The Letting Of Flats Buying A Vacation Home Overseas For Sale By Owner Misconceptions What Are Bank Foreclosures And Why Are They Important

The person who buys a piece of land is known as a freeholder. This title confers complete ownership of the land and the buildings on it until they either sell the land on or leave it to someone else when they die.

Many people buy individual flats that are part of a purpose-built block.

They will normally hold a lease for a certain period of time. They are allowed to occupy the flat during that time. They can sell the lease on the flat within that time period and pass on the remainder of the time to the new leaseholder.

For example:

A flat is bought on a leasehold in 1999. The term of the lease was 99 years when originally granted in 1955. In 1999 the outstanding term was 55 years.

A person in this position are usually regarded as owning the property outright. In reality they are in a similar legal position to a weekly tenant in the sense that they pay a ground rent and service charges to a higher landlord (the freeholder) for maintenance, services, insurance and management of the whole building (which includes their flat) and are the leaseholder of the freeholder are bound by the terms of the lease.

If the leaseholder then lets out the flat they must ensure that they fulfil the terms and conditions of the tenancy agreement between themselves and THEIR tenant. Depending on when they moved in these tenants will be tenants under the Rent Act 1977 or the Housing Acts 1988 or 1996. Certain conditions of the lease with the freeholder will apply to the tenancy usually relating to the common parts of the building which remain in the ownership of the freeholder.

Problems may arise for the tenant when repairs to the structure are needed (such as replacing windows). The Assured tenant will expect his landlord to effect repairs (Section 11 Landlord & Tenant Act 1985). The landlord who is the leaseholder of the property will expect HIS landlord (i.e. the freeholder) to undertake this kind of repair as specified by his lease.

If the tenant cannot get the repairs done he may need to sue the landlord, who in turn will need to pursue the freeholder. This can be a lengthy process for the tenant and they might need to approach the Environmental Health (Private Sector Housing) department who have the power (after inspecting the problem) to get the repairs done.

This complex freehold/leasehold system is currently undergoing reform with a new tenure called commonhold that will bring increased rights for existing long leaseholders.

The latest position can be confirmed by checking

With the British and American economies in quite a strong position many more Americans are considering putting some of their hard earned cash into buying a vacation home overseas and apparently one in three Britons has their sights set on buying a holiday home in the sun.

If you dream of owning a sunny villa in Italy, a cottage in Scotland or maybe a beachside apartment in the Caribbean, here are five essential tips to consider when looking for real estate overseas.

1) Research Your Location

You may already have a favourite destination in mind and be visualising your life lazing by a swimming pool overlooking the Mediterranean Sea…on the other hand you may be interested in shopping around to find the best countries in which to buy a vacation home and make an investment into property.

It’s wise to do a fair amount of research into any new destination and cover everything from foreign ownership of real estate rules, property taxes, the political and economic stability of a destination and also the investment potential a given country offers. With this information in hand it will be easier to make the right decision about which location suits your lifestyle objectives, budget and long term investment plans.

2) Employ Assistance

Finding a realtor able to assist with your search for the perfect vacation home could save you time, effort and even money in the long run – although most realtors take commission from any sales they make of course! But a local agent will understand the dynamics of their property market and be able to quickly and efficiently track down real estate bargains that match your vision for your vacation home overseas.

Be aware that in some countries real estate agents neither have to be licensed nor qualified however and so take a recommendation if at all possible and tread carefully.

3) Manage your Money

If you need to raise a mortgage to pay for your vacation home you may need to re-mortgage your home or raise finance in your home country to fund the purchase because in many countries it is difficult for non-residents to get a mortgage and in some of the emerging property markets around the world there is no possibility to get a mortgage.

When transferring money overseas beware of fluctuating exchange rates that can devalue your lump sum significantly and make the difference between you affording your dream home and affording a poor second best. There are professional companies available who can help those buying property abroad to deal with fluctuating currencies…look into your options.

4) Title Deeds and Legalities

Legal systems vary from country to country as does the land registry system, and in some countries title deed transfers are not registered at all which can make it difficult to prove who owns property. Make yourself aware of the legal rights that you will have as a property owner in a given country and find out about any assurances you can get that you own the freehold title to the vacation home that you have bought.

Never buy real estate overseas without the aid of a good lawyer, check their credentials and ensure that any contracts or agreements you sign are translated into your mother tongue and that you check the wording carefully before you sign!

5) Protect Your Assets

Once you make the transition from house seeker to vacation home owner you will want to keep your real estate assets well looked after. If you are only going to be vacationing in your home overseas occasionally consider having a management company look after your home when you are away.

