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If you have the important responsibility of determining what schooling situation is best for your children, then please take your time and make an informed decision based on as much research as you can handle. There are quite a few options these days, which is all the more a good reason for parents to take seriously the job of providing the best possible education for their children. Public education, Christian education, and homeschooling are just three of many options available to families today.

Many Christian couples will opt to send their children through the Christian education system without giving it much thought. It is a Christian program, after all, so what could be the problem, right? This happens in much the same way that non-Christian parents don’t think twice about sending their children to publich school. And while I am not suggesting that Christian education is a poor choice, I am saying that it is a choice to be considered among other good choices.

There are obvious benefits to choosing Christian education for children. First and foremost, there is no better place for children to be introduced to the foundational beliefs of Christianity that during the school day as they grow up. So if you place a high priority on your children being raised in the faith that you believe in, then you should take a good look at the Christian education options in your area. See if there is more than one Christian school available and find out which program best fits the needs and beliefs of your family. Be warned, however, that sometimes choosing Christian education for your kids means sacrificing a little bit in the actual education that they will learn. This is not always the case, thankfully, but I am learning that quite often Christian education systems put things like math or science on the backburner in the hopes of really focusing in on faith issues and on how to live as Christians in a non-Christian world.

What is the best choice for your family? No one can make that but you. All I can tell you is not to make a choice about Christian education or public education quickly. Take your time, do some research, and talk to parents you trust that have put their kids through Christian education and public education to see what they would suggest. You will have to pick and chose on some things, so just begin to gather ideas and figure out what things you are and are not willing to compromise on.

Child sponsorship enables a common person in an evolved country to aid a child from a poorly developed part of the world until he can become independent. This aid consists in money, clothes, moral support and anything that can make a difference. This practice is usually conducted through a child sponsorship organization which deals with money transfers and contacts between sponsors and children. Though they are sometimes blamed for creating cultural gaps between children of the 3rd world, the child sponsorship organizations are the ones that strive to give a helping hand when everyone else has turned their backs to the fate of the unfortunate.

Child sponsorship focuses on needy children who lack even minimal food, water and shelter and who live a tough life without anyone caring for them or providing them with an education. Some of the most affected countries are Paraguay, Peru, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia and Brazil and each presents a different challenge for child sponsorship organizations.

1. Brazil is one special case as this is a country of extremes. Rich neighborhoods coexist near slums and shack towns. Children are often used for labor here and education is almost non-existent.

2. Colombia is a country torn by wars where child sponsorship is hard to find. Children there are often trained to become soldiers or bombers and the only education they get is meant to teach them how to use a weapon.

3. Honduras is divided into very rich and extremely poor. Child sponsorship organizations have a hard time getting over the corruption and poverty. Housing is minimal and education is the same. Only 24 % of the population is able to read, therefore this country needs immediate child sponsorship.

4. Guatemala is the place where almost all the children are unhappy. The rate of infant death is high and education is poor. Child sponsorship could really do some good here by help at least some of the 60% of children that live in rural areas. They are the ones that are put to work in the fields early in their life.

5. Peru is a country where most of the children are not well educated. A child sponsorship program would really help in a country where most of the population is very poor and in need of desperate help.

6. However beautiful Paraguay is, 60% of its population suffers of poverty. The children are the ones with the biggest problems. Reports show that 1 third of them never finish school because they can’t speak the national language. Child sponsorship can help these children reintegrate into society by teaching them and offering financial support.

This short presentation of child sponsorship organization findings is intended to remind of the ordeals innocent children have to go through in several well known parts of today’s world. As one can easily see, child sponsorship is necessary and it is sometimes a hard job requiring infiltration into very dangerous areas of the world. NGOs, as child sponsorship organizations are also called, have no profit out of the activity they lead. This is why frauds appear all of the time. There are some false child sponsorship organizations that actually take the money for their personal interests instead of delivering it to the children. However true this may be, there are still some people that want to do good to poor souls in need. They deserve to be given the chance to save someone if they can and if they are willing to. One should not generalize and say all child sponsorships are fakes because of some exceptions.

Contacting a child sponsorship organization is quite simple. One can use communication by mail, fax or through the Internet. Some companies allow persons to send payment VIA e-mail or by using online payment. There are two ways to sponsor a child. Periodical payment is one of them and it is the most benefic for a child. The person who uses child sponsorship can have a direct connection with the child if he chooses to. Small gifts and letters can let the child know that someone is thinking of him and offering support in his time of need. If such a way would be too painful or if the person can not afford a monthly donation, he can still do some good by using the one time payment. A child in a photo line-up can be the beneficiary of good intentions. While some say that helping only with money is crude and unethical, it is the only effective way of helping these children. If choosing a child from many is a painful task, it is obvious child sponsorship programs can’t help all children and someone has to decide. Perhaps in time, with the help of many generous persons, child sponsorship programs will be able to help most of them. However, this idea is quite ideal and, unfortunately there are not many interested in doing so.

