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There are amazing profits to be made in the Bulgarian property market. Careful research can even uncover properties that offer instant equity and guaranteed returns.

Bulgaria is currently the EU investment hotspot.

The prospect of capital gains of 30% per annum, and the cheapest property in Europe is attracting investors from across the globe.

Millions of euros are being spent each and every month by investors eager to cash in and this is set to continue unabated, with the prospect of full EU accession in 2007. Entry into the European Community always prompts massive price increases, with 100% capital gains in a single year, quite commonplace.

All property types in Bulgaria offer incredible value for money and are experiencing good capital gains across the board. However, with careful research, unbelievable opportunities are to be found in this booming market.

The sheer volume of properties can offer a bewildering choice and in any region or resort the asking price of the properties on sale can vary massively. It is vital to accurately gauge the market value of each particular area.

In the off plan market especially, developers will launch their new projects with introductory discounts to stimulate sales. Properties are available with discounts of up to 20%.

The property for sale in Bulgaria is primarily designed for the holiday trade and corporate letting market. Forward thinking developers, have already begun to sign agreements with major holiday companies and corporations for letting the properties they are building. The income generated is then passed to the purchaser, as a further inducement to stimulate sales.

There are currently deals available which will offer anything between 2% to 15% as a guaranteed rental.

Bulgaria offers the best investment opportunity around today. The low cost of entry, consistent prices rises and the expected capital gains surge from EU accession next year, provide an irresistible mix for the property novice and seasoned investor alike.”> offer a free service to locate either resale or off plan properties, with prices that range from under
With tons of history and modern development, South Carolina is a unique state. South Carolina real estate is also unique because prices are so low.

South Carolina

It would be an understatement to say South Carolina played a major role in the Civil War. Battles raged across the land and the state has done much to preserve the history. While maintaining this history, South Carolina has also looked to the future. The state is the home of top notch resorts, golf courses by the billions and pristine beaches.


Located on the Atlantic Ocean, Charleston is a city with a ton of history. Arguably, the Civil War started in Charleston via Fort Sumter, which is located in the harbor. A major shipping port during those times, the city is now one of the most attractive in the United States. The architectural style is definitely old south, but with a mix of influences. Certain areas of the town feel like New Orleans with garden areas and hanging patios. Other areas have a distinct Caribbean feel and yet others are stereotypical old south manner homes. Charleston is definitely a hot spot if you are considering living the South.

Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is a take it or leave it place. The beaches are beautiful, but the area is severely over-commercialized. The area is family friendly most of the year, but the beach has become a hot spot for college students during spring break. If you don’t mind the ruckus, Myrtle Beach should be considered as a relocation spot because you will not find cheaper beach real estate prices anywhere.

South Carolina Real Estate

Considering the great location, South Carolina real estate is cheap, cheap, and cheap. Single-family homes average under $200,000 throughout the state with the exception of Charleston and the luxury resorts. A home in Charleston will average $300,000 while property in the resort areas varies wildly.

Appreciation rates for South Carolina are neither great nor terrible. For 2005, property has appreciated at an average of eight percent, but varies by location.

Beth Collingz, International Marketing Director of PLC Global Pinoy, an internet based sales and marketing company and lead marketing partners for the Lancaster Brand of Condotels in the Philippines, said guests can now choose to stay in the condotel’s well appointed executive studio suites and two-bedroom loft rooms complete with air-conditioning, queen-sized bed, television, toilet and bath, a living room set, and a kitchen and dining area, which comes complete with a set of cookware and dinnerware. The bathrooms are equipped with a bathtub, retractable clothesline, hairdryer and water heater.

Located in Lapu Lapu City, 3 minutes from Cebu-Mactan International Airport, LCRR is about 2 minutes away from Marina Mall, about 15 minutes away from the historic Lapu Lapu Shrine and Mactan Shangri-La Resort Hotel. Other resorts, Cebu White Sands, Tambuli Beach, Maribago Blue Waters and Plantation Bay Resort are all within 20-25 minutes drive.

For the soft launch, LHLPI has prepared special promotional room rates aimed at budget travelers. Guests can check-in to any of the executive studio suites for as low as $35 a night or to any of the two-bedroom loft rooms at $65 a night plus Government Tax whilst longer term discounted rates for monthly and yearly lease rentals are also available said Collingz.

For Lancaster Cebu inquiries and reservations, please call our 24/7 International Reservations Center on +63 32 340 0721

Buying a house below market value is a good way to get more profits as a real estate investor. One way you can find property at below market value is a foreclosure auction. Real estate goes into foreclosure when an owner of that real estate does not pay their mortgage on time. When real estate payments are not up to date it is a distress property. Nothing physically can be wrong with the house and it can be classified as a distress property. If the payments are not up to date that is enough to make a house a distress property. When a house is in distress status the owner is given a certain amount of time to bring the payments up to date. If the property owner does not bring the house up to date the bank that holds the mortgage can foreclose on the property.

