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San Antonio School District’s Harris Middle School selected national “Middle School of the Year”

Harris Middle School is being recognized for its students’ efforts to improve their community’s quality of life. This summer Harris Middle School has received the National Youth Crime Watch of America Casey Award presented during the international conference in Ogden, Utah. This award is given to those individuals or organizations that offer examples of leadership, allocation of resources, and support in student or youth crime prevention programs and plans.

Harris Middle School, part of the San Antonio Schools, was the only middle school in the US to receive this honor. Harris Middle School was chosen for its students’ tremendous efforts in improvement of its campus and community. This was accomplished by programs that focused on conflict resolution, theft prevention, street clean-ups, and smoking and drug awareness programs. This has resulted in the Harris Middle School being one of the safest, friendliest, and positive school environments in the state. Students are active participants in the Peer Assistance Leadership group and the Peer Mediators, these groups teach understanding and conflict resolution strategies. Harris Middle School was also a past recipient of the San Antonio Bar Foundation’s Peacemaker Award, which chooses safe schools throughout the San Antonio School District.

Brackenridge High School Recognized in National Award

Brackenridge High School received honorable mention as one of nine finalists nationwide for the College Board’s Inspiration Award, which recognizes the country’s most improved high schools. A College Board representative facilitated a panel discussion with school administrators, staff, students, and parents. The representative was especially interested in hearing from students. Approximately 20 students were part of the discussion. The representative visited classrooms following the panel forum. The information that was collected at Brackenridge was taken to judges in New York, where they reviewed all nine finalists. The Award recognizes high schools that maintain AP or International Baccalaureate programs despite the difficulties at the school.

Special Functions in the San Antonio Schools this Summer

GEAR UP (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs) will hold a “Summer Academy CSI” from 8 a.m. to noon at eight high schools in the San Antonio School District. This program will focus on the application and value of science in forensic investigation. Students will be able to participate in solving mock crimes. The students will uses skills they learn in the program. Using their powers of observation, analytical skills and advanced scientific technology to uncover the most minuscule evidence, students will attempt to solve the crimes. Based on the popular CSI television programs, this adventure for 6th-graders combines science, math and language arts, resulting in a learning experience as fun as it is enlightening. “Summer Academy CSI” is part of, designed to help the class of 2012 be prepared for success in college and beyond.

The “Christopher Columbus and the Americas” program will be offered at two San Antonio School District middle schools from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Students will discover all aspects of what the New World was like at the time the famed explorer first landed on its shores, including its culture, history, geography, and myths. By integrating social studies and language arts, the course also examines the impact of the resulting “Colombian Exchange” through which Native Americans and Europeans introduced to each other a variety of different animals, concepts, crops, foods, and materials.

If you want to know how to find the top online nursing program, the answer can best be summed up in one word: research. Why is this? There is not one top nursing program for everyone. Some people are interested in obtaining entry-level designations, such as Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). Others are looking for masters programs in nursing or doctorates, both of which are available online. However, no matter what type of degree you are seeking, the following information can help you determine how to find the top online nursing program for you.

Ratings and Rankings

If you are interested in a preliminary search, one option is to use the school ranking information provided by companies who provide this information. One of these is U.S. News and World Report, which conducts school research and provides much of this information free on its website at Another option for ranking information is provided by the National Institutes of Health at program you choose should be accredited. The two organizations that accredit nursing programs are The National League of Nursing Accreditation Commission ( and The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

Another issue to consider in how to find the top online nursing program is whether or not, and how well, the program prepares you for the NCLEX exam. State boards to determine how well a person is prepared for nursing practice use the NCLEX exam, or the National Council Licensure Examination. This exam is taken on computer, and if you pass a certain number of questions correctly during the first part of the exam, you will pass. If not, you have an opportunity to continue testing to demonstrate your knowledge. If you fail the exam, you can retake it after a certain amount of time. However, how to find the top online nursing program, which includes ample research into a program, will lead you to a program that will prepare you for this exam.

The Goldmark Report in 1923 was the first to recommend that the entry level of education for professional practice as a registered nurse should be a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BSN), and heated debate has raged among nurses over the issue ever since.

Diploma and Associate Degree RN’s will clearly tell you that they can run rings around BSN program graduates when it comes to patient care. They’ll explain that they have more actual clinical experience and patient care know how in their little finger than a new BSN grad, and 99% of the time they’re right about that! I’ll be the first to admit that if I get seriously ill I’m hoping that my nurse graduated from a diploma program like the one they used to offer at Cook County Hospital in Chicago. Those nurses had so much training and hands on care experience by the time they graduated that few physicians could hold a candle to them on their best day.

This isn’t about whether BSN nurses are better than ADN or Diploma nurses

Up until a few years ago I would have been just as emotional as the next nurse in arguing against the very idea of making the BSN degree the minimum educational level to practice as a professional nurse. The arguments were many and seemed to make sense – no difference in pay for a BSN versus an ADN or Diploma nurse, we all do the same job etc….

