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Opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to oil and gas exploration is more than a first step toward a sound energy policy; it is vital to our national security.

Americans will depend on liquid fossil fuels for transportation for many decades to come. Because of this, the Middle East has a stranglehold on the U.

S. that cannot be allowed to continue.

Unfortunately, for now, the U.S. has little choice about being involved in the region-a large fraction of the world’s easily accessible oil is found there. And international economic realities mandate that cheaper oil will be used before investments are made to bring more expensive reserves to market.

U.S. security interests in the Middle East revolve around two issues: the free flow of oil from the region at a reasonable price; and the curtailment of funds supporting terrorism as well as the export of Wahhabism, the intolerant form of Islam that had its birth in Saudi Arabia.

A continuing dependence on this region is not in our best interests and is becoming very costly in terms of dollars and blood. Therefore, developing new sources of oil is about national security. Indeed, the Iraq war is about oil in the sense that it is about dealing with Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi regime is facing an increasingly radicalized Sunni majority and a marginalized and restive Shi’ite minority. With the Shi’ites likely to dominate Iraq, the war has served to bring pressure on the Saudi regime to crack down on Islamic radicals and preachers and become serious about curtailing the funding of terrorists.

As oil reserves are depleted in the Middle East, the cost of extracting oil will rise. When this cost roughly equals the cost of extraction elsewhere, the importance of the Gulf as a source of oil to the rest of the world will decline.

There is plenty of oil, but not at today’s relatively cheap production costs.

Shale oil, for example, exists in huge quantities in four Western states. But development of techniques for recovery of such oil is years away and likely to be very costly.

Current world oil prices, however, can be moderated by the availability of relatively small amounts of oil. And that is where ANWR comes in.

ANWR is estimated by the Department of Energy to equal as much as 30 years of imports from Saudi Arabia. More important, it is oil that can be brought into production quickly using conventional techniques, thereby being able to moderate prices in the near term.

With modern directional drilling techniques, the oil can be extracted from as little as 2,000 of ANWR’s 19,500,000 acres-all of which is contained within land originally set aside for possible future oil and gas production when the refuge was established. Combined with other techniques, hazards to the environment can be virtually eliminated.

In the past, both the U.S. House and Senate have approved opening ANWR to oil and gas production, but have failed to agree on the exact form of the legislation. It would seem that now, with dependency on Middle Eastern oil threatening our safety and our economy, those bodies should find a way to come together on a plan to develop our own natural resources and lessen money flowing into hostile hands.

Gerald E. Marsh is a physicist, retired from Argonne National Laboratory, who has worked and published widely in the areas of science, nuclear power and foreign affairs. He was a consultant to the Department of Defense on strategic nuclear technology and policy in the Reagan, Bush and Clinton administrations, and served with the U.S. START delegation in Geneva.

Many consider opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to oil and gas exploration a first step toward a sound energy policy.

Every person I know has a house filled with many things. Go into your bedroom and look in your closet. I am quite sure that you do not wear all of the clothes you see (although congratulations if you do!). And I am equally sure that you do not really need all ten pairs of similar black dress shoes. Or take a glance at your recreation gear in the garage. When is the last time you actually used those cross-country skis? There is a solution – a great solution – to downsize your life and do something great for your community at the same time. Give to charity. There are a variety of suitable organizations who would be glad to take your excess possessions of your hands.

Deciding to give to charity is a perfect way to accomplish many good things all at once. Obviously, giving to charity is a great way to help those in need. You may have many extra pairs of pants, but it is quite likely that many people in your town struggle to afford owning more than one or two pairs at once. You might be shocked if you knew all of the common, every day needs people live with each day. Out of your excess you can help the increase the quality of life for others. What an amazing thing to be a part of.

Giving to charity is not only great for those who receive the items, it is also great for those who give. That is right. Giving will fast become something you treasure. Nothing feels better than practicing generosity, and you will quickly find that you will look for ways to simplify your life in order to bless others. Giving to charity will also give you the chance to simplify your overcomplicated life. As years go by people tend to gather more things than they can use at once. Just think back to when you first moved into your current home or apartment. Remember how you did not have enough to fill all of your closests and pantries? Look at those same closets and pantries now and I bet you will find that they are overflowing. Do you remember where those glasses came from? Who gave you that wool sweater again?

