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The famous Brazilian soccer player Ronaldo de Assis Moreira known as Ronaldinho has been awarded twice as the World Player of the Year by the FIFA; he also has achieved the title of the European Footballer of the Year and the FIFPro World Player of the Year.

He picked the name “Ronaldinho” to distinguish himself from the other Brazilian soccer player who has the same name “Ronaldo’. He is part of the Spaniard Club Barcelona team and helped them win the league title season.

This was a great honor for Spain and also to his native country Brazil, for being such a successful footballer.

When the classification was made, each coach and captain of every national team voted for their top player choice from a specific list of candidates drawn up by the world governing body. Spanish-based players have won awards for the last four years.

Ronaldinho loves the Barcelona club, he said no amount of money would temp him away from the team. “I’m extremely happy at Barcelona and I can not imagine being as happy anywhere else”, said Ronaldinho in a news conference the day after the victory over the English Club Chelsea earning a place in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

For those of us who put our bikes away for the winter, the time has come to dust them off and get ready to ride. When bringing a bike out of storage, a mini tune-up is necessary. Pay special attention to the following four areas: chain, derailleur components, brakes, and wheels.


If you have been using an oil-based lubricant, consider switching to a wax-based product. The only advantage to an oil-based lubricant is that it needs to be applied less frequently, but in every other way, wax-based is superior. For instance, oil collects trail dust and other things abrasive to the chain, whereas wax sheds abrasives. A recommended wax-based lube is White Lightning.

If you’ve been using oil-based chain lube, whether you want to switch to wax or not, you should remove the chain and clean it with a solvent to degrease it before adding fresh lubricant. Depending on your typical riding conditions, using a solvent to degrease the chain needs to be done once a year at a minimum.

~~Derailleur Components~~

Lubricate the pivot points using a good petroleum-based lube. I use Tri-Flow. Next, lubricate and adjust the derailleur cables, which might have stretched over the winter. Adjust so that shifting is crisp.


Again, lubricate the cables. Use either petroleum- or wax-based lube depending on how dusty the expected typical riding conditions will be. Adjust the cables, which might also have stretched over the winter.

Check the pads: is there plenty of rubber; do the pads hit the rims evenly? If using fluid-actuated disc brakes, check the brake fluid level in the reservoir.


Spin the wheel slowly checking for true. The wheel should not wobble at all. If it wobbles a little bit and you have the tools and skill, you can make minor adjustments using a spoke wrench. But if there is substantial wobbling, take the wheel to a shop and have a professional true the wheel.

Check tire pressure, which is bound to be low after a winter of storage. Inflate to the manufacturers recommendations that are stamped on the tire.

Now give the bike a once-over. Is the seat adjustment still a good fit? Is there excess play or tightness in the bearings of the wheels, crank, pedals, and headset? Also, for full-suspension bikes, check the suspension joints.

From this once-over, you will be able to determine whether it is time for a major tune-up. This could range from a few adjustments to cleaning and/or replacement of some parts. Opinions differ on how often a major tune-up is needed. It depends on how much you ride, and how much maintenance you perform yourself.

Whether you do the major tune-up yourself or take the bike to a reputable bicycle shop, every now and then the following maintenance is necessary for optimal performance and safety: repacking bearings and adjusting wheel axles, headset, crankset and pedals; replacing cables; truing the wheels; making overall adjustments, such as to the derailleur and brakes.

Your Fast Guide to Kite-Building

Here is the easiest way to create your own fun, flyable kite.

GATHER some garden twine; scotch tape; a sheet of strong paper (about 102 x 102 cm,); two strong, straight wooden sticks about 90 and 102 cm and some colored markers.

MAKE A CROSS with the two sticks, with the larger one running vertically and the shorter one horizontally. Tie them together. Cut a notch at the ends of both sticks, deep enough for the string to fit into. Cut a piece of strong which is long enough to stretch all around the kite frame. Wrap the string around the frame, tying it a couple of times through all 4 notches. Complete by wrapping the string 4 times around the top. Cut off the excess. The frame should be tight without warping the sticks.

WITH THE PAPER laid flat, place the frame face down on top. Cut around it (Leave around 2 cm for a margin). Fold the edges over the frame and tape it down so the sail is tight. Cut a piece of string 120 cm long. Tie one end to the loop at the other end of the string to the loop at the bottom. Tie a small loop now in the string right above the intersection of the sticks. This will be the string to which you’ll attach the flying line.

CREATE A TAIL: Do this by tying a small ribbon about every 10 cm on the length of string. Attach to the kite’s bottom. Finish by coloring the entire kite!

Here your kite is ready to roar in the skies.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first day as a golfer, or if you’re an experienced pro the driving range can be your best friend. Driving ranges vary in style from patches of dirt with bit of grass, to full blown amusement parks. Driving ranges can offer players of all skills a valuable practice filed that can vastly help improve ones skills.

A driving range is a large field, or course that offers players a chance to hit balls typically 500 yards or more towards the sky. Driving ranges typically have stalls with rubber or wood tees in place for maximum swing time. Driving ranges often offer golfers a fee schedule based upon buckets of balls. Each bucket could cost anywhere from $10 to $50 depending on the level of driving range one is playing at. Driving ranges occasionally offer players the opportunity to buy time per hour, with unlimited balls. Driving ranges also have house clubs if the golfer chooses not to bring his or her own clubs. Golfers are often seen at driving ranges for numerous reasons including stress relief, exercise, and coaching.

