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Virginia has played a central role throughout the history of the United States. With reasonable prices, you can live in the middle of it with Virginia real estate.


The historical significance of Virginia is simply unmatched in the United States.

Presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson resided in the state as did many of the founding fathers. In the revolutionary war with England, Virginia was front and center in the battle with Williamsburg and Richmond playing central roles. From the Civil War, the battles at locations such as Fredericksburg and Cold Harbor need no introduction. In these modern days, Virginia is unique in seamlessly mixing modern development and old world charm.


Located on the James River, Richmond was burned to the ground twice during the tumultuous early years of the country. The capital of the Confederacy, Richmond was under attack through much of the Civil War and suffered for it. Following the war, however, the city was rebuilt and has remained prosperous since then. Today, the city is an interesting mix of elegant turn of the century architecture and modern structures. Economically, Richmond is known for strong tobacco and financial industries.


Fredericksburg has to get special mention since we,, are located in the city. Although we might be biased, our town is one of the prettiest in the south and a great place to raise a family. Downtown has a definite elegant old south atmosphere while neighborhoods are full of turn of the century homes with white picket fences. When we had to choose a location to raise a family, Fredericksburg was our choice. We haven’t regretted it once.

Virginia Real Estate

Virginia real estate prices can range from the low $200,000 to the high $700,000 depending on the location. A single-family residence in Richmond will run $340,000 on average, while homes in Blacksburg can be had for an average of $220,000. On the top end, homes in Alexandria average in the mid to high $700,000 range.

For 2005, Virginia real estate has shown strong value growth. With an appreciation rate of nearly 21 percent, Virginia has the eighth highest figure in the country.

Arkansas is a state that harkens back to a more relaxed time of life in our country. If you’re tired of hearing 90 cell phones ringing, moving to Arkansas may be the answer.


Unlike many states, Arkansas has made a concerted effort to protect and maintain its past. It is equally protective of its small, rural town heritage with even the biggest cities feeling like friendly, uncluttered towns. If playing in the great outdoors is your idea of a good time, Arkansas offers scenic mountains, rivers, forests in which you can play to your hearts desire.

Little Rock

The undisputed population center of Arkansas, Little Rock is named after…a little rock. This unpretentious title reflects the nature and attitude of the city, to wit, laid back and relaxed is the central theme. For families, Little Rock is a very attractive city as there is a strong emphasis on kids throughout the city. From the riverfront park to museums tailored to the interest of the children, it all seems to be about kids.

Eureka Springs

When it comes to weddings, Eureka Springs is the Las Vegas of Arkansas. A picturesque town in the northwest of the state, the town started as a health center and evolved into the must visit tourist destination of Arkansas. Surrounded by forests and natural mineral springs, the architectural style is decidedly Victorian. When people mention the Ozarks, this is the place they are talking about. A charming town that gets a 10 out of 10 rating as one of the best small towns to live in.

Hot Springs

Roughly a 45-minute car ride south of Little Rock, Hot Springs is a great destination for spa enthusiasts. Wedged into the Zig Zag mountains, the town is ripe with thermal mineral springs. This, of course, has led entrepreneurs to open spas of all sorts. The forest of the Hot Springs National Park engulfs the town. The architectural style is predominantly brick-oriented with many of the older spas have a healthy dose of marble thrown in.

Arkansas Real Estate

Arkansas real estate prices are as relaxed as the state. On average, a home in Little Rock will set you back $180,000, while you’ll need to pay about $50,000 more for homes in Eureka Springs and Hot Springs. For 2005, Arkansas real estate appreciated at a rate of a little more than eight percent.

When determining what kind of an asking price to attach to a fsbo home, there are several points to consider. Because you have omitted a third party – a real estate agent – asking price can be more flexible. Still, you need to be sure the price you set on your home is reasonable and fair – for both you and the buyer.

Get an Appraisal

Obtain a house appraisal from a qualified appraiser. One recognized by lending companies and banks. Interestingly enough, banks and mortgage companies do not lend money to homebuyers based on the value attached to the property by a real estate agent. That is because they do not consider real estate agents valid appraisers. And for good reason.

