The method of podcasting is actually very simple. First, a podcaster (i.e.

a podcast publisher) would create an audio content, usually in mp3 or mp4 format, and then have it uploaded to a server. The podcast is then published as a news feed in either RSS, XML or Atom format. The audience may then subscribe to a particular podcast they like using a news-feed aggregator, which in turn updates them whenever new episodes are released. The subscribers may then listen to or watch the podcast at their own convenience.

What’s good about it and why should it be used?

A lot of people see great potential in podcasting. First of all, it is fun to do. Many find podcasting as a new way of being creative. Being a new medium, that uses different types of media, people can now use various ways of disseminating information. No longer are people limited to typed text, they can now use their voice, their face, animation, or just about anything to tell people something. Now, instead of just writing about facts, you can now tell people things they want to know in ways that would keep them engrossed. It is a great means of self expression.

The format in which podcasts are delivered also helps people increase their audience, and at the same time serve them. News feeds are becoming increasingly popular every day, and many people are now being able to get information about the things they are interested in. Likewise, podcasters can now reach the particular type of audience that they are targeting. This creates a more continual relationship between publishers and their audiences, helping each other flourish in their craft.

Podcasting also empowers the podcaster. Usually, someone who has to say something would need to find something or somebody else to help distribute the information. But now, with podcasting, you become your own media. If you want to inform people, you just say what you have to say, and bring your news directly to them. Setting up AdSense on your Blog is a breeze, and you can complete the whole process in less then an hour. Free $97 Adsense Secret Ebook on Adsense Tips here.

Podcasting also has great potential in making money through media. If you have something interesting to say that people are willing to pay just to hear about it, then you could sell the content of your podcasts. If you have services or products to sell, you can use podcasts to show people why they would want to avail of your services or buy your products. You can also use podcasts as a means of selling “space” for advertisers to pitch in their commercials. With this new type of media, there are numerous possibilities for gaining profits.

Podcasting may still be in its infancy, but who knows for sure how big it may grow. Right now what people can say is that it is indeed growing faster than they have imagined. Podcasting could be the medium of the future, and taking advantage of its development could be one of the best decisions you would make.

Article marketing is becoming more popular as webmasters realize the value in their content. Because of article marketing’s popularity, there are literally thousands of article directories all over the internet, with new ones being launched every day. Today, finding the right article directory can seem to be a daunting task.

So, the question becomes, how do you determine which article directories are the best?

Though there are several websites where you could find hundreds of article directories ranked according to popularity, it is best that you make your own evaluation based on your niche as well as your personal preference. Here are a few factors for you to consider when ranking article directory sites.

1) How old is the site?

With the launch of the Wayback Machine, it is now possible for anyone to check web pages that have been archived since 1996. Enter the names of the article directories you are considering and find out how old they are. In this case, the older the better. Google looks at site age for trustworthiness.

If you can’t find a site in the Wayback Machine, try doing a whois search. This will give you the date the domain was first registered.

2) Find Google and Yahoo backlinks

If you have already submitted articles to various article directories, enter the title of a few of your older articles and do a Yahoo as well as a Google search.

See where your article is ranked in the search. The articles that are in the top few spots would have been submitted to well-established directories or what Google considers to be the best content display.

The higher up an article directory is listed on Yahoo and Google, the more effective it is.

PageRank is the numeric value that Google assigns to every web page and is an indication of the importance of a website. The numbers range from 0- 10, with 10 being the most important. Submitting your articles to directories with higher PageRanks can increase your exposure manifold.

I’m sure you have heard much Social Bookmarking. What is it exactly? When you list a site in your bookmark list, anyone looking for that same type of information can do a search at the bookmark site and find the sites that you have bookmarked. It is like a search engine without all the trash.

For all intents and purposes- Social Bookmarking sites are not that much different to Search Engines but they offer users so much more than the traditional Search Engine site. In any social bookmarking site -your screen will show a range of tags which are in different colors size and intensity which marks the popularity of the tag. Social Bookmarking is FAST becoming ‘THE Way’ to generate hordes of FREE and super laser targeted traffic to your websites!.

There were (and still are) lots of bookmark managers and browser tools to help keep track of the hundreds and thousands of links people amassed. Finding other people with the same interests via bookmarked tags as you is always a good way to meet interesting friends. Some of the best known sites include Blinklist/ Blogmarks/del.icio.us/ Furl/ Kaboodle/ ma.gnolia/ Simpy/ Spurl and Wink to name just a few. How To Put Social Bookmarking on Autopilot!

But by organizing your bookmarks online; you can help yourself (getting organized/ getting my content exposed) and help others at the same time to finding great content. There’s usually a list of related social bookmarked tags as well so you might find a few things you’d forgotten about. Social bookmarking is all about sharing and exposure and if done properly- you can be as aggressive as you want to be about sharing information. Put Social Bookmarking on Autopilot!

Why keep work for someone else and commuting to an office daily, when you can establish you very own home-based business, right in the comfort of your home? This would give you flexible hours for working, lesser expense on traveling to and from work, and no boss breathing down your neck everyday.

