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Be it at the bars, pubs, clubs or your own living room, darts are an excellent way of spending time with friends and family. Spending time at home will never be boring as long as you have a dartboard hanging in your room.

The history of the game of darts goes back a long time.

Legend has it that soldiers during the Middle Ages used to throw spears at barrel bases or cut-up tree trunks to get over their boredom. This gradually gave shape to what we now know as dart games. The system of scoring, followed across the world, came into being during the early 18th century.

Dart games have become popular over the years as it is inexpensive to play, can be played indoors during bad weather, no dress codes are required, and can be played by anyone – male or female, young or old.

The basic requirements are a dartboard and darts. With the advancement of technology dartboards have also evolved through the times. The most common dartboard is the bristle board – either cork or sisal. Cork dartboards deteriorate quickly with continued used, as the darts leave holes in the boards and the cork crumbles. The fibrous nature of sisal, however, is able to overcome this drawback and has therefore gained popularity. Sisal does not crumble even after constant use. Electronic dartboards are also available, and are equipped with sensors allowing for automated scoring.

There are various types of darts. The main parts of a dart are the tip, barrel, shaft and flight. Tips are either steel or soft. Soft tips are preferred on electronic dartboards and cork dartboards and are also recommended for new players. Steel tips are for the more experienced dart players. Shafts also come in various types. Synthetic flights are the most common nowadays and can be combined with the shafts. The use of feathers as flights has decreased considerably nowadays.

Many dart accessories are available nowadays. Instead of simply hanging the dartboard on walls, dart cabinets can be used to add style and elegance to your dart game. Many players also attach add-a-grams to get the required weights on the darts. The perfect weight improves accuracy in shooting. Dart mats are useful for new players, as the bounce-off from the boards may cause considerable damage to the floor. It is also important to have a rulebook as there are many methods of keeping scores and the game can be played under different rules. Scoreboard is also a must if you are not using electronic dartboards.

Explosive growth in kayak sales has meant that the number of kayak manufacturers has soared in recent decades. With a predominant move to whitewater kayaking as the sport du jour, manufacturers are putting more effort and resources into whitewater design to further increase sales and try to keep an edge in this highly competitive market.

Competition between kayak manufacturers is fierce and with the sport maturing to reveal lucrative niche markets, kayak manufacturers have to act fast to keep up. Play boating or rodeo kayaking has largely been responsible for this growth in the market. Rather than getting down the river kayakers are heading straight to the rapids to play and with new advances in technology and technique evolving all the time, kayaks are changing fast.

As one manufacturer develops and produces a new hull shape or design, the next goes on to modify and perfect it under their own brand name. Consequently it’s difficult to recommend one manufacturer over another as the market is simply too changeable to predict.

However, manufacturers do have speciality areas and a company well known for their sea kayaks may not be so well regarded for their white water kayaks. Other kayak manufacturers focus purely on recreational markets and only produce sit on top kayaks.

For example, in the white water market the current leaders are Perception, Dagger, Pyranha, Prijon, Wavesport, Necky and LiquidLogic, but they jostle each other as new releases and trends change their popularity levels. In areas such as wood strip kayaks, a traditional choice of kayak, the market is a lot less volatile.

Choosing the ideal kayak

But really the best kayak on the market is the one that suits you and your paddling plans the best. Always try and buy the best kayak you can afford but don’t base your judgements on price alone. Get advice from experienced kayakers, join a club to try out different models, read reviews and narrow down your search that way. Go to a retailer with a short list and make sure you get to test out the kayaks before you buy. Not all kayak manufacturers sell directly to public but all link to a list of dealers from their own websites.

Of all the optical instruments, binoculars are widely used by travelers, sports fans, fisherman and hunters.

Binoculars are mounted side by side and aligned to point with accuracy in the same direction. Unlike the single lens telescope, binoculars or binocular telescopes, allows the viewer a greater sense of distance and depth. Binoculars give the users an apparently 3D image.

Binoculars are so designed that the focal length of the lenses is less than is physical length. Larger binoculars can not be held steady hence they are mounted on a support such as tripod. The Large Binocular Telescope, known as LBT is located in Arizona and it produced the “First Light” image from outer space in October 26, 2005.

Coin operated binoculars which are mounted on a pedestal are found in popular tourism spots to help the tourists get a closer view of the sights. By dropping one or two quarters in it, it permits the use of the binoculars for 2 to 3 minutes

A good binocular should produce two sharp images which are uniform, each image having excellent quality, free from geometrical errors or internal reflections and color corrections. Both the images – right and left – should be identical without any variation in orientation, aberrations and size.

The magnifying power of the binoculars is referred as 7X or 8X which means the object will be magnified 7 or 8 times of its original size. Some binoculars have magnifying capacity in varying degrees. The term 7-21X means starting with 7 times magnification it can reach up to a magnifying power of 21 times. Most commonly used magnifying powers of binoculars are from 6X to 10X increasing in steps of 1.

A good quality binocular can be identified by the popularity and fame of the brand names. By producing high quality optical products, companies such as Leica, Minolta, Pentax, Zeiss, Celestron, Nikon and Swarovski earned a good reputation. As usual we get what we pay for.

Whilst traveling, select a binocular which is light weight, compact and fits easily into the suitcase or shoulder bag. A compact roof prism binocular perfectly fits the bill as a travel companion.

