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Since the inception of the information technology and the technological advancement of the marketing industry, many people are engaging into fraudulent activities. This is because they are able to gain financial gains and advantages to people through easier and faster means.

For this reason, authorities had been trying to suppress the growing trend of various frauds that are currently affecting thousands, if not millions of people.

Basically, fraud is a kind of trickery that is used for the individual’s benefits, mostly on the financial aspect. These kinds of frauds are absolutely punishable by law, though, its implementation and intensity may vary from one place to another.

In Criminal Law

In the context of criminal law, a fraud is absolutely punishable under certain circumstances that will constitute the deception of a certain individual from which personal gain of the fraudulent person is achieved.

Some of the common frauds that are abhorred by the law are:

1. False advertising

This refers to the achievement of some personal gains of the person concerned by give the wrong impression about a particular service, product, or a business. This can be executed by providing deceptive information projected in unreliable forms of advertisements.

2. Identity theft

In the credit card industry, identity theft is the common type of fraud. This is when the identity of the credit card user is stolen for the personal benefit of the person who wants to gain some financial access to the user’s finances.

There are instances that the criminal may use the identity of the credit card user to make some purchases, in which, the victim’s credit card is used. In turn, the victim will receive billing statements containing such purchases that he or she did not personally created.

There are also some cases wherein the identity of the victim is used to create some crimes, in which, after establishing such acts, they contact the person and blackmail him by asking some money in exchange of eliminating any criminal acts that were constituted through his name.

3. Forgery

This is also one type of frauds where the documents are obtained and processed with the purpose of using them to deceive other people or institution.

In this process, the person who ant to deceive other people will obtain documents that are fake, reproduced, replicas, or explicit reproductions of the original material. There are also some documents that may be originally done but the signatures that should have signified the authenticity of the document is forged.

The very concept of this kind of fraud is to modify an object to suit the personal gains of the offender.

4. False billing

This refers to the fraudulent undertaking of charging or creating billing statements to a particular person or an institution. Here, the criminals will extract money from these people, in which, the concerned person will think that it is part of his or her subscription on a certain company.

In this way, people may be deceived that they have been issued some renewal of their subscriptions, for example, but in reality, the true owner of such establishment that issues subscriptions are not aware of it.

5. Insurance claims

These refers to the act of deceiving the insurance provider under the guise of claiming the due claims and benefits.

For instance, there are some people who create “fake deaths” in order to claim the insurance benefits provided by the individual’s insurance provider.

These are just some of the many examples of frauds. All of which are punishable under the law.

Hence, if you think that you have been victimized based on the examples given, it is best to take some actions properly, otherwise, you will be left hanging on the brink of disaster.

Let me tell you something. I don’t know everything there is to know about the Internet. . However, I do know how to protect my computer. It’s really not that hard. If you follow some basic rules, you will know how to protect your computer also. Every day there are new viruses and new things to look for out for on the Internet so let’s go over a few basic rules.

1. Your browser. Like it or not, some of the most popular browsers aren’t the safest browsers to use when surfing the Internet. In fact, some of the most popular browsers can definitely lead to some big problems down the line. My personal choice is Firefox. Firefox is truly an advanced browser. The best part about Firefox is that it is free. That’s right, ironically, a free browser is the safest browser to use at the current time. Firefox is constantly being upgraded and its security is top of the line

2. Your passwords. I know it is very easy to use the same password over and over. Heck I still do it often times, but it can turn into a very big security problem. If you aren’t careful you could open yourself up to a large security issue. If someone were to guess your password, they would be able to access many different types of accounts of yours.

3. Filter. There are all sorts of new filters on the market today for web browsing and using the Internet in general. This article isn’t long enough for me to get into all the specifics of the different types of filters that are available for your computer. Just take a look around the Internet, or do a web search on Google or Yahoo, and you will be able to find many different types of filter software for sale. Filter software can be especially handy if you have children around and want to keep them from seeing different types of web sites.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are literally hundreds of other things, you can do to protect your computer and its users. Stop by our site today and take a look at a different Internet protection resources that we have available for you.