Imagine you are working as a sales employee for my Company,”Ellfit Enterprises”. You works up to the wee hours of the morning, so you can sell advertisement space, worth at least a million for the smallest size. When the sale goes through, you get $20 worth of commission. What you are actually doing, is enriching my Company “Ellfit Enterprises” through your efforts, but you only get your base pay, plus the $20 commission—that’s all you get for the millions of dollars you brought into my Company, “Ellfit Enterprises” coffers.

Now, if you decide to establish a home-based business, similar to what you are doing now for my Company, “Ellfit Enterprises,” you get your old clients and build up your mailing list, you will have more money to take home each month, than if you remain working for my Company, “Ellfit Enterprises”.

If you are unsure about your business prospects, but are ready to start a home-based business, you can do it on a part time basis. This means you will start your home-based business venture, but still hold your eight to five job for financial security, until such time you are confident enough about your business venture.

While a home-based business will not necessarily make you a millionaire over-night , ( there is nothing wrong if it happens), it has numerous benefits, like flexible work hours, no boss breathing down your neck every day, savings on fuel and time going to and from the office, and most of all, you get an income that will be dependant on your creativity, ingenuity and industriousness. If you done it for my business “Ellfit Enterprises”, you can do it for yourself…

The trend today is a home-based business, using the Internet. There are people who have become very successful in their Internet home-based business. But if your home-based business is not built around your hobbies, skills, interests and experience, it may be difficult to achieve the level of success you are seeking.

It is very easy to say that you want to start a home-based business, but deciding on the kind of home-based business you will have, is the most difficult part. First thing, you must be realistic and take stock of what you have available in terms of your skills, interests and experiences. If you have a hobby that can be turned into a home-based business venture, then that is better. It will mean lesser capital and effort, since you already have the expertise. Get into a home based-business that you will enjoy doing.

There are many hobbies that can be turned into a home-based business. Like baking, gardening, cross stitching, and catering etc.etc. If you are a licensed professional, you can offer your services as a lawyer, doctor or designer. If you do not like selling, you can try training. And there are

many other areas of interest, which you can turn into a home-based business.

Affiliate marketers that make money without a website are called bum marketers. Instead of a website they put their links in a blog. This is why you should never let an expert tell you that you need to spend a lot of money on a website, especially if it is an expensive turnkey one. All you really need is a blogging tool. If you intend to send your blog articles out to article directories you may need a web page with links as most will allow you to redirect customers to a web page with an index of affiliate links but not include links in the articles. If you have a web blog you can have all of the affiliate links in an article that you want.

The great thing about a blog is that it is just another web page. However unlike the pages of an ordinary web page, blogs are set up on templates. There is no coding, graphics and you can download your material quickly right onto the site or simply write your SEO copy directly into the template. You can update your material as often as you like and unlike static pages on a website, the spider engines are attracted to the blogs because new bytes of information are added to it every day.

Of course the other benefit is that blogs are so simple and inexpensive to set up. All you really need is a computer with access to the Internet and a free blogging template. The only cost to you ultimately is your time spent writing material and adding your affiliate links. This is time well spent because if you do this right and are very clever about merging your search engine optimization techniques with your charming and informative blog entry you can make a lot of money!

Bloggers often narrate factual events rather than bookish type of posts. The entries in their blogs would usually be stressed in a freestyle manner, according to what the author really believes in. But of course, the need to have solid references and citations from phrases or even paragraphs borrowed will help make the entire entry all the more believable in a sense that there are supporting information coming from websites which are hyperlinked to the actual text or bullets contained in the entry.

Most bloggers know the importance of adding links and references and for aspiring bloggers, this should be noted as well. Blogs are not merely about self-proclaimed conclusions but rather something that was derived from sites and experiences that all people run in to. Blog entries are also made as reference points by most people who surf the web, and providing consistent information will be appreciated highly by the people who find such blog sites.

Bloggers who maintain sites for the purpose of housing information that will be a big help to people who surf the web in search for the supporting details and necessary facts, know what to do when problogging is mentioned. The idea of blogging purely for the purpose of shedding out information without any purpose is common in most sites today. Repeating keywords and certain topics but totally losing the focus and main content defeats the purpose in most cases.

Such a scenario can be seen in sites that are purely after revenue generation through affiliate marketing and adsense code placements. The only reason for putting up the blog is to make an extra penny over the web thereby eliminating the true nature of problogging to which most people look for today. But if people are wise to using such blogging techniques, then so are their visitors. The juicy content can be easily identified through the course of their entries. Once a site is found to be of no use, these people just simply go on to another site, or better yet just close the browser and set aside their queries later on again.

Today, more and more companies are realizing that content over the web, the main source of information that helps aid in studies and various researches works in different fields. One particular field of study lies in the business development industry. Daily information is a key factor that helps in the overall study and hypothesis that all organizations usually refer to.

Blogging has slowly become an advertising and promotions tool, with write-ups and related topics of business genres being at the forefront of all circulating information. That is why most companies properly screen all potential bloggers according to their sample work, the content of which is the most important matter above all before being hired. This is because with the fact that anyone can practically blog, there is the issue of having to select the ones who are experienced enough to know what problogging is all about.

Problogging is a level where people are paid to produce juicy content and not merely an online diary type of composition. While there are a lot of bloggers surfacing today, the fine line between categorizing the effective bloggers from the novice bloggers and writers, who can practically assume the role of a problogger anytime.

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