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MBA grads are desirable in any job market, an MBA will give you the opportunities you need to advance in the business world. As today’s marketplace evolves and becomes increasingly complex, many employers are choosing to balance their need to retain good employees with their need to fill managerial positions with candidates possessing advanced-level knowledge and skills. They’re doing this by sending selected employees to business school – and footing the bill.

In the United Sates alone, in any given year, there are close to 300,000 MBA aspirants pursuing the MBA degree. Taking into account the thousands of students who take the MBA program all over the world, there surely must be something of great value that the MBA degree offers you. But is it really as worthwhile as it seems? Here’s a look at what an MBA can do for you and how valuable it actually is.

Business Knowledge:

The MBA program and business schools give you valuable knowledge about business and all its related aspects. You learn about business strategies and concepts, not just on paper, but the training and internship required in an MBA course, teaches you how to use these skills in practical life and in day to day business operations.

Leadership Abilities:

An MBA degree involves rigorous training, assignments, reports, presentations, and group projects; all of which give you the necessary abilities to handle real-life business situations. This helps to set you apart from those who do not have such expertise and can make you a leader in your chosen field.


The alliances that you form with your classmates and the network that you create is deemed as one of the most important and valuable things that an MBA program can give you. MBA graduates have often felt that the associations formed during the MBA course are resources that are invaluable and can be drawn upon for years after the MBA degree has been achieved.

An MBA degree provides you with innumerable career opportunities in various fields. It is especially beneficial to get jobs in high level positions such as managerial and executive level jobs. Whether you are looking to further your career in your existing job or are looking to change your job and start your career afresh, an MBA degree can be very valuable in either scenario.

Beginning with the fall of 2006 school year, many high schools in the Denver schools system will close their campuses during lunchtime. This means that Denver schools students will not be allowed to leave campus to eat at nearby restaurants, fast foods, and convenience stores.

Denver schools superintendent Michael Bennet introduced the final draft of the new policy, called the Denver Plan, in the spring of 2006. Bennet believes his plan will reduce the increasing afternoon truancy within the high schools.

The Denver schools plan has taken several drafts to reach implementation. The first draft was introduced to Denver schools principals in November of 2005, suggesting that schools could submit waiver requests by April to exempt the older students in 11th and 12th grades. A second draft was presented to the Denver schools principals in February 2006, amending the original policy by stating that more time was needed to determine how the policy would be implemented. At a March meeting of the Denver schools principals, administrators presented the final plan, which requires all freshmen to remain on campus. Waivers may be requested for the other grades of 10th, 11th and 12th.

After the meeting, principals scrambled to make the new Denver schools policy work. Since the lunchtime schedule dictates the classroom schedules, the new Denver Plan is causing an upheaval in many Denver schools, where they have a common lunchtime for all students and teachers. Small cafeteria capacity means multiple lunchtime schedules must be implemented. For example, Denver schools East High School enrolls 2,092 students with a cafeteria that seats only 258. If only the 750 freshmen are kept on school grounds during lunchtime, at least three lunch periods will be required. This also upsets the activities by possible by a common lunch period, such as club meetings, students meeting with classroom teachers, and students socializing with their friends and siblings who are in different classes.

The Denver schools principals must submit waiver requests for their schools before April of each prior school year, which will be granted based upon the quality of the school’s truancy reduction plan. Principals consulted with staff and solicited input from students and the community before deciding for which grades to request waivers. To support their waiver requests, they included student data, such as attendance. Additionally, it is unclear whether Denver schools with current good attendance rates will receive special treatment; however, the plan has a 97 percent attendance rate goal for all schools.

Though Denver schools principals received the new policy with mixed reviews, the students vehemently oppose it. Hundreds of students attended a student forum on the topic and completed an online survey. It was the hottest topic at the end of the Denver schools 2005-2006 school year. Even the middle school children were hotly debating the subject, since the policy will affect them in the near future. Students are in total agreement that the Denver schools would be better served by targeting their anti-truancy efforts at the students with actual attendance problems. The students see the new policy as a punishment for all students.

Many students find math a challenging subject, and hiring math tutors can provide a great solution for trouble in the classroom. Difficulty with math is a widespread problem, particularly with the strong emphasis on testing for students in all grades. High stakes tests can create anxiety, especially for math students, and many students need outside help in order to gain confidence and adequately absorb the material. Tutors can access learning problems and devise a personalized instructional program.

Math tutors offer an opportunity for students to receive individualized instruction. Every student has different needs and no two pupils have the same learning style, but a large classroom setting can’t always accommodate the individual student. Some otherwise strong students may need a tutor to get them over a difficult hump or to help them with a specific area, whereas other students can require on-going assistance with their math studies.

It is important to choose the right math tutors. Like a personal trainer, the tutor needs to be matched to the individual. The idea is to increase the student’s confidence, reduce math anxiety and shore up skills. It is important to find a supportive tutor who can adjust his or her teaching style to the student.

