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Public speaking is all about performance, whether this is on an auditorium stage, in a small room or a huge arena. Holding the attention of your audience throughout your presentation or speech is an area well documented in any public speaking course. Once you’ve learned how to prepare your notes, conquered your fear of public speaking and brushed up your presentation skills, tips on great ways to captivate your audience is the all-important next step!

Public speaking tips; opening lines.

Instantly gain your audience’s interest by using an attention-grabbing opener. The nature of this obviously depends on the type of public speaking event you’re attending, so do consider whether using a joke is appropriate! Starting with a question or a controversial opening statement will often have a dramatic effect.

Public speaking tips; acknowledge your audience.

Let your audience know that you care about the fact that they given up their precious time to listen to your speech. Many speakers try to block out the people present in the room, sometimes to try to help control their fear of public speaking or because they want to concentrate on their notes. You have to remember that your audience are the reason you’re there in the first place! You’ll win over your listeners a whole lot quicker if you acknowledge their presence, interact with them by asking or answering questions; even just by making eye contact with a few people can make a big difference in your public speaking performance.

Public speaking tips; using notes and visual aids.

Most people prefer to have some notes handy for public speaking events, and you may prefer to use slides, Powerpoint or other visual aids. These can be very useful, but be careful not to focus on them too much or you may be in danger of losing the connection with your audience.

Public speaking tips: personality and expression.

Don’t be afraid to let your personality come across at a public speaking event. Unless you think you have potential as an Oscar winner, your audience will see right through any attempt at amateur acting. Be yourself; you’ll gain a lot more respect from the people you’re addressing. Although public speaking is a performance to some extent, it’s your personality and your material that will make it interesting.

Public speaking tips: working the room.

While it’s not a good idea to fidget or nervously fiddle with your notes, moving around the room can really help you to connect with your audience. By simply walking forward to the front of the stage or towards the nearest row of people to emphasise an important point, you can certainly make a powerful impact in public speaking.

Public speaking tips: leaving a lasting impression.

Finish off your speech with a “wow factor”. Public speaking is not only about getting your point across, the impact you make depends on people remembering you and the important or entertaining content of your speech. Leave a lasting impression on your audience by closing with an interesting or unusual fact, a final question for them to ponder over or a funny comment if the situation allows!

If you’re someone with adult ADD or ADHD, how often do you have circular conversations? You know the kind. You go ’round and ’round with someone, and you’re both saying the exact same thing, but you can’t make yourself understood? Isn’t that frustrating? Is it possible for someone AD/HD to have less stress in their communications?

The frustration you’re feeling comes from a sense of imbalance because you’re misunderstood. Feelings of “Nobody Understands Me” promote your sense of loneliness that we all feel at one time or another. You’re definitely not alone.

This can happen much less frequently when you learn a few simple things about communicating effectively.

Doesn’t it seem like some people just get everything they want? It’s probably because they’re good communicators. They aren’t worried about expressing their desires, and are very clear about them. So, they go through life much easier. For you, it’s not quite that easy.

For example, you call the doctor’s office and ask for an appointment. So, the receptionist asks you what’s a good time for it. You say, “Wednesday.” So, she says, “How about 8:45?” You tell her, “No, that won’t work. I take my son to school at that time.” So, she gives you another appointment time of 10:15, but you say, “No can’t do that, either. I have an appointment to get my hair cut.” When this goes back and forth a few times, aren’t you both frustrated?

Yes! What should you have said instead is, “I’d like an appointment on Wednesday between 1 and 5 p.m.,” none of the back and forth would have been needed. Boom! Appointment at 1:15, and you’re all set.

In business, clear communications are extremely important. Let’s say that your boss gives you a complicated project to complete for her, but when she explained it to you, you understood most of it and figured you’d just iron out the details as you went along. Bad idea! Ask questions and get answers that make sense before you even begin to assure that you are doing things right.

Employees need help to get their jobs done properly, too. If you have a task that you need completed, give the most complete directions that you can. Write the whole thing out on paper, if the task is particularly complicated. And the most important part is to let your employee know that they can come to you with questions anytime they feel unclear. This “open door” policy is helpful in seeing that a task is done properly and on time. Knowing you’re there for them will even increase your employees’ level of confidence.

The key is to be conscious of clarity when you speak or when you’re asking for things. If you can improve your communication skills, it will help you in every facet of your life.

I had been diagnosed with Arthritis about 5 years ago. I was only 52 at the time and I was thinking how debilitating this decease can be. I was wondering how I could get around in about 10 more years? Would I have to be a burden for my family? The doctor prescribed the usual medication for persons who are suffering from Arthritis. Some of the medication I have heard caused a few people to die. When I talked to my doctor about this he told me that he never had a patient who had died from certain medications. Well I was hurting and so I started to take medication for Arthritis for about 2 weeks when I came down with a severe bronchitis. I stopped taking the medication immediately. Then I heard about the Law of Attraction and I was watching the “Secret”. I also have bought some books on the same subject. I started meditation and affirmations, I left a very restrictive religion and I was changing the way I was thinking. I felt appreciation for each and every day that I lived. I was in pains everyday but I tried not to focus on my pain or even talk about it. I tried to ignore it which was really hard.

