforseen delay in the car’s return.

Back in 2003, I had cause to make several visits to Canada, mainly to the eastern side, including Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec. Since the visits, I have a desire to make the move across the Atlantic and start a new life there.

As a boy, my memories of growing up in the UK are of hot summers and cold winters. Something that seems to have changed beyond all recognition now. Perhaps it is a distorted memory, or at least the memory of a child, but the thought of going back to seasons that you have been brought up with, seems really appealing.

Although the winters I remember as a child seemed cold, they are nothing compared to the winters experienced by the Canadians. The times I spent in Canada were mostly during the winter and it was incredibly cold. Living in the UK, especially England, brings the same old problem each and every year. One cold snap and the whole country grinds to a halt. Although the conditions in Canada seem inhospitable compared to that of the UK, they seem to cope far better than we do. It also is far more appealing than that of the UK, especially with the Christmas Card scenes that are around every corner, thanks to the snow.

In stark contrast to the winter, the summers in Canada seem really hot. Perhaps there is no middle ground. Just winter and summer? That is what appeals to me most about Canada. Well, that, the people and the ability to breathe. I am not talking about breathing in a literal manner, more a manner of space to breathe. The UK is not one of the biggest places on Earth and space is becoming more and more limited. Take London for example. There is less and less space to live and people are crammed into flats and apartments the size of shoe boxes, just for the luxury of living in London. Sure, London is a great city, but the thought of having the room to breathe seems truly appealing.

This year I hope to go back to Canada and experience the openness of the country and of the people there. In all the visits I made there, I found the Canadians to be pleasant and very polite. That is such a nice thing to experience in today’s “no time for anyone” society we live in. One thing that sticks in my mind about the Canadians, is the fact they are so proud to be Canadian. In my opinion it is justified and I can’t wait to make the hop across the Atlantic and experience some more of that Canadian hospitality.

For any Canadians who visit this site, I would love to publish any thoughts you have about Canada and what is like to live there. Not only for me, but for anyone else who is looking at moving there.

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