When the bank takes control of a house that is when a distress property is classified as a foreclosed property. When the bank forecloses on a house, the bank will try to sell the house in a foreclosure auction. In a foreclosure auction the person with the highest bid will take control of the house from the bank. If the price is too low the bank will not sell the house. Some foreclosure auctions start at the price the bank is willing to sell the house for. Finding these auctions can take some work. Some places you can find foreclosure auctions are the newspaper and online. One other thing you can do is buy foreclose property lists for your area online. It is important to do research on the properties to see witch ones you will be interested in. It is important to research the property so you won’t over bid. One way of doing this is going and physically taking a look at the properties you think you will be interested in and do an assessment of there value.

Most likely you will not get to see the inside of the house, but you can make an assessment of the house from the outside. You should stay off the physical property if you can. You will not want to get charge for trespassing. It is recommended that you take pictures and write notes about the property; this is a good way to help you to make the decision of what properties you will want. It can also help you to make an assessment on the highest you will pay. When it is time for the foreclosure auction stick to your assessments and do not over bid. You may not get your first choice but it is better to get your second or last choice at below market value than to over pay for your first choice. Buying foreclosure properties does take some work, but the money you will save is worth it.

French Creole architecture is one of the most prominent building styles of the Old South. This stately form is recognizable on homes of all sizes, and immediately evokes the South’s vibrant past. Although it is called “French” Creole, the style draws from a mix of other cultures, including Spanish, African, and Native American.

The French Creole style is most easily distinguished by generous front porch galleries which usually span the length of the house, fronted by light wooden colonettes. What usually makes a French Creole porch stand out is the fact that the building’s roof extends all the way across the porch, instead of stopping at the edge of the house and then changing its angle slightly to cover the porch. Most French Creole homes are also built up to avoid seasonal river floodwaters and hurricanes – the main rooms in these homes are placed well above grade, while ground level rooms are used for a variety of non-essential purposes – for this reason, French Creole homes are also known as “tidewater” homes. A broad staircase connects upper floor galleries with the ground level, and acts an extension of the main entrance. French Creole homes are also characterized by heavy timber construction, occasionally with an infill of mud or brick. A unique building material, known as bousillage, was also pioneered in the construction of French Creole homes – it was comprised of moss, animal hair, and mud. Many homes in this style were also distinguished by multiple French doors, and extremely steep angle braces.

There are also a variety of commercial and urban interpretations of the French Creole style. French Creole cottages in downtown New Orleans stand flush with the property and generally have no gallery. Townhouses of this style included a low mezzanine-type storage area known as the entresol between the first and second floor, and a wide carriage passage connecting the street to the building’s main courtyard. Many buildings of this type can still be seen in New Orlean’s French Quarter.

French Creole homes originated in New Orleans in the early 1700s, and quickly spread across the south as builders looked for a practical yet attractive style for this region’s humid subtropical climate. “Creole” refers to a people of mixed French and West Indies or Latin American heritage who live in the Gulf of Mexico region.

Original French Creole homes provide some of the most attractive examples of residential architecture in the South, from small cottages to large plantation estates.

Facebook and MySpace are starting to get recognized as useful tools in networking for the online realtor. However, as social networking sites have become one of the front runners in connecting people on the Internet, people are starting to get interested in “niche” social networking: sites that connect people interested in specific subjects.

Active Rain is a network that has taken this concept and turned it into a growing community of realtors, real estate-related professionals and people looking for the right agent for them. It has pages for individuals to post information about themselves and the services they provide, forums, blogs, and a Q&A forum where people can post questions about real estate. So far, 60,000 people have become members, which makes for a lot of exposure on the site.

One does not need to be an Internet guru to create a “niche” network, though. It can be done with existing networking sites and applications. The key is to start out creating decent, useful information on your focus in the market. If you are selling homes in the Sunset Hill neighborhood of Seattle, by all means, start a Facebook group or your own message board about the Sunset Hill neighborhood. Whatever it is, make sure that it allows people to weigh in, ask questions and post answers.

Post information on the schools there, and the issues about them, the job scene, house care when dealing with Seattle weather… anything and everything that has to do with Sunset Hill and Seattle homes. Make sure it’s relevant, make sure it’s up-to-date. Look beyond selling houses and post about what people buying homes in Seattle and Sunset Hill are concerned about.

If you have happy clients who have conducted their home transaction through you, keep in contact with them and let them know about the site. Many home owners would be interested to know about a site where they can find the latest in local property values, information about the new mall being built or the issues facing the schools of the Sunset Hill area.

If you have people coming to your site for information on their neighborhood, even if they aren’t planning to buy or to sell, you have succeeded. The huge success of some sites through advertising has come about through popularity gained by giving stuff away for free. If you have a decent amount of steady visitors who come to your site for the information you post, you have a decent amount of leads who might mention you to real estate-minded friends and family.

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