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The high school dropout rates in this country are staggering. One student drops out of high school every nine seconds in America. Additionally, the rate at which students leave high school between grades nine and 10 has tripled over the last 30 years.

Add to this the fact that aside from increased unemployment, dropouts are often at a greater risk for drugs, gangs, poverty and teenage pregnancy and it’s clear that dropout prevention is a critical issue deserving of the nation’s attention.

In response to the widespread national dropout rate, the Ad Council and the U.S. Army are continuing their high school dropout prevention initiative with a new interactive campaign called “Boost.”

Advertising for “Boost” includes TV, radio, in-school posters, outdoor and Internet advertising, which is intended to support and encourage those who may be at risk of dropping out. The PSAs urge parents, coaches, mentors and friends to give struggling kids a “boost” to help them stay in school and graduate.

The decision to drop out of school does not happen overnight; it comes after years of frustration and failure. Often, those that drop out have run out of motivation and have no source of support or encouragement in school or at home. The campaign reminds us that sometimes a “Boost” can mean the difference between graduating and dropping out.

The TV and radio spots feature at-risk high school seniors, the “Class of 06,” who are recording their struggles to stay in school by filming documentary-style videos of themselves and their friends/family.

What is a culture to an average citizen? For some it is something they learn at school, for some these are norms of etiquette, for some folklore of the definite country. None of these individuals is completely right. A culture is a composite of all the features mentioned above and a lot more. A culture is what surrounds you, what is in you and what are you trying to understand. This definition sounds quite philosophically, but as you know all the sciences are interconnected and integrate in harmony to help a human being to find his place in this world. Knowledge of any culture makes a person richer than David, wiser than Solomon. People are used to judging about a person by his knowledge of different cultures and their customs. If to apply this system of assessment now, the results will be a bit below the expected level.

Ancient cultures have always been a matter of interest for students and scholars. We believe that ancient cultures have the answers to questions we always ask ourselves and consider them to be philosophical. This is quite possible if to recollect that most of present day inventions have ancient discoveries as a base. Therefore many scholars still strive to decipher some of Egyptian inscriptions left in tombs of pharaohs. First written record was found on stones. The usual topic is hunting, or ritual performing. Step by step these carps developed into the alphabet that was used by ancient Egyptian monks to write down spells, prayers and documents. After the discovery of papyrus they started to write books and keep them is special buildings that later will be called libraries. The biggest loss of the world of culture was the destruction of the library in Alexandria, established by great queen Cleopatra. Some of wax and clay boards used for writing are still safe and kept in the British Museum, the main facility to keep artifacts from Egypt and other former colonies. Other major European cultures that are famous all over the world are ancient Greek and Roman that gave the world a number of geniuses that developed sciences and arts. Asian cradle of ancient cultures and religions is situated in two countries: India and China. Their development started long before Greek nation was formed and some of their masterpieces still remain a mystery for the world.

The world of wonders is big enough and there is always a lot to learn and to research. But no matter how attractive these wonders seem, you have to be a profound expert in your own culture, which is your pride. We were brought up as patriots and the duty of a good citizen is to know and to respect the culture of a country and to make a good contribution to it. The truth is that culture starts within us, our attitudes, demeanors and thoughts.

Lack of communication in the education system of yesterday deprived many a scholar of becoming the next Richard Branson, due to the fact the importance of having an education behind you was never first and foremost on our list of studies unlike it is today in 21st century schools.

Caring parents need to know where to draw the line and face up to reality that we are not in the position to help with our children’s education. Parents I agree know what’s best for their child when it comes to nurturing and preparing them for the future but when it comes to succeeding in life, then mum/dad you need to step down.

Educational instructors have trained/studied for years passing exams to take on the role of teacher/tutor passing on their knowledge to others. As caring parents it is in your child’s best interest to leave the task of furthering their education to the professionals.

With no educational background and being a 15 year old school leaver what right have I to destroy this generations chance of success by teaching them what I don’t know.

A career move in days gone by was to join the staff at Woolworth’s, a company that never asked for papers i.e. GCSE etc on how to fill shelves, but this is all changing.

How can we possibly believe that ours kids future will be bright and rosie without qualifications. Why live in hope that our children make the right decisions in life to fulfil their dreams.

Children are influenced by their parents, but if mum/dad decides to sit back and do nothing then you as a parent have failed by taking away a lifeline for their survival.

If you are concerned about securing your child’s future then do something about it now. Parents do not live forever and in some sad cases children have been orphaned from a young age with no one to point them in the right direction.

