A Costa Rica Honeymoon could be exactly what you are looking for, and you need look no further than the Gaia Hotel & Reserve an exclusive Adults only Boutique Hotel which nestles high on a hill above the Pacific Ocean in the Manuel Antonio National Park.

Romantic honeymoon packages should be the ultimate in luxury and service, and the Gaia comfortably achieves this, and then some more!!

There is nothing better on your honeymoon vacation to be able to not only overlook the Pacific Ocean but also the surrounding rain forest, and realize that you are in the middle of the wilderness but also surrounded by and living in Luxury.

From the amazing rooms and suites, from studio rooms to 2000square foot luxury villas.

They all come equipped with hi tech and high quality furnishings.

All are uncluttered even minimalistic, but include as standard things like cable flat screen televisions, home entertainment units, internet connection. There are 500 thread linens, mini bars filled according to the guest’s specifications. There are quite beautiful bathrooms with jacuzzis, and amazing views.

In addition each room has a personal valet who will look after basic needs such as laundry but will organize pretty well anything for you as well as personally take care of your room service needs.

It almost goes without saying there is a gym, where you will have your own personal trainer, and a full service Terra Spa, plus a spectacular 3-tiered infinity pool.

No Costa Rica Honeymoon would be any good without a decent restaurant serving local dishes. The open air La Luna will not disappoint you, and if you want to you can eat on your own terrace.

You will need to visit the Reserve which consists of over 12 acres, and contains a wide range of rare fauna, flora, and mammals. There are monkeys, 3 toed sloths, red eyed tree frogs, and to add to that the resort is only ten minutes from the Manuel Antonio National Park which has beautiful immaculate white sand beaches, live coral, and 346 different species.

Gaia Hotel & Reserve makes a special Costa Rica romantic Honeymoon package, and you are recommended to it.

Before booking a holiday in the Maldives, you need to find out a lot about your hotel in the Maldives, especially if it is to be your honeymoon Hotel in the Maldives, the island hideaway of your dreams. You can do a lot worse than to concentrate your search on the South Male Atoll

The South Kaafu or Male Atoll is just below North Kaafu Atoll and this is the place in Maldives where tourism first started.

The whole Male atoll, both North and South is really the tourist centre of the Maldives and has the largest number of resorts. There are a lot of diving and surfing sites on this atoll.

This is quite a large list of Hotels in the Maldives on the South Male Atoll. They are about as close to the airport as you can get. This information can be used as a basis of further investigation before you choose your Hotel in the Maldives.

It’s a big decision to make when you book a vacation to the Maldives, because you might feel that one beautiful palm fringed island surrounded by turquoise sea, a multicoloured and faceted reef, and thousands of brightly coloured marine life to view is much like another.

This just isn’t true. Each island, each hotel is different.

You need to think about the size of the island, the number of rooms, where the rooms are situated. You need to work out how small and intimate you want it to be, bearing in mind that an island you can walk around in ten minutes may appear to be paradise at first but become claustrophobic very quickly. You might view the boat trip to the island with horror, so you need to know how long the transfer is.

The list of South Male hotels isn’t complete, but should form a basis for investigation before you make a decision on your holiday in the Maldives

Anantara Resort Maldives is a 5 star deluxe hotel which opened in 2006, with 110 rooms, it is 35 kms from the airport, and takes 35 minutes in a speedboat.

Biyadhoo Island Resort is a 3 star hotel with 96 rooms, and it is 29 Kms from the airport with a speedboat transfer time of 60 minutes.

Bolifushi Island Resort is a 4 star resort, some 12 Kms. From the airport with 55 rooms, and a 30 minute transfer by speedboat.

Club Rannalhi is a 4 star hotel with 116 rooms, situated 35 Kms from the airport with a 45 minute transfer by speedboat.

Cocoa Island Resort is a 5 star deluxe hotel with 36 rooms, situated 30 Km from the airport, and is a 30 minute transfer by speedboat.

Embudu Village is a 3 star Hotel with 124 rooms, and is 8Kms from the airport, with a 45 minute transfer by speedboat.

Fihalhohi Island Resort is a 3 star resort with 150 rooms, and it is 28Km from the airport with a 60 minute transfer by speedboat.

Fun Island Resort is a 4 star resort with 100 rooms, and it is 38 Kms from the airport with a 45 minute transfer by speedboat.

Kandooma Tourist Resort is a 3 star hotel which has 124 rooms, and is under renovation.

Laguna Maldives is a 5 star resort with 132 rooms, is 12 Km from the airport, and a twenty minute transfer by speedboat.

Olhuveli Beach & Spa is a 4 star hotel with 129 rooms, situated 36 Kms from the airport and is a 45 minute transfer by speedboat.

Rihiveli Maldives is a 4 star hotel with 48 rooms, and is 49 Kms from the airport which is a 45 minute transfer by speedboat.

Taj Exotica Resort & Spa is a 5 star deluxe hotel with 62 villas, and is 5 Kms from the airport and is a 20 minute transfer by speedboat.

Vadoo Island Resort is a 4 star hotel with 31 rooms, situated 5 Km from the airport and is a 15 minute transfer by speedboat.

Vilivaru Island Resort is closed for renovation

You now have some basis on which to investigate your Holiday Hotel in the Maldives and make a decision whether or not the South Male Atoll is the place for you. There are some real Maldives Luxury Hotels here, perfect for a honeymoon in the Maldives, or your Maldives Island Hideaway.

The Villa le Scale on Capri has been often voted as one of the very best European honeymoon destinations, and from my own experience it is not only all of that, it is also in the top 10 romantic hotels in Europe.

