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Cabo San Lucas, often just called “Cabo,” is a smolderingly desirable vacation destination for extreme adventure seekers of both daytime and nighttime fun. Cabo is one of the most mentioned hotspots by characters on the hit TV show The O.C.

What more needs be said?

Pinpointing the timeframe for the advent of nightlife is much simpler than selecting the finest beach of Cabo San Lucas for daytime adventures. There are eight picturesque, sandy-white beaches that are perfect for sightseeing and many water-related activities. For romantics, the Twin Dolphin Beach is perfect for couples seeking an intimate secluded hideaway. Even when more crowded than usual, the beach’s rock formations and coves offer surprisingly sufficient privacy to guests. Although topless and nude sun bathing are prohibited in Mexico, such behavior occurs frequently around Cabo. It occurs frequently at the Twin Dolphin and Playa San Pedro beaches.


The mighty Cabo Wabo Cantina is a music venue, a restaurant, and a nightclub. Haggar’s former band, Van Halen, was the first act to perform on stage. Other VH members were originally co-owners of the Wabo with Sammy. The cantina’s pioneering efforts have transformed Cabo San Lucas in to a 21st century Mecca of decadence of worldly proportions. The club has been featured on E Channel, Travel Channel, VH1, and MTV. New bands and acts appear weekly. As the Wabo’s slogan goes, “Go there once, you’ll be there twice!”

The Zoo Bar & Dance has appeal for all party animals regardless of specie. Hunters on the prowl for award-winning game will find the surroundings quite invigorating. The decorum is definitely African with tiger-spotted seat covers and wild animals throughout the joint. The club’s music runs the gamut from pop to dance, but all music played is danceable. Management baits big end-game hunters to show up Thursday evenings for Ladies’ Night. The cover charge for gentlemen is $25.


Westin Beach, which is part of Playa Buenos Aires, is located near the Jack Nicklaus-designed Eldorado Golf Club and the Cond
Planning for a trip world wide? Looking out for an insurance to protect your travel and make your experience a memorable one? The cheapest rate in a policy will hold no meaning if it doesn’t properly cover your overseas travel needs. Choose a company that does not cut on the insurance cover but on the cost of insurance. They should provide you with round the clock emergency assistance as well as cover you for activities and sports you are interested in. Get started with your skiing, snowboarding or bungee jumping, experience the best vacation ever. Do not forget to get an insurance cover of worldwide travel insurance.

Seek provisions for extending your overseas stay. Online option makes it convenient to you if you decide to extend your overseas stay, the holiday insurance should be chosen to protect your holiday. After all every one hopes that we won’t need the insurance but it is always best to have it. When you are in a foreign country and something goes wrong whether it is a stolen wallet or lost passport you really do not want to go alone. This is precisely why one opts for worldwide travel insurance for all overseas travel.

Medical cover: you can be covered for any medical assistance or hospitalization charges. While you are on a world tour then the mounting medical bills might cost you the earth and leave you penniless.

Concerns about your personal baggage, protect it from any kind of stealth or damage to your personal belongings. You, as a globe trotter could possibly be having such worries and may be on the lookout of a way out of this. It could be the fear of theft of cash and other ensuing problems.

You plan your trip and relax let your travel insurance agent do the rest. You are going to be really relieved to have the insurance guy deal with things and see you have the funds etc to carry on with your trip and not have it ruined by some unforeseen problem. Your policy should be flexible enough as well as accommodate for any value that you might add during your holidays while making purchases. Independent insurance companies offer the cheapest source of obtaining cheap worldwide holiday insurance that provide for senior travelers, winter sports and globe trekkers low cost insurance.

There is only one reliable place to find good budget travel and that is online. The internet has opened up a whole new universe of travel for those who are stuck on a pretty tight budget. Not everyone can afford to go on a month long vacation to the South of France but most of us can make good solid use of budget travel.

When you do your travel shopping online you will find that you can afford much more than you thought you could. It is easy to find some good budget travel on the internet these days. All of the travel companies are throwing out some good packages for people with not much money to spare and some of the budget travel packages even include some meals. That is my idea of full service travel plans!

When it comes to budget travel you do have to watch out for a few things. For example, what kind of trip do you want to take? When it comes to budget travel the airlines can vary drastically. Some of the budget travel airlines are great, they are friendly and they are clean and fantastic, others, well, not so much. You should take some time to research about the different companies you are considering for your budget travel before you actually book anything. This will make a huge difference in the kid of trip that you end up being able to take.