For the budding astronomer, a very high quality and bright binocular with a power rating of 9X, 8X or 7X is required. Make sure that the binoculars can be held steadily while searching and focusing on objects in the sky.

By keeping the binoculars clean, we can make best use of them and get a longer life from them.

Use compressed air in cans to blow the dust off from the lens. Use lens cleaner and lens cloth to remove the grease and dirt from the lenses. Start the cleaning at the center of the lens and gradually swirl towards the rim. Use a soft bristle toothbrush to clean the crevices of the binocular casing and use a slightly damp cloth to wipe the casing.

A good ball glove can have a big effect on youth’s enjoyment of playing baseball and even about whether baseball is a worthwhile sport for them to participate in. Kids could be playing many other sports, and in fact, participation in basketball and soccer is growing fast in the US. There’s no better summer sport or pastime than baseball though. It has a rich American tradition that other sports don’t possess and that’s an important part of your own child’s sports experience.

Baseball is a game that is dependent on equipment though, and if the equipment is poor quality or in doesn’t suit the kids using them, it can dampen their enthusiasm for little league baseball. It’s important to buy youth baseball gloves for your child, not small adult baseball gloves which will discourage your youngster.

They had poor equipment back in the old days, including rotted out or horribly stiff leather gloves. Some would actually throw the glove down and try to catch with their bare hands. It may not be that bad today, but in visiting your local sporting goods store, you’ve probably wondered about the quality of the gloves on the store shelves. Some are weird shapes and feel uncomfortable and the selection is many times limited.

The Good Old Days

Have you ever wondered whether baseball glove manufacturers are producing better ball gloves now than in decades past? Well, if you happen to have an old baseball glove still around and compare it to modern youth baseball gloves, you’ll notice a big difference. Those old gloves didn’t make catching and fielding easy for infielders, outfielders and especially catchers. You actually had to have some outstanding athletic skills and knowledge of catching to make a catch. In those days, you used both hands to catch a ball because you had to.

That’s not to say these new gloves are suited to the ball player that’s using them. These kids range in physical size greatly, and play different positions. The child that has a new, well-fitted glove is going to catch the ball better and play with a lot more confidence.

Young ball players with their metal bats are hitting the ball hard, so infielders and outfielders need good gloves just to catch them, let alone throw the runner out at first. We shouldn’t just assume that any glove would do for our child. Each youngster has their own level of coordination and confidence, along with their own style and preferences, and fortunately, there are so many types and styles of gloves available now, that you should be able to find one they like. You don’t see kids get hurt often but it does happen and it will happen more often with the child that feels uncomfortable with the baseball equipment they’re using.

Bad Bounces

Last week, while watching a youth baseball game (11 year olds) a batter hit a ball hard up the middle, fortunately missing the pitcher. The ball hit the side of the mound and bounced up to hit the base umpire in the shoulder. She was hurt and lay on the ground several minutes before getting up. That highlighted well, the speed the balls are reaching and that the young infielder playing with awkward baseball glove is going to playing with fear. Yes, some fear is good, as it keeps them sharp and makes the game exciting, but too much fear and they’re going to get discouraged.

Many of the kids on these teams have gloves that are too small, and overwhelmingly, you see their reluctance to catch well-hit grounders. They generally wave at it going by them and sigh in relief that it wasn’t hit right at them. One youngster in the outfield ran to make a diving catch only to have the ball pop out of his glove. They used to see that if your glove touched a ball, you should have caught it and it is an error for you. When a ball is in your glove, it should stay in there. In this kid’s case, the ball was clearly in his glove and yet it popped out. The reason for that is that the glove didn’t fit his hand and the web wouldn’t close tightly.

He walked dejectedly back to centerfield, his position, and cursed at himself for dropping it. It was like a scene out of a Charlie Brown episode. If he’d hung onto that ball, he would have been walking on clouds and be the pride of the team. I don’t have to tell you how important peer pressure is with kids these days and when kids never catch the ball, it can deflate the team and even the crowd of parents watching the game. Sometimes, it’s downright torture to watch a ball game if the kids can’t catch or throw properly.

Young pitchers too, can have trouble throwing strikes, and after walking batter after batter, you can sense disappointment. The glove on the pitcher’s hand acts as a counterbalance when throwing and if it doesn’t feel comfortable for him, you may be in for a long inning.

A fair number of kids come from homes that can’t afford a new glove every year and they may not be able to afford baseball shoes. If there’s one piece of equipment you need to focus on for youth baseball players, it has to be the glove. Your child is out there standing for half of the game, with this glove on their hand. If it’s uncomfortable, and doesn’t fit, that has to take some of the enjoyment out of it.

There’s a mind-boggling array of youth baseball brands out there to choose from Rawling, Mizuno, Wilson, Spalding, Rawlings, Nokona, Akadema, Kelly, Nike, Louisville, SSK and more. The problem with many of these big brand names is not only the inflated prices associated with these brands, it’s the weight and stiffness of the gloves. The materials and the stitching are sewn well enough. They aren’t designed with kids in mind who after all, don’t have time to break the glove in. Within one year, they will have likely outgrown the glove, so what’s the point of buying a glove like that? The glove ends up unused in a closet or on the garage floor becoming a nuisance object.

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