Most of the time, a real estate agent’s comparative market analysis does not represent the true market value of a home. Therefore, protect yourself by getting an appraisal done by a professional appraiser, one that will give an accurate, unbiased appraisal of your home.

An appraiser calculates a property’s worth using a direct sales comparison approach – based on the actual selling, not asking price, of comparable properties in your neighborhood.

Even a homeowner can obtain a relatively accurate appraisal of their property. By doing a little research, making use of an online house appraisal service, and by gathering data from the interactive Home Price Information Services available in many major cities.

Set a Reasonable Asking Price

Without having to consider a real estate agent’s percentage of the selling price, as a “for sale by owner” homeowner you have more leeway when deciding on an asking price. However, make sure the price you attach to your home is reasonable.

While you can set the price a little higher than the house appraisal if location or other aspects of the property are especially desirable, it is in your best interest to be conservative when attaching an asking price on your home for sale by owner.

Most buyers will make a fair offer on a reasonably priced fsbo home they like, but will avoid making any offer if the asking price is set too high.

Buyers are usually advised by a buyer broker or lawyer to bid below or at the appraised value. Even so, unless the market is slow in your area, setting your asking price at 3 to 4% over the appraised value of your home will not deter most serious buyers.

Selling the Buyer on Your Asking Price

After setting a fair price on your home based upon the house appraisal, sell the buyer on your asking price. There are advantages to buying a for sale by owner house.

First, the selling process is less complicated for both the seller and the buyer. Finding a buyer is often faster, too. A large percent of FSBO homes that sell were originally listed with a real estate agent, before the homeowner became frustrated and took matters into their own hands.

In most cases, the asking price of a home for sale by owner can be dropped by 6 to 7% from what the real estate agent had it listed for, and still put more money in homeowner’s pocket while saving the buyer big bucks!

Enhance Your Chances of Making a Quick Sale

To increase chances of making a quick sale, advertise wisely. Advertising online using a resource such as Virtual Real Estate Listings at can save you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in newspaper advertisements and other forms of advertising.

For a reasonable, one-time fee, a full page ad complete with color pictures is made available to interested parties around the clock, 7 days a week. And placing an inexpensive one or two line notice that includes the online ad’s URL in area newspapers will prove one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your fsbo home.

Let’s take an exciting tour of the biggest island in Thailand, Phuket islands. Phuket islands are located in the Andaman Sea. The island is mountainous in the west of the island from the north to the south. About 70% of the phuket islands are covered by forests. Phuket islands and beaches have green tropical vegetation, crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. Phuket (phuket islands, phuket villas, private islands, beach villas phuket, jumeirah beach villas, luxury villas phuket, marinas phuket) is the world’s most beautiful island with its enthralling natural beauty

Phuket islands are great for diving, sailing & golfing and all kinds of sports & entertainment. This place is very calm and peaceful although it is visited by a large no. of people every year. Any thing you can think of getting from nature, you can get it here. This is a paradise of rejuvenation. You can lie lazily in the sun with a drink of your choice from pool-side bars. You will find picturesque palm trees and other trees and plants nearby beaches (beach villas phuket, jumeirah beach villas, luxury villas phuket, marinas phuket, islands phuket, phuket hotel resorts, phuket property, property in phuket, jumeirah beach villas, real estate companies phuket, real estate phuket).

These beautiful private islands and luxury villas and resorts (phuket islands, phuket villas,private islands, beach villas phuket,jumeirah beach villas ,luxury villas phuket ,marinas phuket ) make it a perfect holiday destination. A few days stay in Phuket islands will give you a lifetime wonderful experience full of fun and enjoyment. There are multiple resorts with 5-star facilities. There are rooms with mini-bar, both cold & hot water shower and private in-room electronic safe.