Online you will be able to find all kinds of consumer reviews about budget travel companies, airlines and even cruises. Read through these carefully to find some great budget travel ideas. With these useful tips you will learn the best places to go for budget travel and the places and companies to stay away from in your traveling. There is no better, more reliable source for info than from people who have been in your shoes. They have nothing to lose by telling the truth so they do, they will tell it just like it is and that is what you need to help you make the right budget travel decisions.

Chances are that if you do all of your planning and booking online your budget travel is gong to be even cheaper. This is simple to do as well. Most of the major travel companies have everything you need online and they walk you right through it all. And if you have any trouble just contact them and they will help you out. There is nothing simpler or faster than booking your budget travel online these days. That is why the business is booming the way it is.

Each and every year the budget travel industry online grows and grows and it is not showing any signs of slowing down in the near future, that is for sure. So the next time you want to take a trip check out budget travel online and see where that takes you.

It is common for static caravan owners to rent out their static caravan to generate additional income. The level of additional income will depend on the numbers of weeks per year for which the caravan is rented for.

One of the main considerations of renting out a static caravan is the cost of marketing the van to ensure adequate levels of booking. There are two main means of marketing. First, is to self promote the caravan to fulfil bookings. Secondly, the park operator will often market and rent your caravan for you. They will look after the entire process including organising bookings, payment, cleaning etc. The park operator will however take a commission percentage of the rent as their fee.

If you are marketing your caravan yourself there are several options:

Friends and Family – easy and reliable option

Word of mouth / repeat business – no marketing costs and simple

Local Press Advertising – cheap means of advertising

National Publications -e.g. Daltons Weekly

Own Website – technical and difficult to operate

National 3rd party websites – can be cost effective

In addition of the marketing, you will have to also deal with:

Advertising and Marketing

Dealing with enquires via phone or email

Collecting and chasing deposits

Collecting and chasing balances

Confirming bookings and terms and conditions

Dealing with issues such as cancellations

Cleaning and maintenance

The most cost effective form of direct marketing for owners is often friends and family as this requires no financial outlay. Many people also like this approach as these users tend to be reliable.

So caravan owners will opt for the park operator subletting their static caravan on their behalf, simply because it removes a lot of the work load associated with renting the caravan yourself.

Are you planning on taking a family vacation this year or a business trip? If so, there is a good chance that you will be flying. Flying is a relatively safe, easy, and convenient way to travel. However, before you leave for the airport, you are advised to start preparing for your flight, well in advance. Unfortunately, many travelers do not realize that preparing for your flight does not just include packing your bags. Thanks to new air travel rules and the enforcement of them, preparation now includes more than you could ever imagine.

As previously mentioned, it best that you start preparing for your cheap flights early. In fact, you should start preparing as soon as you buy your airline tickets, whether that be two weeks before you leave or two months. The first step that you will want take is to familiarize yourself with the airline that you are flying with and the airport which you will be flying out of. You can easily do this research online. You will want to determine how early you should leave for the airport and what items you will need to bring along with you, such as personal identification.

It is also a good idea to review the list of banned items. These are items that you are not allowed to have on the airplane or past certain points in most airports. The most commonly banned items include sharp objects and flammable items, but there other items included in these bans, items that you may have never even thought about before. That is why it is best that you learn what you can and cannot bring on your next family vacation or business trip. In the event that you try to bring along items that are prohibited, you may have them confiscated.

If you are planning on familiarizing yourself with banned items and other airline rules, it may be a good idea to print off a list of what you find. Printable lists of items that are banned in airports and on airplanes can be found online from a number of different websites. One of those websites includes the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). A printable list is ideal, especially if you do not need to start packing for your trip right away.

After you have familiarized yourself with the air travel rules, including the ones that were recently implemented, you will need to start packing, whether you do so right away or not. When packing, you will want to remember everything that you learned, although, if you printed off a list, your packing will be much easier. In the event that you are not sure whether or not an item can be brought on an airplane, you are advised to leave it at home. Banned items can not only be confiscated, but they could cause you to miss your cheap flight. That is why you are advised against taking any unnecessary chances.

Once at the airport, it is important that you remain calm at all times, even if you are approached by airport security. In today’s world, it is not uncommon for you to be subject to a random bag check or search; therefore, you should not fret if you are asked. Instead, just remain calm and, in no time at all, you should be on your way to enjoying your vacation or your business trip.

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