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I have my own snow boarding business and I have had this for around 1 year now. I used to be a management consultant before I decided to take the plunge and went for a business of my own. Before I done this I was very nervous and really had no idea about the level of results that I was going to attain.

The fact of the matter is that around 20% of businesses fail in their first year, and I did not want to be one of those business owners that were left having no results, and a heap of debt to handle.

Luckily enough my business has been successful so far, and this has largely been down to operating in an area of high demand, where I am the only supplier in my area. You see, there are two local ski slopes and both of them have a lot of visitors each week, so I was aware that their was a demand in my local area for snow boarding equipment and skiing equipment. At first, I started off selling snow boarding equipment but I realised that I should start selling skiing equipment as well and this is a decision that I am glad to have made. Since I have started selling skiing equipment my sales have increased by 60%.

I now have four members of staff that I pay a good wage, and that are very loyal to my company. You see, the great thing is that all of them have an interest in snow boarding and skiing and this really comes through in the way they are able to help my customers make informed purchases.

I have a deal with the local ski slopes that when someone is a member of their slope they get a 10% discount on all purchases. This is something that I considered for a number of reasons. The first thing is that I didn’t want either of them starting their own shop on their premise, and I felt that through offering them something free they would be less likely to try and eat into my profits. I also felt that through doing this they would feel that the potential to enter into my market was less lucrative. I also have deals with them where I give them very cheap rates on their stocks, and in actual fact I make zero profit from the sales that I make to them. This gives them the impression that I have substantially better profit margins than they could attain, and puts them off competing.

Another way that I have had a certain level of success is through my online store. I had a website designed through which I sell all my lines to a global marketplace. Online I am competing with a lot of other websites that sell similar stuff to myself, but I am aiming to increase my websites position in the search engines, and by doing so I am hoping that I will be able to decrease my operating costs and increase my market reach. Already I am showing up at number 14 in google for snowboarding equipment and I am hoping to be on the first page for certain terms at some point this year. The thing is that when you have a high position in the search engines you can be sure to close a certain number of sales with no marketing outlay. There is also the issue that once you close a single sale with a customer they are more likely to return in future when they require further products that you sell within your range. I have also started to sell wholesale through a separate website and this has helped me in two ways. I am starting to increase my sales volume however at the same time I am decreasing my cost per unit to purchase through buying on a bigger scale. This is something that is offering my business growth potential, however my primary aim is to increase sales through my website at the moment.

Barry Zito from the A’s is looking now like in his best days back in 2002 when he won the Cy Young award. Zito allowed eight hits over seven scoreless innings and the A’s patiently battered Jamie Moyer in their third straight victory 7-2 over the Seattle Mariners last week.

“I just have a mentality where I’m going out there and not trying to be too fine, not thinking too much,” Zito said. “I’m just letting my stuff work for me. Just trust my stuff, trust myself.”

With five key players on the disabled list after a rash of injuries, the A’s are back above .500 at 20-19 and in a first-place tie with Texas in the AL West. Despite those injuries, they’re a team that has plenty of talent and will to get back to the winning side of the record. If they play good with all there key players injured imagine what they will play like once everybody is back and healthy.


1. Mark Kotsay, CF. 2.Jason Kendall, C. 3.Eric Chavez, 3rd B. 4.Frank Thomas, DH. 5. Bobby Crosby, SS. 6.Nick Swisher, 1stB. 7. Jay Payton, LF. 8. Bobby Kielty, RF. 9.Marco Scutaro, 2nd B.

After an impressive game held on Tuesday against the Yankees in which the score was 14-13 in favor of the Yankees, the Rangers fell again on Tuesday 4-3. It wasn’t such an exciting game like the one on Tuesday but it still was good. It seems that the games between this two are becoming more and more interesting because both teams play really good against each other.

The Yankees were winning 4-1 in the in the seventh, but Gary Matthews Jr. hit a two-run homer in the eighth for Texas, cutting it to 4-3. Mariano Rivera worked a perfect ninth for his eighth save in nine chances.

“It’s tough to lose like that. I didn’t think they hit me very hard. They just found holes at opportune times,” Loe said. “I felt like I was making my pitches. I felt like I was in control. Maybe my pitch selection could have been better.”

