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There are few things that I anticipate as much as the start of summer. Sure, I am a man that loves all the seasons, but none give me the thrill that summer inevitably does every year. When I start to think about summer, I get excited because there are literally countless things to be excited about.

I get excited about being outside without freezing, I get excited about camping trips with my family, I get excited about long days at the beach soaking up the water and the sun, and I get excited about charcoal.

Yes, you read that right. I get excited about charcoal. I love everything about charcoal: its texture, the smell of it when it is burning, and the amazing way that charcoal makes my food smell before I eat it. The truth is that I love charcoal because it means grilling, and grilling is one of my absolute favorite things to do.

Some say that all men love to grill, but I am yet to meet many men (although I have met a few) who share my undying passion for the grill. My wife never has to ask me twice if I want to grill out for an evening meal. Even after the longest day of work I am energized and happy to go outside and spend time creating the perfect fire. Charcoal is my parter in crime when it comes to cooking the perfect steak or to grilling vegetables to perfection.

Most people I know have switched over to gas grills. I have refused because I enjoy working with charcoal so much. A gas grill just doesn’t produce the same results as an old grill that requires charcoal. So, much to my wife’s dismay, I am stuck in the past where grilling food just right is a matter of using the proper amount of charcoal and then heating it just right.

My love for charcoal and grilling has become a bit of a joke among my family and friends in the past few years. They love to mock the very thing I love. I have received a countless number of photographs, cards and gag gifts mocking my love for charcoal. I don’t mind it, actually, because it means that I have gotten my point across successfully: I love charcoal and I believe that there is no better way to grill.

So grab a bag of charcoal, get an old fashioned grill, and enjoy the first days of summer with meat and foods that you cooked to perfection the right way. The only way. With a charcoal grill.

Sports fans just may be the most loyal, enthusiastic, and excitable fans around. It does not take much for a football fan to start talking about their favorite team, a hockey fan to recount the best play of the year, or a baseball fan to rant about an upcoming season. And if it is a basketball fan, don’t even get them started on March Madness!

Come March, you can bet that everyone who follows college basketball is scouring the media to find out as much as they can about the twenty-day tournament that is also called “The Big Dance.” The fanatic groupies are devouring all the information they can–from the players’ stats, the hottest team gossip, and who, at the moment, is expected to take home the trophy–and even the mild enthusiasts are hungry for the latest news on the championship teams.

To get the full scoop, these fans will undoubtedly turn to a sports website. Designed for the hardcore followers and the casual observers, a sports website can be as specific or as general as you want it to be. For example, a basketball website may have a special section on March Madness that includes:

-interaction with sports fans around the world through a blog, forums, chats, and messaging

-up-to-date bios of the March Madness stars

-photos of the most heated moments in the tournaments

-histories of the teams

-a schedule of televised games

-March Madness trivia


One of the best things about a top-notch sports website is that fans can access it before, during, and after different games to get the latest breaking news. Do you have a rival team? Log on and find out what others are saying about them. Curious about a certain player’s strategy? Subscribe to a blog through a website and find out what another aficionado thinks. Really, a sports website is the most efficient way to share, swap, and celebrate sports information – all within the comfort of your own home. Best of all, you’re your own announcer, so your team is always the home team.

Sports fans deserve a website that is as stimulating as they are, especially during the seasons’ wildest and craziest events such as March Madness, the Superbowl, the Kentucky Derby, and the World Series (to name just a few). A well-crafted and entertaining website is just what they need to stoke their fire and keep the heat on.

Many sports websites today focus on just one team or a single sport. Certainly, this is a great way to gather a tight-knit, excited group that will be eager to share even the tiniest tidbit of related trivia. But, a website can also be all-encompassing and cover sports of all kinds. In this way, a wider variety of fans will interact with each other.

So, if you would like to have a hand in establishing a virtual athletic community, consider putting up a sports website. Before you know it, your site could have a following that rivals the NCAA, and logging on to it may become a national pastime in its own right.

The ex – Boca Juniors soccer player, Diego Armando Maradona declared that if the National Football Team of his native country “Argentina” does not win the next World Cup in Germany, he has the resolution: he will talk with the president of the AFA Julio Grondona, just to see if he has the chance to be the Coach of the soccer team.

He also confirmed that he has never been invited to be part of the Technical department; however he wants to take the initiative of suggest it.

Maradona is also supported by the current Argentina coach Jose Pekerman, who admitted that he is the fan No 1 and he thinks Maradona must be the Argentina soccer team leader.

Maradona was born in Villa Fiorito in the southern of Buenos Aires in 1960. At age of 15 he started to play with the Argentinos Juniors. When he was 16 he debuted with the national football team, and he played his first World Cup in 1982.

In 1986 World Cup he helped his National Soccer Argentina team to win with a 3-2 in the final against West Germany.

This polemic soccer player is aware that all the candidates for the World Cup that want to win this championship, will have to dispute this title with Brazil, a team that is known as probably the most dangerous opponent of the event.