Math tutors can be located by asking for personal recommendations from other families that have utilized tutors. The student’s school may also have a list of tutors that they recommend. Local colleges often have job boards and lists of available tutors. Often, a graduate student or college math major may be the perfect choice for a high school age student. Retired teachers or teachers working part time while raising children may offer tutoring. There are also local and national tutoring firms that will match your student with a staff tutor.

It is important that the math tutor has professional training and expertise in the specific subject matter and grade level that the student needs to master. The math tutor’s job is to teach key concepts and problem solving strategies. For young children simply helping with homework may be adequate, but in most cases you are looking for a tutor that can help the student approach problems in a new way so that they can master concepts they have been struggling with in the classroom. The tutor needs to construct a learning plan and adjust it as needed until the student can demonstrate mastery.

Math tutors need to help students with test taking, study skills and self-confidence. The tutor will provide a structure so the student gets the practice that math requires and develops a productive work routine. The tutor needs to bring math alive and make the experience as much fun as possible. Tutoring time should be viewed as positive and supportive. The tutor needs to be a good communicator that makes sure the student feels comfortable asking questions. The tutor needs to provide a balance between offering achievable goals that build confidence and challenging the student to take on increasing difficult material.

These days, there is no shortage of ways to obtain an online degree. Years ago, the only way to earn a valid degree was to leave home and spend years on a college campus. Fortunately for

individuals who work full-time jobs, entrepreneurs who work at home or those with families, this policy is now completely changed.

An online degree is achieved through courses taught by mail, which includes textbooks and test sheets being shipped to the student for his/her review. In return, the student completes the answer sheet for each course and returns it to the college. Online degree colleges, which specialize in this type of online degree completion program, offer a choice of programs ranging from career diplomas to a bachelor’s degree.

When it comes to an online degree, it is critical that the potential student research the accreditation granted to the institution. Many are accredited by the DETC (Distance Education Training Council) but this, alone, is not usually enough to guarantee valid transfer credits to another university. Students who are looking for a single career diploma or specialized degree will find that many of these online degree colleges are more than fine. However, for those who wish to later transfer college credits to a local university, may find that these credits are not accepted. Many online degree colleges are nationally accredited, which is very respectable. In order for college credits to be transferred to another university, however, the credits require regional accreditation. The reason is because schools want to make sure that college transfer credits are taught with the same expertise as other local schools, which is why regional accreditation is so critical in the search for an online degree.

With that in mind, there are a number of benefits linked to online degree colleges. Among them, the opportunity to work at your own pace and without any restrictions, the convenience of studying at home or wherever is most comfortable. If you want to do your classwork in the park, go for it Maybe the beach? Why not With an online degree program, the choice is yours. Prior to enrolling in an online degree college, potential students are urged to research the school’s background, number of years in business and their satisfaction report with the local Better Business Bureau. In addition, learning about their completion timeline, fees, refund policy and actual courses available are additional factors to consider with any online degree program.

With every passing day new discoveries are made and the scope of information is increasing with prospects that it is becoming difficult for humans to handle information efficiently thus resulting in e-cheating and plagiarism.

Plagiarism can be defined as the deliberate use of another persons work with reference to your name without acknowledging the original source. This is evaluated as cheating as one is trying to take credit for someone else’s work. However taking references from someone else’s work and mentioning his/her name on each line copied as it is, is not part of plagiarism. It is called in text citation.

Plagiarism is becoming really common these days in assessments that students submit for their college work. This is considered as a serious offence as attempt like this undermines the value of college degrees. It has been until recently that the managements have decided to impose harsh penalties on students who are found guilty of plagiarism.

Ways to Combat Plagiarism

In order to avoid plagiarism, several universities and schools have started using anti plagiarism software’s and other electronic methods to detect plagiarism that can detect similarities and frequencies of words and phrases. In other schools the management also keeps track of the work previously submitted by students in order to ensure that the work is not copied from earlier years.

In order to avoid plagiarism students are nowadays made to sign statements in which they accept that the work they have submitted, is their own and the contribution from other sources has been properly acknowledged. Because that’s what being in a community is all about, learning together and cooperating such gestures make the students realize the importance of their acts and portray that the management is vigilant about their work and that plagiarism or e-cheating can get them into trouble.

The central point is that when one is producing a piece of work that would be evaluated, one must entirely cite his own work, written by him in his own words and containing his own ideas, interpretations, approaches etc. in case the ideas and words have been copied from someone else then it should be stated clearly with proper reference. Precisely its easy for a person to avoid plagiarism, all what matters is that one should put his/her own effort into the material he submits for assignment. Students who deceive are more likely to become white collar criminal thus depriving the hard workers from achieving their goal.


Fighting plagiarism and e-cheating has become very essential in these times especially because text from all across the globe can be viewed through internet. People who fake someone else’s work as their own must be caught because with purloining someone’s hard work they may pass in their degrees and probably get jobs, but they will have difficulty once they enter into their professional lives. Secondly with vigilant software working to catch plagiarism, students with real aptitude will come out in the light and the carefree attitude towards studies could be warned against.


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