Capri in the summer is not for the faint hearted, and the hustle and bustle is quite overwhelming, but the second we went through the gates we were immediately in an oasis of calm and total luxury. I also loved the way the crowds on the street all stopped to look as the gates opened, it made me feel like a film star!!

Greeted with complimentary champagne, snacks, and towels, quickly shown to the Venetian Room, which certainly did not disappoint. It was beautifully furnished with a wonderful terrace, which we were to make great use of during our stay. It also had a Turkish bath which was well used by us.

A nice touch was the complimentary fresh fruit plate, indeed the first of many complimentary offerings we were to receive at the Villa le Scale. Already we could see why this is rated one of the best European honeymoon destinations, and one of the most romantic hotels in Europe.

We had breakfast on the terrace every morning amidst the perfumed jasmine and the gardens. I also had a couple of massages on the terrace-highly recommended!!

Lunch by the pool was another delight, but one of the outstanding memories were the staff who could not have been more helpful.

There are many nice hotels where the staff can be a little churlish when you want to eat out, but not so here, so we were able to enjoy the Aurora for dinner in Capri and da Paolina where you eat under the lemon trees.

Get Marcello to take you on a boat trip so you can swim in the grottos, and explore the island with a chauffered car.

Wait until the evening before you go into Capri, because all the day trippers will have gone, and it will be cooler.

All in all we loved the Villa le Scale, the quality of everything from the food, to the service was unsurpassed. We were made to feel like friends and not like paying guests

Hawaii honeymoon vacations are ideal for any newly wed couples. The exotic beaches of Hawaii with its captivating beauty will make your trip a memorable one. The enchanting beaches have the air of romanticism that transcends you to a different world with your partner.

There are many beaches all around the world but none to match the ecstasy of the Hawaiian beaches. The island of Hawaii has special attractions with scuba diving and snorkeling that act as a bonus to visiting the place. The famous beaches lie at the Hilo District, Kona District, Kohala coast, Kau and Puna districts. Then there are other beaches that are equally bewitching and exotic like Kauai beaches, Oahu beaches, Maui beaches etc.

Let Hawaii be your first choice of honeymoon if you love beaches and seas. You will get the best deals with Hawaii honeymoon packages. There are also special offers if you book online. Please do a little bit of homework to get the best deal on Hawaii honeymoon packages.

The majestic beaches of Hawaii are perfect to drink life to the lees. The scenic beauty will inspire you for a better loved life and you will find contentment in your partner’s arm – something that you have been longing for. Hawaii honeymoon vacation resorts and hotels have much more to offer. There are different types of accommodation to suit your budget and make you enjoy very moment of your stay in Hawaii.

The Hawaii honeymoon package comes in a combination of meals, guided tours along with other entertainment options like car rental etc. You can get accommodation in a five star, 3 star or 2 star hotels depending on your budget. Hyatt Regency Maui, the famous hotel also provides golf courses for golf lovers along with other benefits. Another hotel worth mentioning that is perfect for honeymoon couple is Fairmont Orchid at Mauna Lani (with terrace view accommodation and a Hertz car rental).

Termed as America’s jewels in the Pacific, Hawaii is a picaresque land with a culture of its own.

The resorts in the Hawaii Island also provide for partying options when you stay there. It makes you feel you are in the seventh heaven with your loved one. The beauty of the islands with its natural landscape and the memorable time spent at the sea beaches signify the start of a new romantic life.

When on vacation, a lot of people choose to go to the beach for that much needed time to relax and have a little fun on the side. But with the unfortunate not so long ago event of the tsunami that hit South Asia, people are now thinking twice before considering the beach as the preferred vacation spot. Perhaps the best safety measure is to be informed and to always take a little precaution. Here are a few tsunami tips that may give you peace of mind and help you be at ease with the beach once again.

Be aware of your surroundings. Unlike your home where you may know every crack and cranny, the beach may be unfamiliar to you especially if you are vacationing in a new location. Study the geographical area. Even if the possibility of having a tsunami is slim to none, it helps that you know where you are. Check which part of the inland street is higher than the sea level. It would help you to be familiar with the right pathways that can lead you to higher ground in case of emergency. Go ahead, ask around and take notes on the evacuation procedures and locations that the area has.

Even if you are not on the beach, it is always advisable to keep an emergency kit handy. Your lot should include the basic essentials like a first aid kit, medicines, a flashlight, a battery operated radio, a stack of emergency water and food like perhaps canned goods or candy bars and a wad of extra cash.

Be informed. Sure, vacation is a time for you to have fun, let go and relax. But this does not mean that you should forget about everything else in the real world. Keep yourself updated with current news and events that are happening locally and globally. Watch television, listen to the radio or read the newspaper. Be in touch with the people in your surroundings. They might be able to give you valuable information and updates on the weather status, warnings, safety announcements, evacuation and emergency information.

And once you get those warnings, please listen to them. Do not just disregard them as a possible joke or myth. You had been cautioned, take heed. As much as possible, you should move to higher ground especially if there is news of an earthquake. A tsunami may not be far behind. Another sign to look for is the considerable rise and fall of the water levels. Some may ignore and think of these as a great chance to go and surf. Wrong. Something is definitely amiss, take precautions. A tsunami is composed of a series of waves. When a wave has hit, do not assume that the tsunami is over because surely a much bigger one is coming in its wake. Stay away from the coast. The harder it is for you to see the wave, the safer you are. Also stay away from damaged buildings. Weakened structures can break and descend. Make sure that they have been thoroughly checked before you enter one.

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