These Phuket islands (beach villas phuket, jumeirah beach villas, luxury villas phuket , marinas phuket, islands phuket , phuket hotel resorts, phuket property, property in phuket, real estate companies phuket, real estate phuket) have much in store for everybody, be it a young couple or parents with children or 80 year olds. Accommodation facility is also brilliant with many choices and at a great value. One can find his suitability of taste according to budget. Phuket (phuket islands, phuket villas, private islands, beach villas phuket, jumeirah beach villas, luxury villas phuket, marinas phuket) doesn’t disappoint the people who haven’t got big bucks.

Increasing popularity of this island also makes it a preferred place for investment. Real estate Phuket (phuket property, property in phuket, real estate companies’ phuket, real estate phuket, resort developments phuket, Thailand homes, Thailand property, property phuket, homes for sale phuket) is on the rise. More and more people are buying homes and property in Thailand islands. There are many agents and brokers that help you through entire process of selecting the property to all other procedures need to be done. You can even find a list of brokers or local real estate agents (property in phuket, real estate companies’ phuket, real estate phuket, resort developments phuket, Thailand homes, thailand property) on internet. You can do your preliminary enquiries over internet itself before making any final decision.

Whether you own a place in these islands or not, one must view this extraordinary beauty. Phuket’s splendid coastline with its heart winning beaches makes it a heaven.

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People sell real estate notes to raise cash quickly. A real estate note is just the loan document created when you financed the sale of your house or investment property. It could be a mortgage note, or a land-contract or contract-for-sale. The point is that the buyer is making payments to you, and you want to cash in.

You can sell the entire contract, or just a certain number of payments if you want. The buyer of your property will have the same terms and payments. He’ll just be making those payments to somebody else.

Selling real estate notes can be an intimidating process. You know you won’t get the full face value for your note, but will there be other fees you have to pay too? How do you know if the buyer is reputable? What is a normal discount on a note? Here are some guidelines to follow:

1. No upfront fees. If they ask, go someplace else. You should be able to find many note buyers who will check your buyers credit and give you a quote without charging you.

2. No other fees, with a couple exceptions. The buyer has already figured his expenses before making the offer, so there are only a couple fees you should have to possibly pay. First, you may have to pay for the title policy, if there are problems with the title that prevent purchase. Second, if the property appraises at less than the sales price, you may have to pay for the appraisal. You should only pay exactly what these cost the note buyer though.

3. Be sure that the note buyer gives you a written purchase agreement with the purchase price and contingencies. Ask questions about anything that isn’t clear.

4. The note buyer should check the credit of your property buyer upfront. Unscrupulous buyers can quote one price initially, and then lower it later, using the excuse of the property buyer’s bad credit score. This is called “bait and switch,” and it isn’t ethical.

5. Contact several note buyers for quotes. You’ll need to provide information like the type of property, sale price, payment amounts, current balance, etc. They should respond within a day or two.

6. When you get a quote you like, you’ll have to send copies of the Mortgage or Deed of Trust, the Note, the closing or Settlement Statement, and the Title Policy. If there is no recent appraisal, they will usually arrange for that.

7. Processing time varies, so ask. Usually, once you agree to the offer and send the documents (if done by mail), you can expect to receive a certified check or electronic transfer to your account within two to three weeks.

Get Top Dollar When You Sell Real Estate Notes

Notes with a balloon payment get a higher price. “Seasoned” notes sell for more too. Those are notes that have had payments made on them for a while. Some note buyers will buy new or “unseasoned” notes, but if you can wait until six payments have been made, you’re likely to get a much better price.

Higher interest rates and shorter loan periods will get you more money too. This is something to consider before you sell the house, if you think you might sell the note in the future.

You can sell second mortgage notes, and other second-place real estate notes as well. Note buyers will look at these differently though. The first and second place notes can’t add up to much more than 70% of the value of the property, or you’ll be looking at a steep discount

Discounts, by the way, will almost always seem steep. It is common for note buyers to pay 20% to 30% less than the current balance on the note. I’ll let them explain why. Suffice it to say, they need to make money on the deal, and you should be sure you have a good use for that cash before you sell those real estate notes.

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