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This is not official as expected Google will not confirm this, but I have been researching a lot on this subject and fond this to be true.

I have a number of website less then six months old still not ranked on Google and sites that are older that are. The SEO information site news have run tests on this them selves and found the same to be true.

So why they have done this we do not know but all I can guess is Google are looking for well rooted sites on the search engine.

If you want to get ranked on Google you will have to use a domain name older then one year or at a push six months old.

Do not get put off by this as there are lots of other search engines out there, we do not no if the other search engines will copy this but if they do this would not be good.

You should continue to submit to Google and run business as usual but do not full into the spam trap, what I mean by this is submitting to Google over and over as you do not see your website.

Google can ban your domain and put it into the sand pit this is something else Google will not confirm.

New sites still get a page rank you no the green bar in the tools bar but the link popularity do not seen to be right.

If you found this article of some use then that makes me happy.

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From last couple of days I noticed different page rank in different Google datacenter and today in the morning when I reached to the office and as per schedule I was checking my websites I noticed PR update on all my new domains.

I visited many website today and found this PR updating is not too good for previous well ranked websites. I checked major seo websites and other well ranked websites and I noticed most of all websites PR went down.

Recently Google had changed algorithm and very strict about paid linking. In Google webmaster tool they introduced paid links form where you can write about any website that selling or buying a link. Mostly paid linking is used to manipulation of search engine. I visited; they are also selling links and found that their page rank goes down from 7 to 4. This shows Google is very strict about paid linking and in future Google may penalize website that involved in paid linking.

Google’s Page Rank Update Goes After Paid Links?

Seems like there is a Page Rank update taking place now that seems to be impacting sites that sell links. Can’t say that we were not warned about this. Danny Sullivan wrote Official: Selling Paid Links Can Hurt Your PageRank Or Rankings On Google over two weeks ago, and now it appears many sites are getting hit with a drop in Page Rank.

Here is a list of some sites, including major publishers, who seem to have taken a hit overnight:

The keyword is totally unique in the eyes of the search engines, and there are strong rules in these contests.

Some of the general important rules of seocontests.

1. No black hat search engine optimization allowed

2. No one from the official announcement website can enter this contest.

3. No Spamming of keywords and website

4. No cloaking or keyword stuffing

These contests generally are started with a time frame given to show the results in search engine results pages.

These are some of the general tips to rank better for the contest.

1. Try to get a older domain name rather than a new one, this is because there is a myth that search engines rank old domains better.

2. Never try to add the contest keyword more than 10 times to your contest webpage because this will result in keyword stuffing.

3. Add meta tags to your contest page which may include title, keywords, description and robots tag.

4. Add H1 , H2, and H3 tags correctly with the keyword in the first H1 tag.

5. Try to add unique contest to your webpage, which is totally fresh, as search engines like fresh content.

6. After the onpage seo is completed , start doing link building by exchanging links with relevant websites.

7. Add a sitemap to your website and continue with the link building.

If these steps are done perfectly , you can make sure that your webpage tops the search engine result pages.

I have been to many forums and found that people like to do their own SEO initially and then give up later after they do not find reasonable results. I would suggest that they should keep on trying, until they really feel that their sales is directly dependent on their ranking in the search engines.

I have high respect for all the people who have achieved success using in-house/personal SEO and still are able to maintain there top spot for highly competitive keywords like digital camera software or photo software. The world of SEO has changed rapidly and so have the techniques. Now lets start with main subject that is “Making money online with SEO”.

The first well-known fact:

Higher the traffic better the sales

It is a proven fact that among the billions of pages that are searched by search engines only a few make it to the top and these top 30 websites make the most business. Type in digital camera software for instance and you will understand what I mean. Do you remember how many times have you gone beyond the 3-4th page of your search page results? I would expect the same behavior from 99.9% of the Internet surfers as no one has the time to go beyond the top 30 listed pages. I am exaggerating when I say top 30 because mostly the top 10 get 75% of the hits. So if you are not at the top you are losing on a huge chunk of sales, unless you are advertising locally and are limited to a local business.