But how do you decide what to give to charity and what to keep? I will give you a few practical tips. With clothing, if you have not worn it at all during the last two years, chances are high that you will not have a need to wear it again. Household items can be a little harder to separate, but a good rule of thumb is that if you cannot remember the last time you used it, you probably do not need it. Just begin going through your possessions and decide as you go. If you are in doubt about an item, ask yourself these questions: do I really need it? Will I really use this? Is there someone else who could use this item more than me?

Giving to charity is a wonderful way to simplify your home, learn to see the needs of others and meet them all at the same time. Why not take a quick walk through your house and consider giving some of your things to charity today.

An extremely large number of children all around the world are in serious need of help. Sponsoring a child is a great way of helping these poor children live a better life, and by sponsoring a child with a charity donation you will feel a certain warm feeling of satisfaction when you will see that a child which had no hope is now grown-up and happy thanks to your help.

A recent research has proven that nowadays once at three seconds a child dies because of the lack of a home, food and water – things that we can’t even imagine our lives without. Needless to say that for these children, schools and education is a luxury that they can only dream about.

If you decide to sponsor a child you will be able to choose the location where you want him to be, and then you can pick the special child you want to help from a list that also has the pictures of those children.

You will then be connected with that child, he will know your location and your name, and he will constantly write to you and tell you how he is feeling and what he is doing. If you want you can also send the child a picture of you and a letter where you introduce yourself to him, so that he knows who is helping him.

Your charity donation sponsorship can bring clean and fresh water, medication, treatment and also school and education to one of the many children in need.

You will be the only person that sponsors one child, because there are many of them and too little sponsors to assign more that one sponsor to one child. Therefore, you will be one of the most important persons in his life. If you want, after some time you can even visit that child and see how he’s doing and in what way you’ve helped him. You’re surely receive a warm welcome from the child and his family.

Child sponsorships are usually done through charitable organizations specialized in charity donations. These organizations also make investments with the money they receive so that every dollar you send is most likely multiplied. Besides providing the child you choose and his family with their basic need, a part of your investment is used to train volunteers that go directly at the heart of the matter and help the people there by providing vaccinations and nutritional programs. Also, with the money coming from the people’s charity donations, some other major projects can come to life, like the building of schools with all the needed educational equipment, roads and bridges over the rivers so that children from a wide area can come to the schools, and also water and irigation systems – clean and fresh water is highly important for people’s health.

Many middle-aged men want a foreign Christian single significantly younger than themselves. Increasingly though, as the effects of feminism in the Western world have become more and more perverse, younger and younger men are seeking dating abroad.

The truth is average Russian brides, while they are anything but submissive, are usually also not forceful or domineering. The women are generally highly supportive of their husbands. Most men seeking such a wife really want someone who isn’t the extreme opposite to a meek Henny-Penny either. Unfortunately, too many of today’s American and other Western women are, and these men have simply given up on them.

Most men who seek a mail order bride are just ordinary guys. In the 1990s, the majority of the men seeking Russian brides were generally middle aged divorced men in their forties and fifties. After a number of years dating American women they were not able to find the kind of woman they wanted. For the most part these men want a woman significantly younger than themselves (between 10 and 20 years), who is physically attractive, charming, gentle, sweet, feminine and whose primary career goal is to become his wife, as opposed to pursuing some professional career and, in addition, being a wife. These are qualities typical of Russian girls.

Today we see younger and younger men seeking first penpals, and then wives in this way. Many never-married men in their twenties and thirties are now turning to the foreign Christian singles market and the age trend is moving downward. These younger men are looking for the same basic kind of woman as the older men, with the exception that they seek wives closer to their own age.

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We offer various dating tips for single travel to Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. You do not want to meet your lady, the first time, in her own hometown! Make that journey after you have decided you have found the perfect girl, and it is time to meet the family. You don’t have to be a Spartan to win a lady’s heart.

Not that Eastern Europe isn’t a beautiful place to visit…it is. It has a lot of amazing places that still remained untouched by a human’s hand. Its boundlessness of wild nature traps your eyes and heart forever.

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