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For some of these individuals, having to write a simple note to a teacher or even a short email can be a daunting task. For still others learning disabilities impair their ability when it comes to spelling.

However, whatever the reason, much improvement can be made if these ones take the time to practice spelling.

Even as adults, there are some who have great difficulty when it comes to spelling.

More than likely, there are certain words in particular, that present a challenge when it comes to spelling. If lists of these problem words are made, a family member can be asked to do pop quizzes throughout the week, to assist the individual having difficulty.

It can even become a game, and the whole family can get involved and practice spelling as a sort of sport.

So too, a good way to practice spelling is to write out the problem words on pieces of paper and stick them up around the house or office area.

That way, by seeing the words spelt correctly, those having difficulty can resort to their memory of seeing the word written out, and thereby overcome their difficulty with spelling the actual word.

There are also online spelling tests that can be used to practice spelling. Some of these tests will also keep track of words that have given some difficulty and pop quizzes will be provided along the way.

For words that are especially difficult, one can even resort to writing lines. By writing the problem words out over and over, the proper spelling can be imprinted on the mind. This is another good way to practice spelling.

For individuals who work in the medical field, knowledge of medical terminology is often required. This is another situation where practice makes perfect.

A family member or a friend can be very helpful in assisting the individual to practice spelling the most difficult words, or the individual can practice the words themselves by recording their own voice saying each word and then playing it back and trying to spell each term correctly.

With spelling the key to accuracy really is practice and any difficulty can be overcome if enough time is spent working on it.

Unfortunately, many young people come out of school barely being able to read, so it’s not surprising that accurate spelling can be such an issue for so many. But with diligence and hard work this problem can be overcome.

How are fossils formed? For fossil formation to take place a series of fortunate events must occur. If any part of the series is missing, we will never see the fossil! In fact, fossilization is a rare occurrence. Nature tends toward recycling. That includes just about everything from plants and animals to rocks and minerals.

Let’s narrow it down to just animals for a minute. Animals, dead or alive, are food for other animals. From insects to dinosaurs, an animal could be someone’s lunch! Any part of the animal’s body that isn’t consumed is usually scattered about; leftovers! Just like those leftovers in your fridge, these leftovers make great food for bacteria. In addition, these leftovers are exposed to the elements: sun, rain, and even the soil itself all help to breakdown and decompose the sturdiest of bones, shells and wood.

If we are ever going to see a fossil, some very specialized events must intervene to ward off the natural process of decomposition. The following is the most common scenario for fossil formation:

How Are Fossils Formed? Death Is The First Step

To start with, an animal or plant must die in water or near enough to fall in shortly after death. The water insulates the remains from many of the elements that contribute to decomposition. An example may be helpful. Let’s say that a trilobite has died of old age on the bottom of the sea. Bacteria consume the soft body parts but leave the hard exoskeleton intact.

How are fossils formed? Step two is Sedimentation

As time passes, sediments bury the exoskeleton. The faster this happens the more likely fossilization will occur. Land and mudslides definitely help. River deltas are also good for quick accumulation of sediments. This further insulates our trilobite from decomposition.

The sediments themselves have a huge influence on how well our trilobite fossil turns out. Very fine-grained particles, like clays, allow more detail in the future fossil. Course sediments, like sand, allow less detail to show. The chemical make up of the sediments also contributes to the future fossil. If iron is present, it may give the rock a reddish color. Phosphates may darken the rock to gray or black. The possibilities are truly endless.


As the sediments continue to pile on, the lower layers become compacted by the weight of the layers on top. Over time, this pressure turns the sediments into rock. If mineral-rich water percolates down through the sediments, the fossilization process has an even better chance of preserving our ancient animal. Some of the minerals stick to the particles of sediment, effectively gluing them together into a solid mass. These minerals make an impact on our original trilobite as well. Over the course of millions of years, they dissolve away the outer shell, sometimes replacing the molecules of exoskeleton with molecules of calcite or other minerals. In time, the entire shell is replaced leaving rock in the exact shape of the trilobite.


