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How many times have you looked at your stack of reading materials, and felt overwhelmed? Most of us are bombarded with more and more written information every day- magazines, reports, e-books, newspapers, professional studies- it seems to never stop.

All this information has made becoming a speed-reader a necessity for those who want to stay on top of their profession. Reading faster and increasing comprehension has become a mandatory time management technique.

Evelyn Wood developed speed-reading, in 1959. Currently, there are a wide variety of classes and techniques available for anyone who wants to master this skill. There are classes, books, audio programs, and computer programs to suit any learning style.

Here are five quick steps you can use right now to increase your reading speed and comprehension:

1.Prepare to read- set aside some time in a distraction-free environment. Find a comfortable spot, and check your focus. If you find you are having a hard time concentrating on what you are reading, close your eyes, and take a couple of deep breaths. If that doesn’t work, and you are still distracted, put off your reading for another time.

2.Overview the material- look at the titles and subtitles. Ask yourself,” Why am I reading this book? What can I learn from it?”

3.Preview- read the introduction, and the first sentence of each paragraph. Determine what the focus of the piece is, and what the key points are.

4.Read Actively-Underline the main points, mark any areas that are significant to you. Take note of anything that you don’t understand, as well as any topics you find for discussion.

5.Finally, relate what you are reading to what you already know. This will put everything in context for you, and help you remember more of what you read.

Speed-reading is a skill that is built up over time. If you begin to practice it, even for 15 minutes each day, you’ll see results quickly.

Looking for a high school for your child that concentrates on preparing for higher academics? The New York City schools have five such high schools.

If you have a child now in elementary or middle school, live or plan to live in New York City, and you would like to see your child excel in high school and college, begin planning now for his or her enrollment in one of five specialized New York City schools.

Three of these New York City schools have been around for the better part of the last century. They are Peter Stuyvesant High School, Bronx High School of Science, and Brooklyn Technical. They also are the most sought-after schools within the New York City schools system.

To enroll your child, a New York City schools exam is given in December of the school year prior to attending. The special exam concentrates on mathematics and reading comprehension. Exam results are received the following February. If you wish your child to take the rigorous New York City schools exam for one of these specialized schools, begin preparing him or her in the early grades, ensuring that math, reading and science are learning priorities. Then, the child should take a test prep course, such as the Kaplan, before taking the exam, as well as checking out test review books from the New York City schools. Thousands of students take the exam each year, but there are only a few spots open at each of the schools.

In order to take the New York City schools exam, your child needs a permission slip from a guidance counselor or have the child’s current school administration register him or her at the special test centers in either Manhattan or Queens.

Each specialized school has its own score requirements. Stuyvesant has the highest score requirements and is the hardest to gain acceptance, followed by Bronx Science and then Brooklyn Technical.

All three New York City schools want only the best and the brightest students; however, they offer much in return academically and socially, including a wide range of sports teams, such as basketball, soccer, fencing, tennis and more. All facilities for these New York City schools are the best, receiving a lot of private funding. The workload for students is very demanding with heavy homework given every night. Students are expected to arrive early and leave late.

A fourth top academic school is Townsend Harris, located on the Queens College campus. Townsend is very challenging academically with no required entrance exam. School officials factor your child’s grade point average (must be at least 95 or above) with a required writing sample submitted by the child. Once accepted, your child can expect long school hours and rigorous coursework.

Any New York City schools student is eligible for these four top academic schools, but one other such school exists with restricted eligibility
So you believe you have what it takes to be one of the many English language teachers around? You should know that English language teachers are not all of one type – there are differences between English language teachers (just like in other occupations.)

Types of English language teachers

1. EFL – EFL teachers are English language teachers who teach English as a Foreign Language.

2. ESL – Teachers under this category teach English as a Second Language.

3. ESOL – ESOL teachers teach English for Speakers of Other Languages

As you may have observed, these three types of teachers have one thing in common: they are all concerned with helping people trained in other languages (usually their mother tongue) become educated in English. This field of teaching may also be known by other acronyms (and terms) namely:

1. TESL – Teaching of English as a Second Language.

2. TEFL – Teaching of English as a Foreign Language.

3. ELT – English language teaching.

4. TESOL – Teaching of English for Speakers of Other Languages.

You can see that the first three types of English language teachers are just called by the other 4 names and acronyms – but their function is the same: to teach the English language to people who have a mother tongue different from English.

The field populated by English language teachers has grown in so many ways. For one thing, English language teachers may choose to get international accreditation to boost their credentials – particularly if they are planning to migrate to another country. One country that officially demands this, for instance, is Australia which requires potential English language teachers to present the results of their TOEFL exams (yet another acronym to describe English language teachers – it stands for Teaching of English as a Foreign Language.)

At present, there are two umbrella terms to subdivide the field of English language teachers. For those English language teachers concentrating on American English, they rely on the TESOL system. English language teachers who are well versed in British English opt for the ELT system. Countries which used to be territories of the US (such as the Philippines) generally use American English, while countries that may have been under the British in the past (like India) will usually use British English.