For success in days gone by we looked for support from our parents, but how could mum/dad help us to make the right decision where their lack of knowledge taught them that living a life was about trudging through the snow to work in the mill or mines.

Parents of the 21st century have come along way and understand the meaning of the word wisdom, learn by others mistakes. If it takes some ones downfall for you as a parent to come to your senses then so be it

Confront those fears of what will happen to your kids if something should happen to you by furthering their education.

If you want the initials RIP mean what they represent then make sure to do right by your kids, if you don’t then you will forever turn in your grave while your children struggle in this life to survive.

Going for an online MBA means that you are wanting further training in an Accounting field – probably for some kind of management position, or for a managerial enhancement. The opportunities to pursue the accounting MBA online can be accomplished through different methods. Here is the skinny on an online MBA in accounting.

There are basically two ways to go online with an online education, one enables you to take the classes at your own leisure; and the other way is to take the classes in a real time situation by going online and logging in to the classroom. While the first method permits you to study at your own leisure, the second is traditional in its time requirements.

Make Sure of Accreditation

Unless you only desire to take a couple of classes, it is a real good idea to look thoroughly at the accreditation of the University offering the MBA. Many schools today only have the appearance of being real – especially the online ones, that you do not want to take any chances with so expensive an education. You do not want to make any assumptions, either.

Courses of Study

The MBA in Accounting courses offer a degree of specialization, as it should. One area that you want to look for, as it is in high demand today, and will only get bigger in the near future, is in the accounting information systems. Many organizations are developing business information systems (also called knowledge management), that deal with purchasing, online transactions – from their clients, etc. This means that you might not want to take courses that meet only the general MBA requirements, but you may want to look toward the future.

Other up-to-date courses should involve such things as advanced techniques in costing, information systems of accounting, strategic planning, information management, corporate taxation, budgeting, and more.

Finish With Certification

Your hard-earned MBA should lead you to be able to be certified. A quality University will meet the minimum state requirements that will lead to certification in one of the following possibilities: certified public accountant (CPA); certified management accounting (CMA); and certified in financial management (CFM) or chartered financial analyst (CFA) certification. While one school may not provide all of them, it should allow for you to meet the requirements for one, or more.

Water. This drives every compressed air user nuts!!! Every time they use an air tool, blow-off gun, or even fill the inflatable air mattress, water appears along with the compressed air.

The water is a problem if the compressed air is moving through a tool that can rust or be negatively affected by airborne particles, and, given enough ‘fill-ups and empties’ a significant amount of water will appear in anything which you inflate or run with compressed air.


Well, we know that relative humidity is the measure of water moisture in the air expressed as a percentage. At a relative humidity of 90% for example (really hot and sticky) the atmosphere is holding 90% of the total amount of water vapour it can hold. When the relative humidity in the air exceeds 100%, it usually rains.

That, unfortunately, seems to happen mostly on weekends!

Now, let’s take some of that atmosphere with it’s 90% relative humidity and compress it. What do we want the final air pressure to be; 30 PSI, perhaps 45 Pounds per Square Inch? We will use 45 PSI as an example.

Free air, the atmosphere we breathe, has a normal PSI of 14.7 (or 15 PSI to make it easier math). So, we’re going to take free air at 15 PSI and make it 45 PSI by compressing it. We will take three cubic feet of air at 15 PSI, and cram all three into the space of one to make one cubic foot of compressed air, now at 45 PSI.

If the relative in the atmosphere humidity is 90%, and we are cramming three cubic feet of atmosphere into one cubic foot, then the relative humidity of the compressed air will almost instantly exceed 100%. As a result, as long as the relative humidity of the air in the compressor tank is over 100%, it will rain in your compressor’s receiver. That water will gather on the bottom of the receiver, and will ultimately fill it unless it’s drained.

Then, every time compressed air is drawn from the compressor tank to your application, free water will follow it down your lines to your air tools, your workplace, your air mattress etc.

To make matters worse, compressing air generates heat. Air that would normally be saturated and not be able to hold any more water vapour at one temperature, can actually hold more than 100% humidity when it gets hotter. When the air inside the tank is hot, the compressed air that is flowing out of your compressor tank has a higher than normal humidity level.

What happens to air as it flows? It cools! What happens to the water vapour in the air as the air cools? It converts (condenses) back into free water.

More water!

The water generated by your air compressor, along with the water vapour carried along in the compressed air itself, both contribute to the water problem for the compressed air user.

And that’s why you have water with the compressed air, streaming out of your air line every time you open the air line valve.

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