Harness The Power Of Skill Sets And Mindsets Instant Gratification Vs Delayed Gratification Multiple Steps To Success All Successful People Do This And You Too Can Do It

When you have a problem, sometimes you need a new skill or skill set to deal with it. That was an epiphany generated from listening to a speaker the other day. Everything seemed so clear in that moment.

Yes, it made sense.

Sometimes when you wrestle with problems, you might not see an immediate solution and you struggle to find one. After a while, you might give up completely, thinking that it is impossible to find a solution for that particular problem. At that moment, the idea that you might simply need new skills or knowledge to overcome the difficulty can be very empowering.

Making that mental connection allows you to escape being stuck and giving up, it focuses your mind on a solution. It doesn’t allow you to think that there is no solution which can only lead to depression or feeling ‘down’.

But then you might think that you lack knowledge or skills in a certain area. Yet, you know that you could either find that knowledge or develop the skills to solve your problem.

Alternatively, you could hire someone to solve your problem. NO killing please, that is not a solution, but a doorway to greater problems. However, under normal circumstances, hiring someone with the right skills is perfectly acceptable. For example, you might higher a plumber if you have a problem with your shower or sink. You could take the time to learn the skills but you have to weigh the value of that learning curve against how much it would cost to actually hire someone with the skills already.

Maybe you have decided that there is no one with the skill set you need available or that it is worth your time to develop a new skill. What are some sources of knowledge and places to develop these new skill sets? Libraries, books, online searches, bookstores, Internet, circles of influence, brainstorming, mastermind groups and even asking someone you don’t know for their viewpoint can sometimes yield new ideas, leading to new results.

The bottom line is that there are resources everywhere for you to tap into, you just have to open your eyes and allow yourself to become aware that this is the case. There is always a way to find new resources and you can keep tapping those resources for expertise until you find what you are looking for and you develop the new skill.

There are also ways to reframe existing problems. Questioning the underlying thoughts that support your belief that you even have a problem in the first place can sometimes yield interesting results. Sometimes we get stuck in a mindset and asking ourselves questions to understand the legitimacy or redefine the reality of situation can be most useful.

In life we all have certain basic human needs. Some of these needs include security, love, leisure and respect. However whilst we all have the same basic needs, the way we satisfy those needs will vary from person to person.

The 2 main ways that needs can be satisfied are immediately or at a later date. This is often called immediate or delayed gratification.

Immediate Gratification

Immediate gratification is the most common way people fulfill their needs. This means that rather than waiting for something to happen in the future, they prefer not to wait, and to have it now.

However immediate gratification usually comes at the expense of long term failure in life. This is because when needs are satisfied immediately, they are often done so with little or no regard for future consequences.

For example, comfort is one of our most basic human needs, and everyone seeks a certain degree of comfort in their lives. However should you choose to fulfill that need immediately, such as by choosing to sit and watch TV or play video games all day, then it is most likely you will not achieve anything significant in life if that is all you do.

Delayed Gratification

This does not mean having comfort is a bad thing. If you choose to delay satisfying the need for comfort and instead focus on other areas of your life, such as financial or romantic, then in the long run you are likely to achieve greater success in life.

However delayed gratification is much harder than it sounds. The fact is, the society we live in tends to promote a greater desire for immediate gratification. By providing us with instant quick fixes and on demand entertainment. As a result people have got used to expecting things immediately, whereas only 50 years ago, they were more willing to work and wait for the things they wanted.

This has also resulted in a mentality that if results are not seen immediately, then it is best to give up and try something else. Consequently you often see many people complaining of a lack of success in their life, even though they put minimal effort and time into what they were trying to achieve. If they don’t “make it” within a few months, or worse a few weeks, then they usually just give up.

This is an extremely important characteristic to recognize, because highly successful people are masters of delaying gratification. Rather than trying to fulfill their needs immediately, with instant fixes or get rich quick schemes, they recognize that success takes time and hard work. And this means delaying the natural urge for immediate gratification.

Since successful people are no different from you and I, this means they still dislike doing the same things we dislike. However they are able to do them anyway, because they understand that is the only way a person can ever become truly successful. So how do they delay the temptation for immediate gratification? With discipline, and lot’s of it!

Having an interest in online business, I often frequent forums that are for people who have or want a successful online business. There is one theme that recurs time and time again, and one that touches me with sadness. That is, the number of people who sound despondent and want to give up. You may think that such an attitude would be confined to those who had at been trying to get their online business going for a year or more. Often, though, it might just be a month, or like an example today, three weeks.

Such a short term view is totally unrealistic. In that particular case, the person concerned was being given a kick start by a highly experienced and well known internet marketer, for free. He was complaining already, despite not having done anything himself, that he had so far received no benefit, and that the whole idea needed to be rethought, presumably so that he could be raking in a fortune inside another month without doing any work.