As the continental plates move around the earth, crashing into each other, mountains are formed. Former sea floors are lifted up and become dry land. This is exactly what has happened to our trilobite. Now a fully formed fossil, our trilobite is buried under hundreds or even thousands of feet of rock! Thanks to the movement of the plates, our trilobite will come closer to the surface and nearer to discovery by some fortunate fossil hunter. Luckily, nothing stays the same.

Erosion at work

Rain, wind, earthquakes, freeze and thaw all work toward erosion. The mountains that were built up are worn away over time. Our fossil trilobite once again sees the light of day! With a little wisdom about where to look and some luck, you may be the first one to find him!

This is the fossilization process known as Permineralization. It is not the only answer to the question: “How Are Fossils Formed?” There are many other ways that fossils can be formed. You can read about them using the links below.

Often called the sinking city, Venice is a wonderful place to spend a few weeks walking up and down little alleys. To truly enjoy the city, however, one needs to know how it came to be.

Venice – The Origins of the Sinking City

Italy is one of the most interesting countries in all of Europe. The culture, language, climate and even the boot shape of the country are all things that draw people to Italy and its history. Within Italy, there are many cities that also attract people, including Rome and Venice. Venice, Italy is particularly engaging and deserves more than just a glance.

Venice has a long and varied past. It was supposedly founded in 422 AD by Romans who were fleeing the Goths. The Goths, in turn, were trying to conquer areas of the Roman Empire. However, there are no concrete records of when exactly Venice was founded.

Starting in the ninth century AD and continuing on into the twelfth century, Venice became a city state similar to other city states such as Genoa and Pisa. Strategically, Venice was strong, as it was situated at the edge of the Adriatic Sea and was virtually untouchable. It’s naval and other marine forces made it a center of commerce for the region. Construction on the Venetian Arsenal started in 1104, and when Venice gained control of the Brenner pass in 1178, they also obtained all the rights to the silver trade from Germany. This made the city one of the economic powers of the time.

By 1204, Venice had taken yet another turn. This is the period of the Fourth Crusade. Venice played a crucial role in the taking of Constantinople and creation of a Latin Empire. Venice’s ability to send out ships to transport men and goods made them invaluable in the Crusades, and they received much plunder from the city’s takeover. Venice’s form of government also helped the city to prosper – here, a form of rule much like that of ancient Rome took place. A doge (or duke) ruled over the city state theoretically for life (although some of the doges were forced into early retirement). A senate, comprised of nobles, also ruled over the area as advisors to the doge. A mass of the citizens were included in the ruling class, but they held limited political power and were eventually removed from the government entirely.

Modern-era rule of Venice started when the city state (republic) lost its independence after 1070 years of self-rule. Napoleon conquered Venice in 1797. By 1798, Venice was part of the Austrian Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia. In 1866, Venice along with the rest of Venetia became part of Italy. Although initially dominated by the rule of the various Popes, the united country slowly developed into a full fledged republic.

I have suffered, a lot, from seborrhea but managed to completely cure it. It was not an easy task to perform. The first thing I did, as we all do, was the ordinary treatment but when ever I stopped it returned. The worse part was that after a few months it had no affect and I had to change the formula again. It did not cure me at all instead, it was hiding the symptoms. Eventually, I have managed to completely cure my seborrhea. The following is some information and tips regarding curing your eczema.

Eczema is an inflammation of the skin and can be roughly divided into three main types:


Mainly affects people with oily skin.

No Contact (Asthma for example)

A reaction, that happens without direct contact to the skin.


Cause by direct contact to skin by some matter. The majority of the population will not be affected by it at all.

