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If you’ve ever read a great historical novel, watched a movie set in another era, or gazed at paintings from the Grand Masters, you’ve probably experienced the feeling of being transported to another time and place. Perhaps you’ve immersed yourself in a culture from long ago and contemplated what life was like during those times. What did people do for fun? How did they go about the business of daily life? What were their concerns? What were their joys and sorrows?

One way to make history come alive – since the invention of the printing press, at least – is to look through the publications of the time.

Magazines, newspapers, and books from an historical period give you a sense of immediacy about the concerns of the day. Reading stories written during those times and seeing old prints and photographs put you in the moment – a moment that’s unfiltered by historians or other modern day commentators.

If you’re an Anglophile, old prints from newspapers, magazines, and books in the Victorian era give you an “up close and personal” look at life during the 1800s. When you look at natural history and botanical antique prints, for example, you begin to gain an understanding of the ways in which Victorians attempted to bring order to what was, to them, a vast amount of information. By categorizing animals, plants, and so forth, they laid the foundation of many of the classification systems we continue to use to this day. The intricate drawings of birds, animals, and plants contain incredible detail, and the attention given to both black and white old prints and hand colored old prints underscores the need to record the world around them.

Although it’s true that history is written by the victors, it is nonetheless interesting to see how Victorian writers and artists depicted various aspects of their social history, such as England’s involvement in the Boer War, their admiration of fleets of naval ships, and even pride in their architectural accomplishments. It’s even fun to read about the cultural icons of the day, such as those involved in fine art and the theatre.

As amazing as it seems, original Victorian old prints have survived into the twenty-first century. These antique prints come from the pages of magazines, newspapers, and books and are the real deal – not reproductions. People are increasingly viewing old prints as collectibles, and often narrow their collections of old prints to a certain genre, such as social history, natural history, war, ships, or theatre.

Other people enjoy displaying these old prints, and incorporate them into their home decorating plans. A man may, for example, place naval history or war prints in his study, while others may choose botanical old prints for the sunroom. Some choose to place historical old prints on top of an end table and cover them with glass or Plexiglas, while true Anglophiles seek to reproduce the Victorian experience throughout their homes through the use of fabrics, colors, and old prints that reflect the era.

Immersing yourself in a bygone time can take many forms, but collecting and displaying Victorian antique prints gives you the opportunity to own a piece of history.

Do you the feeling of getting up in the morning and everything is blurry? Not be able to tie your shoo, get dressed, or even find the sink to wash your face. The disappointment when your glasses break, in the most important moment. Always end your trip or some other fun activity. Entering a warm room on a cold day and wait 10 minutes for the fog to come off your glasses. Not to mention the pressure wounds on your nose bridge and at the back of your ears.

One might think that contact lenses are the answer to his problem as I thought years ago. I have checked contact lenses. But they scratches my eyes, switched to soft lenses which kept moving in my eyes and cause me several eye infections. The worst part of wearing contact lenses is the any windy weather or even some dust hearts your eye. In a nut shell I have had to give up on them as well. Not to mention the enormous investment and maintenances you need to afford.

Then I had to get back to my glasses, my self-confidence went down, and I could not go out or enjoy any water related or ball games. I knew that I not will do the laser correction surgery I have a cousin who lost here vision in one eye and badly damaged her other eye. I really want see for the rest of my life so I will have to give that up.

At this point I have started my own investigation to find a cure to my eyes or simply improve eye vision. I have found that my doctors kept me the same or worst as my eye prescription went up and all they did was giving a thicker lens. I have found out that Astigmatism can be cured and that it’s not something I have to live with. I have found out that I need to prepare my eyes for the coming day, consume nutrition, vitamins and minerals and relaxation which is one of the most important factors.

The thing that finally, along with all the relaxation and special food ingredients, helped me was exercising.

I have set my self to a schedule of exercising and relaxation and after three months I have began to see some real improvement in my vision. Today, I have regained 90% of my original vision back, I do not see perfectly but I mange with out any help and I am very happy, I am looking forward to more improvement in the future.

The exercises are very simple. Every one can perform them, and they take very short time too. I perform three types of eye exercise and relax between them. The relaxation is simply place my hands over my closed eyes.

