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If you are new to photography, have you ever wonder how to achieve a shot where the moving subject is in focus while the background is blurred? Have you ever envy photographers who can create such images?

This technique is commonly known as Panning and can be achieved easily with sufficient practices. A SLR camera is preferred for panning shots due to its ability to achieve fast reaction. DSLR is taking up the consumer share quickly with its price being highly competitive too.

DSLR being digital in nature, is very welcomed nowadays especially when consumers are getting more IT savvy. Images can be downloaded into computers which make adjustment easier as compared to the past. And not to forget, films which is now replaced by memory cards for DSLR makes photography relatively affordable!

Panning shots is commonly used in sports like motorbike racing, treking, cycling and many more. This technique allow the photographs to tell a story to the viewers. Viewers can easily appreciate that the subject of interest is in motion and thus making the photograph more attractive and complete, as compared to a freeze moment due to the result of fast shutter speed.

To create a panning shot, you would need a subject of interest, like most photography requirement. This subject preferably should be moving across your camera from left to right or vice versa. Panning shots will be quite impossible if the subject of interest is moving inwards or away fromyour camera.

The background is recommended to be colorful so as to make the photograph more enchanting when blurred.

The following are the settings for your camera and the procedures for Panning shots:

Step 1: Set your camera to Shutter Priority mode,

Step 2: Set your shutter speed with its denominator value smaller then your lens focal length. I will suggest to set the shutter speed to 1/15 sec. With this setting, you are deliberately achieving “camera shake” which is your main motive in panning shots,

Step 3: Set your camera to “Continuous Shoot” mode. This will allow you to get a few shots at one time so as to achieve higher “probability of hit”.

Step 4: Set your camera to “AF-C” mode,

Step 5: As the main subject is moving across your camera, quickly focus on the subject and shoot. As your camera is set to “Continuous Shoot” mode, hold on to your shutter while moving your camera along with your main subject, making sure that the main subject is always in the middle of your viewfinder.

There you go! You have just utilized the technique of panning. Panning needs tremendous practice and you will be considered lucky if you are able to get 5 good shots out of 30 tries. Remember the good old days where SLR cameras are using film? Imagine how much funds you will have to spend on films to get at least 10 great panning shots! Thus we are considered much lucky now as SLR cameras go digital.

You can further beautify the photographs by doing some adjustment in Photoshop or other photo editing software. You may choose to perform some cropping of the photographs such that the main subject is position at the golden rule for photography, the “Rule of Thirds”. With this, the photographs are able to tell the viewer the whole story and thus making the photographs more enchanting and eye catching!

Remember, you need a lot of practice for panning shots and do not be discouraged if you failed for the first few times. With enough practice, I am sure you can achieve what you aim for!

The NFL released this week its official list of the 48 underclassmen granted eligibility for the April 29-30 draft, this list includes cornerback Youboty, Santonio Holmes, safety Whitner, Reggie Bush and Vince.

Holmes’s was not a surprise. Every day there are more and more lists that have Holmes rated as the top receiver in the draft. But there were more questions about the draft status of Whitner and Youboty. Youboty rates fourth-best defensive back. Youboty is 6 feet 1, 188 pounds and he is a solid tackler this brings him good possibilities since this is what the NFL likes. The recent history of OSU cornerbacks in the NFL might help, as well.

Donte Whitner said his decision to forgo his senior season at Ohio State in favor of entering the NFL draft was not an easy call.

There was speculation that he could be a late second- or third round pick, but he said he has gotten enough feedback from confidants to believe he could be a late first- to second-round pick.

Whitner believes he could run 40 yards in 4.3 seconds, which would impress NFL scouts and now that he is no longer in school he can concentrate on his workouts. He also said he turned down a couple of paid autograph offerings before agreeing to do some for Ohio Signatures Unlimited four days ago, which effectively ended his college eligibility. Other notables who declared for the draft were North Carolina State DE Mario Williams; running backs Maurice Drew of UCLA, Brian Calhoun of Wisconsin and Laurence Maroney of Minnesota; wide receiver Devin Hester of Miami; and defensive back Ko Simpson of South Carolina.