Simple advices to follow which can cure your eczema (They completely cured me):

1. Do not wear rough fabric cloths.

2. Find shampoos and soaps which suit your skin. Try the trial and error method. And consult naturalists.

3. Avoid allergenic materials.

4. Use hypoallergenic moister creams.

5. Try the elimination selection diet – with this diet you take whole food families from your daily consummation. For instance you take out all the milk related foods for a couple of weeks and see what happens, if it did not help try another family if it did help return the process inside the family of food to find the particular food which caused the problem.

6. Consume pro-biotic foods to reinforce your digestion system.

7. Change your lifestyle to a less stressed one. It is recommended to take courses in that field.

8. Toxic cleaning. Our leaver is responsible for removing toxic elements away from our body when it fails we could suffer from eczema related to accumulation of toxic materials in the skin. Two spoons of olive-oil with half a glass squeezed lemon juice every morning should help it work properly.

9. Calendula cream is a very big relief for inflamed parts of the skin.

10. Olive-oil can be used for seborrhea: you gently rub it on your scalp and remove it with lukewarm water.

I did some of the above advices and it really helped me in eliminating my seborrhea condition, today I can wear black shirts, only people with dandruff will understand that, and avoid all the toxic creams I used on my face. This, accompany by a healthy raw food diet, simply cured me.

You might be at a crossroads in your life. You might realize that you need your Associate’s degree or Bachelor’s degree to land that exciting and high-paying job you have always wanted. You might realize that you need your Master’s degree to rise higher in your current profession. You might realize that you are ready to return to work after taking a break to raise your family, and that getting a degree will help you achieve your professional goals. Simply the most convenient and flexible way to achieve any of these ambitions is by getting your degree from a college that offers a distance learning degree program. Distance learning is not “correspondence”. Rather, it utilizes today’s Web technologies to allow anyone from anywhere to attend college via the Internet, and receive a college education.

There are many advantages of choosing to receive your degree via a distance-learning program. Chief among them is convenience. Proximity is no longer a factor in determining where you attend college. Studying for a college education online allows you to achieve your educational and professional goals at your own pace, whether you want to get a 2-year Associate’s degree, a 4-year Bachelor’s degree, or take an accelerated course program to receive a professional certificate. There is no need to live near or commute to a college when all classes can be attended and all work submitted online. Distance learning is a great option for you if you have uncertainties about going to college as an older student or returning after many years. Studying for a college education online can be an easy way to ease into the routine of class work and projects, and can reduce the stress of feeling the need to fit in with younger students. Further, course availability is often convenient for those who work full time or care for a family. Often, colleges offer evening and weekend classes.

There is a distance learning degree program available for just about every professional and academic discipline out there. Fields of study include Business, Social Sciences, Humanities, Library and Information Sciences, Education, Nursing, Liberal Arts, Fine Arts, and various Healthcare programs. These are but a few of the subjects in which you can earn a college education by choosing an online program. While many online programs are delivered through fully accredited online colleges and Universities, more and more traditional colleges and Universities are adding distance learning degree programs to their curricula, which gives you seemingly limitless options.

You might be concerned about affording to attend a distance learning degree program. Often, financial aid is available to students in the form of grants, loans, even scholarships. Also, many employers are willing to pay for part or all of an employee’s tuition and fees. Investing in an employee’s future reaps benefits for everyone involved.

The misconception of receiving your degree via a distance-learning program is that the experience might not be as enriching or legitimate as attending face-to-face classes at a traditional college or University. This just isn’t the case. Programs offered online present the same opportunities for group work, independent study, and interpersonal communications as their traditional counterparts. While it is true that being an online student requires a certain amount of self-discipline and organization, receiving your degree through distance learning will probably help to facilitate the learning process as well as develop your time management and self-motivation skills. With the prevalence of the Internet and advancements such as teleconferencing in both education and the business world today, it is possible to come away from the experience not only with a college education and your dream career, but also with greater knowledge and comfort with technology. Going the route of distance learning to get your degree is a valuable, convenient, and flexible way to broaden your career opportunities, and have the career you have always dreamt about.

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