Established in 1998, Concord Law School was the first school to offer a completely online method of obtaining a law degree. They are pioneers in the online education industry with many highly successful students. Currently, there are over 1,800 students enrolled in their online classes to obtain a law degree. Many of these students have been working for awhile and already have their bachelor’s or master’s degrees. Students are generally successful in their chosen career and choose to obtain a law degree in order to further advance their career opportunities.

Concord Law School offers a Juris Doctor degree that is recognized in the state of California and other states throughout the country. The coursework covers all necessary aspects of law and prepares the student to take the bar exam in the state of California and then other states as allowed by the bar rules. After passing the bar, the student can then practice as a licensed attorney. This will open up advancement in your current field of work and allow for opportunities in other fields as well. From law firms, to private legal departments in corporations to government agencies, the job market is vast for attorneys.

Today’s society has become much more litigious, and as such the demand for attorneys is increasing greatly. Most businesses need an attorney consultation at least occasionally if not for litigation then to exam documents or do compliance audits. Attorneys generally make a good salary, higher than the national average. It is an ideal time to enter this market as there is no shortage of attorneys needed. Concord Law School will be able to help you achieve the goal of becoming a licensed attorney.

People who have been working for some time and already have their bachelor’s degrees usually have responsibilities to their career and family that make returning to school more difficult. While the desire to get a law degree may be there, the time to accomplish it may not be. Concord Law School helps alleviate this problem by allowing you to learn in the comfort of your own home and by setting your own schedule. This will prevent any conflicts with family and career responsibilities while still enabling you to get a higher education.

In order to enroll at Concord Law School there are several criteria that must be met. The average grade point average for undergraduate work should be at least a 3.0. There is also an interview process as well as a qualifying test. Once the test results are in the admission application goes to a board to determine final enrollment status. If accepted, the courses will occur online and you will have to be familiar with the Internet and have a basic knowledge of computers and office applications such as word processing programs.

Concord Law School allows students to obtain a law degree with an entirely online course of study. They are innovators in the online education industry and will provide a quality education to enable students to pass the bar exam and practice as a licensed attorney. The opportunities available to attorneys today are vast and can greatly improve your lifestyle.

With every passing day new discoveries are made and the scope of information is increasing with prospects that it is becoming difficult for humans to handle information efficiently thus resulting in e-cheating and plagiarism.

Plagiarism can be defined as the deliberate use of another persons work with reference to your name without acknowledging the original source. This is evaluated as cheating as one is trying to take credit for someone else’s work. However taking references from someone else’s work and mentioning his/her name on each line copied as it is, is not part of plagiarism. It is called in text citation.

Plagiarism is becoming really common these days in assessments that students submit for their college work. This is considered as a serious offence as attempt like this undermines the value of college degrees. It has been until recently that the managements have decided to impose harsh penalties on students who are found guilty of plagiarism.

Ways to Combat Plagiarism

In order to avoid plagiarism, several universities and schools have started using anti plagiarism software’s and other electronic methods to detect plagiarism that can detect similarities and frequencies of words and phrases. In other schools the management also keeps track of the work previously submitted by students in order to ensure that the work is not copied from earlier years.

In order to avoid plagiarism students are nowadays made to sign statements in which they accept that the work they have submitted, is their own and the contribution from other sources has been properly acknowledged. Because that’s what being in a community is all about, learning together and cooperating such gestures make the students realize the importance of their acts and portray that the management is vigilant about their work and that plagiarism or e-cheating can get them into trouble.

The central point is that when one is producing a piece of work that would be evaluated, one must entirely cite his own work, written by him in his own words and containing his own ideas, interpretations, approaches etc. in case the ideas and words have been copied from someone else then it should be stated clearly with proper reference. Precisely its easy for a person to avoid plagiarism, all what matters is that one should put his/her own effort into the material he submits for assignment. Students who deceive are more likely to become white collar criminal thus depriving the hard workers from achieving their goal.


Fighting plagiarism and e-cheating has become very essential in these times especially because text from all across the globe can be viewed through internet. People who fake someone else’s work as their own must be caught because with purloining someone’s hard work they may pass in their degrees and probably get jobs, but they will have difficulty once they enter into their professional lives. Secondly with vigilant software working to catch plagiarism, students with real aptitude will come out in the light and the carefree attitude towards studies could be warned against.


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