Ensure a property that is to be left for periods of time is well secured because even in countries where there is very low crime a beautiful home left standing empty can become a temptation.

Get insurance to cover the value of your home and contents and make sure someone regularly checks that your property is in good order, that the weeds are not growing over your veranda and that your swimming pool is clean and ready for when you next take a holiday in the sun.

With the rising popularity of selling homes by owner, have risen some misconceptions that should be straightened out to clarify the process. The first thing that we should look at is how financing works in the FSBO world. One thing that occurs more often than it should is when buyers think that “for sale by owner” means that the owner is also offering financing. Most of the time this is not the case. This error is usually seen when people with little or damaged credit feel that it is in their best interest to avoid mortgage brokers & realtors. This is a huge mistake as individuals such as mortgage brokers are experienced and trained to deal with these individuals and to help them repair their credit and obtain a favorable mortgage.

Its a good idea to seek out a mortgage company that is experienced, even specializes in the financing of FSBO sales. These companies differ from most mortgage companies in that their services are more comprehensive than most. They have expanded their offerings to include many things not usually covered by traditional mortgage companies such as closing contracts, title issues and inspections. The closing of a home contract is one of the more confusing aspects of the purchase process and should be handled by a trained professional. Also take into account that most mortgage companies rely on realtors to bring them the bulk of their business, therefore they are ill-equipped to provide educated FSBO financing. This is why its good to find a FSBO specialist mortgage company when dealing with someone who is selling their home themselves.

Another misconception deals with the fact that the buyer is saving money by dealing with an FSBO situation. The truth is that usually the seller is the one trying to save money on agent commissions. If they have subtracted the price of the agent from their asking price, it is possible to save some cash.But this is hardly ever the case. Most FSBO sellers are listing their homes at market value as if an agent was selling the home. Then they attempt to do everything themselves and pocket the cash that would normally go to the agent.

These days, one of the easiest ways to save money on real estate is to buy bank owned foreclosures. Bank home foreclosures are a unique form of repo homes for sale in cities across the country including New York, Los Angeles, Miami and more. They are available to the public through auctions as a result of the previous owner’s inability to keep up with payments on a mortgage loan. In order to collect the money owed, lending banks will repossess and sell the property and use the sale proceeds as a means of settling the debt.

The interesting aspect of bank foreclosures for sale to potential buyers is that repossessed properties like bank foreclosed homes often sell for much less in this scenario than they ever would on the open market. Since lenders only need to collect a portion of a loan to settle most debt, buying real estate bank foreclosures often means buying property for savings that can range up to 50% off market value. So whether you’re searching for land in Seattle or an apartment in Chicago, you can find it for a great price!

Save Money Buying Repossessed Homes

No matter what you are looking for, you can find it through the property repossessions market for an incredible bargain. There are all sorts of different distressed properties out there; the bank foreclosure process is not unique to any particular type of home! Once you start exploring the market for bank owned properties, you’ll find that there are apartments, condos, houses and even commercial seized properties and foreclosed land available. And best of all, any of these kinds of property can be purchased for discounted prices at sales in San Diego, Dallas, Indianapolis and beyond!

However, just as the repo homes market is not limited to one type of property, neither is it limited only to bank repos! There are many different lenders and mortgage institutions out there that sell foreclosed properties, and it’s important to know about all of them in case you decide to take an alternate route to buying bank homes for sale. One very popular commodity is federal homes, which includes HUD homes for sale and VA foreclosures. These are houses available from government lenders.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are also two incredible sources for finding cheap houses, as they are responsible for thousands of mortgages provided in every state. There really are a lot of options available when it comes to buying homes repossessed by lenders, and some of the best advice a buyer can receive is to explore them all before deciding on the best for your needs.

Investing in Foreclosed Properties

When you choose to invest in bank foreclosures homes or any other kind of REO property, it always helps to have some guidance and assistance, and that’s exactly what aims to provide. We’ll teach you the ins and outs of buying bank repossessed homes and more for the best deals possible, so you can maximize the value of your investment. You can learn about avoiding tax liens and other hidden costs, as well as how to spot the best deals with a few simple calculations concerning value. We’ll also show you little tricks to buying homes with even more investment potential because of reduced costs, like fixer upper houses and great Handyman Specials!

Finding Foreclosure Listings is one of the most effective services for finding the best bank repo homes in cities like San Francisco, Baltimore, and anywhere else where property is in demand. Whether you’re looking for places designed for single families or multi families, our database of over 500,000 listings nationwide is the place to find what you need. You can also specially target your search to view property lists for the kinds of sales you want, like those for bank foreclosures for sale or anything else under the sun. We can help make your search for a discount on a property investment painless and truly effective, so come try us out for yourself today!

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