In today’s world, organizations are fast accepting the web and related applications as part of their overall business strategies. They understand that the Internet provides them with the potential to target a very focused set of customers spread across a very diverse geography.

For a successful Internet presence, it is important that the web server and web applications are reliable, scalable and always available, irrespective of traffic volumes to the site.

To achieve this, you must test all your hardware and software using tools to check your web site, usually called web stress tools. These tools should ideally be used even before the site is on the World Wide Web. They can provide a reasonably good estimate about the performance of your web site and a company can identify issues before they arise.

Such issues might include slow response times while opening the web site, a limited number of users able to simultaneously browse the web site, or a cap on the number of requests that can be handled by a processing application. Based on the results, a webmaster can identify the bottlenecks and take corrective actions before they result in lost sales.

What does web site stress testing do?

Web stress testing provides performance reports for varying elements. For example, users might be complaining that your shopping site is taking ages to load and most search results are showing errors message. Using a web stress tool, you can check the performance of your web server. To your surprise, the CPU utilization on the Server may be just 20%. But if you are also monitoring the database application, you might find that it is already running at 100% and is the most likely reason for poor performance.

Stress tools can be deployed as software solutions where you can monitor the key components of your servers such as the CPU, memory and hard disk utilizations. They are built with user-defined alerts that can be triggered if a particular parameter crosses a threshold set by the user. As an example, you can configure an alert that must be generated whenever the CPU utilization crosses the 80% mark. Although this is helpful in identifying system bottlenecks, the results are limited to web servers that are connected to your internal network.

Why a stress monitoring network?

If the target audience is across the globe, or even across the country, a company needs to monitor its web site and applications stress loads from different locations across the globe. The web server must provide reasonable performance from wherever customers are located. In such a situation the software solution is unlikely to meet the company’s requirements.

Organizations must use external web site stress monitoring tools, which provide detailed performance reports on servers that are tested from different locations. The outcome of these tests can help in fine-tuning the settings at their ISPs and in optimizing performance of the servers. Besides this, external stress testing also include monitoring of other network infrastructures that connect to the web server, such as routers, firewalls and leased lines that provide the back-end connectivity.

This is why Dotcom-Monitor’s load stress test tool offers its clients stress test agents located in various countries such as the USA, UK and Germany. This service provides performance data about the web site from these and other locations spread across the globe.

So if you run a business on the Internet, it is important that your web site and all associated web applications perform to their optimum levels. They handle transactions quickly and in turn offer faster response times to your user requests. Using web stress services you can get information you need to ensure superior throughputs and gain a reputation for high-performance dependability among your customers.

You are walking along, sweeping back and forth, area after area, searching. You are continuing searching when suddenly a sound begins to click, faster and faster. Is it a Geiger counter? No, it is your bug detector. That is right. If you suspect that someone is listening in on your private conversations, strategic development meetings, covert operations, or whatever your reason for secrecy might be, you can stop it instantly and for good with bug detectors.

These handy devices promise you peace of mind and are capable of detecting, locating, and verifying hidden transmitters regardless of where they might be. These work not just in your office or home, or only on your telephone, but even in or on your car.

You may be asking yourself what the difference is between detecting and verifying a hidden transmitter. Obviously, if you detect and locate a bug, you are verifying that you are being bugged, right? Well, verifying in this instance means something else entirely. Let us say that you are sweeping for bugs and the bug detectors you are using begin to squeal or vibrate, telling you that a bug is present. There is a possibility that what it is picking up is not a bug but an ordinary television or radio transmission.

You could drive yourself nuts trying to find a non-existent bug you believe is planted somewhere on your television or radio. But since you are also able to verify with your bug detectors, you will then know that it is not a bug but just a regular, non-threatening transmission.

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