That sort of attitude is likely to lead to failure for a tough ambition such as making a decent income online. Success at anything normally involves taking one step at a time, sometimes along several parallel routes that, eventually, run into one and bring you success. With working online, for example, there are a wide variety of skills, methodologies and pitfalls, all to be dealt with methodically en route to success. Success does not come quickly unless you are very lucky; but those who are patient, have a vision, and are prepared to work hard, taking a step at a time, have a very good chance of succeeding….eventually.

I was not sure whether to feel sorry for that particular poster, or annoyed with him for complaining about what was some valuable free assistance from a genuine expert. In the end, I felt neither, and left him to find out the realities of life.

Most visions of success do really need a number of steps to be taken, and success cannot be achieved in one giant leap. A good example is with a professional qualification, such as the management accounting qualification for which I studied when I was younger. The end result, the “success”, was a certificate, but you could not just order that certificate. There were several series of steps:

1. 5 stages of either 3 or 4 examinations had to be passed to qualify; a total of 18 examinations in all.

2. To pass a stage, you had to pass each exam individually, which meant being well inside the top 40% of students for each one. Fail in one, and you fail the stage. That meant starting again.

3. Each examination required different skills, knowledge and practical application to succeed. Subjects were varied, such as computing, marketing, financial accounting, organisation and management, contract law, business law, and corporate planning. Each was a separate step, requiring a separate approach, with no scope to put a foot wrong. Each a big step in itself, with many little steps along their own route.

Once a stage was passed successfully, it was like starting all over again with another series of steps, each getting progressively more difficult. Many students fell by the way side or had to resit. There was no avoiding the necessary steps.

That is true of most ambitions in which you seek success. If success is really worthwhile in something, it is unlikely to be easy and simple. So it is best to bear that in mind when focusing on your goal.

Once you have a vision of your goal, you need to recognize all the essential steps to the goal’s realization. There is no harm in imagining the final success; visualization of fulfilment will help. However, you do need to give appropriate attention to each of the essential steps. In the professional qualification example, I hated business law, but had to give it special attention to pass, otherwise all my work on the other subjects in that stage would have been worthless. Having got through that stage, the next included company law, which was nothing more than a memory test. I hated that even more; but still had to pass it.

Most worthwhile goals have similar essential steps, which you need to recognise, and then devise a plan to address each step with whatever effort, knowledge, skills and practice you may need. Having formed your plan for each step, you can then set about them methodically, carving your way to success, one step at a time.

If you write down your goal, and then the individual, essential steps, you will have the great satisfaction of ticking off each step, and then stand back and see you have reached your vision. Your goal will be achieved.

Did you know that by applying a simple strategy you can become successful beyond your imagination?!

Success is not dedicated for a certain category of lucky talented people and hence anyone can become similar to those success gurus.

Success doesn’t depend on your environment, circumstances, level of education, financial situation,…etc.

All successful people faced a lot of negative circumstances and failures before they achieve what they want. They were poor, with little or no education, and were brought up under tough circumstances.

But they all followed the same strategy, to change their circumstances and reach their dreams.

You must follow this simple strategy, if you want to achieve your goals and become successful.

Here is the ultimate success strategy:

“Apply the Principles of Success”

Simple, right?!!!

But always remember: “The true power lies under the real simplicity”.

This powerful strategy guarantees your success because principles are the same and always work.

Success principles are the same no matter where you live or when you live.

Success principles always work because they are proven facts used by all successful people to achieve their goals.

Success leaves clues. And these clues are timeless success principles.

Principles will work for you as well but this depends on a single condition.

This condition is: “Principles always work if you work the principles”

You must apply these principles and put them in action.

Action makes all the difference.

Successful people believe in principles and so they persist until they see the results.

Apply success principles and they will always work. Since they worked with all who applied them, they will work with you too.

But remember you must work the principles yourself. Don’t wait for somebody else to apply the principles for you.

You must apply the principles by yourself. Don’t wait for somebody to give you permission to become successful.

Analyze your situation and see how this principle can work for you. Do it yourself.

You must lead your life.

And never surrender.

Keep practicing the principle until it works.

It takes time to master success principles. Like when you start driving your car, it took time to be a good driver.

It needs practice until you get positive results.

And here comes the benefit of having a mentor in your life. He can guide you through your journey and support you in every step. And, he can teach you these principles and how to master them.

Read success books and you will gain life time experience from the expert authors.

Attend success and personal development seminars and courses to get close to success mentors and learn from their experience.

Success Principles always work if you work them. Keep practicing the principles until you master them.

You too can become successful with the same principles used by all successful people in the world.

Start living the life of your dreams.

My friend you can make a difference.

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