Busch Stadium

Tom Glavine from the Mets had a great game against the Phillies that ended a nine game winning streak; Glavine pitched seven strong innings and drove in a pair of runs to help the New York Mets beat Philadelphia 13-4 Wednesday night.

The Mets pounded Phillies starter Cory Lidle (3-4) early, with eight players getting hits and all nine scoring while building a 10-0 lead through three innings. The NL East-leading Mets pushed their lead back to four games over the second-place Phillies, who were on their longest winning streak since a 13-game run in 1991.

“It was a nice game for me to have an early lead and have the guys keep tacking them in the way they did,” Glavine said.

It was a great game that showed everybody why they have the best record in the NL East; they have a powerful offense and great pitchers that can get this team very far this season.

“That’s the way we have to play, come out and be aggressive and make things happen,” Mets manager Willie Randolph said.


1. Jose Reyes, SS. 2.Paul Lo Duca, C.
Diving has undergone a ‘deep’ change from its original generic meaning. Originally it only meant a headlong plunge into water, and even an athletic competition that involves diving into water. Today, if you jump out of your plane for sport, they call it diving or sky diving.

Diving As a Sport

Diving has been internationally recognized as sport long ago and it is the one of the most coveted part of modern Olympics. The sport involves taking the plunge, from a height or distance, into the water acrobatically.

Diving has 3 disciplines such as 1m, 3m and tower and divers are classified by age and gender. Towers vary in height from 5m to 10m and high level competitions like World Cup and Olympics require diving from 10m only. Spring boards and platforms are terms used in 3 & 5m as well as 10m diving respectively.

Know the Components of Diving?

Your body needs to be every bit a gymnast’s, strong, flexible and kinesthetic. To pursue diving, starting very young is advised as your body will be at its flexible best. There are four components of diving defining the diving positions.

1.Layout position- Body straight like an arrow.

2.Pike position- Body folded only at waist and nowhere else.

3.Tuck position- Body curled into a ball, with knees touching chin and heels your hips.

4.Free position- Relaxed position suitable for twisted diving.

Takeoff, flight and entry into water are the key elements that determine the scoring in diving. Each carries equal weightage of 3 points and 1 for the judges’ discretion. For example a perfect entry splashes little or no water.

Then there are diving positions like forward, backward, inward and reverse depending on how you start and then rotate.

Although deep sea diving and scuba diving are similar sounding and albeit connected to water sport, they are not as popular as pool diving, as we know it. A tip here to aspiring divers; fitness, training and practice apart, what it takes to be a successful diver is dedication as exemplified by the great Greg Louganis. He is the living example of what level you can raise the game to.

Whether it is scuba diving, cliff diving or sky diving, utmost emphasis needs to be given to the physical requirements of the diver, to avert any sort of physiological or psychological hassles while diving. Individuals with physical ailments like bone disorders, diabetes, and high blood pressure are told not to plunge. Before you decide to take the plunge, it is imperative to check with a physician to elude any health problems.




One of the Most Anticipated Fights Ever Scheduled for January 19th

at Madison Square Garden

NEW YORK, NY – December 8, 2007 – Tickets for the highly anticipated match between Felix “Tito” Trinidad and Roy Jones Jr. will go on sale Monday, December 10, Madison Square Garden announced today. The much sought after first row ringside seats will be available for fans to purchase via a special Ticketmaster online auction, beginning on December 10th.

Arguably the two top fighters of the past decade, Trinidad and Jones will step into the Madison Square Garden boxing ring on Saturday, Jan. 19, 2008 for a featured 12-round match up. Tickets for the premier boxing event range from $15,000 to $100.00 and can be purchased via Ticketmaster beginning at 12 noon on Monday.

The general public will have the rare opportunity to participate in an online auction to purchase ultimate ringside seats to one of the sport’s biggest attractions. Bidders can log onto beginning at 12 noon on Monday to bid on tickets at the four top-level prices. Bids will be accepted until the auction closes at 12 noon on Monday, December 17th. In addition to the auction, Official Platinum Ringside seats will be available through Ticketmaster Ticket Exchange. Tickets for all other price levels will be available via Ticketmaster retail locations and the Madison Square Garden box office also beginning at 12 noon on Monday, December 10th.