Driving ranges are important because of their unique design. Driving ranges offer golfers a chance to hit balls without having to retrieve them. This allows golfers to take hundreds of swings without having to pause. This repetitive motion allows for golfers of all skill levels to perfect their ability.

Driving ranges are often found in cities, or anywhere with a large population. Also golf ranges can be found in areas with large amounts of fields that make it easy and affordable for ranges to be created. Some of the better country clubs also have driving ranges on site, that allow for members to hit balls a minimum charge, or for free.

When at the driving range be sure to bring your own clubs, or use their clubs. Never ask another golfer to borrow a club, because you don’t want to be on their schedule while at the range. Also golfers want to be careful of bringing clubs to the range. If you are new to golf, and have splurged on some high end clubs, you’re asking to look foolish in front of a lot of people at the range if you bring your clubs. High end clubs are developed with pros in mind, and often don’t offer the same type of support a beginners club does. This is important when trying to connect with the ball, it maybe easier to hit with a beginners club than a high end driver.

The National Hockey League needs to do more to encourage better coverage of the hockey games. With so many other sports realizing national coverage, the NHL is sometimes forgotten. However, this year, there’s a race for the Stanley Cup, and only one is set to win it. But which team will that be?

Right now, bookmakers are showing that, while the Philadelphia Flyers were on top only days ago, the odds are now swinging back and forth with the Flyers and other potential contenders such as the Ottawa Senators, as the teams to watch in the sprint for the Stanley Cup this year. Of course, all of the NHL information and stats change daily, but the odds are the best current indicator of which team is certainly a contender for the Stanley Cup of 2006.

However, the race for the 2006 Cup didn’t simply begin with the end of the 2005 playing season and the winning of the Stanley Cup for the year. It began over 100 years ago in 1892, at a dinner of the Ottawa Amateur Athletic Association. A speech was delivered that indicated that a challenge cup would be a good idea and that this contest should be held from year to year for the teams in the Dominion of Canada. At the time, that was a grand total of three major teams. You might be accurate in an assumption that the National Hockey League has seen tremendous growth since then.

Lord Stanley purchased a silver cup which by today’s standards would only have a value of only about $50 and appointed Sheriff John Sweetland and Philip D. Ross as trustees of the cup. This Stanley Cup is the same cup that the two men were trustees over all of those years ago.

The winners of each year’s Stanley Cup are tasked to hold the Cup and to return it in good condition to the trustees at year’s end so that it may be given to the winner of the next Cup. The Cup is never to become the exclusive property of a single team regardless of how many times that team may win the trophy but each year the winning team’s club name and the year are engraved on the silver ring fitted on the Cup.

That very first year, the Stanley Cup was taken by the Montreal Amateur Athletic Association (AAA) hockey club as the winners for 1894. Unfortunately, Lord Stanley was never to witness a championship game or even the presentation of the trophy he had purchased because he returned to England, his homeland, in mid-1893.

The popularity of hockey grew so quickly that in 1895 almost every town in Canada had a team which thrived on hockey. No longer were Ontario, Quebec and Winnipeg the only teams that were ready to take the Stanley Cup. Instead numerous teams came out and all of the teams were strong contenders for the Stanley Cup. In 1896, the Victorias of Montreal versus the Victorias of Winnipeg placed with the Winnipeg team taking the Cup 2 to 0. Less than a year later, a rematch was to occur.

Presented as the greatest sports ever in Winnipeg history, even in the economy of 1896, tickets were scalped for as much as $12 each. Everyone wanted to see this Stanley Cup playoff game. Montreal won this match up 6 to 5 after being down 2 to 0 at halftime. It was documented as the finest match ever played in Canada.

While the early Stanley Cup games differed greatly from today’s game, the popularity has continued to rise over the many years. Originally, there were seven men on the ice for each team rather than the six we know today. Sideboards were non-existent and players used very little sports equipment. Injuries were quite common and much more serious than what players of today have to deal with in their hockey games and practices.

The Stanley Cup is considered to be the most famous trophy in the sporting world. It is certainly the oldest trophy competed for by professional athletes, having logged more than 400,000 miles in travel during only the past five seasons. Traditionally, each winning player and team management staff member gets to take the Cup home for one day to share with their friends and family.

No matter how the lines move between now and the final play for this year’s Stanley Cup, you simply will not want to miss keeping track as the big day draws closer. This game is the Super Bowl of hockey and it pales in comparison to many other sports as far as national coverage is concerned. The Stanley Cup will be watched by millions, some of whom are not traditionally hockey fans and many who do not know the history behind Lord Stanley’s great purchase. And for a sporting event to be worthy of a trophy which travels over 400,000 miles to note the worthy accomplishments of one lone team, it’s an event that no one should miss especially those behind the major networks! Incidentally, in the humble opinion of many fans, the only true contender this year for the Stanley Cup is the Philadelphia Flyers. What do you think?

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