An English teacher should be aware of the traits of the English language so that he or she may be better at teaching it.

1. The phonemes of vowels

2. The phonemes of consonants

3. The structure of syllables

4. Vowels which are not stressed

5. The timing of stress

6. Connected speech.

In grammar, the points to take note of are:

1. Articles.

2. Tenses

3. Modal verbs

4. Functions of auxiliaries

5. Idiomatic usage

In vocabulary, a teacher should be honed in:

1. Word derivation

2. Phrasal verbs

3. Size of lexicon.

Some teachers specialize in either written or spoken English.

By being aware of all this concerning the English language, one may become a more effective teacher.

Driving schools are becoming more popular by the day. Everybody wants to know more and more about them. This includes young people who can’t wait for the opportunity to take the wheel in their hands, and also the concerned parents looking for a good school to send their kids. Gone are the days when fathers used to take their kids out of the city to teach them how to drive. Blame it on the constraint of time and their working hours which do not permit them to do it. Now though, thanks to the number of driving schools around, their worries can be put to rest. Driving schools can help young drivers become more aware of proper driving techniques and etiquette.

Driving schools are very reliable:

Driving schools take care of almost everything that has to deal with driving; from teaching the students about driving different cars, to teaching about the engines and also about defensive driving. The good thing about joining a driving school is that by attending at a qualified driving school you can actually reduce the tickets and fines you get, and you may even lower your auto insurance premiums. But the question is how to find a qualified or a good driving school? Keep in mind that the best driving school can be the one that has been recommended to you by a friend or relative. You can also rely on your local auto insurance dealer or contact the public safety office in your state.

Know your school well:

Even after choosing a driving school, there are certain things that you should enquire about, which may help you decide if this driving school is for you. The driving instructor should be your first concern. Ask how long your instructor has been a driving instructor. The instructor should be able to offer you combined and integrated tuition providing both theoretical and practical training. Ask about the cars they use, how old they are and if you will have an individual pick up service. You should also find out about their rates or if they have discounts for block booking.

Defensive driving:

In this course you would learn how to determine fitness of yourself and your vehicle for safe driving. This is for all driving; a motor vehicle for personal, or commercial use. They would teach you how to drive defensively, and the importance of using safety belts and air bags. You would also be taught about how to look out for pedestrians and other vehicles etc which are using the road along with you, as many people tend to ignore or miss them resulting in unwanted accidents.

If you are attending a driving school for a certain purpose, you may be required to attend certain driving schools designated by the agency for which you wish to receive credit.

Online course:

There are also many online schools now on the internet that you can easily enroll. You just have to browse through and look out for the school that suits you best. These driving schools provide quality courses for safe driving in both content and user interface. Many people join these courses which are well prepared, and may include text, videos, and animations to help you become a better driver in an interesting and interactive way. They cover everything from the traditional driving safety information to specific rules and regulations like the speed limits and so on.

Driving school on the internet is a very convenient way to do it!

The best online MBA program for you is one, wherein the program’s core courses and specializations are consistently matched to your career interests and objectives.

Here’s a fail-safe 6-point guide you can use to determine which among the many online MBA programs found on the net, is the best fit for you and your career goals.

One – select an accredited online MBA program. Whether you plan to embark on an entirely different career, or are looking to enhance an existing one, you should always pick an accredited online MBA program. An accredited online MBA program guarantees you are getting the best education possible. It also assures prospective employers that you have the skills they need in the company.

Two – This online MBA program can be customized to your needs and schedules. Surveys have shown that over 70% of MBA students are full time professionals. The program you enroll in should you give you the option of working when you have free time and the ability to accelerate your learning pace.

Three – What is the online ratio of professors to students? Online studies and surveys of MBA students have shown that classes where the number of students is limited 8-13 students to a teacher is the optimum learning environment. For you will need the guidance of your advisor as you determine your specializations and other details related to the course.

Fourth – Are you learning from top-notch online professors? Check the faculty of the prospective MBA program. Learning from these eminent professors ensures, you will glean invaluable insights because they possess real-world experiences and on different aspects of the business world.

Another question you will need to do research on is the school’s academic approach. Is it anchored on established teaching methods and aided by innovative technology online?

Fifth – Is there an alumni program in place? You should carefully evaluate the many benefits a sound alumni program will give your career. You’ve have opportunities to network, which will give you the added ability to get job promotions, or make a smooth career transition here or elsewhere in the globe. Another central aspect of the alumni network is the option of joining a mentoring program.

Sixth – in the matter of giving you excellent career opportunities, does this online MBA program have a career services center with the following support?

One aspect, free training, or free attendance in courses related to your degree. Other career services include guidance in creating your resumes or portfolios, and the necessary planning that goes before an interview. You should therefore carefully weigh the comprehensiveness and competence of the school’s career services, when selecting the MBA program that’s best for you.

Here is a thought to ponder on, as you evaluate the importance of finding the best online MBA program for your needs. With an MBA degree, the ability of your salary to increase jumps up by as much as 50%. Don’t you therefore owe it to yourself to use these pointers in picking the best online MBA program to get your career to a rapid start?

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