But The Times, They Are a Changing…. And so has my point of view

“Rapidly expanding clinical knowledge and mounting complexities in health care mandate that professional nurses possess educational preparation commensurate with the diversified responsibilities required of them. As health care shifts from hospital-centered, inpatient care to more primary and preventive care throughout the community, the health system requires registered nurses who not only can practice across multiple settings – both within and beyond hospitals – but can function with more independence in clinical decision making, case management, provision of direct bedside care, supervision of unlicensed aides and other support personnel, guiding patients through the maze of health care resources, and educating patients on treatment regimens and adoption of healthy lifestyles. In particular, preparation of the entry-level professional nurse requires a greater orientation to community-based primary health care, and an emphasis on health promotion, maintenance, and cost-effective coordinated care.” (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, Position Statement, Dec. 2000)

Nursing is a dynamic profession and lifelong learning is essential for nurses to stay current with the increased complexity of the healthcare needs of today and into the future. In other words, the needs of our patients are changing, as we must change in order to be prepared to better serve that need.

BSN degree nurses are better prepared to meet patient needs

The main difference in study between an ADN and BSN is the emphasis on additional education in leadership and management, wellness, and community nursing. BSN prepared nurses possess greater knowledge of health promotion, disease prevention, and risk reduction as well as illness and disease management and are prepared to assist individuals, groups, and communities to prevent disease and achieve optimum levels of wellness. As nurses expand their role and move further into providing more community based primary care delivery the need for BSN prepared nurses is apparent.

Having a BSN degree means more career opportunities

The health system’s increasing demand for front-line primary care, and the accelerating drive toward managed care, prevention, and cost-efficiency, are driving the nation’s need for nurses who are prepared to practice in non-structured setting and interact directly with the public in matters of providing health and prevention services to the community, and that requires a BSN prepared nurse for starters.

Am I saying that every RN should become a BSN?

No, of course not! That’s an individual choice each of you needs to make for yourselves. Don’t do it for money. In many cases there’s no benefit in pay for having a BSN versus an ADN or Diploma- at least initially. The truth however is that increased education leads to increased responsibilities and increased career opportunities which give rise in turn to increased pay.

BSN nurses will have more career options than ADN and Diploma nurses. Diploma nursing programs and all but extinct anymore and I expect the ADN programs will vanish sometime in the future as well, but those of you who are already licensed will continue to be able to practice as an RN. You might find your job opportunities becoming narrower in the near future however. North Dakota has required all new nurse hires to possess a BSN degree since 1987. The New York State Board has similar legislation pending. The Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs began requiring all new hires to possess at least a BSN degree in 2005. Who knows what’s coming next?

Having a BSN degree allows more opportunity for employment, increased responsibility, and career progression. It opens the door for professional certification in specialty areas of nursing practice and leads to an expanded role as a provider, designer, manager, and coordinator of patient care as well as provides the foundation for graduate education.

Today’s working RN’s can attain a BSN degree without sacrificing their present job or income by going through an accredited online program. Programs are available that offer NLN accredited LPN to RN/BSN degrees, RN to BSN degrees, RN/ BSN to Master’s degrees, and even PhD in Nursing. Your employer’s education benefits often cover the expense of advancing your degree and tuition assistance is available for those who need additional help.

Healthcare delivery is changing. Nurses need to change along with it to meet the need.

When I was graduating from high school and then from college, there were many details that I was trying to think through and many decisions that I was trying to make, not the least of which was what graduation song I would choose to represent my transition from one season of life to the next. You see, among my family and friends it is tradition for anyone graduating to choose a graduation song to be sort of the theme of their accomplishment and their place in life.

If you have never heard of this, then I’ll suggest that you quickly make a graduation song part of your traditions surrounding graduation. Allow me, as an expert on the subject, to enlighten you with some suggestions about how to go about choosing the appropriate graduation song for you.

First of all, keep in mind the significance of choosing the perfect graduation song. Why is it so significant? Because it is not every day or even every year that you will graduate from something. In fact, most people only experience one or two graduations in their lifetime, so don’t downplay the importance of the situation. Instead, realize how significant it is that you are about to graduate and therefore take seriously the privilege of choosing a graduation song that will represent your achievement.

A perfect graduation song is one that incorporates two main things. First, any good graduation song should reflect some on the past and how it has affected you up to this point. The worst thing that you can do is to pick a graduation song that means nothing to you and that you’ve never heard of before. The wise way is to choose a song that you are familiar with and that really means something to you.

A second important element of a good graduation song is one that says something about the hope and purpose you have for your future. Graduation is, after all, not just the end of a season but it is also the beginning of a whole new season of life. So choose a graduation song that reflects how you’re feeling about moving forward into something new. No matter what season of life you are ending, you are also about to begin a new and great season, so let that be reflected in your song choice.

A graduation is a small but significant tradition that I think everyone should take part in. What a great way to symbolize a part of your journey and to represent your thoughts for moving on. So choose a great graduation song today! It is one decision that you’ll never regret.

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