In both games the Rangers were very close to get the victory but the powerful offense of the Yankees was better than theirs. Maybe they can change the story this week as they face the Oakland A’s, a team with a lot of injuries right now. That can give some advantage to the Rangers, so if you like sports betting this is a perfect opportunity to bet on a great game as I’m sure it will be between these two teams.

1. Gary Matthews Jr., CF. 2.Michael Young, SS. 3.Mark Teixeira, 1st B. 4. Phil Nevin, DH. 5. Hank Blalock, 3rdB. 6. Kevin Mench, RF. 7.Brad Wilkerson, LF. 8. Mark DeRosa, 2nd B. 9. Gerald Laird, C.

My local ski slope is quite a fun place to hang out for me and my teenage friends. We find that it’s a good way to keep ourselves amused. You see in my local area when you are under 21 their really is nothing else to do. You see me and my friends can’t go out drinking and nor do we have any particular desire to hang out at the local tennis court, that is why we were looking for something to do that was knew, exciting and more suited to our need for extreme entertainment!

So we went down the local ski slope and asked some questions about what kind of thing goes on and basically tried to get a grasp for how much it was going to cost to get started. The lady was really helpful and seemed to be really encouraging. She explained that we would not need a snowboard, snowboarding boots or even snowboarding skills to get started. We were really pleased to here it, so basically asked if we just went on the slope or if we needed some kind of tuition first. The lady explained that we would definitely need some kind of tuition first, and explained that for $15 an hour we could get a group lesson. This was kind of what we were looking for, as the idea was to do this as a group and we felt that if we all done it together It would be more of a laugh. So we basically booked a lesson, and the lady explained that we had to pay a deposit because the slope had to arrange it with the instructor. She explained that we would get lessons for around 5-10 hours and then she thought that we would be good enough to come down the slope on our own and try things out. This was the kind of thing that I was looking to do, because we wanted more than merely to learn. We wanted to pick up the basic skills that were required and then come down on our own and have a laugh at the slope.

So we went to the lessons and they worked out great. They were really fun for everyone involved. It turned out that it wasn’t just us at the lessons, but the other girls and boys who went to the lessons were all really easy to get on with and everyone got on well. Nobody had been to snowboarding lessons before so we were all kind of in the same boat so to speak. The teacher went over really basic stuff at first, and to be honest I did not pay too much attention because I was more concerned with actually going out their and starting to ski for real. The guy who was our teacher was really approachable and that just made it so much easier for everyone. We were able to ask all the questions we wanted, and he seemed to pick up when someone was having problems and when we understood things. He then explained after around 30 min’s that we were ready to hit the slopes, and you can be sure that we were ready, I was practically desperate to hit the slopes and get started. At first, he asked us to go down the beginner slope which is basically a slope that is for people who are just starting to learn. The gradient is much less and that makes it so much easier to get going, because if you build up to much speed and you do not know how to stop then that could cause real problems for a beginner.

Online web games offer a wide range of choices to players, from simple board games of logic to complex, 3D interactive games that realistically reproduce games like billiards, soccer, baseball, etc. on the monitor. Billiards is a popular game that can be played on a PC, or even a cell phone.

Searching on the internet should give you access to websites where you can download and play a 3D billiards game. The rules and types of games that can be played remain the same – 8 ball, 9-ball or straight pool.

A typical billiards game uses the mouse and keyboard buttons. A sample of controls used is given below.


-To aim hold the “A” key (or left button on the mouse) and move the mouse.

-To zoom in or out hold “Z” keys and moves mouse.

-To shoot hold “S” key and move mouse.

-To adjust English hold “E” key and move the mouse.

-To change overhead camera push “O” key.

-To flip the overhead camera hold “X” key.

-For 3d camera push “C” key.

-For the display of the ball path line push “L” key.

-To turn music on/off push “M” key.

How to play

-Move the ball and adjust the stick using the mouse. For shooting the ball click the mouse button. For more power hold on to the mouse button for a longer time and vice-versa.

8 Ball game

-2 players can also play it. Here the main aim is to pocket your set of balls before your opponent.

9 Ball game

-This game is played using 9 numbered balls, and a cue ball. The first ball that is hit by the cue ball must be of a lower number. The main aim is to pocket the entire set of 9 ball before the opponent.

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