Backgammon is a race game. You have two options: try to win the race by advancing forward; or, give up on the race, make a prime, wait for a shot and hit it. If you choose (or are forced to choose) to hang back and wait – you’re playing a backgame, according to some earlier backgammon strategies. Contemporary theory has a more specific treatment of defensive strategies; and, the term “backgame” is used in a more limited sense.

Defensive structures often include one or more anchors. A single anchor on an advanced point (5, 4 or 3) is a holding game. A single anchor on a deep point (1, 2 or 3) is a deep anchor game. Advanced or deep anchor games have corresponding winning strategies; the 3 point, indicated twice, illustrates the difference. Early in the game it acts as an advanced anchor, covering the outer field and affording winning expectations by either hitting an outer field shot or simply winning the race. Later in the game, often behind a prime, it is similar to the deeper points, with winning strategies reduced to hitting a late shot in the bear-in or bear-off or rolling several large doubles.

The defining characteristic of a backgame is that the defensive structure includes two or more anchors. The backgame’s corresponding game plan is to hold both points as long as necessary, force your opponent to bear in or off awkwardly, hit a late shot and contain the blot behind a prime. Typically, the backgame anchors are deep and close together (1-2, 1-3, 2-3, 2-4). Keeping them back delays the moment when the winning shot comes and allows time to prepare a prime to contain the piece(s) you hit. If the defensive structure’s two anchors are widely separated (1-4, 1-5, 2-5) or are both advanced (3-4, 3-5, 4-5) either can be called a backgame. However, in practice, such structures usually don’t turn out to favor the same strategy as the deep anchor backgames. If the anchors are both advanced, one anchor is often lost and the game proceeds as a single anchor holding game. If the anchors are widely separated, one anchor can be lost and the game proceeds either as a holding game or a deep anchor game.

Is there a quasi-backgame? This may be the 1-5 game and there’s usually no reasonable possibility of holding both points until your opponent leaves a shot. Even if that is possible, the strategy isn’t nearly as threatening to your opponent as a deep anchor backgame. Consequently, you’ re often faced with deciding between holding the 5 point, giving up the ace point and losing the race; or, giving up the 5 point, allowing the ace point to be primed and getting gammoned.

If the defensive structure includes 3 or more anchors, it’s clearly a backgame. Typically, such structures afford excellent, winning chances. Nevertheless, if your shot comes before you’re ready, the result is often a gammon or backgammon loss.

Can a backgame be too “big”? Can you have too many points back? Of course. Players have been cautioned not to let a backgame opponent get too many pieces back. However, it’s ineffective to focus on how many pieces back is good or bad. Instead, look at the entire board. Whether more or fewer pieces back is bad or good depends on where they are, both players’ forward structures, and the crucial timing of preparing a prime to be ready when the awaited shot finally comes.

Skateboard shed its transport equipment image of the late 40s and 50s to become what it is today, the recreational tool. The early skateboard championships were ‘soap box derbies’ held in cities during that era of crude skateboards, which sometimes used to double up as surf boards too.

Skateboards as Sports Gear

With mass production becoming a reality in the 1960s skateboards underwent a lot of transformation for better; from solid wood or metals to plywood for decks, flat no shape to concavity, clay composite steel wheels to polyurethane made ones and finally single action trucks (axles) to aluminum constructed two part trucks. There is so much more in the safety, comfort and durability departments that you need to look into when buying skateboards.

Well, how do these things help? At first, the question may strike an irrelevant chord, but not so when you see the difference. Just taste this for samples: Without that innovative concavity would it have been possible for those champion skateboarders to takeoff from flat ground? Forget that for a minute, speeding along the streets wouldn’t have been a reality but for the grip tapes now you find on the decks, which prevent you from slipping even as you takeoff.

Did you know, what helped easy turning at such high speeds? Of course you do your skillful ‘foot work’ but the rubber cushion in between the two part truck flexes when you turn by front foot while pressing by the back foot. It is this flexibility that gives you additional turn which was harder in older skateboards.

Skateboard Ramps

If you are not on the streets you are skateboarding on the ramps. Ramps are carpentry constructions made in plywood. As you are aware, there are just as many ramp plans as you like and the simplest one is the obvious bank plan (flat plan), half pipe, quarter pipe, pyramid plans etc, all of which are named after their shapes.

Then you have the ‘launcher’ ramp for the lion hearted guys and girls. Skateboarding over this launches you into the skies vertically. If you don’t want to fly, you still have an option that interests you. You can ride the walls with two identical ramps placed at a distance apart.

Skateboarding Championships

Championships have encouraged many aspirants to take-up the sport and excel there. Television coverage has catapulted skateboarding to top youth sport. The most famous competition are them all is the annual X-Game Skateboard Championships. Skateboarders from all around the world take part this is event to gain recognition and fame, not to mention lucrative sponsorships and turn this one time hobby to a serious career path.

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