“We expect this fight to be one of the hottest boxing matchups of all time,” said Joel Fisher, senior vice president, MSG Sports Properties. “We’re excited to bring this fight to New York area boxing fans, and via this unique partnership with Ticketmaster, the very best seats in the house will be available to anyone visiting Ticketmaster Auction or Ticketmaster Ticket Exchange.”

Jones is an eight-time world champion, winning belts in the middleweight, super middleweight, light heavyweight and heavyweight divisions, becoming the first former middleweight champion to win a world heavyweight crown in over 100 years.

Trinidad is a five-time world champion with a stunning career knockout ratio of 80 percent that has won titles in the welterweight, junior middleweight and middleweight classes. He also holds the distinction of having defeated three Olympic Games gold medalists: Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker, “The Golden Boy” Oscar De La Hoya and David Reid.

The event is being promoted by Don King Productions in association with Madison Square Garden.

You’ve made up your mind. You’ve resolved (maybe again) to get more exercise. All that’s left is deciding what to choose. What if you wanted something you can do either indoors or outdoors, in any season, at nearly any time, and provides an all-over “workout” without feeling like you’ve done any work?

Think a minute: This easily describes several of the different types of the surprisingly varied world of snow skiing. The image most people think of is standard: You get on a chairlift, drop off easily, and ski down the slopes. You’re wearing heavy, cold-weather gear and usually topple over once or twice on the way down, skis askew in the air, the biting chill of the wind hitting your face.

Thankfully, the world of snow skiing has broadened widely and has become a year-round enjoyment for millions — while also providing an excellent source of cardiovascular exercise.

Downhill, or classical, skiing, is the picture-postcard most of us think of when we hear the word “skiing.” It usually involves places like The Alps, Aspen, Telluride, or just about anywhere most jet-setters and celebrities frequent.

This is the one that involves a chairlift, and skiing down often-steep slopes. There is either real snow or manufactured snow, and you will get cold, but you’ll warm up once you get going.

The sport is not too difficult once you get the hang of it, but it definitely will not be easy the first day you try. Actually, you can expect to fall down many times. Lessons are usually a good idea, and this type is skiing is going to be expensive. Lift ticket prices, travel to and from ski sites, ski rentals or purchase, and appro-priate wear, including sunglasses, are going to cost you more financially, but the results can be exhilarating and quite fun — again, once you catch on.

Next, there’s cross-country skiing. Admittedly, this is going to be physically challenging to most people. Here’s where you do all the work yourself. There are no chairlifts to bring you up the hills, and you must ski up on your own. But, on the flip side, you won’t careen down mountains near as steep as the ones in downhill skiing, and it’s much more affordable than downhill ski-ing. Trail passes and ski rentals are relatively inex-pensive, and you probably can teach yourself — hence, no lessons!

“Skate” cross-country skiing is another form of cross-country skiing that requires slightly different skis. You can actually “skate” with regular, classical skates, but skis do make it easier. You can pick up speed by simu-lating the physical motions of ice skating. It’s not too difficult to pick up skate cross-country, but it is harder than classical cross country skiing, and requires more physical endurance. It is also helpful to have clear and wider trails for this to be truly enjoyable.

If you’re really the adventurous type, the ski jump, in which you leap from specially prepared jump slopes, will definitely test your stamina and maneuverability. Note that this will also test your checkbook balance, as well as alpine skiing, which has fewer twisted courses that permit much faster speeds, but again, it will have a more pronounced affect on your bank balance than the other types of snow skiing.

Snowboarding involves a single wide ski, or snowboard, no poles, and is similar to surfing. Ski experts have also now come up with ski boarding, which employs shorter and wider skis that are generally used without poles. Ski boarding also offers the skier some of the sensa-tions of ice skating or in-line roller skating. It is usually easier to learn than classical skiing, largely because ski boards are simply more “handle-friendly.”

With the comprehensive, attractive array of skiing methods out there today, there’s something in it for everyone. Can’t stand the cold? Try cross-country. Love the idea of bounding from a slope onto hard, impacted snow and hitting the ground hard and fast? Simple. Take up ski jumping. But please — take lessons first!

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