Google adwords is worth a mention at this point as millions use them and know their importance. The users of google adwords know that they will get listed at the top page (sponsored listing) for the specified keywords. However, they do not estimate the sales that they will make. They can easily do it in a month and then change their bid amount to be paying less in advertising on google. Being listed in the top page does not mean that you will end up with guaranteed sales. You need to have a real good sales page that will make the “buyer” feel the need to buy it. Remember it is all about making him feel that he needs it.

Search engine optimization will propel your page to the top 10 without having to pay for the adwords campaign that is a pay per click campaign and you might end up paying far more than your sales. Having said this if you choose the niche keywords for your campaign and have a good sales copy you are bound to make a lot out of the campaign. Out of thousands who click to your page at least 50 should buy your product.

The million-dollar question

How will you benefit from SEO? How much should you spend?

If you have a good product and at a reasonable price compared to competition and feel that you can garner enough sales once your website receives traffic SEO will benefit you by providing you with exposure for the chosen keywords ( a proper keyword analysis for searches per month for that chosen keyword) will be conducted by the SEO expert. Depending on the competition you have for those keywords the plan will be chalked out by him. Sometimes only on-page SEO may take you to the top however, nowadays SEO has become a popular career with many top websites spending huge amounts on SEO to be listed in the top.

Your expense should depend on how much sale you are bound to make. A proper estimation of this can be drawn after the first month that you are listed in the top 10. Your expense can range from any where between $250-$2500 depending on the competition you face.

Be careful while choosing an SEO firm or person as they can use spammed techniques that can get you banned from search engines.

Yes indeed, who would have thought it, but your web hosting provider could indirectly be costing you the chance of good placements in the major search engine Google.

How can this be? Well the problem is the physical location of the hosting centre itself. Now, while you may feel you have signed up with a UK hosting company, actually all their hosting centres can be in a different country such as the US or Germany for example.

Now this little quirk doesn’t really have many side effects as you may well be getting very good value and good technical support from your host, but what it does mean is that if you do not have a geography specific domain suffix such as

for the UK and instead you opt for a .org, .net, or .com then Google will use the geographical location of your hosting centre as the method for determining which local index your results should be found in.

By this I mean if you were to search with the radio button switched to UK results only, and your .com site was hosted by a UK hosting supplier but in a German datacentre, then you would never appear in the search results. Of course, you would appear in the search results, but obviously not many German google users are looking for websites and businesses in English or relevant only to a UK audience.

There are plenty of studies out there suggesting search patterns on Google that say it is approximately 50 : 50 as to the number of people that click the “all the web” results on compared to searching only UK results. However, I personally do not believe this, if I am looking for a business where a product needs to be delivered or a service provided to me that involves phone or person to person support and contact, am I really going to search every website on the Internet?

No, I am only going to search across UK specific sites, and if I can’t find what I want then I will expand my search to include sites outside the UK.

It is unknown to me at this time whether a site hosted outside the UK suffers any form of penalisation from Google in its ranking placements in the index, and is quite difficult to prove either way as search engines are notorious for providing as little information as possible as to how they operate.

Unfortunately there is no real way around this problem if you are already caught up in it other than move your hosting to an ISP that is actually based in the Country that they claim to be on all advertising etc. Always check beforehand if you are looking at a non domain name for your site, as you do risk never getting the 100’s or 1000’s of search engine referrals that can provide you.

Below is a link to a tool that is useful for telling you the geographical location of your website, make sure you check it out if you are concerned about your site not being included in your local Google index, because there is nothing your hosting provider or Google can or will do about this situation, so get educated and make sure your website gets seen in your local Google index.

Tools for locating where your website is hosted ( Using the “Ping” tool, type in your domain name and you will be given the IP address of the machine your site is hosted on.

2) Copy and paste that IP address into the “tracert” tool, the final hop is the physical location of your website, so check this against the “Country” information on the right-hand side.

I don’t see this problem changing or easing any time in the near future, as the service provided by Google for geographical indexed is fundamentally sound and they have to use some method of discerning which Country group a site is relative to when it has a non-geographical domain suffix, however more and more people are being caught out by this without even realising it, because they believed they were signing up to a hosting provider in their own Country.

I hope this article helps, and please email me any of your stories / problems in this area. Good luck!

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