Child sponsorship is one of the most rewarding charity actions for both donors and beneficiaries. It is not gratitude that makes the best payment a person can receive from a child, but knowing he has made a positive change in the world and his actions will reflect in many more in turn. Good gives birth to better.

With the increased cost of printing and publishing, buying new books is becoming a very costly affair. However, students and researchers need not worry as they can always buy used books from any local bookstore.

Books used by students, scholars or professors do not always end up at the state library and instead end up at the local resellers. These stores work as a bridge between those who want to dispose off their old books and those who are looking to buy. Books often tend to be out of publication or are very difficult to buy owing to their scarcity. The best solution to the situation is to buy used books.

It is surprising to see the used books collection that many of these resellers have. From used text books to old magazines and journals, you are sure to get almost anything that you have been searching for. Used college books are one of the most common items that people look for. From astronomy to animal husbandry, history of Everest climbs to that of the ocean’s deepest trenches – a huge collection of used books are available at the resellers. It is highly unlikely that you will be able to get the desired college book at the first instance itself. To buy that coveted book you may have to visit a few resellers and rummage through the used books stock before you are finally able to find it.

The biggest advantage of used books is their low prices. But when you buy used books the condition of the book is the foremost thing to consider. It is advisable to check the books, especially to see that the books contain all the pages including the index. Often resellers tend to put an attractive cover to hide the book’s damages. You should also be aware of the prevalent market price of the book to ensure that the reseller is not making considerable profits by charging higher than the normal.

Not only can you buy used books but you will also be able to sell used books or exchange used books at the reseller’s. Barter of used books is a good idea, as you can always pick up something useful in exchange of books not needed anymore.

So the next time you want to add a missing edition to your National Geographic collection or buy a part of the Britannica Encyclopedia series, you know where to look.

When you or your child needs math help, it’s sometimes hard to know where to turn. Schools have limited resources for helping students with mathematics, and tutors can be incredibly expensive. Thankfully, the Internet has made it possible for students of all ages to receive innovative and affordable math lessons. Using video lessons that are interactive and cost-effective, students can essentially receive one-on-one instruction while working through problems at their own pace. Here are some circumstances in which online math help can be effective.


Math is one of those subjects that requires a solid foundation, since concepts build one atop the other as a student progresses. In the absence of basic math skills – such as how to multiply a fraction or how to express an exponent – it’s impossible to move on to algebra, polynomials, or logarithms. Middle school or high school students often need practice with and reinforcement of basic math skills in order to move forward into grade level appropriate mathematics classes. Online video lessons can help with pre-algebra skills that are necessary to succeed in algebra courses.


Unfortunately, because the No Child Left Behind Act focuses on moving low-performing students toward proficiency, schools are forced to concentrate heavily on remediation. As a result, students who are accelerated in math are often not given the opportunity to do so. They may be ready for trig or perms and combs, but are instead forced to work at the pace of the rest of their classmates. This can result in frustration and boredom, as well as in the student never reaching his or her potential. With online video math help, accelerated students can move through lessons at their own pace, and experience the satisfaction of exploring their capabilities to the fullest.

Home Schooling

Although there is wonderful curriculum for students who are home schooled, parents are often not well equipped to teach their children middle school or high school mathematics. After all, when it’s been years since you’ve been exposed to the material, it’s very easy to forget. Video math lessons can help fill in the teaching gaps for homeschoolers, while allowing students to learn at their own pace.

Tuning Up Math Skills

There are many times when a person might need a math tune-up. Perhaps college entrance exams are coming up, or maybe it’s time to sit for a professional certification test. Being able to watch math tutorials and work through problems can shore up confidence and help develop even advance math skills.

What to Look For

When you decide that you want to take advantage of Internet-based math help, you should look for those designed by a certified teacher who has extensive experience teaching math and tutoring students. Look for lessons that are downloadable, and that you can view over and over again at no additional charge. Each lesson should cost less than ten dollars, and the videos should contain all of the information you need to understand the lesson. In other words, you should have to buy any textbooks.

Thanks to the Internet, it’s never been easier to get math help when you need it.

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