I used to love to do yard work and I had beautiful flower beds that had been neglected since I came down with this painful condition. Every year I was thinking maybe next year I can go back outside and do what I used to do. In my mind I was trying to rearrange my flower beds and I was even drawing pictures of how I wanted them to look. My family supported me in these efforts as they too used the Law of Attraction for their own goals.

Well I did not take any of the prescribed medications and I did make my doctor mad. I took my vitamins and tried to enjoy a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, I did my meditations and affirmations and I focused on a happy and exciting future. I felt every day how it feels to have a wonderful live, I was determined not to let anybody make me feel bad. I never talked to others much about my health condition.

Healing is a process it does not always come overnight. But I am here to tell you that I have been able this year to arrange and work in my flower beds exactly the way I wanted to for the first time again. Lately I have noticed quiet a difference in the way I feel and in the way I can manage my pains. I am amazed, it’s true I am still having arthritis but it has become so much better! There has been a big improvement! I will continue to live in harmony with the knowledge about the Law of Attraction and how it really works.

I am telling you this story to let you know that there is hope even if you are experiencing health problems. What you think and how you feel can make all the difference. The knowledge about the Law of Attraction is the key to take the first steps to posses a better health!

Read more about the Law of Attraction and how other people have been able to get well despite severe health problems. Take heart! You are not powerless and you do not always have to depend on expensive medicines to improve your health. Apply the power of the Law of Attraction in your life and become well!

What do butterflies have in common with the human spirit? Meet Maggie, a middle aged wife and mother who was about to find out.

Maggie wasn’t rich like a millionaire or poor in a manner of being homeless. She was living an average comfortable life. It was made even better when a beautiful baby girl came her way. She and her husband made sure their daughter had her needs met and they were still able to take a yearly vacation by the beach.

Maggie was a partner in her husband’s business. They both had a different set of duties which kept everything in balance. One day a devastating blow came to her husband’s business, and over a three year period the business dropped out of site. Her husband had to totally reinvent himself and was yearning to fulfill a dream with a new vocation. She was happy for him and supported him fully, but still the money was not coming in.

Maggie began to feel guilty that she wasn’t contributing with any kind of income. It had been a long time since she had worked outside the home and had to work for someone else. Needless to say she was scared but still had faith that everything would be okay. She began job hunting and found filling out applications somewhat difficult, especially the part asking for job references. Keep in mind that she was self-employed with her husband for almost 20 years. It felt as though that didn’t count for anything as she was never called for an interview.

At the time she was job hunting her mom became more ill than she had been and ended up in the hospital for a week. Once Maggie’s mom returned home she became her mom’s helper one day a week. She did the shopping, changed sheets, vacuumed and did other things that her mother was not able to do anymore. Of course her mom would pay her for her time and labor but she still felt she needed to find another source of income.

One of the first applications she had filled out finally came through. She passed the interview with flying colors and was told she was “exactly” what they were looking for. Although it was only part time it was exactly what she wanted. It was important for her to be home when her daughter arrived home from school. She was told they would be in touch when the schedule was ready. Knowing she had the job made her feel contented and productive again.

Within a few weeks though, she received an e-mail saying that the company had changed the job into a full time position and she was not qualified. Maggie was devastated. She felt betrayed and felt she had been lied to. That evening she was alone as her husband and daughter had gone out for the night. She welcomed the aloneness and wanted to drown her sorrows in a hot tub of bubbles.

As she knew she would, she began to cry, softly at first just from the sheer pain of being rejected. Three long years of struggle had finally caught up with her. Then she became angry; angry at everything from the circumstances that got her there, to God himself. She cried harder and yelled, “What do you want me to do?” She really felt that God had abandoned her.

When she was able to cry no more, she became exhausted and gave up. It was at that moment that a silent idea came to her to offer other elderly people home care assistance.

Using another talent for computers she printed off some flyers and cards and distributed them to her church, grocery stores and even placed a small ad in the newspaper. Within a week she had procured two new clients.

Now, even though she’s not a CEO of a major company or a power player she feels happy and productive again. So, had God really abandoned her? Let’s look at nature for the lessons and the answer.

Before a butterfly can emerge out of it’s chrysalis it has to go through a lot of struggling. Yes, struggling. Each time it lunges out to escape, acids are being removed from its wings. If someone were to come along and break the chrysalis open for it then the butterfly would die from those acids. In essence the struggle is necessary for the butterfly to survive. Then in the stillness, when the struggle is over, the butterfly can come out and share its beauty with the world.

We as humans are not any different. There are times that we need to struggle, to rid ourselves of the acids that make up sadness, fear, and anger. It is only at this time when we are exhausted and still that we begin to hear the Universe whisper to us.

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